My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Modular Thoughts

If you read Mason-Dixon Knitting, you know about the Cornerstone Blanket pattern.

(Photo used with kind permission from Kay Gardiner)

The pattern was designed as part of a fundraiser for Citymeals On Wheels,, which is one of many New York City organizations that mobilized immediately to assist New York’s homebound elderly population in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

There are instructions on how to donate to Citymeals on Wheels so that you can get the pattern on the Cornerstone Blanket Ravelrypattern page and on Mason-Dixon Knitting here.

I donated to Citymeals on Wheels and received the pattern last week and immediately started thinking about what yarn to use to make the blanket. While you could let your imagination run wild and use pretty much anything, I decided to go with the yarn used in the pattern: Noro Silk Garden. I’ve always liked Silk Garden and have not knit with it in quite a while (not since Klaralund, I think!). Here are my colors:

I’m going to use the same background color as was used for the original blanket, color #269, but decided to use something different for the contrast: color #373.

I plan to start this when I finish my Sportweight Aran Jacket. I am tempted to dive in and start now, but I have strict rules about the number of WIPs I allow myself to have on the needles at the same time. This is by necessity — too many and I start to get twitchy! I’m looking forward to making the Cornerstone Blanket. It’ll be a great knitting-in-front-of-the-tv project, but I think there is enough variety in it to keep it interesting. In short, it looks like a lot of modular fun!

Speaking of modular fun, I got another booklet from Annie’s Crafts for review:

This is Modular Mix by Edie Eckman. It has patterns for 12 different modular squares. Each square has directions for making it in three different sizes, and there is a pattern for an afghan that uses all the squares in the book.

I think this is a great idea. You can learn the basics of modular knitting and at the same time put what you’ve learned to use to make the afghan. There is a lot of room for you to explore variations and different colors. The book also includes a lot of great information about customizing modular squares, as well as a nice section on knitting basics.

You can purchase the book in either hard copy or e-book format here.

(I’m not offering my review copy as a giveaway — I’m giving it to a beginner-knitter friend who is learning to knit mitered squares.)

Lucy Sez:

“Is that nice blanket going to be for me?”


  1. Lucy deserves a new blanket!

  2. I’m glad to hear you have a friend in need of a review copy.

    There seem to be far more books and patterns than time to knit everything in them. I look forward to seeing the blanket come together.

    Molly : )
    Molly By Golly´s last blog post ..Getting around the Blogger Photo Limit

  3. I’m not sure if that’s a really bad photo…or they cgi-ed a blanket onto a bed instead of taking a picture of the actual blanket.

  4. Pam Gardner says:

    I adore the mason dixon blanket in those colors-I have tried to find the background color
    without success. Oh-the flower knitting book arrived today-it looks like fun!

  5. Metered squares are too much fun, aren’t they !
    GerryART´s last blog post ..The day before

  6. Random acts of kindness is in the air…!

  7. Great project !
    Dorothée´s last blog post ..Call me Maeby

  8. Of course it’s for Lucy! At least, for the initial “testing”….but my cats know all blankies belong to them, as well as all laundry baskets, and the top of the microwave. The only mitered squares I’ve done were in cotton, and I kinda burnt out on them. I’m sure they’d be a lot more fun in woolly yarn.
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