My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Best Laid Plans

I planned to have a completed Bulky Cardi to show in today’s blog post. Instead, thanks to a sudden dramatic attack of sinusitis, I have an almost-completed Bulky Cardi:

And a half-completed sleeve.

I discovered that is is impossible to knit while you are pressing a hot washcloth to your face and whimpering in pain. Which is what I did for most of yesterday.

The worst is thankfully passed, due I think to my home remedies. A washcloth dampened with water as hot as you can stand it pressed to your sinuses really helps alleviate pain and drain the sinuses. As do a number of other remedies. But this is a knitting blog, not a homeopathic remedy blog, so I shall move on.

My loss is your gain. Instead of looking at my finished project, gaze upon this:

This is Knit New York by Emma King, as as the subtitle says, it contains patterns for “10 iconic New York projects.” So cute!

The projects are almost all knit from Rowan cotton yarns, but you could easily sub other yarns. They are all darn cute, but I of course have favorites, one being the yellow cab on the cover. Here’s another fave:

A fire hydrant! I can’t help but think that this would be an awfully cute dog toy.

Check out another of my favorites, Miss Liberty:

I didn’t think it was really possible to knit a Statue of Liberty (not that I had given in a whole lot of thought) but I think this is awesome!

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and there are charts where charts are needed, like for the Broadway street sign:

It’s a really cute book and I can think of a lot of creative uses for the projects — toys for you pets, toys for your kids, part of a centerpiece or a holiday ornament, or just a gift for your favorite New Yorker or New Yorker wanna-be.

The publisher very kindly offered to send a copy of Knit New York to one of my readers, so I can keep my review copy.

To be entered in the drawing to win a copy of this adorable little book, leave a comment on this blog post by next Sunday, February 17, at 11:00am eastern time, at which time I’ll pick a winner at random.

Sleeping kitties are not eligible to win.


  1. Aw, the little taxi is adorable!
    mesha´s last blog post ..Happy MLK Jr Day!

  2. What a fun idea for a book! I can empathize with your sinus problems. I’ve had laryngitis for the the past 2 weeks that was ushered in with a sinus infection. The neti pot is a useful tool for clearing your head and works better than drugs. JMO..

  3. So sorry your face hurts! Tis the season, unfortunately.
    Glad you’re feeling better.

  4. Wow, the colour of the yarn you’re using for the cardi is dreamy! And Miss Liberty looks so pretty.

  5. Gee I hope you feel better soon. Feeling poorly andnot being able to knit to cheer onself up is just terrible.

    This book is so cute. I can think of some other books that can use their own knit icons.

  6. Lestersmama says:

    Hum…..stuff Lady Liberty with catnip and watch my Lester wrestle her to the ground. Just thinking out loud……:-D

  7. Since sleeping kitties aren’t eligible, I made sure to wake my beast up before typing this. He says he’d rather sleep than win a knitting book, but I’d like the book please.

  8. Sounds like you have major sinus issues – it’s awful. If you haven’t already – try a neti pot or the NeilMed Sinus Rinse (Costco). Works for me when drugs don’t 🙂 You could also try menthol crystals – crumble a few in hot water and breath in. Menthol crystals can usually be found by asking the pharmacist.

    Wanted to tell you that I’ve made many of your sock patterns – I always enjoy them. Would love to receive a new knitting book. Cheers!

  9. This book looks awesome! Knitting and NYC are two of my favorite things. This is a perfect match!

  10. Just had a weekend in NYC. Saw Nice Work If You Ca Get It on Broadway. Love the Broadway sign!

  11. I’d love to win that book. I work for Liberty Tax Service so that knitted statue of liberty would be very fitting. (Not that I would ever make it, but fitting nonetheless.)

  12. Hate sinus problems. Love Knit New York. Pick me!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Weather for Dummies

  13. Too cute! Is there an I (heart) New York sign, too?

  14. The statue of Liberty is amazing!

  15. So cute, they look like so much fun to knit. Your cardigan is looking great too.

  16. I feel your pain. Nothing reduces me to a quivering mass of baby faster than a sinus infection. Get better soon.

  17. Oh, what a cute little book of projects.

  18. I’d love to win that book. I grew up right outside of NYC and I still feel like it’s my home.

  19. What a cute book. I love the statue of liberty.
    BreannaS´s last blog post ..Quilting Goal for 2013

  20. Sorry to hear that about your sinus troubles! I’m glad to know that you have an arsenal of remedies for that though. :^)

  21. Lynne in Florida says:

    I hope, I do, that you’ll release the pattern for the bulky cardi. It’s gorgeous! Beautiful blue heathered yarn doesn’t hurt, either.

    Yes, please, I’d like to win the book, to be able to knit the icons of my birthplace, and to make a unique gift for a friend who really, really misses his Manhattan apartment and lifestyle.

  22. Soooo cute! And thanks for sharing the idea about the home remedies. I may be giving that washcloth one a try a little later if this plague doesn’t ease up soon.

  23. My daughter has been obsessed with the Statue of Liberty since she was a toddler, she would flip over that, haha!

  24. I would definitely knit something for my daughter out of that book – if not all the things!

  25. I love these theme books. I have some crazy knitted things as a result! Feel better soon!

  26. Glad you’re feeling better. This time of year, when the temperature is 45 one day and 5 the next, really kills my sinuses.

    Cool book! Throw my name in the hat. 🙂

  27. Have you tried a Neti Pot? They’re great for moisturizing irritated sinuses. I ♥ New York and I’d ♥ to win this book!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  28. Looks cute, unique, I liked it!

  29. Sucks about the sinuses! I’ve never been to NY, so it be fun to be there via knitting 😉

  30. Boy do I understand the allergies. Hope you are feeling better. The book sounds wonderful. Toys are always fun to make.

  31. Miss Liberty is awesome! This book sounds like fun, but you always have things that are fun!
    Jeanie´s last blog post ..Musings on Christmas Eve

  32. The fire hydrant is SWEET!! As my 2 yr old Grandson is enthralled with firemen, and all that has to do with them, I would love to be able to make one for him!!!



  33. The taxi is the best! fire hydrant useful. Amazing, simply amazing. random number generator choose me!

  34. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    The fire hydrant is adorable.

  35. Barbara Boyle says:

    I hope you make a fast comeback! Would love to win the book, especially love the Broadway sign! I’m a New Yorker, accent and all 🙂 !

  36. I need this book. I have a very sad son and daughter in law
    that have been uprooted from NY due to a job.They miss NY so much. This would be such a fun book. Hope you are feeling better!

  37. LOVE the fire hydrant!

  38. Leta Hansen says:

    So glad that your are feeling better.

  39. Ginger Klein says:

    Wish I’d know about the hot washcloth thing last week, at the beginning of my cold. This week, got anything for the open faucet that is my nose?
    Also, love the hydrant!

  40. I can’t imagine…but. anyway, your sweater is very pretty. I bet it is warm and comfortable. We are all needing clothes like that. Even out here in sunny California! It isn’t so sunny right now. Thanks just in case…

  41. Sorry you weren’t feeling well.
    I would love to win. Thanks for the chance

  42. Hi Wendy: empathize with your sinus problem. You may also want to try an old Chinese remedy passed down from my grandmother. Put a piece of ginger, a little bigger than the size of your palm, over the burner of your stove. (If gas, put directly on the burner. If electric, put a sheet of foil over the element and place the ginger on the foil.). Heat until the ginger is hot and the skin is charred. Turn with tongs as necessary to char evenly on all sides. Meanwhile, get a clean rag, preferably old sheeting, a hammer or meat tenderizer and something to protect your kitchen counter, like a chopping board. Fold sheeting until 2-3 layers thick. Place HOT ginger piece on sheeting and wrap up. Use hammer to pound ginger until it exudes ginger juices. Place on forehead and upper cheek. Be careful…HOT! Press to your face as you feel comfortable. My girls always ask for Grandma’s treatment when they have a cold and get stuffed up. — Wendy TC

  43. So sorry to hear of your sinus woes. I can relate.
    Hope it is all over for you by now.

    And I have a niece in college in New York. I would put that book to good use making her all kinds of New York themed gifts!

  44. What a cute book. I hope I win!

  45. Hope you are feeling better!
    That book looks like lots of fun.

  46. I am from NY now living in the Midwest. I miss it so much. Would love to add it to my collection.

  47. What a great book! Thanks for the chance!

  48. Sorry about your sinuses! Hope you are better soon! Looks like a really cute book.

  49. The cardi is just lovely, even though it still wants for half a sleeve. I hope your sinuses are improved enough so that you can get back to knitting.

    The NYC book looks very clever and I would love to knit a taxi.

  50. It’s nice that you’re able to relieve the pain on your own, Wendy. Glad it worked! Thanks for counting me in for this unusual book!

  51. Susan D. Smith says:

    What a cool book. I’m on my way to NYC on Friday for a week. I’m there every 3 months (hubby receives treatment @ Sloan-Kettering) so I’ve gotten to know it fairly well. Would be a hoot to knit a project and then find its inspiration in NY & take a photo.

  52. I love NYC!

  53. What cute designs! Sorry you weren’t feeling well. And thank you for the giveaway.

  54. So sorry you were not feeling well. I am a fellow sufferer in the sinusitis category, so you have my sympathies.

    The book looks fun, and I am sure my puppy would love a fire hydrant or taxi to play with! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  55. Love the New York Knits! Always wanted a yellow taxi AND a Sabretts hot dog stand.

  56. I would love to go toNew York someday. Know I can just knit it. lol

  57. My Grandchildren live in Brooklyn and would love the taxi and their dog would like the hydrant! Hope your’re feeling better

  58. I fall into the ‘wannabe’ category and would love that book! Good luck with your sinuses

  59. Glad you are on the mend. Miss Statue of Liberty is lovely and would be well appreciated in Ohio, where I would make her. Thanks, as always.

  60. KathyM in SE VA says:

    Sorry you had such an awful Sunday but glad you are on the mend. Our son and his girlfriend recently moved to NY and I would love to knit some stuff from this book. Glad you brought it to your readers’ attention. Feel better soon!

  61. Wow! Love your cabled sweater jacket! And that book…just too adorable. I know my kids will have a blast picking out what they want from it. 🙂

  62. I love New York! Pick me!

  63. I agree that the fire hydrant would make a great dog toy, or a nice toy for my fire fighter husband. The sweater looks awesome..

  64. This looks like a great book. I have some New Yorkers in mind who would love these projects.

  65. Carol Harrison says:

    I have this compulsion to knit stuff like this. Stuff that my family looks at and says, “what are you going to DO with it?”. Please enter me to win this!

    Sorry about the sinsus thing. I know how miserable that can be.

  66. I’d love to own this book; the knits are so outrageous.

  67. Friday, MASSIVE sinus attack. The only thing I found helpful was Alleve 12 hour. That stuff rocks!

  68. Is there a phone booth?

  69. Barbara Vacccaro says:

    Did they include the NYC subway Rat? Change the ears and tail on the Heartstrings bunny to make one.

  70. sorry to hear about your sinus problems. can definitely sympathize. love the statue of liberty.

  71. Glad you are finding relief from your sinus problems; no fun at all.
    What cute patterns in the book. I can guarantee it would have a good and useful life in my home!

  72. That book is adorable. I’m originally from New York so I’m going to have to get that book one way or another. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Hugs to Miss Lucy.

  73. Feel better, Wendy. I had a sinus infection once and learned (felt) where all my sinuses were. Very painful! LisaD in upstate NY

  74. Judith Smith says:

    What a cool book.

  75. I think I just might need that book!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Block After Block

  76. What a fun book. Thanks to the publisher for the extra copy.

  77. Stefanie Quinn says:

    I love the fire hydrant. My favorite souvenir from my last trip to NYC is a stuffed taxi. This would go great with it!

  78. That looks like a fun book; I can think of several of the patterns that I’d like to knit.

  79. What fun! I’ll have to make one or three of these for my New York daughter.

  80. Love the fire hydrant! Hate sinus issues… I would love to win this book, I think I’ll have to buy it if I don’t win.
    Feel better!

  81. I second the suggestion about the nasal rinses. Worked for me. My daughter just moved back to Colorado after 9 years in NYC. These would make terrific gifts for her!

  82. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Oh, my brother loves NYC. I’d love to win this book.

  83. PLEASE keep those homeopathic remedies coming! I am suffering from sinusitis myself and need all the help I can get.
    Ozzie appreciates the pin-up picture of Lucy. He says to keep those coming, too! 😉

  84. Oh my goodness, hope you feel better soon!

    This looks like an adorable, and we just spent last weekend in NYC.

  85. What a cute and unusual knit book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  86. Pinkskatinggirl says:

    So sorry about your sinus headache… They are awful.

    That book sounds like a hoot! Lady Liberty is so cute!

  87. Hope you feel better. I love this book! It’s so cute. The cardi looks great.
    Cleo14´s last blog post ..Butter Belle

  88. If I win, can I give it to a sleeping cat??? I have plenty at my house – lazy bums!! Not that I would trade any of them!!

  89. How cute! I’d love it. As would my dogs.

  90. Glad you are feeling better! Now that New York is covered, are there plans for other big cities?
    lawheezer´s last blog post ..Best Laid Plans

  91. Hey, not knocking the tried-and-true home remedies, but I had terrible sinus issues for years (following nasal surgery!) that only abated after I started using a prescription nasal spray. Better living thru chemicals! But we each have to find what works. I would love to Knit New York, and think it would be hysterical to knit the fire hydrant & stuff with catnip! Chomp on THAT, kitteh!
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..199 notes to self

  92. I would LOVE this book. As a transplanted New Yorker to DC, it would be so much fun to have a little NY down here. Thanks for the give away.

  93. What I’d like to know is who decided that a fire hydrant is iconic in New York (so asks this native)? I cannot recall the last time I saw a red one. That said, the Statue of Liberty is one of my favorite icons and if the Chrysler Building is in the book, I’d be over the moon.

    By the way, your sweater is beautiful. You have inspired me to knit one, something I haven’t done in nearly fifteen years.

  94. I feel your sinus pain – I suffer, especially when the weather changes. The book is uber-cute. I don’t know what I would knit first – but I think I would knit it all! Take care.

  95. My dog wants the fire hydrant… I wonder what for????

  96. Ah, New York!

  97. I have a knitting friend who came from New York!! She is in New Hampshire now, so I bet she would LOVE this book!! I would love to win it for her… 8*)

  98. I’d love to win this…not for myself, but for my BFF who lives in Manhattan and whose kids have been involved with theater.

  99. As a former New Yorker, I didn’t think one could knit the Statue of Liberty either, but we’ve been proven wrong. Now I’m really wanting to make a Broadway sign. Hope you are fully recovered soon.

  100. Patricia Sartin says:

    I hope you feel better soon!! Love the book, never have thought to see a knitted fire hydrant. Lucy looks adorable!!