My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


She’s Like a Rainbow

Rainbow yarn is happy yarn.

And here, in a surprise move, I am knitting something with ruffles.

It is, of course, Kauni Effektgarn 8/2. In the rainbow (EQ) colorway.

A scarf with a ruffle on each side.

So there.

Lucy dares to be different: sleeping outside the kittybed!



  1. Pretty!

  2. Love that rainbow colorway. I’ve got some in stash that I’d love to knit up, but I don’t think tax season will ever end.

  3. Beautiful scarf. Does the shape resemble a lasagna noodle to anyone but me?

  4. Love that yarn! I’ve never seen one with so many colors! I’ve used chroma before but it just isn’t as colorful!

  5. anne marie in philly says:

    she comes in colors! ­čśë

  6. That’s a great looking scarf — lasagna noodle and all.

  7. Kathy S says:

    That reminds me of a technicolor lasagne noodle!

  8. Cathy S says:

    Oh, I really like this; will you publish a pattern for sale?

  9. fleegle says:

    Double the fun–and the colors are lovely.

  10. I love rainbow yarn so much. I can’t help that I am so drawn to so much color. I really need to finish my own scarf that’s on the needles right now in this exact yarn and colorway.
    Lauren┬┤s last blog post ..River Knits in Lafayette, Indiana

  11. Christiane says:

    I like it . It reminds me of a sea cucumber. Just floating along. Very Pretty. As for Lucy, well, why would she be in her bed, when there is a nice afghan for her back?

  12. Joyce Riedesel says:

    I’m making a mitred cross blanket with the EQ colorway. It should be a stunner if I ever get done.

  13. Like Cindi, I thought “lasagne noodle” the moment I saw it. I have two balls in this colorway, supposedly destined to be a doubleknit scarf (bought the pattern and yarn at Stitches West 2011), but I may need to repurpose, especially if I find the two balls are significantly short on weight (thanks for the warning, Wendy).

    Something about the beginning of spring makes me want to dump all the single color, textured projects in favor of bright rainbows (either variegated yarn or serious colorwork). Anyone else have similar seasonal affective disorder?
    Jamie┬┤s last blog post ..Finally a few FO’s

  14. Cuteness!

  15. Oh Lucy, so contrary today!
    MicheleinMaine┬┤s last blog post ..Custom listing for Margaret by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  16. I like!

  17. I like the ruffled scarf too. Not too much. Just right. My cat has started to sleep in the dog’s bed! I think he’s being spiteful as we are often away on the weekend lately and the dog goes with us. When we come home then, the dog is without his bed. ­čśë

  18. It looks like a sea slug! In a good way, of course…

  19. I simply MUST try some of that gorgeous yarn!
    PearlsToronto┬┤s last blog post ..Mystery Yarn

  20. I like the color progression, and the not-too-much ruffle.

    Our kitty, who outweighs his predecessor more than 2:1, has taken to sleeping in the Build-a-Bear dog bed that she liked. However, she had plenty of room in it, and he fills it completely.

  21. I don’t have anything in a rainbow colorway me thinks I need some yarn.
    Brandi┬┤s last blog post ..Oh The Fiber – Jacob Sheep

  22. Perfect amount of ruffles! Will the pattern be available soon? I foresee a lot of these made for Christmas! Thanks!

  23. I love it! I too think it looks like a lasagna noodle. I have 8 oz. of EQ. and 8 oz of the orange, yellow, red one…..purchased for the Swiss Cheese, but may have to rethink. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to checking your blog every morning. Just call m the “Stalker”.

  24. Helle "Gracie" Berry says:

    I love your projects, feel like a stalker! You have been very inspirational to me, from your knitting and your links (Hats for Sailors a particular favorite, I have a sailor on the USS Pearl Harbor).
    I also want to knit Kauni yarn and lust after it in every yarn shop visit. However, I am thinking of traveling to Denmark this summer so will wait and buy yarn there. Think that would be fun! After all, I learned to knit in Denmark long ago.

  25. Jo morgan says:

    I saw a photo of a cat in a large dog’s bed while the dog had squeezed herself into the dimunitive cat bed. If I find it, I’ll send it to you.

  26. Lucy’s just trying to throw you off…as soon as the scarf is available she’ll be napping on it!
    Kris┬┤s last blog post ..Springtime in Jacksonville

  27. Every time I read a post I desperately want to make everything you’ve made. How do get into my brain and just know whati want to make??? I’m betting Lucy knows :)))
    Gorgeous scarf….I love it!

  28. Hey! I love that I started to read your blog. You show us the greatest little projects and i just love it! Just a short thank you for the knitting love.

  29. Please please please name that scarf after a sea slug. It looks just like the pretty orange ones! (does a quick web search for “sea slug ruffles” photos) Wow. there are a lot of sea slugs, knit scarves called sea slugs, and 2 pictures of your WIP. Nicely done!

  30. Robin F. says:

    I’m knitting wingspan in EQ- halfway done. Everyone stops to see what I’m knitting because of the bright colors.

  31. Wow! that is amazing. Love the color combination of the knit. I love to try knitting with my self.
    Crosby┬┤s last blog post ..How to Make a Solar Panel

  32. I tried knitting before. But I didn’t finish and I can’t finish it. Looking forward to see my production.
    Liz┬┤s last blog post ..Hcg diet reviews

  33. I think we know by now, that you knit what you want : )

    Even ruffles.
    Molly by golly┬┤s last blog post ..Department of Stashquisitions

  34. Sharen Warren says:

    In greens and would look like a bird’s nest fern leaf. Rainbows make us smile ­čÖé

  35. fleegle says:

    It so looks like rainbow lasagne…

  36. That scarf is absolutely wonderful! I have 8 oz. of two different colors of this yarn. I am really hoping the pattern becomes available…hint hint!