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Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift  on a US 3 needle

Thank You

Thank you for all the kind comments, Ravelry posts and messages, and emails you have sent me, offering condolences on the death of my beloved kitty Lucy. And thank you to those of you who have made donations to an animal rescue organization in her memory.  For those of you who inquired about a memorial fund for Lucy (and thank you for that), donating money, time, or goods to your local rescue organization or shelter is, I think, the perfect way to remember Lucy, who was a rescue cat.

It is the last day of July and I am most definitely happy to see the end of this month, as it has been the worst month I can remember living through in a very long time. I started the month sick as a dog with a mysterious crud that lingered way too long and ended it with Lucy’s death. Because I am genetically incapable of being without feline companionship, I am in the process of adopting a kitty. I hope Lucy will approve of my choice.

So, August is welcome. One month closer to autumn. And also the start of Month Three of Camp Loopy. I have my yarn for this month’s project all ready:


That’s MadelineTosh Pashmina in the “Stovepipe” colorway.

And in honor of July being almost over, I have a book review.


This is 7 Easy-To-Knit Handbags for Every Occasion by Jill Wright, a 32-page booklet from Annie’s Crafts. It contains patterns for — you guessed it — 7 handbags. The handbags are pictured on the back cover:


If you follow the link above, and click on the “See More Images” link, you can see each handbag close up and in detail.

The patterns are all very different from each other, so you get quite a wide range of styles represented. I think that you could use the patterns as a starting point for creating your own original creations as well. The yarns called for are all readily available in LYSes and online, and you could of course sub something different. Five of the seven patterns use worsted weight yarn, one uses bulky, and one DK weight. The pattern instructions are clear and easy to follow and there is nothing terribly difficult in any of the patterns.

There is a nice how-to section in the back:


The book is available to order (from the link above) either in hard copy or electronic download. You could also win my review copy.

To enter to win my copy, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern Time on Sunday, August 4, 2013, and I’ll use the Random Number Generator to choose a winner at that time.


  1. Andrea W. says:

    Lucy will be sorely missed, but bittersweet will be the day we meet your new Kitty. Any names in mind yet? Thanks for the give away in honor of Lucy…would love to have…

  2. Myself and my numerous rescue kitties heartily approve! Maybe that’s why I have so many at a time, I like being surrounded by furry love! I have five indoors and a colony outdoors that I take care of. Rescues are always full of love and hope, and definitely in need of loving and caring homes. Glad to hear that you are looking to adopt!

  3. Beth Holt says:

    I know how you feel about needing a cat. If I had to choose between having my cats or my husband,…….he’d lose.

  4. I wondered how soon you’d be adopting another cat. I look forward to meeting the very lucky kitty on the blog once you’re all settled in. I’m sure Lucy would approve. 🙂
    ConnieB in Ohio´s last blog post ..MIA part 2: vacation

  5. Kimberly Fawn says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. Terri Puett says:

    It didn’t feel right when I got to the end of your post and there was no Lucy moment! I am glad to hear you’re adopting another friend.

  7. Lucy knew that the right kitty was waiting for a home and she could release herself from her health issues. Lucy was my introduction to rag doll kitties so she will be remembered fondly.

  8. Lucy says “paws up”! (as josiekitten/Helen’s kitty Flo would say!).

    So glad you are giving another kitty a chance at a better life. Of course she will never replace Lucy but our hearts expand with kitty love!

    Hope August is an improvement over a tough July!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Ikat Blue Floral Project Tote by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  9. Here’s hoping you find a wonderful new kitty – s/he won’t be a replacement but an ongoing growth to your family both here and gone. The book sounds wonderful – thanks for the chance!

  10. I’m thinking Lucy will not only approve of your new feline friend, but she’ll be watching over your shoulder helping you with your choice. 🙂

  11. I just now read your post about dear Lucy! I’m so so sorry! (((((Hugs))))) I do hope that my Radar was there to greet her, and that they in turn greeted my TK. I had to make that same decision for him this past Friday……I only had him 4 years, but it was a wonderful 4 years that he wouldn’t have had.

  12. I am sure Lucy will approve of your new kitty choice! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Thank you for this giveaway!

  13. So Sorry to hear about Lucy but excited to see pics of your new kitty when he/she arrives. Please enter me in the handbag book giveaway.

    Hugs from the high desert : )

  14. You are a wonderful soul to forge on and rescue another kitty. Unfornuately there never seems to be a shortage of rescues looking for their forever home.
    While Lucy can never be replaced, it will help ease the pain.

  15. Oh Wendy, I’m so sorry. I just saw the news about Lucy (no home internet right now) and I am just heartbroken for you.The best way to honor her is by adopting another kitty and I’m so glad you are going to do that but I’m going to miss those beautiful blue crossed-eyes. As an aside, my friends who work in animal rescue say that black cats are the hardest to find homes for so you might want to consider that.

    RIP sweet Lucy.

  16. Stardancer says:

    I like the look of those purses, especially the geometric-patterned clutch. Mmm, cables.

    I’m so sorry about Lucy. I am glad that you’re adopting another rescue kitty. I can’t wait to meet them!

  17. peggy connolly says:

    wow; what a great idea for a book. I’d love to try one of the patterns.

  18. I am so glad that you are getting a new kitty.
    THanks for the giveaway. I love to knit handbags.

  19. Heather K says:

    Lucy will be watching and waiting beyond the Rainbow Bridge. And she will be purring with joy that you are giving another abandoned kitten a new life. Pets carry a part of our soul, and Lucy will always be with you.

  20. Heather K says:

    Just noticed my email addie was incorrect, this is the right one, H

  21. I like the handbag booklet. It’s especially nice when authors put a photo table of contents on the back cover or on the front pages.

  22. Lynne S. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m with the others, hoping you’ll post pics of your new kitty.

  23. The book looks wonderful. I’m sure Lucy fully approves of a new rescue kitty coming to keep her momma company. Lucy was a genous soul .

  24. I hope your new kitty is as great a companion as Lucy was.

  25. I’m so happy you’re getting a new kitty and thank you for the giveaway!

  26. I know the perfect kitty will choose you! Thanks for the chance to win the handbag book.

  27. shirley40 says:

    Hi Wendy: I’m very happy to hear that you are in the process of getting another kitty to love and take care of. I’m sure Lucy would very glad as well. I also take care of birds (canaries, budgies, and finches) that have been injured or left by their family. But it sure is hard when they pass on. But some how the Doctor seems to find another bird that need love, care and a home, so the whole process goes on again. It is very rewarding looking after these little birds, they are always so cute. I’m sure you will find a kitty that you will love, and hopefully help you with the pain of your loss. I hope you will share your new kitty with us, as we are very anxious to see the kitty. Take care.

  28. farmgirlnow says:

    I know that when I lost my beloved kitty Sasha and I was so lonely but not sure I was ready. I asked Sasha to pick out a kitty and send her to me. It wasn’t too long after that that I got a call from someone telling me they had a cat that needed a home and they thought I might want to come see her. And I did keep that kitty, who as it turned out had some health issues that thankfully could be treated, but they may never have been treated had no one taken her in. So Sasha knew best and sent me a kitty that needed me.

  29. I know the right kitty will find YOU! I was watching a local morning show. Every Tuesday a vet will bring in an animal from the local shelter. On March 12th he brought in a severely traumatized Siamese mix. Blue point I think. I knew she was mine right then and there. I got to the shelter to be first in line to adopt her. Her name is Cosette. Since meeting your sweet Lucy several years ago I wanted a Siamese. Yes, your Lucy would want you to love on another sweet kitty.

  30. Charlotte says:

    Happy August, Wendy! I’m glad to hear that you are adopting another kitty. A new kitty will never replace Lucy, but will help to fill a void and bring happiness to your home. I’m sure Lucy would approve of your decision to give another rescue kitty a loving home. Ill be watching for photos.

  31. first I was going to tell you how I liked the purse in the upper left corner….then I saw another one….and another one….well, some very cute purses in this book!
    danielle´s last blog post ..For all the sock knitters out there!

  32. I am the same way – even when I’ve said goodbye to a much loved cat, I’ve quickly adopted another one. I love my feline companions and I love giving rescue cats a new home.

  33. Hi Wendy,
    Been behind in blog reading so just finding out about Lucy. She will be missed by your readers, her loyal fans. Hugs to you and good luck on the new kitty search!
    love to win the book!

  34. This is going to be one lucky cat–permanent employment as your knitting supervisor. I’m sure Lucy would approve. It’s a rough job, but as she knows, someone has to do it.

  35. I hope the right kitty finds you quickly. Another pet does not “replace” the one who is gone, but it does take away some of the pain of the gaping void in your heart and home.

    If by some odd chance you draw my name for the book, please draw another as I am not a knitted bag person:) I’d want the book to go to someone who will really appreciate it. I just wanted to comment about the prospect of a new kitty.
    Lee Cockrum´s last blog post ..Getting back on the horse! (And a rant about the poor writing I find on various blogs!)

  36. Lucy would approve. Whichever kitty gets lucky enough to have you for its mom will be a very lucky kitty. You will have new adventures and your blog friends will be able to chuckle over the antics of the new family member. Only you know when the time is right. Never is way too long…especially for all those kitties who need loving, caring humans like you.
    Kim B´s last blog post ..A Lesson Learned…and Some Unique (to me) Yarn

  37. It will be a lucky cat that gets to have you as theirs.

  38. Lucy would definitely want you to have a new companion! Can’t wait to see what terrific friend you choose!

  39. Patricia Shaffner says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting your new kitty assistant.

  40. May you be blessed by another kitty as nice as Lucy. Cheers to August! And to giveaway books!

  41. So sorry to hear about Lucy, I know it is hard. We look forward to meeting the next Kitty of 5hthe house.

  42. LaVelle Nott says:

    When the cat of my heart died several years ago, I did have other cats and kittens and it helped. But one day a kitten came into my life that I am sure was sent to me by the cat of my heart. He looks nothing like the first one, but the way he takes care of us, I am sure he was sent to be in our lives. Now that cat is old and not long for this world. I feel for you and hope you will or have found your new special cat.


  43. Kristin/HLMauera says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Lucy, I looked forward to seeing her face when I came to the blog. I am of an opinion that a house is not a home without a cat in it. Sometimes a dog will suffice but it’s not the same thing. I’m looking forward to meeting your new family member. I’m sure this new friend will never replace Lucy but she/he will fill a hole and it’s amazing how much love can fill our heart just when we think we don’t have any more to spare.

  44. meredith and nyla want to offer their MEOWS to you.

    I will ask my sydney, kelly, and steven to look after lucy. soft kitty, warm kitty…
    anne marie in philly´s last blog post ..Saturday Night Dance Party!

  45. So glad to hear you are going to adopt another kitty. Lucy will most definitely approve.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Lorna’s Laces; from top to bottom
    Rainbow #109 – sheperd…

  46. Michelle says:

    So sad to hear about Lucy!

  47. I am so sorry to hear of Lucy’s passing. It is so hard to let go but she had a great life with you.

  48. Can’t wait to see the new kitty. I miss Lucy too!

  49. I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. A new kitty will keep you company, and the antics of a kitten will help your heart to sing and you to smile again.

  50. I’m glad you’ll have a new cat soon. The book looks interesting. I’m sometimes intimidated by the finishing on knitted purses, but those look very doable.

  51. I think everyone has had one of those months that couldnt end fast enough.

    Lucy would approve of you not being on your own… after all she was your caretaker and she will understand.

    Names for new adoptee:

    female- Lucky, Lacey , Luisa ,
    male- Lucifer (lol) Louis

  52. Condolences to you and best of luck finding the right new kitty to rescue.

  53. A proper mourning period to be determined by you alone. that being said, there is no greater tribute to Lucy than being an angel to the next kitty. She would give you kudos, and wish you and the newbie the very best.
    I don’t think we are trying to ‘replace’ a pet, so much as fill the absence. It will be a new kitty, totally different from the former kitty. New tricks to learn, new personality, and hopefully an enriching experience for you both.

    Take a bit of yarn with you when you are looking. You will want to be sure that you are compatible.

  54. Barb Rickman says:


    Are you going to adopt another ragdoll like Lucy? Will your new housemate be a guy this time?
    Barb R.
    Shelton CT

  55. So sorry about your Lucy. Can’t wait to see the new kitty. Perhaps she will be an Ethel? Thanks for the chance to win the book. It looks fun.

  56. My husband and I did the same thing when we lost both of our kitties within six days of each other five years ago. We found our house to be too empty and our hearts so wanted to love more kitties that we adopted two more the weekend after we lost our second kitty. The sisters we adopted (from a local rescue organization) are wonderful girls who bring us so much joy. It was the best thing we could have done. We still miss our old kitties, but we see traits of both of our girls that passed away in our kitties we have now. I think their spirits hung around and approved of our new girls and moved in. ^_^ So sorry Lucy is gone, I hope you also find a new kitty that warms your heart back up. <3

  57. My hubby and I care for 11 abandoned/rescued kitties. 8 are inside only, 3 are outside. All have been vetted and neutered/spayed. Living near a large university we find new ones showing up at our door after every semester when some irresponsible person moves on and just leaves them Funny how they always take the dogs. But if an abandoned cat makes it to our door, they are fed, sheltered and given health care for a long as them live. I would love to take more, but now I enjoy reading about other rescues and their forever homes. Bless all of you who care for those left behind. ♥♥
    Barbara´s last blog post ..My tweets

  58. Oh, and please share your new companion as soon as is feasible. I read your last blog entry and was quite sad to not see something about Lucy. I think she was a cat for all of us.
    Barbara´s last blog post ..My tweets

  59. Kathy in Alaska says:

    Wendy, I am so saddened by the loss of your beautiful Lucy. Our pets DO live forever, though, in our memories and our hearts, and by sharing Lucy with all of us over the years, she will live forever in all of our hearts as well. Take comfort in knowing that you gave her a wonderful, comfortable, loving life, and that she appreciated that, and now, I’m willing to bet, you will do the same for another beautiful kitty who needs you. You might smile to know that, as part of the legacy of Wendy and Lucy, my own kitty Rocky (who’s admired Lucy from afar for a while now, you might recall) received his very own Petstages Snuggle Scratch and Rest, after you and Lucy touted it a little while back. He looks completely ridiculous lying in it (he weighs about 16 pounds, and is a little … er … large for it), but he adores it completely, and has you and Lucy to thank for it. Sending much love your way, and hoping that you will find the right feline companion very quickly.

  60. Linda from Kansas says:

    I just tuned in and what a shock. I am so sorry for your loss. Lucy was such a nice kitty, always helping her momma out with the knitting. The loss of a pet is always so hard. I am sure she will approve of whatever kitty you bring into your home. Our pets want us to be happy even after they pass over the rainbow bridge.

  61. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone who reads your blog would adopt a cat or dog this weekend! Just saying…

  62. Ginger Klein says:

    Dear Wendy
    I am so sorry to learn of Lucy’s passing. I’ve always enjoyed reading what she was up to, usually not terribly much, being a kitty and all. I know you will miss her terribly but I’m sure she will send you the proper kitten/cat to fill in the empty spot in your heart that her passing has left.

  63. CaroleP (ohio says:

    So happy to hear you are adopting another kitten. I would have to do the same thing. I’m sure Lucy would have told you to do that, and not want you to mourn her. She’ll be in your heart and mind forever.
    Also, I’m a bag-a-holic, and would love to see that book in my mailbox if possible. Haven’t made any lately. Take care……..

  64. Sorry to hear about Lucy’s passing…I so enjoyed seeing her “comments”. Luck to you in being chosen by a new kitty!

  65. I had not been to your blog for the last week or two so was totally surprised (closer to destroyed) to learn that the most wonderful Lucy had died. Nothing anyone can say will help, it is too deep of a grief. Just know that we are out here missing her so much.

  66. Wendy, I’m so sorry that you no longer have Lucy to curl up with.

  67. I’m so happy to hear you are opening your heart and adopting a new kitty. So many need homes and as parents tell their children — my love is not divided by more children, my love multiplies. You will never forget Lucy, but there is room for a new love.

  68. When I posted my condolences, suggesting the adoption of another cat was on my mind. My kitty companion died a year ago…and I only went a week without a cat.

    My new kitty is a big orange tom cat (who has been neutered). Honestly, he chose me…because I never got past his cage without him reaching a paw out and snagging me (the more adventuresome kitties were in cages as they had discovered that they could push up the ceiling tiles and escape into other areas of the shelter. Their favorite was in the entrance hall, where they were walking along the exposed beams. So, until the ceiling tile issue was corrected, they had their cages.)

  69. PinkSkatingGirl says:

    Just read your sad news today. I am so sorry for your loss. Your Lucy was clearly beloved and had a wonderful home. New Kitty will be lucky to be with you, too.

  70. Well, I am glad you will have a new furry friend. I have 2 cats both getting up there…they each have their own personality. Very special critters. So are handbags, one can never have too many…hugs to you.

  71. Hi Wendy,
    I am so very saddened by your loss.
    I wanted to tell you thank you for sharing Lucy with me. She was what prompted me to stop and read your blog and because of her, I learned to read patterns and knit socks.
    I am very glad you are opening your home and heart to another kitten. Lucy will smile on your choice.

  72. I’m so sorry to hear about Lucy! She was a lovely cat. I hope your new kitty fits right into your life and keeps you company.
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Rhinebeck 2012

  73. Oh, Wendy, I’m so sorry to hear about Lucy. She stole my heart the first time I read your blog, many years ago. I know that you’ll find a new companion, but that Lucy will not be far from your heart.

  74. shirley40 says:

    Hi Wendy: I thought I would drop you a short note. I was out shopping to day and I dropped into a pet food store, and had a donation put in the box in memory of Lucy, for all the kitties that are in shelters. I live in British Columbia Canada. I think the kitties will like the donation from Lucy. I sure miss Lucy. Take care. Shirley

  75. Wendy,
    My Condolances to you about Lucy and it is heartwarming to know that you will adopt another very lucky cat to enjoy your loving care! I have been saving my Lucy colorway from Blue Moon Fiber and I will get started on knitting with it and remember Lucy. Good luck on the adoption.

  76. southparknitter says:

    Hugs to you…I haven’t been doing much blog reading lately so didn’t hear about Lucy till knit night Monday. I know that whatever kitty chooses you will be perfect. I just want to send you a bit of love so if RNG picks me select again. Love ya!

  77. Gretcheng says:

    Good for you to rescue another deserving cat! We look forward to meeting your new friend.