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The Color Guys

I was sent a review copy of a new book by Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably: Knitting With the Color Guys: Inspiration, Ideas, and Projects From the Kaffe Fassett Studio.

The book is available now — its publication  date is today. And the subtitle pretty much says it all: inspiration, ideas, and projects.

The projects are for the most part throws, scarves, and pillows, along with some legwarmers, fingerless gloves, and a hat. The emphasis here is on color, not on design techniques. The book is divided into four sections organized by color inspiration: soft tones, singing color (vibrant brights), moody hues, and rich shades. Each project is beautifully photographed (of course!) and is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the inspiration for the design and the color palette used. There are lots suggestions and tips for using color to make the designs your own.

A couple of the patterns show up in more than one section of the book.

The Opal Dot Scarf above also makes an appearance as the Dark Dot Scarf:

This is a good illustration of how different color palettes can make strikingly different pieces.

I recognize some of the motifs from Kaffe Fassett designs of the past, like this pineapple:

Shown knitted up as a blanket here, I’m pretty sure this was used in a coat in one of his early books. Glorious Knits, perhaps? The yarn used for this blanket is Rowan Colourscape Chunky, a self-striping yarn designed by Kaffe Fassett himself. Using several different colorways of a yarn that has color shifts within each colorway adds more dimension to the piece. Very cool!

The patterns range from very simple (one or two colors) to complex (many many colors), so there’s a little something for everyone. There’s a section in the back with some basic information on colorwork techniques: both fair isle and intarsia.

All in all, this is a great book, both for someone who wants to follow the patterns exactly as written, and someone who’d like to use the patterns as a jumping-off point to explore color.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the random drawing for this book, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern time on Sunday, February 12, 2012. At that time I will use my WordPress plugin app to randomly select a winner.

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Lucy sez:

“My colorway is perfect.”


  1. I agree with Lucy – her colorway IS perfect. 🙂

  2. Barbara Miller says:

    Pick me! Love Kaffe!

  3. Yes Lucy, you are purrfect……..I’d love this book…..throw me name in the hat, please.

  4. Fingers crossed that I will win! Thanks, Wendy!

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I would love to win a copy of this!
    Pat´s last blog post ..Don’t Blame Me

  6. I love Kaffe Fassett and his wonderful sense of tone and hue with a passion. I can’t think of anything better than a chance to own this book!

  7. KF is definitely an instigator! I have a couple of his earlier books to inspire me when I need to break out of my “texture” or garter ruts and go for some colorwork. I am sure that this one is no different.

  8. Who wouldn’t love a copy of this? I think I own most of his books, knitting and otherwise and I just drool over them. To me they’re just as much art books as knitting books!

  9. I have long been a fan of K.F. and his glorious use of color. Choosing complimentary colors is simply not a skill I have, unfortunately. I would love have this book in my library as a reference. Thanks for the chance Wendy.

  10. This would be great addition to my collectoon of Kaffe Fassett books!

  11. Oooh – love me some Kaffe!
    Eleanor´s last blog post ..Bizarro World

  12. Pam Kurst says:

    Awesome! Count me in! Thanks for sharing, Wendy.

  13. Me, me, me! Please pick me!

  14. Suzie Picciano says:

    Why of course Lucy’s colorway is purrrrrrrrrrrfect!

  15. Stunning colors, I am a fan!

  16. Abby Ryan says:

    You are always giving away free books… I love it!

  17. sign me up…would love the book.

  18. Would love to see this in my knitting …

  19. love to win ! Thank you !

  20. Heehee! Lucy’s right; her colors are perfect! Kaffe’s ideas are always fascinating, so yes please put my name in the hat. I’ve tried intarsia, can’t get it neat — a class may be in order.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..More slippers

  21. Cathy Chesnut says:

    I have enjoyed FK’s books for several years – both for quilting and knitting.
    What a great book to win or buy.

  22. How I love the vibrant colors of Kaffe Fassett. I would love this book.

  23. deidre corbet says:

    I’ve been waiting for this book to come out ever since I saw them speak in KC last fall! Thanks for the chance to win it. lostinkansas on Ravelry

  24. Fassett got me reinspired in knitting many years ago. Would love to win. Thanks!

  25. I need bright colors right now, it’s precipitating here, the temp keeps switching around, so the type of precip does too!

  26. I’d love this!
    I made a few sweaters from one of his books back in the day, but haven’t seen any recent designs.

  27. Murray McKnight says:

    I would love a copy of this book!

  28. Carol Lee says:

    I have to agree with Miss Lucy – her colouring is perfect! And I’d love a copy of this book. Thanks!

  29. Lovely book, and Lucy is correct, her color way is perfect!

  30. Yes, Lucy’s colorway is perfect, and she clearly knows it!

  31. Lucy is right her colorway is certainly perfect. However I would love to have color guys. Colors look fabulous on the cover. LUCY PLEASE PICK MY NAME! It would be a great birthday present from you to me!

  32. Deb Shryock says:

    I’d love the opportunity to review the book! I’m a big fan of Kaffe’s (and Brandon’s) creativity!

    Please include me in the drawing!
    thank you!

  33. Lucy’s colorway is indeed perfect. Too bad there is no self-striping yarn that can reproduce it.

  34. lucy’s colorway IS perfect! thanks for the chance!

  35. Who wouldn’t want a copy of THIS book……love Kaffe! I have always dreamed of knitting one of his creations, but alas it still remains on my bucket list of knitting 🙂
    Coralee´s last blog post ..Whew!

  36. Her color way is perfect!

  37. Sign me up, too!! I love the colours!!!

  38. Lucy’s right, her colorway is perfect. (KF”s are pretty nice , too!)

  39. I need a little colour in my life. Would love to win this!

  40. I could always use some help pairing colors. Thank you for offering this 🙂
    Tina Roggenkamp´s last blog post ..2012 starting off with a bang and lots of dr bills

  41. Lucy’s colorway is perfect, but I’d still love to check out the book. Even if none of the patterns are immediately my cup of tea the inspirational force is amazing!
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..random wednesday // more sleep edition

  42. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  43. Color inspiration is just the ticket on a dreary February day!

  44. Judy Smith says:

    Count me in

  45. Wow! Kaffe has done some wonderful quilt books also. It would be great to try out some of his knitting ideas. Thanks for the opportunity to own the book!

  46. Lynne Hutchinson says:

    Sign me up! I need help with color selection, have a fondness for very bright colors, my family prefers subdued. Where will your review appear?

  47. Looks like a great book! I would love to win!

  48. What a beautiful book. I would love to have copy. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Amanda Hume says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would love this book.

  50. Terri Sanders says:

    I love Kaffe’s designs. This book would be an awesome addition to my library.

  51. Lucy’s colorway IS perfect! I love what she has accomplished with neutrals in the brown range.
    Please enter me in the book drawing.
    weavinfool´s last blog post ..Whose time is worth more?

  52. Ooh, color is my favorite thing! I would love to win a copy, thanks for offering this giveaway. And yes, Lucy is perfectly color coordinated. I so enjoy seeing photos of her.

  53. KF is always inspiring!

  54. I would love to be considered for the Book Review. I have followed Kaffe Fassett since his early days.

  55. I’d love to win!
    Word Lily´s last blog post ..Clearing the To-Be-Reviewed shelves

  56. Kamilla Mazanec says:

    i love kaffe fassett quilt fabrics and quilts. would love to try his knit designs.

  57. Please add my name to the drawing. Thanks for giving a chance at winning the new book by Kaffe Fassett. His work is always fun to look at and try.

  58. Have Kaffe Fasset’s previous books and have enjoyed them immensely. Look forward to seeing this new book (of course he always uses a few patterns in more than one book).

    Have also enjoyed our books.


  59. I’ve been a Kaffe fan forever, that is a lovely, inspiring book.
    Denise´s last blog post ..Down to The Wire

  60. bright colors…yes please!

  61. I’m a color junkie and would love this book!

  62. The book looks great!

  63. What a super book- would love to have a copy-thanks for offering it Wendy!!

  64. A beautiful book- looks like fun!

  65. It looks like a really cool book. Would love to get my hands on it!!!

  66. Looks like a great book. I’d love a copy.

  67. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!

  68. Karina Bates says:

    Sure – please add me to the list. I’ve liked Kaffe Fassett’s thoughts on colour theory and I think I even own one of his first books, although the title currently escapes me. I always wanted to make the ‘great coat’ and never have (yet). Thanks for offering the book!

  69. Stephaine Reynolds says:

    I have several of Kaffe’s books and I read them regularly! Great inspriation. I would love to add this to my collection!

  70. Great to see Kaffe is back to knitting (even though I love his quilt books too!). I’d love the book!

    Thanks, Wendy

  71. I have one of his needlepoint books. What a treat!

  72. I agree with Lucy — HER colorway is perfect! I’d love to win the book!

  73. What a beautiful book! Thanks for sharing.

  74. Thanks for another give-a-way.

  75. Hi. I’d love to add this book to my knitting library.

  76. Dana Attwood says:

    Loving a chance for a copy! Thanks

  77. That must be a very inspiring book!

  78. Those two marvelous gentlemen are at it again. Hurray!
    lawheezer´s last blog post ..The Color Guys

  79. Gina in the SF Bay Area says:

    I love both authors, and their collaboration must be truly awesome.

  80. Susan D. Smith says:

    I could use a little – okay, a lot – of color in my life right now! 🙂

  81. Fassett and Mably in one book? What an amazing combination

  82. Would love to add this book to my collection!

  83. This is the perfect book for beginner in colorwork! So inspiring, would love a copy!

  84. Patti, oldgoatwoman says:

    I knit one of Kaffe’s sweaters back in the mid-80s when Glorious Knits came out. I’ve been a fan of his ever since. Thank you for giving your review copy – I would love to win it!

  85. I have recently started to think more about colour – I am experimenting with stripes at the moment and then want to have a go at stranded knitting. thanks for the chance to add some more colourful goodness. C

  86. I’d love to win a copy of the book – it looks great!

  87. Marsha C. says:

    Looks like this book is full of great inspiration, which I always need when it comes to color. I don’t always trust my choices and could use some help in that dept. Thanks for the opportunity to enter another giveaway. I do love Lucy’s ‘perfect’ colorway — she looks good with any color!

  88. I would LOVE the copy…..LOVE

  89. What a beautiful book! Thanks!

  90. Jo morgan says:

    I think you’re absolutely right about the blanket being a coat (in a different colorway) in GLORIOUS KNITS. and yes, please sign me up!

  91. pretty please

  92. Oooohhh! I love color, and I know I would love this book.

  93. Would love a copy! I love his color combinations.
    Courtney´s last blog post ..What’s worse than food poisoning?

    Sarah O G´s last blog post ..This is so very cool.

  95. Katte’s books, both knitting and quilting, are treats for the eyes.

  96. I have one KF book already, a second one would be grand.

  97. Would love to have some color inspiration!

  98. add me to the want list!

  99. Oooo, I’ll enter! It looks amazing!
    CraftyGryphon´s last blog post ..TARDIS dishcloth

  100. I love Kaffe!