My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Guided Tour

Because I posted just one smallish photo of my current WIP, I thought it might be nice to give you a guided tour of the stitches and cables I am using in this project.

The side “filler” stitch is seed stitch, also known as moss stitch.

I love the look of seed stitch, particularly with a colorway that has some depth to it. This Cormo yarn is naturally slightly heathered and I think it looks wonderful in seed stitch!

There are five different cable motifs in play.

The first one is a simple 2 by 2 twist.

I am using these as filler cables to frame the bigger motifs and am mirroring the direction of the twist. The pattern repeats every 4 rows. Across the back of the sweater, this cable is used 6 times.

The next is slightly more complex.

It is still a 2 by 2 twist, but it has a couple of purls stitches as “filler” in the middle to make it stand out more, and the pattern repeats every 8 rows. I am using it twice across the back of the sweater.

Next up is a cable/seed stitch combo.

This is a mirrored cable twist every 8 rows and the middle is filled with seed stitch. This works nicely by “drawing in” the filler seed stitch on the sides. I’m using this motif 4 times: twice on each side of the center motif.

Next, a more complex cable — a braid.

This cable is a lot simpler to work than it looks: the pattern repeats every 8 rows and it is pretty easy to follow. You are moving stitches on every right-side row and after working it a couple of times it becomes obvious what needs to be done next. I’m working it twice, once on each side of the back.

The most complex cable motif is actually made up of two different cables: the outer wavy lines and an internal mirrored twist.

The mirrored twist has a 4-row repeat and the outer way lines form the longest repeat in the whole design: 16 rows.

Put them all together and you get this:

I mentioned that I have memorized the pattern. Looking at the piece as a whole, it looks a little overwhelming, but when you break it down into the different components, there is nothing too difficult to remember.

Each motif’s repeat is based on multiples of 4: I have 4-row, 8-row, and 16-row motifs in my design. For me, this makes the whole thing much easier to memorize. For each 16-row repeat of the big cable, it’s pretty easy to remember that the 4-row repeats have cable twists on rows 1, 5, 9, and 13 and the 8-row repeats have twists on rows 1 and 9. Each cable motif is symmetrical, and that makes everything easier to memorize as well.

And lastly, I separate motifs with markers, and that keeps me in line so that I don’t go wild with one cable and accidentally keep extending it into the next cable’s territory. 😉

Aside: my stitch markers are lovely hand made rings purchased from Spindle Cat Studio on Etsy. I’ve made mention of these markers before but it bears repeating. These are by far my favorite stitch markers: there are no rough edges or splits in the rings to catch on the yarn and while they are nicely slim, they stand out so I can easily see them. There are lots of great little knitting doodads for sale at Spindle Cat Studio. If you need a holiday gift for a special knitter, this would be a good place to find something special!

Quick Knit Flower Frenzy

I was sent another great book to review: Quick Knit Flower Frenzy, available to purchase from Annie’s Crafts here.

It is available in both hardcopy and in electronic format. This 50-page booklet has patterns for a number of different flower projects. If you go to the link above, you can view photos of all the different projects. One of the things I really like about this book is that there is a step-by-step tutorial for each project, complete with nice clear photos.

I love how this is done. It is so much easier to learn visually, I think, than by reading a pattern.

Who’d like my review copy? 🙂

To be entered in a drawing to receive my review copy, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, Sunday December 2. I’ll select a comment using the Random Number Generator and send the booklet to that commenter.

Speaking of giveaways, the winner of Short Story: Chic Knits for Layering by Cathy Carron is Kathom, who has been emailed. Thanks to everyone who left a comment!

Lucy sez:

“What? The turkey is all gone?”


  1. I’d love to win this flower book!

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  3. I luv cables!! And I’d love to win the flower book. A nice way to brighten up the dreary winter months! Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I love flowers and would love this book!

  5. Savannagal says:

    Can’t have too many embellishment patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. those are cute flowers! Your sweaters are always beautiful.

  7. Haha! My cat is howling away at me because he agrees with Lucy and simply won’t accept that the turkey is all gone.

    The flower book looks nice – I’d love to win it.

  8. Mad knitter says:

    Nice way to construct a cable sweater. It looks much more varied than the actual complexity of the pattern.

    and thanks for the give-away book as well. One can never have too many and I’m sure however wins will love it

  9. Stephanie H. says:

    What cute happy flowers that would love to be made my me.

  10. What a great book! And your sweater will be gorgeous. I mean coat. 😉

    My mother would LOVE that book! It would make a great Christmas present for her!

  11. FLOWERS!!!!!

  12. I love your jacket! You knit so fast! Thanks for a chance to win this book, I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit flowers.

  13. Love the book. You amaze me with all the beautiful knits.

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  15. I would love this book as I enjoy knitting flowers. Your jacket looks wonderful. cables are so much fun to knit. Wish I knit as fast as you though.

  16. I love the cables. Thanks for taking the time out to explain it. I’ve never knit flowers before, only crocheted them. It’ll be great to learn.

  17. Deb Kegelmeyer says:

    your cables are beautiful! Knitting flowers in the winter sounds fun.

  18. Just send the book to me…………please!!! 🙂

  19. BEAUTIFUL sweater! I would be happy to give that book a home and love it and hug it and pat it and pet it take it home and call it George. And knit from it! Thanks for sharing!

  20. kathleen in wisconsin says:

    Awww, Lucy. We love turkey, too. Maybe Santa will bring some for Christmas dinner.

  21. I’m loving the cables! Thanks for the chance to win the book. Dear Lucy—it’s just 27 days until Christmas—I bet you’ll have plenty of turkey!

  22. Love the cable tour. I’ve yet to try cables, it’s on my list.
    I would be very happy to win a copy of that book, it looks wonderful.

  23. Susan (sjanova) says:

    Great cables. I think the first sweaters I ever knit, a zillion years ago, were cabled. I still have one that I wear and another that I admire that I knit when I was in Argentina — two yarns held together. I even made my own buttons for that one. (Doesn’t quite fit these days. Sigh.)

    I knit flowers for a lady turning 95 in April this year – every year for her birthday, I have found another one to knit. That way she gets flowers but no watering or pruning. She’d love to have something knit from that book.

  24. Annette Mand says:

    I would love to receive the book of flowers, a great way to embellish things for my grand daughter.

  25. Beautiful coat!

    Thank you for the chance

  26. What a cool book! I could have hours of fun with this one!

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  29. Lynne in Florida says:

    I like all the assorted cables except the one with the seed stitch filler, which looks too jammed up to me. I especially love the braid and the paired cables and zig-zags. Don’t get me wrong, though. I like seed stitch a lot. The sweater I’m working on now has seed stitch hems, button bands, and collar. I even made a hat that was all seed stitch.

    Yes, please, I’d love the book.

    Tell the beauteous Lucy that Christmas is coming – and there’ll be lots of good stuff to eat.

  30. Your cable photos are great – I’ve done cables, but tend to stick with keeping them on afghans.
    A master gardener, I’m great at researching plant, insect, & disease problems, but poor on actual gardening due to a bad back, so prefer to knit & crochet the perfect flowers versus growing them.

  31. I’d love to win the flower book!

  32. Lisa smith says:

    Yea for flower power!

  33. Wendy, Thank you so much for all the information you posted about doing cables on your sweater. I am just learning about cables and learned a lot from your posting.


  34. As I have mentioned before, looks intricate and beautiful!

  35. Thanks for walking us through your cable combinations. And I hope I get to “say it with flowers”!

  36. I’d love to win the flower book. They’d be so much fun to add to bags and hats and such. I also very much enjoy Aran knitting, it may be my favorite style. Like you, I always plan patterns using compatible row repeats. Not only does it make it easier to knit and remember, in my opinion, it just plain looks better!

  37. Charlene Davies says:

    Your sweater will be stunning – it’s already beautiful. I’d love to learn to knit flowers to decorate my new home.

  38. I used the last of our turkey tonight…It is sad when the turkey is all gone! I’d love to knit some flowers to use as broach type pins on my winter coat!

  39. Would love to learn how to knit flowers. Thanks for the chance.

  40. First of all, there is *nothing* about your cable designs that to me is easy or memorizable (word?)! My brain would be more twisted than your cables – LOL!

    I do have one question, from my perfectionist mind: Was there a reason that you did not do mirrored cables with the 2×2 cables with filler stitches? I keep wanting to rotate one of the cables 180 degrees to match the other mirrored sets. Don’t mind me – I have PTSD and think too much!

    Yes, I am very interested in the flower book. They look easier to do than other knitted flower books I’ve read about!

    Wendy, you just amaze me at the speed at which you knit!

  41. The flower book looks like it would be great fun.

  42. I’ve never knitted flowers but id love to try it. Love the cables! Thank you for inspiring me.

  43. Suzie Picciano says:

    Love me some flowers in this cold time of year!

  44. hawknitr13 says:

    this, by far, is the most exciting post!! i loved to see all the cables up close that you knit into your project!! esp the seed stitch filler one… how interesting!! do cables make for slow knitting for you? do you use a cable needle or not? an ‘inquiring’ knitting mind wants to know! ha! i would also like a chance to be in the giveaway…flowers would be something new! i always enjoy your posts!!
    ^)^ linda

  45. Flowers for spring. Can’t wait.

  46. Awesome cables!! The book sounds neat too!

  47. Angel D. Rakowski says:

    Hi, neighbor, from Falls Church!! I much prefer to knit flowers than crochet them but knit patterns are harder to come by! Would love the book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. Please enter me into the drawing! The patterns look so interesting and I’m definitely a visual learner.

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    danielle´s last blog post ..Feeling Happy About the Little Things

  53. Pam Gardner says:

    I would be thrilled to win the flower book. I sure wish I had you for a teacher-I adore cables but have never even attempted one. There are no knit shops close by and I learn best by doing, not particularly well by reading or looking at instructions.

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    I love flowers! I would love to have the book so that I could have flowers year-round.

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    Yay for flowers!!! And I love the close up of all the different cables.

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    Dorothée´s last blog post ..Harpa

  63. The pattern you have created is amazing, to a novice like me it still looks a little scary but definitely something to aspire to and I’m determined to have a go on my next project. Thanks for the lovely photos.

    The knitted flower book looks lovely please put me in the draw.

    Best wishes

  64. Thank you but I don’t need to win the book because our Knitting Group knitted a garden for a community display a couple of months ago and I’m all flowered out. In fact if I see another leaf or stalk of knitted wheat, I’m going to get a flame thrower and deal with it!

    No, I just wanted to say what a terrific gathering of cables – a very nice complimentary choice for your jacket. If it’s not an intrusive question, are you going to write up the patterns for another book? If not, it would be a shame if we didn’t see ‘Wendy Goes Wiggly With Cables’ on the book sheves! 😀

  65. Uh oh I could cover several 2 year olds in kitted flowers…

  66. Eleanor Swogger says:

    what a lovely way to make winter go away.

  67. I would love to have this book. I hope I win!

  68. Wow this coat is going to be beautiful. I love your work; I bet you turn heads everytime you wear one of your coats.

  69. Rachel Eldridge says:

    I would love to have the flower book. I don’t crochet and have some yarn that is just begging to be made into pretty flowers

  70. 😀 I love reading your blog! It’s fun to see what other people are working on and a bonus that you have give aways! 😀 😀

  71. Flowers would be nice for embellishing or just making a pin for a gift

  72. I catch up on your blog in time to see a book that interests me and you are giving it away! I keep debating learning to crochet, just to make flowers. I like the idea of knitting them even more.

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  74. All those cables … looking good!
    Flowers … I’m in 🙂

  75. I’d love to win the book – and thanks for giving the “in depth” look at your new sweater. I always find it interesting to see which cables people choose when designing a sweater of this type.

  76. Liz in Missouri says:

    Oh, Gosh! I haven’t been on line for a few days and look at all I’ve missed. First off, the Aran jacket is BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been having a lot of fun with that cable design. I love, love, love cables on things, so you have to know how much I love this new project. I can see this not being too hard to memorize. (Well – except maybe the braid – I would have to keep the chart handy for that one.) 2×2 cables, seed stitch all kind of speak for themselves. I’m absolutely impressed with the seeded cable though. I’ve never seen that one before.
    Well- what can I say? Drooling – as usual!

  77. I’m not much of a cable or Aran-style knitter, so it’s great to see a lovely design spelled out. Now it makes sense to me, instead of just a jumble of criss-crosses!

    I’ve been knitting dozens of stars lately, so flowers would be a nice change… Thanks for having a give-away–

  78. Lovely cables.. the great thing about cables is they are really impressive yet not that difficult. I love it when non knitters are so impressed by a simple cable scarf… and I would love a copy of that flower book!!!

  79. Christienne L Stewen says:

    Hi Wendy! As always, your work is stunning! My question is what length circular needle are you using? I saw the size was 8 but might’ve missed the length in an earlier post.
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop & always providing such fun photos of Lucy too!

  80. I love your cables, u do a beautiful job always.Thanks for offering the book in a drawing.

  81. Me & my crazy beginner’s one-skein-only -of-a-gazillion beautiful yarns desperately need that book, lol.

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  83. Nessa Norton says:


    and the sweater is beautiful

  84. The Aran jacket is goint to be gorgeous. I love the cables you chose and the natural color really makes them pop. Please enter me in the drawing.

  85. I would love the book! I’m a visual learner, so photos are really helpful!

    Lovely sweater. I have dreams of knitting an awesome Aran sweater someday…when I have the time and money for enough yarn, of course!

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  87. You cables are amazing.
    brandi´s last blog post ..Knitting, more Knitting and ….. opps I dropped a stitch

  88. I really admire your knitting energy! Wow!
    A question about your cable jacket – will the ruffling at the bottom go away when it’s blocked? I’m making a cabled sweater now (it’s going on its third year now but is almost done!) and I increased above the bottom band in spots where there are cables. I don’t get any of that ruffling, but I have a standard ribbing at the hem.

  89. There are so many ways to use knit flowers. Great stash buster projects.

  90. Love your blog!

  91. These flowers would brighten up the chemo hats I make. Thanks for this giveaway!

    Jan HP

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  94. The cables are beautiful and I really like the flower book.

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  96. elsiroomom says:

    I am making a headband for my niece. I do not crochet. 17 knitted flowers will allow me to choose JUST the right flower for that headband!!

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    Poor Lucy–no more Turkey?

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