My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Time to Go Camping!

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. and very warm here in the Washington DC area. A perfect time to go camping, right?

Fortunately, my camp is a virtual one . . . Camp Loopy!

Today is Day One of Camp Loopy. I wound up my yarn:

And I started my project:

This is Gyllis, by Stephen West. I am knitting it from Three Irish Girls Cashmerino Worsted in the Nial colorway, using a U.S. size 7 needle.

So far so good. I was a little annoyed to see that the pattern is written out only — no charts. But the lace pattern used is a simple one, and I ought to be able to get in the swing of it fairly quickly so that I don’t have to scrutinize the pattern too closely. I do much better working from charts for lace. I can see that there’s at least one error in the pattern — it jumps from Row 60 to Row 73. I am presuming this is because the number of rows up to Row 72 were miscounted, not because there are Rows missing. I’ll know better when I get to that point.

Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL

The very talented Beck (lemonhalf on Ravelry) created a graphic for the KAL:

I love it!

We took photos yesterday for my “how to knit a nupp” tutorial that will be included in the pattern. I announced earlier that the pattern will go on sale in my Ravelry store on June 1 and will have all the preliminary information needed for the project — yarn, needles, gauge, instructions for knitting a gauge swatch, finished dimensions of the shawl, and info for yarn amounts if you want to re-size the shawl.

I may release it a day early if I get it completed by then — on May 31. So stay tuned!

The first piece of the actual pattern will be released on June 20. See the pattern page in Ravelry for the schedule.

Happy Birthday, Wanda!

Goldfish Wanda celebrated her third birthday yesterday. Here she is with the present I gave her: a pretty new blue marble:

Wanda likes marbles — she is always re-arranging them at the bottom of her tank.

Wendy & Lucy

This week’s installment:

Lucy plans on spending the rest of the holiday weekend relaxing in her little playhouse.


  1. Happy Trails!

    I am loving the yarn colorway you picked.
    Molly by golly´s last blog post ..I am a Doofus

  2. Yay, Camp Loopy! Great color. I started some blue socks today for camp.

    I LOVE that Wanda plays with marbles:)

  3. Great pattern and color, enjoy camp loopy!
    brandi´s last blog post ..Fantastic Fiber Friday 5-25-12 Happy B-day to “the hubs”

  4. Happy Birthday to Wanda. I started Camp Loopy too. Will be looking forward to June 1st or May 31st for your preliminary info. Looks like a fun summer is in store for all of us.

  5. It’s terrible camping weather here in NE FL where I live – we are getting the effects of Beryl coming in tonight – AAACCKKK – hope we retain power and cable so I can make some headway on my Camp Loopy project. I have not been able to focus today since I was trying to put away pool furniture and plants and so forth but tonight I hope . . . funny thing – i chose exactly the same yarn you did AND the same Niall colorway – I had mine picked out before you announced your selection – not kntting the same item. I am planning to do your summer mystery – have the pattern que’d and ready to go when you are. Should have ordered some Signature needles to try for the nupps but maybe addi lace will be helpful.
    enjoy the rest of your holiday and your camp project.
    Melody Bryan´s last blog post ..MOTHERS DAY AND MONDAY

  6. If you check Westknits on Ravelry under Gyllis, there is a discussion on the row numbers.

  7. Love your weekly “Lucy and Me” cartoon. Having done the past two of your KAL’s, I am looking forward to starting the next one. Thanks so much for having them.

  8. Lestersmama says:

    I think my Lester would like a playhouse. Where did you get Lucy’s?

  9. Love the private eye picture for the mystery KAL. The picture looks suspiciously like Lucy…

  10. Susan Shelly says:

    Happy Birthday, Wanda! What a pretty marble! Love the latest cartoon and looking forward to the KAL information to be released this week!

  11. Virtual camping, real knitting. Neat …. Whenever I have instructions written out line by line, I pull out a sheet of graph paper or open an excel sheet and graph it out. 🙂
    Karen Berthine´s last blog post ..Fiber Circle & Mandelbrodt: Thanks to SM

  12. I’m pretty sure my cats think I spend the day at the vet’s, since that’s the only place they go when they leave the house!

    And don’t you wonder what Wanda thinks about her marbles?
    janna´s last blog post ..This and That

  13. Hi Wendy, as a late bloomer, I am a little dense…would you please tell me what KAL means. I haven’t been able to figure it out yet…so I finally decided to ask. I am looking forward to this summers shawl. I haven’t worn the one I made last summer yet because it turned out so small. I have a few more pounds to loose and I know it will be better. Thank you for all your hard work!

  14. Christienne L Stewen says:

    Gorgeous yarn! So excited for Camp Loopy 🙂
    what a fabulous image for your mystery shawl KAL!!!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day

  15. Lynne S. says:

    What a great post! I enjoyed the commentary on the different small, or not so small, things going on in your day. Had no idea fish had any interest in the marbles on the bottom of the aquarium – guess I assumed without thinking about it that it was for aesthetics for people’s benefit. Isn’t three old for a goldfish? That *is* a great graphic, the KAL sounds like fun, love the cartoons (keep them coming!) and wish I had more space so I could get a playhouse for one of our three cats. (But we barely have room for the cats.)

  16. You really have a great camping activity and Wanda is really thankful for your present.
    Arlene Mitte´s last blog post ..ProExtender Review

  17. Hi Wendy,
    I’d love to do the Summer mystery shawl knit a long.

    How many skeins do you think we will need?


  18. I want to be a pet in your house! They have such a great life, lol.

    Lucy is camping in her tent!

    Looking forward to the mystery shawl KAL.

  19. I wound my yarn and cast on Sunday for Camp – Lenore socks from the Yarn Harlot, because it was a pattern I had on hand by a non-USA designer that I can reasonably complete on time while also doing my 2nd quarter project, and your KAL, keeping on track with my Pi-day blanket, etc. It occurs to me that I SHOULD me maximizing my discount and double-credits on Camp and Challenge projects by taking on the biggest projects in the priciest yarn that I can possibly manage. Next month!

    BTW, I got a very nice message on Ravelry complimenting me on my Ravatar and asking after the pattern – its your Shetland Pi and I was happy to recommend it as being very well-written and entirely correct, as are all your patterns that I have tried.

  20. It occurs to me that I SHOULD me maximizing my discount and double-credits on Camp and Challenge projects by taking on the biggest projects in the priciest yarn that I can possibly manage. Thanks for sharing.
    Claire´s last blog post ..Pregnancy Miracle Book Review