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Fun With Cupcakes

Last weekend I attended a family barbecue and volunteered to bring a dessert. Because one of the guests of honor is fond of Boston Cream Pie, that’s what I thought I would make. Until I got the idea to make Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes.

I started by making two dozen yellow cake cupcakes. You could make these from scratch or use a mix. A recipe for a regular two-layer cake will make 2 dozen small cupcakes. I used, for the first time, silicone baking cups, and they worked beautifully: I did not have to grease them and the cupcakes fell right out of them after cooling for 10 minutes. And they washed up very easily: I let them soak in a sink full of warm soapy water for a few minutes, after which they needed only minimal scrubbing to remove a stray crumb here or there.

I did not use cupcake papers because the next step was (after letting the cupcakes cool completely) to split each cupcake in half to make a tiny layer cake:


Next, I made a batch of vanilla pastry cream.


I spread the pastry cream on the bottom half of each cupcake and put the tops back on:



Next, I topped each cupcake with a simple chocolate glaze.


To make transporting the cupcakes to the barbecue easier, I purcvhased cardboard cupcake boxes.


These boxes are nice because they have a form inserted in them to hold the cupcakes in place.


Because the cupcakes contain pastry cream, I stored them in the refrigerator until it was time to take them to the barbecue. They were a big hit and the boxes came in handy again for people to take home the extra cupcakes!

Here is my brother’s big Maine Coon cat, Perry Mason, wondering why he can’t have a cupcake:


“Aren’t those for me?”

In other news, I finished my Camp Loopy project.


I plan to write up the pattern and post it as a freebie — stay tuned.


Lucy is busy contemplating life and cupcakes.




  1. OMG those cupcakes look amazing! I can’t wait to try them. They would be perfect as bake sale items or parties. Thanks for the free pattern. You’re always so generous. Happy June!

  2. The cupcakes look very yummy! I’ll definitely have to make some.
    Love the fluffy kitties! The next time I get a kitty, I’m hoping to find a MC.
    Also, thanks so much for writing up a pattern for the scarf/shawlette. Was hoping you would. I look forward to knitting one up myself. šŸ™‚
    Have a lovely summer and please give Lucy lots of kisses for me. šŸ™‚

  3. Yum-O!

    I love how the cupcake box seems to have a little scooped out place to stick your thumb in to extract the cupcake.

    Perry Mason is a great name for a coon cat!
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  4. Catherine S. says:

    LOVE the scarf! Can’t wait ’til the pattern comes, Wendy. And, um …. how do *I* get invited to one of your family BBQs??? Those cupcakes look divine.

  5. My goodness, those cupcakes are amazing! Almost makes me want to reach into the computer and grab one! LOL! You are so talented!
    Your scarf is gorgeous. Most anxious to get the pattern when you get it done. Also, your brothers Perry Mason is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. You’re making me hungry for boston cream cupcakes…! I like the shawl!

  7. justlori says:

    Delicious-looking cupcakes, wonderful knitting, and beautiful cats. Everything you touch is awesome.

  8. Boston Cream Pie cupcake, This is really nice idea. These wonderful cupcakes should be brought to potluck. And… That’s cute cat.
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  9. Jeri Weiser says:

    I always enjoy hearing what you’re working on. I’ll be trying the cupcakes soon and looking foward to the Camp Loop project pattern.

  10. Your Camp Loopy project looks terrific! I love the lace trim.
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  11. Those cupcakes sound great! And I look forward to trying out that pattern – looks like it would be great for some haomespun yarn.
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  12. Cupcakes, a pretty scarf and two cats! Great post!

  13. Perry Mason is very handsome!

  14. Leslie F says:

    Don’t know which I like better…the Boston CrĆØme Cupcakes or that you have finished your Camp Loopy project!

    Scarf is pretty.

  15. Yum! I just decided to spend this rainy day baking instead of knitting.
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  16. LOVE the cupcake idea – they look wonderful! Thanks for the idea

  17. That’s a brilliant idea for cupcakes.