My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.


While I have been knitting along on my “main” projects, I’ve also had a “commuter” project to work on. That’s not a terribly accurate description of it as I never knit on my commute anymore. So the secondary project is worked on during my lunch break at work, and I usually only get one or two rounds in before I am interrupted, so it has been slow going. But I did finish this:

This hat is “Wurm,” a free pattern by Katharina Nopp. I knit mine in KnitWhits Freia Handpaints Sport Ombre in the Atlantis colorway. This is a lovely handpainted single ply wool that has very gradual color changes. Very fun to knit with.

Unfortunately, the hat isn’t really “me.” It’s not really the KOARC’s style either.

I need to find a head for it. 🙂


A little while ago I was contacted by the Lilly Brush company and sent samples of their brush that removes pills, lint, pet hair, etc from sweaters and other handknits made from natural fibers.

The brush comes in 2 colors, red and black.

It is very streamlined and fits nicely into a purse or tote.

I dug out an older fair isle sweater that I had knit and worn a lot — it was covered in tiny pills. I gave it the once-over with the Lilly Brush. Unfortunately, you can’t see the pills in my “before” photo, so the “after” photo here is not extremely compelling.

You’ll have to take my word for it — the brush did a great job!

And the company very kindly sent me two more brushes to give away to my readers. Who’d like one?

Leave a comment on this blog post by noon Eastern time on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 to be entered in the drawing to win one of these nifty little brushes.

 Lucy’s Blanket

Just in case you were wondering if Lucy still is enjoying her blanket . . .

She is!



  1. I would love the brush

    This is not my style hat either, but it would look good on Hubby.

  2. Include me for the brush, the battle against pet hair and pills continues.

  3. Always looking for a decent de-piller to rehabilitate those loved, lived in sweaters.

  4. Count me in, please. The brush looks handy and it’s always hard to know what will be effective

  5. Love the blanket. Perhaps you will get a turn with it too!

  6. Patti Dmytras says:

    Lucy looks great with her new blanket. I really like the last sweater that you knit. You are so talented. Please include my name in your brush drawing. Thanks.

  7. Mimi Ophir says:

    Beautiful colors on the hat. Too bad it doesn’t fit. I would love a brush!

  8. I would love to win something to de-pill my sweaters. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I saw this in the recent Vogue Knitting but wondered how it worked. Good to hear that its useful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. I recently knitted Wurm myself. Really could have done a couple fewer repeats, so that the hat was not so big. I have sweaters that desperately could use the brush!

  11. Holy cow! These brushes are really in demand. I’ve got the same collection of stuff to remove from my sweaters – cat fur and pills.

    And Lucy of course doesn’t care that her blankie is on your bed. Or does she think she let’s you sleep in hers?

  12. Amanda Price says:

    Lucy looks like she loves her blanket. She looks so relaxed on it.

  13. Pills and pet hair, we have ’em… It’d be fun to try a new gadget to manage them!
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Rhinebeck 2012

  14. I’m looking forward to making a Wurm someday. I’m kind of hoping to win a SOS though, because with 4 cats I do have some animal hair to cope with.

  15. I would love to win a brush. Miss Lucy’s blanket is so pretty and I love the color of your hat.


  16. Haven’t heard about the Lilly Brush before and would really like to try it now.

  17. Alice Moisen says:

    I have several sweaters that could use the ‘treatment’

  18. I almost got whiplash when I read the words “removes pet hair”. I have several pets with long hair and our home is decorated with their fur! I would love a brush. So kind of them to offer.

  19. I’d love one of your brushes.

  20. Yes, me me I want a brush! I have a lot of pills, pharmaceutical and otherwise, as well as pet hair and lint on my natural fiber garments. Sounds like a personal problems doesn’t it?

    That hat is in my queue….it looks cute on the pattern model. The KOARC is such a patient model.

  21. My cat loves to use my sweaters as a blanket, I’d love to have a brush like that!!

  22. Lucky Lucy! I think my kitty needs a blanket.

    Thanks for the chance to win a brush. That would come in handy.

  23. Sandra Kerr says:

    I think the hat’s cute. And I’d love the brush!!

  24. I have another dead sweater shaver. I love them when they work, but hate them most of the time, almost as much as I hate pills. Would love to win a brush.

  25. Me too! and for Lucy & her blankie, only one word applies: AWWWWW!
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..199 notes to self

  26. I have used, I think, every gadget out there for removing pills and I’m still looking for one that does more than just a mediocre job. Is this the one? I’d love to find out. 🙂

  27. Venice Smith says:

    The hat is very cute, I love the colorway. I’d love to have one of those cute little brushes, especially if they really work!

  28. That brush looks great! I’d love one (and love to find out where they’re available).
    Thanks for the chance to win one.

  29. I love this brush – I’ve got so many sweaters that are in need of some de-pilling! I’m also now seriously contemplating knitting a blanket for my furry kiddos, since Lucy loves hers so much!

  30. I like the hat, may have to look into knitting on for myself. Although, it may not be my style, either. 😉

    I’m always looking for something to remove sweater pills and dog hair. I’ll have to look for one of those the next time i am state-side.

  31. I’m always on the lookout for a way to get rid of pills on my knits. And if it also does pet hair, it’s a double win.

  32. I’d love a brush. Thanks for offering them!

  33. Most of what I knit are hats and scarves that go on the sock and mitten tree at church at Christmas time. (It keeps my hands busy without much input from my brain.) That hat would look great on a teenage at a shelter. That is, if it still needs a home.

  34. The hat didn’t work for me either – thought it made a better cowl.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. The brush looks great, also like that it’s purse size! And Lucy looks adorable on her blankie!

  36. Love your Wurm. I hope you find a worthy head! The brush sounds amazing. I would love to try it out.

  37. Great hat. I hope you find it a good home. I can offer a loving home to the sweater brush. I have a number of sweaters that could use a good brushing.

  38. I would LOVE one.

    I travel for work all the time and have a hard time de-pilling on the road. This looks like a perfect solution.

  39. Hi there Wendy! Well, I often knit things that I thought were for me, but turn out to be perfect for someone else ~ it’s a cute hat anyway! Speaking of hats, throw mine into the ring for a chance at a brush ~ something every knitter needs!

  40. I would LOVE to win the brush. I hate pills on knits! I have made several of the Wurm hats. I love them. I only knit 8 repeats instead of 10. My girls love the hats!

  41. Sure, i’d love to win a brush too, how kind of everyone who send you extra goodies to give away! LOVE the kitty bed!

  42. the hat colors are great! would love the brush!

  43. I’d love a brush. Always trying to find the best way to get the pills off! 🙂

  44. If you could see they way my cat sheds you would know how much I need one of these. 😉

    Love the hat.

  45. Another wonderful give-a-way.

  46. Cindy Lynne says:

    I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. It definitely would come in handy! Thanks Wendy!

  47. I’m working on Wurm (in, sadly, discontinued Altobish yarn), and I actually love it. How such a simple pattern can yield such interesting results is amazing. I did change the CO number though, it was simply too large with the yarn I was using.
    Cindy in un-Happy Valley´s last blog post ..The state of ol’ State.

  48. Wow that is a big hat! I also have donated items that “didn’t work” to our local charities, makes me feel good and someone else feel warm!

    Oh wait, unless of course Lucy would like it for a Lucy Cozy!

    I would love one of those brushes, so many pills.

  49. A big dog and 4 cats means a lot of pet hair on my sweaters so the brush would be put to great use.

  50. I would like to win a brush. I like the portability factor.

  51. I’d love the brush. I’m trying to justify ordering just a lint shaver without ordering more yarn to get free shipping on the shaver. You really must save me from myself. 😉

  52. oooh, I need one of those brushes! I’ve been thinking about knitting the Wurm but not sure now – it does seem to come out quite big.

  53. Lucy looks very comfy on her blanket. The brush looks very useful too!

  54. I would love to try this pill remover!! Thanks!

  55. Sandi Rosner says:

    I’d love to win the brush – heaven knows I have lots of pilly projects, so it would be put to good use. By the way, the hat is terrific. A wonderful use of that yarn. If you don’t find a head for it, I bet Tina at KnitWhits would be happy to take it off your hands.

  56. Between my knitting and my cat Cleo the brush would come in handy.

  57. I would *love* one of those brushes!!

  58. Love the hat. Think I may just make one. Love the idea of shaving all my knits to remove all the nasty little pills.

  59. Heidi (LunaKitty) says:

    What a great name for that brush!

    I love the colors of the hat.

  60. I would love a brush!
    Julia´s last blog post ..Monkey’s Christmas Adventure

  61. Maura van der Linden says:

    I’d love to win one of the brushes (how about the hat? LOL). I have 5 cats and the fur is a bit overwhelming sometimes.

  62. I swear some of my favorite sweaters are made of the most pilly fabrics, so I would love to be included for this!
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..a complete mess before it gets better

  63. I’d like to try a brush! That hat is also lovely and definitely something I’d wear, so I’ll have to find myself some similar yarn and make one!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Hexipuffs, hat

  64. Does the yarn felt? You could full the Wurm, put some buttonholes around the opening for a drawstring (grommeting is so satisfying!) and turn it into a knitting bag. Like, for carrying socks on your wrist or off a belt. Or make an insert filled with rice and turn it into a heating pad (if you nuke the rice).
    I made one for my brother, but SIL won’t let him use it because I put lavender in the rice and she is sensitive to the aroma. 🙁

  65. I have two shedding dogs and would love the brush. Thanks for the opportunity! Rav name: Camanoah

  66. I’d love to win a brush!

  67. Yay for pill removers! Love Lucy’s blanket–it turned out really nicely. 🙂

  68. LaVelle Nott says:

    I knit Wurm for my Grand Daughter for Christmas. She is 13 today, I am not sure she liked it. I thought it would work for her because sometimes she walks to or from school in wet weather and must keep her hair and hearing aids dry. I though it would be more slouchy but it is kind of stiff. It is big enough that she can twist her hair up into it and keep it dry though. Her hair needs to stay dry so as not to get her hearing aids wet. Anyway your Wurm is very pretty, that colorway is wonderful. I wish ombre yarn was more available.

  69. Pills, or at least that kind, drive me crazy! Would love to try the brush and see if it works better than my other methods.

  70. Why, that new hat looks smashing on the KOARC. Not his style? Fidlesticks.

  71. Threeorcas says:

    That’s exciting about the brush. I just got out one of my favorite sweaters that I am trying to duplicate the size on and had to use my little scissors, very carefully and tediously, over it to try to get some major pilling off. Luckily I didn’t cut any of the actual knitting because I love my sweater, but not the pills. My hand is up for the free brush! Thanks for the offering.

    P.S. I just finished knitting your sneaky argyle socks for my daughter – your sock books are my very favorite! Thank you for your excellent designs and doing all of the math for us!

  72. Lucy looks so comfy on her beautiful blanket and I love the colors on the wurm hat.

  73. Jean Gilmore says:

    The colors of the Wurm are gorgeous. I’ll have to look into that yarn! Oh, and please throw my name in the hat for the brush.

  74. Kristina Peters says:

    Buttercup, the blond fluffy husky/chow mix who lives with us, really enjoys depositing her spare fuzz on me so I would love to receive a peer-reviewed fuzz/pill remover!

  75. Stardancer says:

    I am in need of a sweater brush!

  76. Amanda Rae says:

    A brush would be awesome!

  77. Really , really works? Oh! Want one! Thanks for road teting it!

  78. Lucy is definitely knit worthy!

  79. I love the hat. And I love the brush. I went shopping for one this weekend and could not find what I was looking for. I hope I win a brush.

    Ruby(aka Rav:MzCruse)

  80. That’s an adorable hat! And I love the yarn. Also, the brush would be very useful indeed since I have one each dog and cat, and pet hair is the bane of my existence. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  81. Pauline S. says:

    I saw the lilly brush advertised and I’m glad you got a brush to review. Thanks!

  82. Eileen Bunn says:

    Please enter me into the drawing. Pills drive me crazy!

  83. I’d love to win a brush – I’m rather starting to need one.

    If you still need a home for that hat, I have a pretty big head 🙂

  84. HI Wendy and Lucy,
    I have 2 cats, my Sis has 3 cats and a dog… we got hair! Lots and lots of hair. I don’t know who, if anyone, has this brush around here, so we’d love to have one! We’ve tried lots of different brushes, tape, whatever and it just doesn’t do a great job. No matter where we go, everyone knows we have pets.

    Lucy’s blankie is gorgeous!! I’m going to make my girls new beds, they love to sleep on my bed, too.
    …And I love your website, I learn so much and really like seeing all of your projects.

  85. Love Lucy’s blanket. I’d like the brush, too.

  86. I think the hat needs to be shortened. You can easily do that by sewing the reverse stockinette edges together on the inside. So, turn the hat inside out, connect the purl edges with a thread and you create a more compact “wurm” on the outside. I’m not a big fan of the hemmed edge, and I might be tempted to snip it off. I have made a similar hat from a decades old pattern that has an Icord edge. More of a beret style hat that way. Love the color gradation.

  87. peggy connolly says:

    that brush sounds like the perfect solution to the hair from my two kitties and my daughter’s three kitties. Thanks

  88. Lucy looks so cute on her blankie. I may need to follow suit and knit one for my kitty Minou who is suddenly thieving all my handknit items to chew on…

  89. Please enter me in your piller contest.

  90. I love the colors of the hat! I’ve been thinking I need to come up with a pilling solution because all my really nice hand knit sweaters and socks are looking all ratty. 🙁

  91. That brush looks really handy!
    Becky´s last blog post ..back details

  92. Do you think the lint thingy would work on my poor abused socks?

  93. I hate pills. That brush would be great!

  94. Lynne in Florida says:

    Love the colorway in the hat – the gradations are really subtle.
    Sure – I’d like to win a spiffy brush like that.
    So glad Miss Lucy is happy with her blankie!

  95. Love the hat!

    I have pills on my pills! A brush would be a lovely thing!

  96. Andrea in Tn says:

    this little brush sounds like something I could really use –thanks for the chance

  97. Cristy Ray says:

    I would love to give this brush a try!

  98. Lucy’s blanket looks like she really likes it! The hat is cute.

  99. Would love a good de-pilling tool. And I also love Lucy’s blanket!

  100. I don’t think those slouchy style hats look very good on me, either, so I haven’t been tempted by Wurm. That brush looks pretty useful, though!
    Linda´s last blog post ..Chicken health update