My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Have you seen this book?

This is Knit Your Own Cat: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 16 Frisky Felines by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne.

Are you a knitter? Are you a cat lover? Then I think you need this book!

I got this review copy a little while ago and brought it to work. There was some serious squeeing and exclaiming from the cat lovers among my coworkers. The cats in this book are really cute. Here is a panoramic photo of all the kitties in the book:

And here is the Table of Contents:

The cats are made from small amounts of many Rowan yarns — but if you had bits of leftovers in the proper colors and fibers you’d be fine. And you could always use different colors to make different cats.

A few of my favorites, starting with, of course, the Ragdoll:

The Devon Rex!

And the exotic Bengal:

The pattern for each cat is very detailed and accompanied by several clear photos of the cat. While there are lots of fiddly bits to knit and a fair bit of finishing, there is nothing terribly difficult about the patterns. They just take time and patience.

The book is written with wit and humor and is fun to read. After visiting the authors’ website, I discovered that they designed Princess Diana’s black sheep sweater back in the 1980s. (I made a black sheep sweater in the 1980s — mine had a blue background instead of red. I used a fingering weight wool — seems like it was called Coraline or something like that and was made by Baruffa or Lane Borgosesia. But I can’t quite remember. Anyone remember that yarn?)

Anyhow, if you think this book is something you’d like . . . get it! You won’t be disappointed!

Lucy is feigning indifference.


  1. maybe Lucy’s worried that she will have competition from the wool kitty!

  2. I’ll take Lucy over the knitted ragdoll anytime! Pretty cool book, way outside my skill set though.

  3. Squeeeee!

  4. Could you be thinking of Cravenella? I thought it was made by Melrose and it was a merino fingering weight wool. Hard to remember from so long ago, but I’m thinking there was a crimp in the wool or it was cabled or something that gave it a unique texture.

  5. If only I could knit them…..THEY are the cat’s meow..

  6. Tanglegirl says:

    Oh, Lucy, you know you want some little yarny cat friends of your own. My kitties do. I think they aren’t really having nice, friendly thoughts about the yarnycats, though. Mostly tearing limb off thoughts.

  7. This is the cutest idea! My cat might get jealous but I would still knit a cat! Adorable!!

  8. Lucy, unless they figure out a way to get those knit kitties to purr you have nothing to worry about.

  9. I have to go out and find this book, just for the pictures

  10. I will get a copy of this book…
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  11. Well, I am spinning my own cat…I call Humble Cat Yarn, I have added orange flecks in it. I just picked out a pattern to make a shawlette as I have 3 small skeins ready to go, approx. 500 yds worth. Enough for a couple of shawlettes, who knows maybe I will also do some fingerless mittens?

  12. Oh, I saw the “Knit your own Dog” book this weekend at Wool Becomes Ewe ( cute shop in Monterey, Va) and it was very cleverly done. As the mother of 4 cats, I could definitely use this book and would love to recreate some of my kitties.

  13. I put it on my wish list last week. I did knit my cat from a Fiber Trends pattern years ago. The monkey fur included in the Cascade 220 (felted) looked so much like my deceased cat that my son thought I’d actually save her fur.

  14. Yes, I definitely need this. Off to Amazon!
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  15. It does look like an awesome book. I got the dog one for Christmas and it is similarly terrific for doggie fans!
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  16. I made the sheep sweater too. It was in red, but with only one row of sheep. I used Hilton by Lane Borgosesia, a fingering weight wool. I think
    the yarn you used might have been Corallina by LB. I still have some in my stash.

  17. Midnite Baker says:

    I caught sight of this book over on Amazon a couple days ago. Have put it on my long wish list. Love the Rex. They truly picked a good yarn to depict its coat. Please tell Lucy, she needs to give you a Happy Valentine’s Day smackeroo. You know, the paw swat on the nose. The only time I’ve ever gotten a tongue kiss on the face, was when Miss Sparky wanted me to get up and feed her! Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day greeting to you and all who read this. M

  18. Dare I admit that I haven’t seen the book, but I’ve seen “Knit Your Own Dog”?
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  19. How adorable!

  20. We once had a Bengal – Sheena was the best!

    The Ragdoll looks like some just plumped down a loose pompom! (lol)

  21. Oh my goodness, that knitted Bengal! I want to make one as a toy for my Bengal, and then take a picture of the two of them together!
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  22. Susan D. Smith says:

    I have the book – ordered it from Muir and Osborne and it’s wonderful. Also have one of their “Knit Your Own Cat” kits – to make the black cats. It’s very cool. The Princess Diana Sweater pattern is available free if you email the Muir and Osborne site.

    I highly recommend the book – for knitting or for a fun read! My cats hope that when I feel the need to get another kitty, that I’ll knit one instead of bringing in another! 🙂

  23. My oh my do I love cats. This would be a great book.

  24. How adorable. I could knit my Mom a kitty to match her kitty for Mother’s Day.

  25. Bocephus, Rackham and Snorri would love for their mommy to have Knit Your on Cat.

  26. PoodleYarn says:

    I own the Knit Your Own Dog book, and LOVE IT!

    And I noticed you are not having a random drawing for this book? 🙂

  27. I saw Knit Your Own Dog, but haven’t seen Knit Your Own Cat, yet. I must look for it – I love both cats and dogs! Thanks for bringing this book to our attention. And Happy Valentine’s Day!
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  28. Great, fun book. I picked it up in the book store, but didn’t get it. First, I try to buy all my knitting books and such from my YLS. Second, I need to finish so many UFO’s that I didn’t dare get it and start something else, no matter how cute and fun. I saw that they also had a dog book.

  29. Exactly what I needed for my Wife. This will make her valentines day! Thank You
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  30. Exactly what I needed for my Wife. This will make her valentines day! Thank You

  31. A cat that doesn’t shed, cough up hairballs/supper, drool and get knots. Sounds perfect. Just don’t let my cat know she can be replaced.

  32. I have numerous kitties — they all love me but not each other so much! Knitted kitties would be much better, you don’t have to change the litter box!!

  33. I had made some of those cats! they are lovely

  34. just this week someone was looking for a substitute for Coraline-indeed a fingering weight, Baruffa, I think.

  35. I got the “knit your own dog” for X-mas this year. I didn’t know there was a kittie one! How cute.

  36. I cannot wait to get this book! A friend of mine showed it to me yesterday and i am determined to get it!!!

  37. Too cute..could be like that tv show where the person has WAY too many cats….

  38. I’m sure I could knit something up to terrorise my dog with 🙂

    But really, this is super-cute!
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  39. I must own this! I think I’m going to go to Amazon when i get home from work (yes, i can read blogs but not shop :))

  40. I just found it, just for the pictures 🙂 i like it
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  41. I have the dog book, someday I will do every one, for now I just enjoy the pics. And they are working on a second dog book.
    Please note that errata for the dog and cat books can be found on their blog

  42. I think it should be knit your own cat out of the cat fur that sticks to your clothes, the carpet, the “fur”niture…

  43. I bought their Knitting Your Dog book last fall to make a pit bull for my son and his fiance. Haven’t done it yet…
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  44. How adorable! I have 2 Persian cats.
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