My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



On Friday I finished my latest sideways shawl. Meet Bernadette:

Bernadette is knit from Kauni Effektgarn 8/2, on a U.S. size 3 needle. I used approximately 120 grams of yarn, around 525 yards. It measures 52″ along the top edge and is 11″ deep at the center.

I did a very gentle steam-block, carefully steaming out the ruffles and just barely steaming the body to even out any bumps. The garter-stitch body is very stretchy, and I wanted to keep that stretch rather than blocking it out.

The center of this piece features short rows:

This gives the top edge a gentle curve, which helps keep the piece on the shoulders.

I separated the body from the ruffle with a simple line of fagoting.

I really like how this worked out — it gives a nice line of separation between edging and body of the shawl.

So that’s Bernadette. The pattern will be available — but not yet.

I decided to knit it again using a different yarn: Wollmeise. I went into the stash room to select a nicely variegated skein from the Wollmeise Wall of Shame. Here’s what I chose:

This is the 100% superwash merino in the “Pfauenauge” colorway (in English, that means “peacock”). The skein is marked 150g, which is 574 yards. I took the label off and weighed my skein:

(Yes, that’s a bottle of Jameson behind the scale.) My experience with Wollmeise: every skein I have ever weighed is slightly over the stated weight on the label.

I laid out the skein:

Another think I love about Wollmeise? I’ve never encountered a tangled skein. The skein is tied in one place, but that seems to be sufficient to keep it in line. I wound it up into a ball.

And it was ready to go!

I’m using the same U.S. 3 needle for the Wollmeise version of Bernadette. The Wollmeise feels a little thinner than the Kauni, but I know it plumps up after blocking. The Pfauenage colorway is looking good in the design so far.

Lucy sez:

“This is not bad . . . “


  1. Pfauenage is a gorgeous colorway, I would love to acquire some in lace. I think Am Kalten Polar would be gorgeous in this shawl as well, though it really challenging to photograph.
    Molly by golly´s last blog post ..Three Cheers for April!

  2. Oooh, that would be perfect for a shawlette I need by Christmas. Hmm…don’t know the yarn weights off the top of my head, but is it going to be in worsted?
    Hev´s last blog post ..Thank you

  3. Pretty! I really like the Peacock colorway, and it seems to be going very well with the pattern.
    Michelle´s last blog post ..1 Week of Blogging all Rolled Up into One Post

  4. Kim Hughes says:

    this is exactly the pattern I’ve been looking for! please publish soon, I for one will certainly buy it.

  5. Sheldon and Leonard, Bernadette… by my reckoning, you still have 4 more designs for the set, unless you combine Howard and Raj or Penny and Amy. But there’s also Kripke, Stuart, Zack, Mrs. Wolowitz, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Hofstaeder… Great choice of names! (Lovely pattern, too!)
    Sandra´s last blog post ..randomness…

  6. Such a lovely shawlette! Waiting for the pattern. =)

  7. I think the Wollemeise kind of looks like Amy Farafowler the Bernadette.

  8. Oooh! I’m loving the look of the variegated yarn with your pattern. Pretty shawl, too. I already bought my Kauni to make the lasagna noodle scarf 🙂

  9. Have to agree with Lucy … not bad at all. I love the way the pink shades around the shawl 😀
    Annie @ knitsofacto´s last blog post ..Wonderwool

  10. Lucy looks lovely in pink.

  11. Hi! I have a question about the wingspan. I started making one today with a crazy zauberball. Do you think I could lightly lightly felt it when it is done? I’ve only just started and am thinking on it. Didn’t you put a light felt on one of hour shawls or wind spans? I can remember. Love to read your blog and your prolificness at knitting. I don’t this k prolificness is a word but I’m using it anyway!

  12. LOVE it. Please put it up for sale soon. Thanks for the sock books, I make your basic sock over and over; toe up is the bomb!
    Rebecca´s last blog post ..Waiting Room Time

  13. Love Bernadette. Can it be made deeper in the back?
    Beverly´s last blog post ..The Road to Recovery

  14. Love it… Love it all!!!
    Yarn.devil´s last blog post ..Seriously behind in posting… here is a catch up!

  15. Bernadette is beautiful!!

  16. The shawl is beautiful! Looking forward to the pattern when it becomes available.

  17. julia c. says:

    Knitting a lace scarf and I wanted to go until I ran out of yarn. Couldn’t figure out how to do that until I saw your scale and remembered I had one too. I weighed my remaining yarn then knit the twenty rows of the scarf and weighed the yarn again. Figured out I could knit another 4 sets of 20 rows. Thank you.

  18. Margaret says:

    Could you publish a version of this that is not garter stitch but stockinette? Thanks

  19. Bernadette turned out oh so beautiful…and the next is coming along ever so quickly…

  20. Susan Shelly says:

    Really pretty. I am amazed at how quickly you turn projects out with fingering weight yarn and small needles;O))

  21. How fitting is it that I’m watching a rerun of Big Bang Theory as I read this? 😉 I can totally see Bernadette wearing the pink version of this, and can’t wait to see the Penny, Howard, Raj, and (especially) Amy Farrah Fowler designs!
    janna´s last blog post ..Another finished object!

  22. Miss Bernadette is very pretty. I love the fagoting – it’s perfect! 🙂

    I agree with Annie; I like the color progression of the Kauni.
    Linda´s last blog post ..Sunday Spin-In

  23. I am going to start knitting Bernadette the minute the pattern is made available. Why oh why do you very public knitters use Wollmeise in test or other knitting. It will just start another round of maniacal buying and people complaining about not being able to buy it. Claudia does not need any more business and there are untold numbers of indie dyers in Canada and the United States who could benefit from increased business. I know Anne Hanson has pretty much decided to use NorthAmerican indie dyers, I wish you would too. Thanks susan

  24. Very pretty design, particularly love the peacock colourway x

  25. Lestersmama says:

    Well, if the colourway is Peacock, the shawl must be a Howard. Who could be more of a peacock than Wolowtiz?

  26. I love bernadette. It’s a bit girly but has substance.
    brandi´s last blog post ..Oh The Fiber – Lincoln Sheep

  27. This is perfectly beautiful, I can wait to spot some more… Lovely great!
    Naigel´s last blog post ..blonde highlights

  28. Victoria Goodman says:

    Those are some amazing projects – I just wish that I wasn’t such a clutz when it comes to knitting or any other crafts. I truly envy your talent.
    Victoria Goodman´s last blog post ..Used Boat Loans

  29. Perfectly named! It looks just like it should be called “Bernadette”. I can only imagine what a design named “Howard” would look like. xD

  30. Wendy in an earlier post you didn’t seem to care for wollmeise (it was sock yarn)…saying it was string like, splitty, and liked to twist on itsel…though you loved the colors. Having never scored any of this yarn for myself…I don’t have an opinion. Has your opinion changed? If so what changed it? Is it worth trying to figure out how to best get on Sherry’s “good side” so she takes pity on my wollmeise poverty?

  31. The pink shawl is gorgeous! And I think that is my most favorite color of Wollmeise ever. I have a pair of plain vanilla socks in it which I’ve worn to death. (as in, they need a bit of darning!).
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Vroom Vroom Project Bag by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  32. I love using shawls and I guess This is one of the best I have ever seen so far..
    Dhyann´s last blog post ..aerials london

  33. Got my Bigger on the Inside yarn today and it is beautiful.