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I am saddened more than I can say to have to tell you that my Lucy died earlier this week.


Lucy came to live with me in May 2003 when she was two years old. She died at the age of 12 — far too short a life.

Something I never shared on this blog is that Lucy had a number of fairly serious health issues. I had successfully managed her health problems for the past few years with a lot of help from a caring veterinarian, and up until this week she did very well. She was a happy and loving kitty living a good life. But I knew this time would come sooner rather than later, and when her health declined, it did so very quickly and suddenly. I said good-bye to my baby two days ago.

I am trying to take comfort in knowing that she had a wonderful ten years with me. She was such a special kitty and I’ll never forget her.



  1. Sandi Rosner says:

    I’m so sorry, Wendy. I know Lucy was family for you. Be gentle with yourself as you grieve.

  2. I am so very sorry. Lucy has been such a part of my experience reading your blog. I will miss her as well.


  3. So very sorry… we recently had to put one of ours down as well, and in much the same way. She was fine until suddenly she wasn’t, and was in a lot of distress, and we had to put her down to keep her from suffering. Lucy was a lucky kitty to have such a good home!

  4. Elena Murphy says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. You did a wonderful thing taking in a cat who had health problems and keeping her! Many people would not have bothered. You gave her a great life and I’m going to miss seeing her around your blog.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Lucy’s passing. I know how much she was loved and so much a part of your life. I will missing see her pictures on your blog. ­čÖü
    Lilie┬┤s last blog post ..Purple Tidal – WIP

  6. Wendy, I am so sorry for you. Your love for Lucy showed in all your posts and all the photos. It gets better as time goes by.

  7. How wonderful that she had a good life with someone who looked after her so well. Blessings and good thoughts to you and to the memory of Lucy.

  8. Oh Wendy I’m so sorry about Lucy. Will be keeping you in my thoughts. I like the previous post will miss her too.

  9. So sorry for your loss! We lost our Jordan at 12 years old; it’s a hard thing.
    Melanie J.┬┤s last blog post ..Rallying…..again….

  10. I am very sorry Wendy. Lucy will be missed.
    Amanda┬┤s last blog post ..It was a good idea…

  11. Wendy,
    I am so very sorry to hear about Lucy. I always look forward to the Lucy updates on your blog. She was lucky to find you.

  12. I’m so sorry to read this. As the caretaker a special needs kitty, I understand the bond that we form when managing their health. I have no doubt that she had a wonderful 10 years with you, and my thoughts are with you as you work through your grief.
    Rich┬┤s last blog post ..Usual Events

  13. you were blessed to have had each other for 10 years. i hope all the wonderful memories help carry you through this sad and difficult time. i think i speak for many when i say it was almost as if she were also our cat — watching her life every week through your loving eyes.

  14. Wendy, my heart is broken for you. I have always loved getting Lucy updates and seeing pictures of her. I pray that your pain will ease. Flo

  15. Oh Wendy, my deepest condolences. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much a part of the family a pet is & it’s always so tough to lose a loved one. I’ll miss trying to figure out which end is which on some of the pictures on your blog!

  16. Wendy, I am so sorry for your loss. I know what it is like to lose a pet too soon. Keep comfort in knowing you made her life very special for the years she was with you.
    Marla┬┤s last blog post ..Day 15 & 16 – Life with a Broken Ankle

  17. Kristine says:

    I am sorry for your loss. Animal family is always hard to lose. They love so unconditionally, and mean so much.

  18. Oh, Wendy, I am so sorry to hear that Lucy has passed on…I remember when you got her back in early knitting-blog-land and have loved being able to share in her sweetness through your posts. She was definitely a special cat, never to be forgotten. *hugsacrosstheblogosphere*

  19. I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. Checking to see what you and Lucy were up to was always part of my day. Please accept my deepest condolences at this time. Lucy was such a beloved kitty by yourself and all your readers. She is already missed. Rest Peacefully Miss Lucy.

  20. Thank you for sharing that special bond you shared with Lucy. May all your happy memories help ease the pain.

  21. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how special Lucy was to you. It’s wonderful how you rescued her and gave her a good life. The blog won’t be quite the same without her.

  22. I’m so sorry, we’ll miss her too.

  23. So sorry to hear about Lucy, she was obviously such a precious companion. I shall miss seeing her on the blog.

  24. Susanne Scheurwater says:

    I am so very sorry. she was a wonderful friend.

  25. Kathleen says:

    So, so sorry to hear the news about Lucy. I know that you are missing her quite desperately. She was lucky to have you, and you were lucky to have her.

  26. I hate to admit that sometimes I would skip to the bottom of your post before I read it just to see what Lucy tidbit you had shared that day. I’m sorry for your loss, be well.
    Jamie Saphow┬┤s last blog post ..Photo Friday

  27. I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. She was a special kitty, and I enjoyed seeing her here on your blog. Wishing you comfort & warm memories…
    Laura┬┤s last blog post ..FO Friday: Scalloped Lace Toddler Cardigan

  28. Awwww, shit, Wendy. That just sucks and I’m so sorry. I know how much I love my Mason and I can only imagine how much you loved your Lucy. The grief for our pets is a very real thing and I hope you work your way through it with happy memories of Lucy.
    Carole┬┤s last blog post ..Eye Candy Friday

  29. Marcy Doane says:

    So sorry to hear this news. I’m sure it was very hard to tell it. Please know that Lucy gave your readers lots of enjoyment.

  30. Donna Lewis says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve enjoyed your blogpost both for the knitting and for Lucy. I could see from the posts how much you loved her. I’ve gone through these loses myself and can remember how much it hurt. I’m glad you could give Lucy a wonderful home these 10 years. You are in my thoughts.

  31. Lorraine says:

    So very sorry to hear this. It has been a pleasure to see photos of Lucy here, and find out all that she has been up to. Thank you for sharing all of that with us. – As others have already commented, I can not imagine any cat having a more loving Mama. – I hope that you can feel all of the hugs and love that we are sending to you. Please take good care of yourself. xx

  32. So sorry for your loss. ((HUGS))
    Anna┬┤s last blog post ..Review: A Pemberley Medley by Abigail Reynolds

  33. My sympathies in the loss of your beloved kitty. Even knowing the day would come sooner or later does not make the now any easier. Know we here got a big kick out of Lucy’s antics as well and be good to yourself while you mourn.

  34. I’m a reader of many years, delurking to say that I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s a hole in your heart, I know, and I wish you’d gotten longer with her.
    Tina M.┬┤s last blog post ..Want WOOL?

  35. We will all miss Lucy and can only guess the total joy that she brought into your life. Sending hugs your way.

  36. So sorry for your loss, I looked forward to seeing Lucy in your blog posts

  37. Dear Wendy,
    So, so sad for you. I loved seeing Lucy! Hugs & Prayers to you!

  38. Aww I am sorry for your loss.

  39. I am truly sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend! My prayers are with you and Lucy!

  40. My heart goes out to you. I have lost far too many beloved pets far before their time due to illness. Take comfort in the fact that you were able to say goodbye and make Lucy’s last moments as comfortable as you can.

    I know people will miss seeing her here on your blog, and I know I will as well. The fact that you shared her with all of us is a wonderful gift and that shows by how much she will be missed.
    Jessica┬┤s last blog post ..Yet Another FO

  41. Lucy was a well-loved kitty who loved her human very much indeed. I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

  42. I am so sorry. Lucy was the original reason I started reading your blog and she will be sorely missed. I pray you will find comfort in remembering the years you had together. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  43. Wendy, I’m so sorry. Lucy was a very well-loved kitty. I always enjoyed her photos! She looked like she had a great personality and was a good friend.

  44. My heart aches for you, Wendy. With deepest sympathy, Bess

  45. Leslie F says:

    Oh, Wendy, I am so sorry to hear of your loss (and ours, because we all loved the glimpses of Lucy that you shared with us).

    May your memories bring you comfort as you grieve your loss, and may you meet again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

  46. Wendy, I am so sorry! I enjoyed your Lucy stories so much, and thought the relationship you two had was wonderful. Lucy was a kindred spirit! I will be keeping you in my thoughts

  47. Wendy, I am so sorry. I enjoyed seeing her pictures on your blog posts. She seemed like such a sweet kitty. You have my deepest sympathy.

  48. Loony Nuna says:

    Oh, Wendy,
    Losing a companion animal is so very hard. Because you were so kind to share her with us at the end of every post, I will miss her, too. I am sure you will find peace and comfort in your many memories of her as the pain of her loss subsides. My heart and thoughts are with you.

  49. (hug)

  50. Wendy: I can honestly say that after following your blog for years and seeing Lucy almost every day, it feels like we lost “our” cat. I am so sad – the kitty world is richer now, the human world, not so much.

  51. Oh, Wendy. I’m so sorry to hear about Lucy. I lost one of my cats a couple of weeks ago so I know what a void you are feeling. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  52. I’m so sorry to hear about Lucy. I always loved how you ended your posts with a note about what Lucy was up to.

  53. I’m so very sorry to hear that. It was so evident from your blog posts that Lucy was a beloved part of your life. There nothing quite like the love shared between a wonderful pet and her human. May the fond memories of her bring you comfort.

  54. So sorry for you loss, all of us will miss Lucy and her antics. Peace and Blessings

  55. What sad news. Lucy will be missed by many people. Your love for her was amazing!

  56. Jennifer says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I’ve read your blog for years and always enjoyed your sharing Lucy with us. I lost my own kitty a few months ago under similar circumstances, he was also 12, so I share your pain. I’m so sorry.

  57. Joyce Riedesel says:

    I am so sorry for your loss! Lucy had 10 wonderful years being loved like the princess she was.

  58. Becky in Iowa says:

    I am so sorry to read this. Lucy will be missed by many.

  59. Wendy, I’m so very sorry to hear this. We’ve enjoyed pictures of Lucy and will miss her. I don’t have any words that help. I know that from losing my own pet. It doesn’t get much harder. Lucy was so lucky to have come to live with you; I know you made her years wonderful. Peace to you.

  60. Wendy, my heart breaks for you. Lucy was family to you, as well as so many of us who read your blog. She has brought a smile to my face for so long, and I will truly miss her. You are in my thoughts.

  61. Oh no! I am so very sorry. Lucy was a very beautiful cat and very lucky to have had you.
    We lost our beloved “Macintosh” a few years ago. We were devastated. It took us a whole year to even think about getting another cat. We are now the proud owners of a beautiful Maine Coon “Martina”. We just love her so much.
    It is amazing how these pets become family!
    My prayers are with you.
    Kneed 2 knit-wendy┬┤s last blog post ..Fun Friday!

  62. Bev Reed says:

    I am so sorry, Wendy–my thoughts are with you.

  63. Wendy, I am sad to hear this. I have volunteered at a great cat shelter for seven years now, and while it goes without saying that a loved pet can never be ‘replaced’, I hope at some point you will feel ready to let another animal, or perhaps a pair of cats, into your home and heart again. Lucy was a treasure and she really brightened all our lives from her presence in your blog.

  64. Liz in Missouri says:

    I’m so, so sorry Wendy. I know you will miss her terribly. Thinking of you –

  65. Wendy, I am so very sorry. Having recently lost two furry babies of my own I know how you feel. I hope you find the peace and comfort you need to get through this terrible time.

  66. paisleyapron says:

    My deepest condolences on losing such a treasured kitty. I am so very sad for you. Thank you for sharing her with us all these years. She was beautiful and I loved her face. Peace be with you.

  67. Oh, Wendy, I’m so sorry. She was such a sweet kitty. You were both so fortunate to have had each other. We will all miss her.
    Meredith┬┤s last blog post ..Episode #8 Moving

  68. Hi Wendy, I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is incredibly difficult, especially one as loved and special as Lucy. Wishing you comfort in this terrible time.

  69. Rowena Philbeck says:

    So sorry Wendy about Lucy. I will miss her in your posts. They are such great companions and I know you will enjoy your memories of her by your side. Take Care and Prayers to you!!!

  70. Wendy, I’m so sorry for your loss, and I am going to miss Lucy. Every one of your posts about her “hectic” schedule made my day, and when I shared it with my loved ones, it made their day too. I hope that you recover soon. We’ll never forget her. Thank you for every bit of her that you shared with us.

  71. So very sorry for your loss. Lucy was a very well loved kitty and had a wonderful home with you. She will be greatly missed. I have always loved seeing a Lucy update in addition to your blog. Lots of HUGS

  72. I’m so sorry for your loss. Lucy was so lucky to have you to care for her. I will truly miss watching her antics through your pictures.
    nursenikkiknits┬┤s last blog post ..Fibre Addiction Fridays #1 – He Gets It!

  73. I am so sorry for your loss. Our furry friends become such a part of our lives. Thank you so much for sharing her with us over the years.

  74. Big hugs Wendy. I am so very sorry you lost Lucy so early. I have been reading your blog for years, and always enjoyed hearing and seeing what Lucy was up to. Take care.

  75. Sunnyknitter says:

    Oh, Wendy. I’m so very, very sorry for your loss. There is nothing like the love of a cat, especially one that’s been rescued. They show their appreciation in so many ways. I know she knows how much you loved her and I wish you peace as you adjust to life without her.

  76. Wendy, I am so sorry to hear that. I know that Lucy was very special and a huge part of your life.

  77. Lucy was blessed to have you for her best friend. She blessed you in return.

  78. Wendy, I am so sorry for your loss. I always enjoyed reading your posts about her because you treated her like I treat my own cats, as part of the family. You gave her a wonderful life. Take care.

  79. Mande Kuechenmeister says:

    So sorry for your loss…they become part of our families and it’s very hard to say good-bye.

  80. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I know she was much beloved.

  81. Wendy, I’m so sorry for your loss. Lucy was a great kitty. I loved her pictures and that bright, shiny face. I, too, lost a sweet kitty, the light of my life, so I do understand. Prayers and Reiki to you.
    Denise Vitola┬┤s last blog post ..Quitting. Why It Works!

  82. I am so sorry, Wendy. She had a wonderful life with you. You both loved each other so very much.
    Hev┬┤s last blog post ..Knitting Thursday

  83. Oh, my goodness! What a shock! I am so sorry for your loss, Wendy. Lucy had a great life with you and KOARC. The memories of her will be a great comfort now and always. Take good care.

  84. Wendy, I’m so sorry about Lucy. I think the cruelest thing about loving (and being loved by) an animal is the difference in life spans.

    As a fellow cat lover, I was gladdened by Lucy’s presence in your life and, through your blog, in mine. I wish you peace in the days to come.
    sprite┬┤s last blog post ..cordoned off, surprise street acts, and break

  85. I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. I have always enjoyed reading about her in your blog, she will definitely be missed.

  86. I am so very sorry. Lucy was family to you and I loved seeing her photo with every post. Yes, yes, you are knitting, but what is Lucy doing? ­čÖé I am deeply sorry for your loss.

  87. Thank you for sharing Lucy and her philosophy with us for so many years. While you were knitting such beautiful patterns of yarn, you were also knitting beautiful patterns of love which I hope will comfort you in the days ahead.

  88. Melanie Fritz says:

    Words fail. I cried when I read your post, it was like losing one of my own precious babes. I know how you feel, having been down that road more than once. Our furry babies are family, and it hurts terribly when they are gone. One of the reasons I always read your blog posts (besides the knitting fu that is), is to see what’s up with Lucy. Know that we grieve with you.

  89. No words. So very sorry, I know how much you meant to each other, and I am happy that you had each other. She had such a wonderful life, and had the chance to be a kitty celebrity before it was “fashionable”!

    Everyone at our house (furry and otherwise) will say a special prayer for Lucy and for you. God bless both of you.

    And I know plenty of kitties that are probably already friends with her.

    Take care.
    Bridget┬┤s last blog post ..Summertime and Why Treats Are Necessary

  90. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can only echo what others have said – I’ve loved seeing Lucy’s photos with every post – your love and care for her is evident in every word you’ve written about her.

  91. Linda Broglan says:

    I am soooo sorry to hear of Lucy’s passing!
    I enjoyed reading what both of you were doing, and how helpful she was…it was like reading about my own three.
    It really saddens me as a friend had to put to sleep her 5 month old Tonkinese kitten and her 13 yr old Snowshoe girl, who was the mother of my 2 ‘shu girls.
    Bad week for pusses all around.

    You gave Ms Lucy a wonderful and comfy life, one I know she loved sharing with you!

  92. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Lucy was obviously a very happy, very loved girl.

  93. I’m so sorry for your loss.
    She was a special kitty and was lucky to have you in her life.

  94. I am so sorry.
    Karen┬┤s last blog post ..FO Friday: Camp Loopy Project #2

  95. I’m so very sorry to read this. She was a beautiful kitty with quite the personality and will be missed terribly.

  96. Oh Wendy! I’m so sorry! Lucy was such a beautiful little girl and I’m so sorry she’s gone. I’m sending all my love and hugs to you and Ian. xoxoxox

  97. Wendy, I am so so sorry about Lucy. She had the best life with you – far better than the way her life started out. You treated her like a princess for 10 years. She was lucky to have you (and I know you were lucky to have her, too.) Keeping you in my thoughts.

  98. Wendy I am so sorry for your loss. For years I have followed your blog and have always lived the photos of the beautifully Lucy. We will all miss her. They leave such a hole in our heart when they leave us – hugs xx

  99. Knitsiam says:

    My sincere sympathies on your loss; she was obviously loved and cared for during her time with you. Regardless of the stay, it’s never enough – I lost our “girls” (sisters from the same litter who joined our family at 6 weeks old) just shy of their 20th, and 21st, birthday respectively. We’ll miss the quips and photos – thank you for sharing over the years. Take time to grieve, and heal, by remembering the love and devotion she gave you in return.

    Namaste –

  100. I am so, so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful life she had with you…thank you for sharing her with all of us!