My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Third Time’s the Charm

Happiness is a new skein of yarn. Especially when it is such a pretty skein!

I wound my lovely custom-dyed Tempted Luxe Grrl last night.

I actually have two skeins of it, but just wound the first one up to start.

I inserted it into my handy yarn carrier:

This is a Chic-a Yarn Keeper that I purchased from The Loopy Ewe. You can find them in a variety of pretty colors here. The yarn keep is 5″ in diameter. For smaller balls of yarn I use this:

This is a Chic-a Ort Keeper (found here) and it is 4″ in diameter.

These little yarn keepers are very handy, particularly when you carry your knitting projects with you to a bunch of different places.

Speaking of The Loopy Ewe, I love the stickers they are putting on the outside of their boxes!

I started my shawl. Ripped it out. Started it again. Ripped it out. Started it a third time:

Third time’s the charm!

This yarn was tricky. In the skein it looked a lot less variegated than it does knit up. The first start of the shawl incorporated a little lace pattern that just didn’t look great in this colorway. So I tried replacing the bit of lace with a plain 4-stitch cable. Much better, but I still wasn’t happy.

So I decided to go completely plain — just a tiny column of fagoting with a plain stockinette body and a garter stitch edging. This is just right.

So I’ll be knitting on my plain shawl this weekend. Lucy, on the other hand, is resting up:

She must have plans for a wild party or something.


  1. I like the column of faggoting — very original. But how are you making that ruffle? It is VERY ruffly ­čÖé
    kmkat┬┤s last blog post ..For sale to highest bidder. SOLD!

  2. Oh, I might need a yarn keeper or two! I haven’t ordered anything from the Loopy Ewe, so I should, if only to get one of those cute stickers on my box! ­čśë
    janna┬┤s last blog post ..This and That

  3. I love the simple design! Looking forward to getting both patterns. I ordered my yarn (Shalimar Breathless in Oyster), for the KAL. So many projects to keep me busy this summer!

  4. Midnite Baker says:

    Yes, Lucy is resting up for her wild yarn party. She plans breaking into your Chic-a Yarn Keepers and make havoc with your yarn. LOL!!! If my Sparky was younger, she is going on
    18 this year, she would not hesitate to grab the yarn and keeper in her mouth and run off with it. Then I’d be picking cat hair from the yarn before I could knit with it again. On the serious side, I was given a draw string silk purse, several years ago, that I use to keep my yarn clean.
    And I don’t knit when a certain Somebody is in my lap. Have a great knitting weekend. M

  5. Very pretty, my kind of colors. Can’t wait to see it done!

  6. Interesting post. I was given a draw string silk purse, several years ago, that I use to keep my yarn clean. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am looking forward for more usable post.
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  7. Last time my cats did this I was in for a long night of them chasing each other and various things they found under the sink through the appartemant…
    Those yarn carriers look pretty handy – I’ll look them up at the Loopy Ewe.
    reWOLLuzza┬┤s last blog post ..FO Friday #2

  8. smclester says:

    The shawl looks very nice, I love the simple style and uhm the color looks well sort of like camouflage?

  9. wow. great pictures! I love it! Thanks for sharing your story :))
    Carol┬┤s last blog post ..anxiety

  10. I’ve always wondered about the yarn-holders, but from he pictures, it seems as if once the yarn is in the holder and you start knitting, you can’t take the yarn out – is that true? Which bag would you recommend?

  11. I HAVE A QUESTION: To determine how many yards I have, can I do this by weight. I measured out a yard to determine what 1 yard would weigh. After weighing the whole skein, dividing the weight of 1 yd. into weight of whole skein to determine how many yds in the whole skein. Does this work, do you think?

  12. The yarn keeper is cute I think i need a few for small projects. I love the ruffle on your new project.
    brandi┬┤s last blog post ..Fantastic Fiber Friday 6-8-12- You’ve got to be kidding me!

  13. Sometimes less is more. Good luck!
    Cleo┬┤s last blog post ..Treading water