My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Caveat Emptor

I have started yet another project using Kauni Effektgarn 8/2.

Here is the label from the skein of yarn:

The label states 140 grams. (And I paid for 140 grams.) I slipped the label off to weigh the skein. I’m doing a project with a sideways construction and I want to know when I’m at the halfway point by weight. Therefore I need to know the total weight. Here is the total weight.

Note that the actual weight of the skein is 10 grams lighter than the weight marked on the label.

Then while fondling the skein, I noticed what appeared to be an unseemly wad of yarn in the center of the skein. I easily plucked this out, as it was completely separate from the skein:

I weighed the skein again:

So what was advertised on the label as a 140-gram skein, is actually 120 grams, after removing the glob of yarn from the center that was in no way attached to the rest of the skein.

Don’t get me wrong — I still adore Kauni Effektgarn and find it immensely entertaining to knit. However, I have noticed that the skeins are consistently lower in weight than marked on the label. And occasionally has a wad of yarn pushed into the center of the skein that is not attached to the rest of the skein.

I went and weighed all the Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 in my stash. And all my Aade Lõng 8/2 as well. Every last skein weighed in 7 — 10 grams underweight.

I do know for a fact that The Loopy Ewe weighs the skeins they sell and sell them according to the actual weight, not the weight written on the label. Sheri mentioned this on her blog yesterday. (It most likely goes without saying that the Kauni I am using for my new work in progress was not purchased at The Loopy Ewe.)

Caveat emptor. To avoid knitting heartache, be sure that you have enough Kauni to complete your project.

As I said, I still love Kauni and Aade Lõng yarns — the subtle shifts in color are so much fun to knit. You just need to know what you have before you start.

Anyhow, my current work in progress is being knit from the “EP” colorway. And here is a wee sneak peak:

Ooh, a ruffle!

Book Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who left a comment to be entered in the drawing for my copy of Knitting Never Felt Better.

The winner is Word Lily, chosen at random from the comments. Word Lily has been emailed.

Lucy’s Photo-Shoot

The photo of me taking photos of Lucy in my last blog post was snapped by the KOARC. (Longtime readers may recall that KOARC stands for King of All Remote Controls.) Thanks to those of you who left kind comments about my hair, but I confess to being a bit mortified. I didn’t know I was being photographed at the time — I had just washed my hair and it was wet and looking particularly untidy. The things we do for art.

Here is one of the best photos I got of my Little Princess during that photo-shoot.


  1. I was looking at Kauni yarns at Stitches West recently and noticed that their skeins had all different weights marked on them — sort of strange! What was even stranger was that the pattern I bought (Farwell Jacket) called for “3 skeins”, without specifying the weight, and hence the yardage, of the skeins. When I asked the proprietess about this, she sort of blew me off and never gave a straight answer…
    floribunda´s last blog post ..Pink Day!

  2. I’ve run across that with it as well. I’ve stopped buying it in favour of other yarns with the same type of colour shifts.

    Wendy, I’ve joined up to shave my head in support of St. Baldrick’s Foundation, in honour of my brother Philip who has two forms of terminal brain cancer. Would you consider mentioning it on your blog?

  3. Thanks for the caveat about Kauni, I haven’t used it yet, but have been admiring it from a far.
    Please tell Lucy she is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. So unbelievable. Isn’t it illegal?

    Such a beauty that Lucy is!

  5. anne marie in philly says:

    pretty lucy!

    had you not mentioned it, I would say you hair was looking FABU in that pic! and a wave o the hand to the KOARC!

  6. That’s truly annoying. Guess joining the child blog to the mother blob doesn’t help much. Their QC needs work.

  7. I could not tell from the photo, was the unrelated bit from the inside of the skein the same color? could it be used in the project? I am concerned because I buy almost exclusively online and it’s hard to be sure of amounts, dye lots, etc. Is there another yarn you might use instead? Thanks
    Chris Reeske´s last blog post ..Finished quilts

  8. I am crazy about the guys at the Loopy Ewe. They are in Colorado now and I get to go to knit night every thursday. Sheri is a very nice lady and also very helpful. The Elves are always there to answer questions. I was looking at some Kauni the other day it’s good to know I’ll be buying it in the right store. I am also glad you let us in on the shortage. Thanks!

  9. I found out the hard way that Kuani weight was incorrect. I had a heck of a time finding an additional skein to complete a project.

  10. That’s a really big problem that the skeins are weighing in so much lighter. I’m using Kauni right now that I got from WEBS. I didn’t weigh it beforehand but it won’t matter with the pattern I’m following, fortunately.

    Also, Lucy has such pretty blue eyes!
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Spinach Macaroni and Cheese

  11. Lucy’s Daddy, KOARC, had a wonderful BLOG and I still miss it.

    In the olden days when you BLOGGED in the AM I read it every moring before going to work. I have now been retired for 7 yrs. Two kitties and long and short Wendy hair; and still reading and enjoying your adventures.

  12. It would seem the retailers could band together and start returning all the “short skeins” indicating the customers don’t want them. It is simply wrong. Particularly when there is unrelated, unattached yarn stuffed into the middle. That seems downright dishonest. What does Lucy think?

  13. They’d have to return all of them… what the retailers might do is bill the Kauni people for the short weight _they_ received. That would require weighing the skeins individually, adding up the shortfall, etc. But if they’re going to sell them, they’re putting themselves at risk for being reported for selling short weight anyway if they don’t weigh and re-mark the skeins. Maybe the varying weights seen at the show mean that Kauni is finally realizing the problem and trying to do something about it.

  14. Thank you for the heads-up about Kauni. Losing 10+ grams in a ball is bad but I’m especially put off by the idea that the company then “compensates” by stuffing unrelated yarn into the middle of a ball.

    I think I am going to stick with Freia Handpainted yarn from now on (

  15. Wendy, I just bought a skein of Kauni 8/2 from the loopy ewe, and am going to use it to make a hitchhiker! I found about about both the pattern and the yarn here on your blog, and I think I found out about Loopy Ewe here too. Thank you so much for blogging about all these wonderful things. Nicola

  16. Elaine in NYC says:

    Wowza photo of Lucy. I wish my beautiful tortie were a better model.

    Yarn weight seems to be a problem, but all my ball bands have a printed notation of +/- 10g after the handwritten weight. I suspect this has been done in response to the underweight skein situation. Betcha there are damned few overweights!

  17. This looks really interesting and I want to try this too…Thanks!
    Shanel´s last blog post ..Ways To Find Love

  18. I love the colors of Kauni, but I’ve avoided purchasing any because it feels so scratchy. I’ve been told that that resolves as it is handled and after soaking. True? I didn’t think it would make for a very enjoyable knitting experience.

  19. Thank you so much for that, Wendy. You’ve got me so interested in the Kauni; I’m glad to know the pitfalls. I wonder where I can purchase a scale like yours?
    PearlsToronto´s last blog post ..String of Pearls, Vol. 1

  20. A lot of people say they like Kauni, but after reading that it is under-weight, has more vegetable matter than many other yarns and is kind of scratchy to knit with, I’m not so anxious to try it.

    The ball band in the photo has “140” hand-written on it, implying that someone actually weighed it and wrote a weight on it, as opposed to having the weight pre-printed – or maybe that’s just to cut down on the inventory of ball bands. But what the heck? Are they weighing it wet? And as for the idea that putting “+/- 10 g” gets you off the hook – not in my chemist brain. That should mean there is some sort of distribution around the stated weight, both above and below. And no one is reporting over weight skeins. Also, that would make a range of 40 meters, based on the ball band data, and that is rather a lot of yarn to have to guess about. 10g out of 140g is a little over 7%.

    And for PearlsToronto – try Amazon for scales. Even if you later shop it online, they’ve got a raft of them for you to look at.

  21. I’ve noticed that none of my yarns (any brand, any kind) weigh what they say unless I include the ball band. I’ve always thought that seemed dishonest. I can’t knit the ball band and I order according to label specifications. No wonder they say to get an extra skein…or two.

  22. Oh, I just love Lucy!!!

  23. Lucy is one gorgeous kitty!! As for the Kauni, my take is that if they are underweight then the least they could do is ‘stuff’ the ball with the same colorway.

  24. Bear in mind that wool is very hydrophilic – it attracts water from the atmosphere. If you weigh a ball of yarn in a humid climate, then weigh it again in a dry climate, it will appear to have lost weight (if only it were that easy for people!). The yardage *might* be the same, but the weight difference could be just due to humidity.

  25. Your little Princess is really cute and adorable, maybe it possible that we can have a photo shot…
    Clarice´s last blog post ..Good and work

  26. I bought a couple of balls last year for a skirt. At the time, I thought I was buying WAY too much, but after reading about your experiences with it, now I am glad!

  27. Mary Lou says:

    I agree with Bethany’s comments. But if this occurs all the time, it doesn’t seem to be related to moisture in the air. Thanks for the heads’ up.

  28. Do you think it has something to do with negligence?Anyway, we have learned a lot from this post…Thanks!
    MaDhares´s last blog post ..Remedies For Gout

  29. Kauni Effektgarn..
    like the color..
    yet a little disappointment..
    I’ve learned a lot from this post..
    Bianca´s last blog post ..b & b Paignton

  30. And here I’d been thinking that your hair looked great in that photo 😉 Thick and happy hair. Just a day or three ago I thought of the KOARC and that you hadn’t said much about him for awhile. So Kauni and Wendy details. And Lucy, of course! A fun post.

  31. I could never keep an Oriental cat, because those crossed eyes make mine water! But such a sweet little face! Lucy certainly is a doll, and so very helpful (“cat included for scale”). I’ve admired the Kauni, good info here for when I can get back to buying yarn…if that ever occurs…*Sigh*…yarn needs to grow on trees, doncha know.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Hello stranger

  32. Barb Rickman says:

    I shall NOT purchase this yarn…EVER! I will spin and dye my own!! I am so glad i learned to spin!!!


  33. When I read Sherri’s blog about the Kauni I just assumed it was one of those things and it was good she was weighing it to protect her customers. But when you blog about finding wadded up bits of yarn stuffed inside the balls, it makes me think someone is deliberately short changing their customer!!

    Makes me mad and it’s not a yarn I will be buying anytime soon. So pleased you mentioned it.

  34. Thank you for this awesome post you have shared us here…
    Nicole´s last blog post ..movers Danville

  35. I know it’s ‘just yarn’ but I was shocked about the clump of yarn stuffed in the middle! That’s downright scandalous. I can’t believe they haven’t been barraged with complaints about something so sneaky.