My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



The Bigger on the inside shawlette has been blocked.

As I mentioned last week, I have new Block n Roll mats. I purchased two of them, because the dimensions of the mat are 38 by 50 inches, and most shawls that I knit are wider than 50 inches. I used both today.

The mats are easy to store because they neatly roll up and have attached ties that secure them. Then you can stand them in a corner somewhere. The blocking surface is marked off in a handy grid and is heat and water resistant so you can use the mat to wet block and steam block.

I didn’t use blocking wires, just carefully pinned the shawl in place

Guest Kitties!

Yesterday we went to a family barbecue at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. They have two adorable kitties. Meet Perry:

Meet Della:



Wendy & Lucy

This weeks’ installment:

Lucy Sez

“It’s okay that Momma played with other kitties because they are family.”


  1. It’s lovely that Lucy is agreeable to your knowing other kitties – especially those named after two great characters. When I first saw Perry’s name it brought my own (rip) Perry Penelope to mind especially as she was a long haired orange tiger too.

    Lucy? Breaking things? Getting into yarn?? Not our girl! Nope, no way. I don’t believe it 🙂

  2. Those mats look really cool and so easy to store! Since you can roll them up, but also use pins on them, I was wondering how thick they are. The interlocking foam mats that I use now are really great, but they don’t have a grid on them (which would be really, really useful!), but they are almost an inch thick, which makes pinning really easy.
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  3. Thank you so much for the extra kitties this post! I absolutely adore seeing the new Lucy pic and comment every time. I so look forward to them.

  4. Looks lovely. Your brother’s kitties are beautiful! Not as beautiful as Ms. Lucy though.

  5. Dorothy says:

    I absolutely love the shawlette. Oh but the kitties they were little darlings. Why is it when the rascals get in mischief they always look cute and purr reminding you they love you. ;0) Lucy you didnot get to visit with your cousins?

  6. Perry! Della! Where is Paul???

  7. Lovely shawlette.

    But the cartoon – I thought Lucy didn’t mess with your yarn? (lol)

  8. Oooh, I love those, they’re going on my Christmas list. The Block N Roll mats, I mean. I already have a kitty. 🙂 Love the kitties too.

    That yarn knit up beautifully.

  9. Beautiful “BOTI” shawl. I may feel one coming on in my future. Lucy is looking fabulous as ever- much lovelier than her “cousins”. I may be biased. Is that the KOARC’s knees she’s sitting on? haha

  10. How cute! He’s the Abominable Snowkitty!

  11. Your shawl looks pretty as do the kitties! (no pun intended)
    Cleo´s last blog post ..My Week in Review

  12. Love the shawl…Perry looks like my Maine Coon, named Pennelope. I have spun her fur to make a shawlette.

  13. So neat to see the blocking mats used! Cute kitty pictures and Lucy is sweet to not be jealous! 🙂 The shawl is stunning! Another beautiful FO……

  14. Great design of the shawlette! I still adore Perry.. So cute! But thanks for introducing others.
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  15. jennifer says:

    That little kitty is lovely beautiful, its so nice to have a pet like this…
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  16. fleegle says:

    That is exceptionall handsome!

  17. Lots of kitty love here:)
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  18. Do you think the bigger on the inside counts as a shawl classy enough for work?
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  19. Midnite Baker says:

    Love those Block N Roll Mats. Have my own version of this but I used a piece of plywood for
    backing. Can’t roll mine up. Dang. It does get cumbersome at times. so glad Lucy isn’t the
    jealous type. Mine is all over me, rubbing until her scent overpowers the others. O & X’s M

  20. I love also kittens. In fact I have a kitten in my house and my son really loves the kitten. He always carries the kitten in his two little arms.
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  21. Id be interested to know if Perry’s people know anything about her parentage. I have a kitty (Boogaloo) that looks remarkably similar (same colour pattern, fur and build) but she was rescued so we know nothing. I’ve just assumed she was a mix. She doesn’t talk much, not into being picked up or sitting on your lap but is a great companion as she loves to hang out with you, we call her the supervisor.

  22. Heidi19 says:

    I love the color and design of the shawlette. That little kitty is so adorable and how i wish to have a kitty like yours. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos with us.
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