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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


(T)wee Scale

Lately I have taken to weighing my yarn.

The last few designs I have done, I’ve knit according to the weight of the skein. This takes a lot of the guesswork and anxiety out of the process: Will I have enough yarn? Won’t I have enough yarn?

Aside: If you seem to be running short of yarn as you near the end of a project, do you find yourself knitting faster, as if that will magically cause there to be enough yarn to finish?

So in the past couple of shawlette/wrap patterns I’ve released I’ve offered instructions for knitting according to number of rows and repeats, and knitting according to the weight of your skein.

So, obviously, I have a scale in my possession.

Actually, I have two.I have been using a kitchen scale for yarn weighing for several years. This scale.

It measures to the half gram, and the unit of measure can be switched to ounces, so it is useful for weighing items I am mailing as well. You can weigh up to 11 pounds on this baby.

Since I have been knitting items by weight, and I take my knitting with me wherever I go, I recently realized that a portable scale would be a handy thing to have. I shopped around and decided on this one.

It’s tiny — about the size of a deck of cards.

The cover pops off and becomes a tray to hold small items to be weighed.

You can weigh to one-tenth of a gram and it has 6 different weighing modes (including ounces).

You can use it to weigh up to 500 grams, and the scale came with a 100-gram weight you can use to calibrate it.

It’s great to tuck in my knitting bag to take along!

And as you can see, I currently have 61.5 grams left of the skein of yarn I am knitting from.

In other news, today Basil found a friend in a parking lot.

And Lucy wishes one and all a good weekend!



  1. I absolutely don’t need a portable scale. But, now I WA NT one. And, it’s on sale! Must resist the urge. 🙂

  2. Susan (LotusHips) says:

    LOL! I do knit faster when I think I’ll run out 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one

  3. Something tells me that most of the other owners of these mini scales are NOT using them to weigh knitting!!

  4. anne marie in philly says:

    kitty kisses to lucy!

  5. Lynne S. says:

    Re your aside: yes! And a couple of times, it even worked! Happy weekend to you and Lucy!

  6. I take my scale with me when I go to buy yarn now. After buying some less expensive yarn and finding I didn`t have enough yarn to finish my project, my scale goes with me to the LYS.

  7. I’ve never before seen or even heard of a little portable scale! Thanks for sharing!
    Karen Berthine´s last blog post ..“A man may work from sun to sun …”

  8. Pretty darn cool. I want just to carry one around and show how cool I really am.
    Gerry´s last blog post ..Quick Update on Wholehearted Shawl

  9. I love my scale so much. It’s not as accurate as yours but it really takes the anxiety out of approaching the end of a project.
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Lemon Basil Bowties

  10. I actually knit slower…the idea being that the yarn will, um, grow, during this time and I will end up with enough yarn.

  11. I knit faster too if it looks like I am going to be short but the reason I do is that I want to face the pain or not have it as soon as I can ….loving all the Kauni projects I buy tons (well, it seems like tons…) from KnitPurl in Portland OR and have hit no under weight or dead centers yet. They are great with mail order. This shop employs 19 people in various capacities which is more than enough reason to give them a huge stimulus credit.

  12. Katy – that was what I was going to say!

  13. I’m with fleegle — I knit slower when I’m afraid I’ll run out of yarn!
    janna´s last blog post ..Another finished object!

  14. Oh, how cute. A baby scale! I don´t know how I´ve managed without one all these years.
    Johanne´s last blog post ..Good News and Bad News

  15. Your scale is cute. I have two larger scales I use at home. I may have to find myself a travel one. How cool!
    Brandi´s last blog post ..Fantastic Fiber Friday 4-27-12

  16. southparknitter says:

    whoot! whoot! Thanks for the link to the scale. Earlier in the week I was debating whether to take Wingspan to SSK. (It’s next up in the queue and I’m a wee bit excited about the trip.) I thought it would be a good travel project but ruled it out because I know I’ll have to weigh yarn and don’t want to pack a scale. That plan has now been changed. I’ll be skipping over Wingspan. Also love Sheldon and Leonard.

  17. Fabulous! Thanks for the info.

  18. All this time I thought I was the only one who knit faster when I thought I might run short.

    Glad I have company.

    I use my scale frequently as well, but it isn’t nearly as cute as yours.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Spring fever

  19. This could not have been more timely. I have a kitchen scale I use on occasion, but it does not have the finite measures I need for knitting. And…thanks for the heads-up while it is on sale.

  20. I’m with Fleegle and Janna. Fear of running out of yarn is one of the reasons I have so many UFOs. BTW I finished my Sea Foam socks and not only are they fabulous but they actually FIT thanks to your expert tips on measuring. Yay!

  21. Every time you call your car Basil, I love it a little more!…..and I’m trying to focus on something other than the other thing that I might put in my knitting bag….Lucy is pretty…… 🙂
    Kat1e´s last blog post ..Bluebonnets and Road Trip (the movie) – an unlikely pairing

  22. Actually, my knitting slows down when I think I’m running out of yarn. I dunno, maybe I think it’ll magically generate more yardage/yarn if I just leave it alone for a bit. 😀
    Julia´s last blog post ..All about the neck accessories

  23. I have that scale and love it!

  24. Darling scale. I have several, but none as cute as that.

    The problem with weighing yarn (versus measuring length) is that the weight will depend on your humidity level. I use my scale to measure fiber for the carder, so that my batts will be the same size, but hand-dyed yarns are measured and weights are approximations. Just find it to be fairer for my customers.
    Sue´s last blog post ..Pay It Forward

  25. Marsha C. says:

    You mean knitting faster doesn’t make the yarn go further?! Haha!
    I have used a little portable scale for the same purpose, but it eats batteries like crazy so that whenever I go to use it, the batteries need to be replaced. Have you had your little one long enough to know if it is good on battery life? If so, I’m ready to buy one too!
    Scritches to Lucy!

  26. It has been a long time since I ran out of yarn in the middle of a project. I sent the recipient and the fiance to the store to buy more, since I promised him an OSU hat before he left.
    Molly by golly´s last blog post ..Three Cheers for April!

  27. Louise in Maryland says:

    Sometimes I try knitting very slowly, to stretch the yarn out. Sometimes faster. I’m attracted to these new designs of yours because I love using up every bit of my yarn.

  28. Keep an eye on Basil and friend. Sometimes they breed 😉
    kmkat´s last blog post ..WIP Wednesday Thursday.


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