My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sheldon and Leonard

The Pattern for Sheldon and Leonard is now available for sale in my Ravelry shop. Sheldon and Leonard is a sideways shawlette/scarf/wrap pattern that is written for both fingering weight and sport weight yarn.

Sheldon is the fingering weight version:

As shown here, it is worked with one 395-yard skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in the “Jade” colorway, using a U.S. size 3 needle.

Leonard is the sport weight version:

This was knit with one 360-yard skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina in the “Bark” colorway, using a U.S. size 5 needle.

This piece is worked sideways, end to end, and the simple lace edging is worked as you knit the body.

Both wraps measure 50″ unstretched across the top edge and 11.5″ deep. I did not block out the garter stitch because I like the way it molds to the wearer. It’s very stretchy — when worn, the piece stretches out well over 60″. You could knit a bigger wrap if you like. The pattern has directions for the exact number of rows/repeats for each version, but also has instructions for knitting according to the weight of your skein, so you can use up every bit of your yarn if you have a larger skein and want a bigger piece. You could also knit a dk or worsted weight version using the “knit by weight” instructions — you’d need to use a size 7 or 8 needle for heavier yarn, of course.

Basil Update

Basil was out playing in the rain this morning, but is now tucked away in the garage:

His odometer as of this morning:

I think it is a sign of maturity that I did not drive around the block until it hit 700 miles, don’t you?

Here is my current work in progress:

Yes, it is ruffled and yes it is Kauni. Fear me.

Lucy is not surprised. But she’s more interested in a paper ball.



  1. LOL! You are just saving the 700 milestone for the next time you take him out! Gives him something to look forward to. 😉

  2. I would have driven until it hit 700. Well, actually, I wouldn’t have noticed that it was at 699. I wonder what that says about myself?
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Blog Week in Review: 4/14- 4/21

  3. What a beautiful wrap! I’ll definetly have to check this out on ravelry. Just found your site via so I look forward to keeping up with your projects and designs 🙂

    Kayla @

  4. LOL, I might have been tempted to roll it to 700.. what the heck is one more mile? or half a mile?… as Basil doesn’t give you a decimal point.. LOL Nice little car though. Love the “prettyness” of the new project…. and fear you.. I think not! excited to see more.. more like it. LOL
    Yarn.devil´s last blog post ..GAH!

  5. yay a new pattern to add to my growing collection of wendy knits – going stash diving for the perfect yarns for one of each- a sheldon and a leonard.
    I’m almost finished with my wingspan in kauni EQ. You are such a Baaad influence

  6. im just lori says:

    I just hit 10,000 last week, and did a little happy dance when it happened. You have some restraint there.

  7. I wanted to name my son Basil but the family had a fit. I think it’s a really great name.

  8. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I love your car, and the name. Basil is so cool. I’ll have to purchase your new shawl pattern, it’s so pretty and snuggly.

  9. Hmmm, ruffles& shawls in pinks…. Penny?

  10. I definitely drive more than you do, but I live far from mass transit and most of my destinations are as well. That’s why I bought a hybrid.

    Basil is awfully cute, though.

    You are definitely playing the temptress these days. I haven’t even finished my Double Fun scarf yet (for which I dropped all my other WIPs to knit), and you have already published Sheldon and Leonard, another irresistable design. I am going to wait until the Double Fun is done to buy this new design, otherwise I won’t be able to delay casting on.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Spring fever

  11. Love the shawls, but I love the leaning tower of Congress even more 🙂

  12. Just bought the pattern and will be pawing through my stash as soon as I hit send. Thanks Wendy.
    Rebecca´s last blog post ..Waiting Room Time

  13. paula henderson says:

    Basil is beautiful & I am so OCD that I would have driven a bit further to make him have an even 700. 😉 I’ve bought Sheldon & Leonard and now have to decide which to knit first & what yarn to use! Thanks for more great patterns!!

  14. This is so weird! My brother just picked up his new Mini on Thursday. He also got the British Racing Green. When I saw your blog post in my email it was like deja vu since I had just received the pictures of his new mini a day before.

  15. oooh. can’t wait for the ruffled thing….

  16. Was at my favorite yarn shop on friday, just to buy yarn for Sheldon & Leonard (got MadTosh sport in Ink). Purchased the pattern on Saturday & casted on late last night. Was thinking on following Sheldon’s numbers for Leonard, just to have that extra length. 🙂

  17. I must say that I love the idea of a car named Basil. I don’t know why, but I love it and have been chuckling about it all evening. Thank you for making my Sunday.

  18. Kazsandra says:

    I have a lot of scarfs and I think this is one of the best as well.. I hope I can get this green one.. Looks really perfect for me..
    Kazsandra´s last blog post ..Remedies For Gout

  19. Thanks for the great patterns (just bought Sheldon and Leonard — I am going to be so ahead for Christmas gifting next year!). I love knitting your patterns because I always learn something about technique from them. This time it will be sideways lace; how cool.
    Jackie C´s last blog post ..Almost FO: 98 Yards of Heaven Shawl

  20. Please tell me that the shawls are named after the Big Bang Theory… because that is so amazing! 🙂

  21. Love that you called these Sheldon and Leonard! HAHA!!

    And love the upcoming design! It’s pink! Thanks for all your excellent blog posts! I don’t know how you knit so fast. 🙂
    Chandi S.´s last blog post ..Comfy Headband Hat – Knitted Pattern

  22. Love the shawls & just bought the patterns. Can’t wait to go stash diving.

    Also love Basil & am quite jealous of your mileage. I seem to travel about that distance in a week & I’ll be hitting the 300,000 mark this summer.

    Can’t wait to learn more about the newest creation!
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..Child's Knit Hat – black, textured stripes, medium by JeannieGrayKnits

  23. I love Basil’s color and I would have driven to 700 miles lol
    Brandi´s last blog post ..Fantastic Fiber Friday 4-20-12

  24. Both are lovely. I need to finish up some other projects so I can make myself a shawl for winter.

  25. Nice sharing of beautiful wraps…I really appreciate your blog post..Thanks for idea doing this kind of project..Hope you will continue share..
    Laura´s last blog post ..Today’s balance: awesome experiences in London and a tooth less

  26. What more ruffles and Kauni! Are you in search of the perfect ruffle wrap?
    Molly By Golly´s last blog post ..Queen of Hearts

  27. I am using scarf sometimes and I think this looks good for me.. Thanks for the idea here..
    Kathryn´s last blog post ..aerials southend

  28. Virginia says:

    Even if it wasn’t a good pattern, I’d buy it for the name(s) alone.

  29. Gail Rogers says:

    Wow! Loved the details of the scarves. I’ll definitely wait for your next project. Saw that it has pink on it and I can’t wait!
    Gail Rogers´s last blog post ..4 Chic Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

  30. This is going to make the perfect Christmas gift for my mother-in-law and her sister, both of whom are hard to buy for, but both live in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin and Minnesota respectively. They use a lot of scarves/shawlettes.

  31. Are you as big a fan of “Big Bang Theory” as I think you are? 😉

  32. I just tried to buy your pattern and use my CC – got a message that the card was invalid – I tried another card and same message. Called my bank and they told me that the sale wasn’t showing a cost for the pattern.
    Not sure if your info is incomplete or if PP is having a hiccup. This happened last week with my 1st card on another vendor but it worked with my 2nd card.

    I will try again to buy the pattern in a couple days hoping that the problem is solved.