My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


She’s Like a Rainbow

A couple of extra days off makes for a lot of knitting time. So much so, I was able to finish my coat.

I got both sleeves done last week and attached the to the body with a three-needle bind-off. I sewed large snaps on the front bands rather that use buttons.

This was such a fun knit. I was getting a little sick of the pattern by the end of the second sleeve, but all in all, it kept me happy!

Dishcloth Diva Give-Away

Congratulations to Pam Gardner who has won a digital copy of Dishcloth Diva by Deb Buckingham. Pam has been emailed.

Lucy Sez

Well, Lucy is too busy napping to comment!



  1. Beautiful! I love the way the collar turned out.

  2. Looks lovely! I think those colors would make any dreary winter day bright & happy!

  3. Savannagal says:

    Stunning! I’d love to see you model your coat. It really is lovely.

  4. Gorgeous.

  5. Awe inspiring!! And yes, a picture of you IN the coat would be nice 🙂

  6. Wow, that is lovely!
    Robin V´s last blog post ..A Hat and a Scarf and a Beagle

  7. Pat Converse says:


  8. Fabulous! I just love kauni, it’s my favorite for stranding, especially for happy “accidents.”Your coat is terrific. Enjoy wearing it!

  9. I have been following the progress of yoursweater, and I must say that it turned out to be beautiful.

  10. Awesome!

  11. very lovely, indeed!

  12. Very nice – excellent job of color-matching on the sleeves

  13. that coat is incredible!

  14. We’ll know it’s you from a distance! Great job.

  15. Your coat is absolutely gorgeous, Wendy. Hope you didn’t have any damage from Sandy. Hope all is well.

  16. Wow! Absolutely spectacular!

    It will warm the hearts of all who see it.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Easily Swayed

  17. Absolutely gorgeous!

  18. cecilia david says:

    really pretty, I wish that I could design and follow though with knitting like this. I am so impressed and in awe. cecilia

  19. Susan Shelly says:

    Great work on the coat! Hope you get lots of use from it and compliments to boot!

  20. this coat was not felted, right? It is just beautiful. great job.

  21. beautiful! but I cannot figure out where lucy begins and ends from that napping pose…
    anne marie in philly´s last blog post ..Brain Puke V

  22. Wow, it look so much better now than when in little balls!! That turned out gorgeous, Wendy.
    You should smile and be very proud whenever you wear that.

    I’m so glad you folks are ok there. I’ve been watching the news and that ‘Frankenstorm’ was awful!
    Can’t wait to see your next project. Take care and knit happy!

  23. I haven’t commented in oh-so-long because there’s something called “inclicky” that for a long time has slowed down my computer when I open your e-mails. But I must say that is worth a little slow-down, to tell you that coast is absolutely beautiful!!! I hope you do a book sometime on color work! Please, please please?!

  24. “coat” not “coast.” geez…

  25. MaryO1230 says:

    Awesomme! That is absolutely gorgeous! luv.m.

  26. wow oh wow oh wow… that is what i thought when i saw this post. It is just lovely, almost as lovely as the fur ring formerly known as Lucy!! awe inspiring!!

  27. I love this coat…Thanks a lot for sharing with us..

  28. Absolutely beautiful coat – nice job!

  29. It came together beautifully.

    Molly : )
    Molly by golly´s last blog post ..What? So Soon?

  30. Debra Simon says:

    It’s gorgeous! I wish someone would make me a coat like that!!

  31. She comes in colors everywhere…….beautiful!

  32. You are so talented. The coat is lovely and I know you’ll constantly receive ooo’s and ah’s whenever or wherever you wear it. Glad you and Lucy weathered the storm

  33. The coat is absolutely beautiful. You are a true artist. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Vicki Johnson says:

    Wow! The coat is beautiful!! You knit like the wind. 🙂 Any tips or advice to increase knitting speed?

  35. Midnite Baker says:

    Just Gorgeous!! So glad you made it thru Sandy safely. M

  36. it is an absolute work of art, breathtaking! X
    Alice´s last blog post ..Sweetest ever baby blanket

  37. What a masterpeice

  38. Sharon Lien says:

    You may be tired of hearing it but I think that’s the most beautiful knitting project I ever saw. I hope you love it and really enjoy wearing it. Congratulations.

  39. Am rummaging through my patterns to find something suitable for a similar colour treatment! That really is a beautiful coat.

  40. Wendy, that looks beautiful. The colours work so well. Also thanks for the tip on the Etsy sellers…I am now the proud owner of some of this beautiful yarn in the lavender colourway. ❤

  41. Beautiful!
    Walden121´s last blog post ..Eleanor’s Doubleknit Seahawks Scarf

  42. Anne Marie B says:

    Beautiful! Really lovely work.

  43. Oh My Goodness! It’s a thing of beauty. Makes me wish that I had the patience for making something so wonderful.

  44. Absolutely beautiful. Will you be sharing the pattern with us?

  45. How fun! Enjoy it when you wear it….because I think it is going to make people smile with delight when they see those colours!
    Anne´s last blog post ..Anastasiya – Rowan 48 – Redux Complete

  46. Beautiful!

  47. Simply amazing! A rainbow of sunshine on a cold winter day.

  48. Liz in Missouri says:

    Oh, Gosh that’s Pretty!!!

  49. Wow !!! Love the finished result, stunning colours 🙂

  50. hawknitr13 says:

    gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    ^)^ linda

  51. I gave myself tendonitis knitting a damask pattern kauni sweater. It is currently languishing in my living room…..maybe I should send it your way. You could probably knock it out by Christmas.
    Cindy in un-Happy Valley´s last blog post ..The highest compliment ….

  52. Beautiful!!

  53. Another example of the outstanding work you do. I hope that, as you wear it around the DC metro area, people stop you and ask you where you got your coat (okay, maybe not so much when you are commuting…might not work with your time schedule).

    I think even muggles will appreciate the craftsmanship!

  54. Wow, I’m guessing there would be a lot of interest on Ravelry should you feel moved to write out the pattern and publish. It’s really stunning, Wendy, and the vintage rock ‘n’ roll reference is an added bonus.

  55. I’m being redundant, but wow, stunning, gorgeous! People should be stopping you on the street to admire this coat.
    I won’t be making anything as magnificent as your coats, but I was moved to order some Rowan Denim. Your work with it was so intriguing! Mine will be a simple pullover with a few cables to enjoy the fading. Thanks for the inspiration–

  56. Love the Rainbow sweater! How did you decide on the patterns for the neck and sweater front? They match so beautifully.

  57. Fabulous!
    Care to share more details about the front bands? Specifically, what kind of snaps and how did you attach them?

  58. The coat is beautiful…again, I would prefer to see a picture with you wearing it.

  59. Wow, that looks all sorts of fantastic! I don’t think I’ll be rushing off to steek something just yet, but you’ve reminded me just what awesome things can be made with some yarn and pointy sticks. Love it. <3
    Alverdine´s last blog post ..Affirmation: leap

  60. I can’t imagine doing a whole coat size 4 needles with colorwork …..well done!!!!
    brandi´s last blog post ..Oh The Fiber – Crisp California Red Wool

  61. Absolutely gorgeous! One of these days I will start mine!

  62. Pam Huang says: