My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Time and Relative Dimension in Space

I finished knitting my Bigger on the inside shawlette last night.

When I got home from work, I had this much of the edging done — about half of it.

I finished the edging and decided I’d try to try to complete the bind off before going to bed. I did actually complete it while sitting up in bed, watching tv. Here’s what that looked like:

As you can see, Lucy was on the job.

Here is a quick photo of the unblocked shawl I took with my phone this morning:

As you can see, this piece will very much benefit from blocking. I’ll see if I can get that done tomorrow night. In a happy coincidence, the Block and Roll blocking mats I ordered from Patternworks arrived yesterday, so I’ll give those a whirl. And I’ve got new blocking wires from Inspinknity so I’m looking forward to trying those out.

I weighted the shawl upon completion and found that it weighed 156 grams. Interesting, because on the Ravelry pattern page for the design it says that the original weighed 127 grams. That was knit in a different yarn, but still, that’s a big difference. I knit mine exactly according to the pattern and did the bottom edge for exactly 2″ so I’m not sure why mine weighs so much more. I did some quick calculations and estimate that my shawlette took approximately 560 yards.

Lookie Here!

I got my yarn for my Campy Loopy Project I:

This is Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted in the Niall colorway. Isn’t it nice? I’m going to make Stephen West’s Gyllis. I’ll be starting that on May 27.

I need a project to tide me over until May 27. I’ve got some samples that I’m knitting for my classes for SSK, so I’ll be working on those. I’ll likely finish before May 27, so will need something else to keep me busy until the official start of Camp Loopy. I do have some ideas.

Wendy & Lucy Cartoon

Thanks for your nice comments about my silly little cartoon. It was a spur of the moment thing, drawn on the back of an index card with a ballpoint pen. (I took a photo of it to post because I couldn’t get the scanner on my inkjet printer to work.) I think I’ll post a new cartoon each Sunday . . . until I run out of ideas.

Lucy sez:

“If I ignore it, will it go away?”



  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I am definitely going to have to find the yarn for this one, lol.
    Hev´s last blog post ..Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) 16GB

  2. Barb Runcie says:

    With Lucy for inspiration I doubt you’ll run out very
    soon. 🙂

  3. Please do blog about the Block and Roll blocking mats, I have had my eye on them for sometime now but have been waiting for a positive review before I made the purchase.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Do you mind if I copy your Camp Loopy Project #1 idea? I love the pattern and the yarn you’ve chosen. (imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery ;-))

  5. Love the new colorway from the Irish girls…great selection they have.

  6. fleegle says:

    That’s going to be lovely after you block it!

  7. Celestine says:

    I love that you include Lucy in your posts. My partner in crime is Sparkles my 11 month old pomeranian. She sits at my feet when I knit or spin. She too cometimes helps me as she runs off with a ball of yarn from the yarn bowl which is sitting on the floor…
    I love your cartoons what a cute idea. Will I see them in an up-and-coming book?
    Anyway I just wanted to thank you Wendy. I enjoy your blog and have to include you as a partner in crime as you help me choose yarn, patterns and encourage me to try new things.

  8. Hi Wendy – how interesting that we chose exactly the same yarn and even the same color for Camp Loopy – I expected mine to arrive today as well but I guess they’ve been real busy – I ‘m making Ysolda’s Peak Island Hood – I’m not much of a blue person but I thought this color might go with both my navy coat and my emerald green coat.

    Do tell about the blocking mats – I would love to hear what you think.

    Lucy is darling as always – love the “tardis” shawlette – cheers! Melody
    Melody Bryan´s last blog post ..MOTHERS DAY AND MONDAY

  9. Louise in Maryland says:

    you are more ambitious for Camp than I, for the first month I am sticking to socks – Lenore, by the Yarn Harlot,a pattern I already owned and should be able to easily manage (even though I also have not yet cast on my 2nd 1/4 project, a vest/cap sleeve top-type thing that will need some attention.)
    I love my Camp Loopy Pin. I attached it to my handbag/knitting bag and expect to carry it about all summer.

  10. Jenkins says:

    This is really cool, I do love the creative thoughts of this post…
    Jenkins´s last blog post ..Vision without glasses

  11. It was a sp.ur of the moment thing, drawn on the back of an index card with a ballpoint pen
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  12. hi wendy,
    i enjoy following you and lucy…esp lucy!!! she has such a dry sense of humor!! love the yarn and patterns you choose… i’m interested in your review of both the blocking mats and wires…i have 4-5 shawls waiting to be blocked! ha not my favorite part of knitting…

  13. What is your favorite thing about Three Irish Girls yarn? Or is this the first time you are using it?

    There are many things to try, and not nearly enough time to try them all.
    Molly By Golly´s last blog post ..The Time for Procrastination is Over!

  14. All I can say is that you knit like the wind….I don’t know if I think you’re crazy, or if I think I’m crazy jealous…

    Oh yeah….and the finished pieces are gorgeous! That’s just a bonus!
    Cindy in un-Happy Valley´s last blog post ..This n’at.

  15. SOCKS!!!!! Knit some socks!

    Also thanks for the ideas for the TIG…. I have some in my cart that I have not clicked checkout on…
    Amy´s last blog post ..Episode 28: Ranting and Counting

  16. How pretty! I really want to do this one. After I finish meds from the headcold/sinus crud and mouth surgery I had yesterday.eeewww. I just wouldn’t be able to comprehend the directions on the meds right now. I’ve mainly been spinning lately that I can handle right now:)
    brandi´s last blog post ..Oh The Fiber – Devon and Cornwall Longwool Sheep Fiber

  17. Did you only get 1 of the Block and Roll mats? 50″ long doesn’t sound long enough for most shawls.

  18. Dorothy says:

    Love that Shawlette. And it goes so well with Lucy’s eyes. Awe isn’t she just the most fun model!! Love the yarn you just got for Camp Loopy.

  19. I am very interested to see how you block your Tardis shawlette. I have never completed a shawl, but I am hopeful that I will get this finished. You inspired me to start it!

  20. Can’t wait to see it blocked! I love the color of your shawl and the new yarn! I really need to get some blocking wires so I can block a lovely shawl I made.

  21. Christienne L Stewen says:

    Dear Wendy –
    You always thrill me with your completed projects! 🙂
    Thank you for giving us the link to Block & Roll – that looks like quite the useful tool for knitting / crocheting, etc!

    Countdown to Camp Loopy …