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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


After the Storm

Miss Lucy and I did just fine during Hurricane Sandy. Thanks for all your good wishes. My electricity stayed on the whole time so I was able to log on and work from home on Monday and Tuesday. By late Tuesday afternoon I think Lucy was hoping I’d go to work as I was upsetting her normal routine. Today I was back in the office so she was able to return to her regular nap schedule.

Dishcloth Diva

Last week I received a review copy of this book: Dishcloth Diva by Deb Buckingham.

The book is available as an ebook and in hardcopy from Cooperative Press. I was sent an ebook to review.

This is a book of (you guessed it) dishcloth patterns, twenty of them. There is a nice Foreword written by Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting, who freely admits that she loves knitting dishcloths. There are many great reasons to knit them: they are portable, they are quick, they are a great way to try out new stitch patterns, and they make great gifts.

(Stuck for a holiday gift idea? Knit up a dishcloth/washcloth, wrap it around a nice bar of scented soap and tie with a ribbon!)

In the book there is a nice discussion about cotton yarn: pros and cons, differences in cotton yarns, etc. Then we get to the patterns. As I mentioned above, there are twenty patterns. They are divided into 4 categories: Knotty or Nice, Lines, Rib It, and Texture. On the publisher’s website here you can see photos of all the patterns. Several different cotton yarns are used (from Tahki Stacy Charles, Universal Yarns, Knit One, Crochet Two, KnitPicks, Malabrigo, and Classic Elite) , but you could of course substitute a different cotton yarn for the one used in a particular pattern. Each pattern is written out line by line — there are no charts.

It’s a nice little book (64 pages long) with lovely full-color photos of the dishcloths and well-written knitting instructions. You can purchase the ebook only for $9.95 or the ebook and the hardcopy both for $15.95 from Cooperative Press — see the link above.

Cooperative Press has authorized me to give away a copy of the ebook to one of my readers. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing for the e-copy of  Dishcloth Diva, leave a comment on this blog post. Do not email me, do not use the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page (which sends me an email). It may seem like I am harping on this, but on every single giveaway I get multiple emailed entries. The number I pick at random is from the number of comments — I can easily do this from within WordPress, so emails are not counted. The link to leave a comment is right below the title of the blog post, which is “After the Storm.” Please do not email me aski8ng how to leave a comment. You need to figure it out if you want to be entered in the drawing!  😉

Anyway, please leave a comment by noon Eastern time next Sunday, November 4, 2012. I’ll use the Random Number Generator to pick a comment at random at that time. Thanks!

Lucy sez:

Happy Halloween!



  1. Jan Larson says:

    Dishcloths are the thing I knit most often and I’m always looking for new patterns. Thanks for the tip about this book. I will definitely put it on my wish list! Glad you made it safely through the storm.

  2. I could use another book 🙂 And dishcloths are great and grand and wonderful 🙂
    Renee Anne´s last blog post ..Not A WIP Wednesday

  3. I just love dishcloths, they make the perfect last minute gifts.

  4. Midnite Baker says:

    Okay, I’ll enter this one. Thanks. Just bought some cotton yarn for this type of project. M

  5. Dcalaneknits says:

    I love the idea of the stash of giftclothes. I’m just not sure about the right cotton to use. Would love to see this book!

  6. Freya in Californeya says:

    Oh, please, Pick Me!!! I am in dire need of new dishcloths and am loathe to buy them. Rather make them myself.

  7. What a great little book just in time for the holidays! Would love to win a copy

  8. Knitphomaniac says:

    I’ve been planning on knitting dishcloths for Christmas presents this year 🙂

  9. I love knitting dishcloths. Am interested in the review of cottons.

  10. Suzanne Burke says:

    I would love this book. Is there a certain cotton content to use?

  11. Barbara Boyle says:

    Pick me, pick me, pick me…please..please..please!

  12. Lucy does look angry. I understand about having your days disturbed. Hope I win the copy.

  13. Count me in! I like knitting dish cloths too!

  14. Lynn Couture says:

    Dishcloths are one of my go-to gifts. I knit them throughout the year and put them in my gift closet to be pulled out for various gift giving events

  15. I would love a book of dishcloths, I’m tired of the ones I make. and yes, they do make great gifts!

  16. Radmeister says:

    The dishcloth is pretty and practical and my go to knitting in times of stress. I would love a copy of this book. Thanks.

  17. Christmas is coming and I have one cowl and one-third of a scarf and half a baby sweater (but no baby for it, I just loved the yarn my daughter gifted me from her stash) and these cloths are so do-able and gift-able…!

  18. Dishcloths are great gifts!

  19. I LOVE making dishcloths. My mother-in-law always asked me for them, and they are fun and fast. Would love some new patterns.

  20. I love knitting washcloths. I always have one in progress in my tote!

  21. Would love to win the book – I knit lots of dishcloths just as easy things to keep in the car, when I’m too tired to follow a difficult pattern, and now my friends won’t clean with anything else!

  22. Glad to hear you, Miss Lucy made it through the storm. Washcloths are something that still alludes me.
    Would be nice to have a guide such as this.

    Fingers crossed that the random number generator picks me!!

  23. Great Book

  24. carol day says:

    I have a whole big bag of cotton yarn – it certainly would be fun to use it up and have a great stash of gifts.

  25. What a great book for this holiday season. It is a great giving you a last minute gift small gift for giving to someone who surprises you with one! Happy Holidays to all.

  26. My mom loves knitted dishcloths, so I make them pretty frequently, but I always use the pattern from Kay and Ann’s book. Maybe this would inspire me to branch out!
    janna´s last blog post ..One of these bees….

  27. Dishcloths are a great portable project. They are also a great ‘stuff it in any corner of the suitcase’ for our mission teams traveling to Jamaica every four months where they run medical clinics. The dishcloths make an easy little item to start conversations or calm fears. I’d love to have some new patterns to use!

  28. Looks like a great book.

  29. I would love a copy of this book.

  30. I would love this book on dish clothes they are easy to knit and good to take to doctor appointments, plus this would be a nice birthday gift to me.

  31. Linda.roller says:

    What a pretty concept Dishcloth Diva..rinebird. On Ravelry

  32. It would be great to win! Thank you!

  33. I have never knitted any dishcloths, but I have been wanting to make some as spa washcloths and towels for gift sets. This book would be very timely and I’d love to win it! I looked at the patterns included and they are lovely.
    Lynne Phelps´s last blog post ..Alternative Wonderland in Smeared Ink

  34. Glad y’all made it. Luckily we were ok here in PA as well.

    Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE knitting dishcloths so this book is right up my alley!

  35. Glad you made it through o.k. I would love the book. When I teach kids to knit I always start them on a dish/wash cloth. Short, simple and they get the hang of knitting and purling.

  36. Along with socks ans shawls, dishcloths are among my favorite things to make! In fact, I once made a whole afghan out of a dishcloth pattern I found in Mason-Dixon Knitting. It was 5 dishcloths wide by 6 dishcloths long.
    otherdeb´s last blog post ..It’s Ba-ack…

  37. I love knitting dishcloths!
    Maggie´s last blog post ..On the Needles Fri Oct26

  38. Margaret Hendrickson says:

    Sounds like a neat book. Dishcloths is a good way to use up my leftover cotton yarns.

  39. This would be a great birthday present for me! Always love cotton. Plenty in the stash. I’m in!

  40. Glad Lucy kept you safe through the storm. The ebook sounds awesome. I would love it.

  41. I’d be happy to make gifts from this book. And someone gifted me with a lot of cotton yarn!

  42. My MIL and all her sisters ask for dishcloths from me for Christmas, and I gracefully supply them. Fresh patterns are always welcome!

  43. Dishclothes are such a great quick gift. I love them!
    Patty´s last blog post ..Short and Sweet…

  44. I LOVE to knit dishcloths. I have over a dozen in my car trunk right now for sale. I usually get the patterns from the perpetual knit calendar.

  45. I love to knit dishcloths! Happy Halloween!

  46. I think dishcloths are fun. No serious effects from Sandy here either.

  47. Glad you all are safe. What would we do without yarn stash and patterns to get us through! Take care.

  48. Thanks, I would like a copy of this book.

  49. Celestine says:

    I just got done making my soap and was just starting to knit up some cloths. This book would be much appreciated…
    Thanks for the chance to win one.

  50. Barb Tryon says:

    I would love a copy! I made over 50 dishcloths last summer for a quilting workshop and everyone loved them. All the patterns look great, so I might do it again for next summer!

  51. I sometimes get addicted to knitting dishcloths – they’re so fast! And I agree that they’re great gifts, once my kitchen drawer is overflowing with mine…
    Faith´s last blog post ..A Letter to My Daughter: Two Years Old

  52. Looks like a neat book. And I have some cotton already stashed for just such a purpose. Thanks for the contest opportunity, Wendy and Cooperative Press!

  53. I love to knit dishcloths a great way to test out patterns.

  54. I’ll bet Miss Lucy would like a nice big, soft dishcloth to nap upon. Come to think of it, so would I…

  55. I think dishcloths sound like a great gift idea and since I’m a slow knitter there’s a shot I could finish them before Christmas.

  56. I would love this book. I am getting a lot of knitting done since we have no power here in NJ and no sign of it returning.

  57. Love to work on dishcloths while my daughter is in swimming lessons.

  58. I knit lots of dishcloths for gifts,my kids request them! Would love to find some fun,new patterns. You are right, dishcloths are a great way to try out new stitch patterns.

  59. I love to make dishcloths! Glad all is well w you.

  60. Thanks for the give-away. When I was a state officer in Eastern Star(here in Louisiana) I knit dish cloths and wrapped them around soaps as you have suggested. That was my traveling gift when I met my counterparts in other states…always well received.
    Barbara Seiver´s last blog post ..A magnificent cat

  61. Glad that the worst thing that happened to you in the storm was having to stay home and knit.

    I knit dishcloths as it happens, and I could use some new designs.

  62. Great stress buster!!! I’ve gotten rid of all my commercial face clothes in favor of our yarny ones. Many thanks for the contest.
    ditetre on Ravelry
    diane tetreault´s last blog post ..And then there was light in the living room…

  63. Was thinking of you and others during storm. Love knitting dishcloths and would love this book.

  64. I’ve knitted and crocheted potholders and dishcloths since I was about 5 years old. I love making them and it would be fun to see what this new book has to offer.
    Am glad to hear that storm wasn’t a problem for you.

  65. amy demars says:

    I would love a chance at this book! I love making dishcloths and I have been getting non-stop requests for them! As well as requests for “something new” and fresh rather than the old stand-bys!

  66. Nancy Nurmi says:

    Need it!

  67. Dorothy Van Daele says:

    My dear mother-in-law made dishcloths for me and so did my mother. Suggestion from a knitter new to blogs: if people read the blog as an email, they may not see the “POST” sign. I don’t. I need to go to the web-based version to find the link to post. This could be why Wendy gets so many emails… People just can’t figure it out.

  68. Charlotte Kunkel says:

    This book has some awesome patterns and I would love to have it. I love your gift idea and I’m going to steal it for our Chinese Christmas game.

  69. Thanks for letting us know how you weathered the storm! I wish I could hear from everyone out East how they did!

  70. I’m totally in!

  71. Dishclothes are my emergency back-up knitting project when nothing else seems appealing or I am in places where I can’t drag a bigger project. Thank you for sharing!

  72. Love to have the book and knit dishies for Christmas!

  73. Geraldine Scott says:

    Who can resist the knitted dishcloth? I’d love to win the book…thanks!

  74. A four “nice” book: “nice Forward”. “nice bar”, “nice discussion”, “nice little book”. I found the pictures on the publisher’s website, quite nice, too!

  75. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Our Cloth Diapering Journey

  76. Would be pleased to win the book. Thanks!

  77. Looks like a great book, thanks for the offer!
    Carolyn Porter´s last blog post ..After the Storm

  78. Love dishcloths, especially when I need something fast for a gift.

  79. I’m actually knitting dishtowels and dishcloth sets for the holidays. Thanks for the contest, Wendy, and so sorry that so many people are so slow at figuring out how to enter a contest. Well, if they enter wrong, the odds are better for the rest of us :).

  80. Sandra Kerr says:

    I’d love a copy!!

  81. So happy you and Lucy are safe. I would love a copy of this book!

  82. Absolutely need something happy after the storm. We lost everything on our first floor. Been cleaning oily gross mudd all day! Thankfully all yarn stash was in plastic tubs in the attic over my sewing room.

  83. Glad you weathered the storm. Looks like a nice book. Please enter my name in the drawing. Thanks, Wendy.

  84. Just in time for Christmas gifts! I would love to win this book.

  85. I usually knit several dishcloths for my daughters, and some for use in our church kitchen. This book would give me some wonderful new patterns to use. Glad to hear that you & Lucy survived Sandy with no issues.

  86. I am the official Family Dishcloth Knitter now that my grandmother has passed away. A proud tradition!

  87. I love making dishcloths and using them. Could always use more patterns! Thanks

  88. Glad you got through the storm ok. I like to try new dishcloths when I can concentrate on the pattern, but I make the easy kind when I’m watching something closely on tv.

  89. Barb Berggren says:

    Yea for a new dish cloth book! My very good friend and former neighbor moved away 10+ years ago. We started a tradition , on alternating years, of sending eachother a “surprise” every month (with a theme). I have recieved many fun handmade gifts. 2013 is my year to send her gifts and I have been working on dishcloths to match each month. I am SO ready for some new ideas! I went to web Deb Buckingham’s book site. What a fun book! Hope I win??

  90. Carol Brookover says:

    That wasn’t so hard!!! (Commenting)
    I’m glad you weathered the storm successfully and I’d
    Love to have a chance at the dishcloth book!

  91. Enter me in the drawing, please

  92. I have to confess… I am a closet dishcloth knitter!!! TRUE! And I love to knit those little babies. They do make sweet little gifts and easy, soooooo easy! There are often traffic hold ups around East Tennessee and I am never without knitting in the car. Dishcloths are perfect for car knitting. I am very interested in this book. Thank you Wendy, for always thinking of the “crew” that follows you and sweet Lucy! Jane

  93. Happy Halloween!
    Would love a copy and get a jump on quickie holiday gifts
    Thanks for the raffle.

  94. Love doing dishcloths, please enter me in your drawing for Dishcloth Diva. I would put it to good use.

  95. So glad you made it through Sandy okay! Thanks for the opportunity to win this ebook.

  96. Never made a dishcloth. I’d try, tho.

  97. What nice and bright colors and patterns! I have done “soap wrapped with dishcloths” gifts and everyone loves them.

  98. Always love a new dishcloth!

  99. I’m always ready for a giveaway!

  100. handmadebysue says:

    One of the comments already mentioned using the squares for an afghan or put them together for a purse, a Christmas stocking, use as a pocket . . . practice, learn new skills, imagine, create. . .