My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Some Photos

My coat being worn, after three trips through the washer dryer (washed out photo due to inferior lighting):

A closeup that shows the true color:

The little princess in profile:

My odometer this morning:


  1. Nice coat!

    Glad to see you were going 0 mph when you snapped the photo of your odometer! ­čśë
    Lorette┬┤s last blog post ..Hawaii, Part One

  2. Catherine S. says:

    Wendy, the coat is gorgeous. That color has got to be the loveliest on earth!

  3. It looks like the sweater fits well without being too oversize. I love seeing your projects come together.
    Seanna Lea┬┤s last blog post ..Sep 22, 2012

  4. Very nice!
    Kristen┬┤s last blog post ..Cabinet "Before" photos

  5. I love the way your sweater came out! Looks great even with it being over-sized.
    Jessica┬┤s last blog post ..Round 2.5

  6. The coat is great, and don’t you love how the denim fades? A coat to be very proud of!

  7. Lovely coat!

    That poor car needs to come visit me for a while and let me run it around up here in Canada where Mini’s are allowed to roam free!!!!

    I drove 160 kms today just to buy one ball of yarn!!!!
    Anne Featonby┬┤s last blog post ..Cutting it close…..very close…

  8. Your sweater looks really gorgeous – colour me green with envy! Did you get a Mini? They are so much fun to drive. Hired one in England years ago for two weeks – loved it (it was the old style). Any chance of the pattern for your sweater?

  9. I am constantly amazed at how quickly you knit projects and how gorgeous they are. It took real guts (and probably mostly talent) to knit such a large project and planning to shrink it to fit. I wish I had just a little bit of your talent. I love the coat!

  10. The detail on your newly completed and lovely coat is totally amazing!! We never, ever get to see your lovely face in your photos. You are so talented Wendy .. and I admire your talents so-o-o much!! Lucy has an adorable profile, that little sweetie-kitty! Basil’s doing great, huh? ­čÖé

  11. Beautiful!

  12. Your sweater coat is gorgeous! It’s amazing the speed you complete your projects. Wish I had 1/2 your speed. I made a baby sweater with Rowan’s Denim. The yarn is great to knit.

  13. Of course, I want to chime in and congratulate you! Beautiful coat and it fits so perfect after the washings!! Just stunning and great color too Wendy! I donÔÇÖt know if I would ever attempt a project such as this. I am contemplating a poncho though! (Someday lol…)

  14. Beautiful work Wendy. Wish it was cold enough here in the Houston area to wear something like that. It looks so cozy.

  15. Midnite Baker says:

    Looks like your coat shrunk a bit from all your washings, but hope you have washed it enough so the shrinkage will be minimal in the future. And it looks like you have washed out most of the excess dye too. And looks like the sleeve length was calculated to a tee. Lovely coat, Wendy. Now, has Lucy initiated it for her sleeping quarters yet? Happy Monday! M
    P.S. Basil is barely broke in. I bought a car in December 2011 and drove it 2000 miles in one month! But, I don’t have bus or train transportation around here either.

  16. Add a couple of zeros to that odometer reading and you’ll match mine last week!
    Keep knitting!

  17. You deserve to be proud of your masterpiece coat. The intricate pattern stitches balance the faded denim. It looks like an old and trusty friend that will serve you well for years,

  18. Oh, it looks so nice on you! Better than on Gwendolyn even. Great work.
    Johanne┬┤s last blog post ..Postcard From the Edge

  19. Your coat is beautiful! And just in time for autumn.

  20. (Another Barbara)

    What a lovely jacket.

    The closeup shows how nicely the yarn color has softened as a result of being washed, just as you intended. Would love to see the above “after” closeup side by side with a “before” closeup to see how much the yarn color and character have changed.

  21. Ginger Klein says:

    The coat is beautiful, the cat adorable and the mileage ridiculous! I live on Long Island and (unfortunately) do more than that a month!!

  22. Coat looks great. Just in time for the fall changes.

  23. That looks great. Thanks for the photo fo you in it.

  24. It looks great and I know you will enjoy wearing it. Not to rush the seasons, but let’s go winter!

  25. For many adventures, who needs a heavy coat. A heavy, long sweater like this is great!

  26. Love it. Don’t you just love washed out photos? Not.

  27. Wendy, it is oh so cute on you!

  28. gorgeous!

  29. Lynne in Florida says:

    The coat looks fantastic. Well done, Wendy! Isn’t it great when something turns out the way you envisioned it?

    Tell Miss Lucy that I’ll post a picture of her newest admirer as soon as I can get a really representative picture of him.

    You must take either the commuter bus or the Metro to work, with Basil showing so little mileage.

  30. Its a great clothes for the weekend…You don’t feel any cold if you are going to wear this on winter…Thanks a lot for featuring this..
    Stephanie┬┤s last blog post ..tinnitus

  31. It’s the perfect fall coat and a winter layer. Looks wonderful on you.

  32. Terrific coat! I have been using cotton a bit lately, and am tiring of it, but after a break with some nice soft wool I’ll probably use it again. Something “clicked” for me this weekend, and now I can purl in Continental. Weird how the brain works.

  33. Willette Barnes says:

    Hi Wendy, your coat is gorgeous! Your projects are always so well done and beautiful. will you sell this pattern on ravelry, if so I will be the first in line to buy it.

  34. I love the coat – it came out beautifully.

  35. love it !!!!! Your coat is amazing
    brandi┬┤s last blog post ..Navajo Plying

  36. what a great coat!