My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Kureyon Coat: After

I am very happy to report that the felting of my Noro Kureyon Coat was a complete success.

To review, here it is before felting:

And here it is after felting:

Here it is on Gwendolyn:

I put it in the washer with two large towels (to provide friction) and set it for a hot wash/cold rinse cycle. I selected the 8-minute wash cycle, the shortest cycle, just to be cautious. After it was done, it was barely felted. I sent it through another wash, this time with a 15-minute wash cycle. This time when it came out it was perfect!

I took it out and carefully laid it flat on the floor and straightened it out so everything was even. Using t-pins I pinned the front bands down in place. And I left it to dry.

The coat now fits me beautifully.

I measured a square post-felting and calculate that it shrank 17 — 18% during the felting process.

I am particularly pleased with the neckband. I picked up and knit stitches for the neckband after joining the back to the fronts. For the first half of the band I decreased stitches at each side front and at each side seam every other row so the band would not stand straight up from the body. I also worked a buttonhole in the neckband. I’ll be able to button my coat up all the way to my chin.

The buttons I ordered for it arrived today, so I can sew those on.

As I mentioned before, I’m not writing up a pattern for this because there are too many variables involved for the sizing. What I did:

1. I knit a mitered square. I used a needle size that would result in a slightly loose fabric because I knew I’d be felting this.

2. I measured the resulting square, and figured out how many squares across the back I wanted to get the width I wanted. (If I were a rational being, I would have used this square as a sample, felted it at this point and measured it after felting and used those measurements to figure out the final measurements of the coat. But I never claimed to be rational.) I figured out how many rows of squares I needed to make the coat as long as I wanted. My coat back was 6 squares across by 8 rows, or 48 squares.

3. For the two front pieces, I knit 3 squares across (half the width of the back) by 8 rows, but on the top row of each piece, I knit one triangle instead of a square at the beginning of one row/end of one row. This created the curve for the neck in the front.

4. For each sleeve I started with three squares across at the bottom and did three rows of squares. On the second row I worked a triangle at each end to widen the sleeve and worked five squares on the top row.

5. I picked up and knit a band at the bottom edge of each sleeve.

6. I picked up and knit a band on each front — button band and buttonhole band. I worked 7 buttonholes in the buttonhole band — one in each square. I did not extend the band up into the 8th row of squares because the 8th row had the triangle that makes the curve of the neck.

7. I attached the front to the back at the shoulders. I picked up stitches and knit the shoulders together. The shoulders are 2 squares wide.

8. I picked up stitches around the neck to make the neck band. I picked up along the top of the front band, the triangle on the front piece, across the middle 2 squares of the back, and then down the triangle of the other side front, and across the top of the front band. I knit the neckband, decreasing stitches on every right side row at the front edge of the triangle and at the shoulder halfway up the band, and then knit straight for the rest of the band. I worked a buttonhole in the front band at the edge above the buttonhole band.

9.I sewed up the side and sleeve seams. I did this by carefully backstitching. I did all the sewing using the yarn I used to knit: Noro Kureyon. I had to be very careful because it is a single play loosely spun yarn — not the best for sewing. But because the piece is felted, it is important to use the same yarn so it will shrink the same way. Otherwise it might end up with rippled or lumpy seams. I cut short pieces of yarn to use for sewing so each piece had minimal manipulation.

10. I picked up and knit stitches all the way around the bottom hem of the coat, worked a few rows and then bound off.

11. I felted the coat.

And that, in a nutshell, is how I made the coat.

Lucy is tired just thinking about it.



  1. Jennifer says:

    Excellent creativity. The coat looks great.

  2. im just lori says:

    Your new coat is lovely. And I’ll bet it’ll be warm this fall/winter, too!

  3. WOW…that’s all I can say. I’m with Lucy on this one.

  4. LOVELY!!!! You did a great job!
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  5. Wendy that is gorgeous!!!! I love to knit modularly (heh) and I would totally wear it. Now, question is, can I amass enough Kureyon to fit my 6′ self?

  6. WOW!!!!!!

  7. This coat has turned into a designer garment.
    Yoy will get all kinds of ooh abd aah’s, when you wear during the cold weather in Washington, DC.
    Enjoy! Pat Dixon

  8. Your coat is just beautiful! No cold drafts would dare to invade it!

  9. Oh so beautiful! To see this on the street will get many double looks! Congratulations!

  10. This coat doesn’t look real, the colors in your pictures look like a painting, it is truly a masterpiece. I want one ­čÖé it would take me ten years to make it! (8

  11. Wow. that’s amazing. I especially love how you did the underarms. the overall effect is very art-y. Just lovely.

  12. Your coat turned out beautifully!! I think you’re the only knitter I know who can pull something like this off.
    I finished the Summer Solstice Shawl and gifted it to one of our Red Hat Sisters. She’s had a very rough few years. She absolutely loves the shawl, I knit it in purple with clear beads!! So do our other Red Hatters. I will make myself one later. Thanks so much for that KAL…it was fun and the results are beautiful and very much appreciated.

  13. Natalie Doyle-Hennin says:

    Wendy, it’s simply beautiful. And I’ll bet it’s cozy (a bit too cozy for this weather).

    Thanks for the general guidelines.


  14. You done good!

  15. Wendy:

    Your coat turned out beautiful. Looks extremely comfy cosy. Great job!!!!

  16. Leslie F says:

    Loverly! You did a great job and you will really appreciate it.

  17. Love it!
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  18. One word for that coat.. Beautiful

    By the way it looks great with your hair color

  19. Congratulations on the coat. Just wearing it when it is cold will brighten you day and that of everyone else you meet. A job well done. Even with your extensive of expectation of what yarn may do, this is a masterpiece.

  20. Your coat could fetch a fortune in NYC!! It is simply beautiful couture quality. I am so envious of your talent and skill. You are an amazing knitter. But I knew that already before I saw this coat!

  21. It’s a marvelously beautiful and practical piece of artwork

  22. I’m betting complete strangers are going to come up to you during your commute to ask where you got that coat. I don’t have the knitting chops to risk a project like this. I’m very impressed!

  23. What no pic of Lucy helping when you pinned out the coat?

    Wow! – quite a project.

    Which of the color pics is most accurate? The browner first two or the later two?

  24. I’m with Lucy !
    However I’m sure we’d agree that the coat is a masterpiece
    I admire you ability to envision and implement your ideas
    Bravo melody

  25. What a brave woman you are! I would have been terrified that after doing all that knitting, it would come out a mess. Congratulations on a fabulous project.

  26. Your coat is beautiful.

  27. WOW, this is an amazing project. Congratulations to you.

  28. Absolutely wonderful! Lucy must be so tired from supervising the entire process!

  29. Absolutely Ab-fab , love the end result x

  30. This coat should be featured on the cover of Threads magazine, with you writing the feature article.

  31. It turned out beautiful!

  32. Love it!

  33. So impressive! Love the colors, green is a personal fav of mine. Thank you for “detailing” your process. You truly have a gift, being able to make such lovely things with knitting needles! Love it!!

  34. LP Starr says:

    Despite my initial misgivings about how it would turn out, I LOVE IT! You have made a beautiful coat!

  35. WOW, It is beautiful; I love how the colors . Thank you for showing us the process.

  36. Just Lovely. Your description of the method for creating the edging is great. Thanks so much.

    Congratulations, BER

  37. Lisa Smith says:

    very pretty, the finished piece is fantastic

  38. Absolutely gorgeous! The coat is lovely too. ;o)

  39. You really did a great job. You are so amazing.
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  40. Lynne in Florida says:

    Yay Wendy! (1M) What a great project! You’re a braver woman than I.

  41. Okay – here is the silly question of the day – how did you prevent the front half of the coat from felting to the back half of the coat while it was in the washer? I have never felted anything, so maybe I just don’t understand the intricacy of the process very well.

  42. Oh Wendy, that turned out gorgeous! The general directions on how you ended up with this piece or artwork were great too.

  43. absolutely beautiful!

  44. Mary Lou says:

    And a thing of great beauty it is! Thanks for sharing your creative thought processes on the construction of this one of a kind coat.

  45. Jacinta. says:

    Wow Wendy the coat looks amazing!

  46. That turned out beautiful!!

  47. Absolutely gorgeous, Wendy. It turned out beautifully. Very haute couture! Ear scratch to Lucy!

  48. Aunt Colleen says:

    That coat is a very impressive project.

  49. Gorgeous!

  50. It is beautiful, would love to see it on yourself…like a picture!

  51. Gorgeous!

  52. Catherine S. says:

    Very, very nice work, Wendy! It’ll be perfect for those snowy winter days and for when you visit Karen @Needlework Unlimited in Minneapolis!

  53. Vicki Johnson says:


  54. What is the next project?

    I am planning on using my Noro to make a double knit scarf. Maybe this one

    Molly : )
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  55. How kewl is that! Great weekend wear for the fall. Thanks for the info on the coat.

  56. It’s beautiful, Wendy. Very striking.

  57. It’s nicely done! I love the color. brown and green really matches.. You can now do another one,
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  58. It’s just gorgeous and amazing!!! You’re so brave to felt it and hope for the best!! (Even an educated hope!!) I love it!!

  59. Looks great – you will feel and look wonderful in it. What an accomplishment!

  60. I had my doubts, but you pulled it off. It’s totally beautiful.

  61. The coat turned out beautiful. What a stunning piece of wearable art!

  62. That’s really beautiful, Wendy! Thanks for sharing the process, and for coming up with such a grand idea.

  63. Enjoy your beautiful coat and thanks for sharing your process.

  64. Wow, this is cool coat. By the way thank you for teaching us on how to make this coat. I hope I can look time to make like this.
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  65. Bravo. What a triumph.

  66. You know you really amazed me. I can’t make this coat by knitting. I don’t know but I feel sleepy when I knit.
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