My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Reversible Knits

I have another book to review . . .


This is Iris Schreier’s Reversible Knits: Creative Techniques for Knitting Both Sides Right, due out on September 3.

From the publisher’s blurb:

Using knit/purl, two-color, double knitting, cable, lace, and modular knitting methods, Iris creates beautiful shrugs, shawls, scarves, throws, hats, socks, and more.  Some of the items actually have different looks on the front and back while others simply show the same clean, finished fabric throughout.  Iris walks novices through all the essentials, then shares modern adaptations of classic stitches, illuminated by photos of hand-knitted swatches.  As a bonus, there’s a super-handy yarn substitution chart and an appendix with extra variations for advanced knitters.

This book originally came out in hardcover in 2009, I believe — this is the paperback version. I believe some patterns may have been added to this new version as only 23 patterns are listed in Ravelry for the hardcover book.

The book has 24 patterns and it is divided into sections for the different knitting techniques used: one-yarn knit/purl, multi-yarn knit/purl, lace, cables, double knitting, or modular knitting. In addition, there is a chapter on “more techniques to explore” as well basic information about tools, yarns, abbreviations, and general knitting techniques.

The patterns are mostly for wraps, scarves, collars, and hats, as well as one afghan pattern, a wrister/neckwarmer set, and a belt pattern and a headband pattern — a lot of nice variety. And a lot of items that would make very nice holiday gifts.

At the beginning of each of the 6 chapters of projects, the unique techniques used for that chapter are detailed, with lots of clear photos and charts and step-by-step instructions.

The patterns themselves are a nice assortment, ranging from easy beginner knits to more challenging pieces. There is a little something for everyone. Some of my favorites:

The Riff Belt:


La Parisienne Collar:


Courtyard Drape:



Ribbon Candy Scarf:


And the Aegean Wave Afghan:


Who would like my review copy?

To be entered in the drawing to win this book, leave a comment on this post by noon on Wednesday, August 21, 2013. The Random Number Generator will then select a winner.

The Sparkle Factory Giveaway

The winner of my review copy of The Sparkle Factory by Tarina Tarantino is Patti, who has been emailed.

Knitting Update

I have finished the body of Pomme de Pin. Here it is, thrown hastily over the dress form:


And I have the first sleeve near completion:


More About Loki

There have been a few questions about my new little friend Loki in the comments. For starters, will his color darken with age?

Loki is a lilac point Ragdoll, which is described as follows:

Body color is frosty white. Points are a pale dove grey with pinkish tones to a warmer deep lavender, the dilute pigment permitting the flesh tones to show through. Paw pads and nose leather lavender pink . Lilac point is the dilute of brown (+ the pointed gene) — therefore the dilute version of chocolate point, which is itself a form of dilution – so lilac is a double dilute. It’s the palest of the 4 (seal, chocolate, blue, lilac). Lilac usually takes the longest of those 4 for the color to come in and they stay the lightest in body color.


In my google research I did see one site that said that lilac is the dilute form of blue, but I’ve seen it stated in more places that it is the dilute of chocolate.

I do think his points will darken a bit more over the next couple of years (he is two years old), and his coat will fill out more. In fact, in the short time I’ve had him, there is a noticeable difference in texture and length — it is getting softer and longer. Loki is a retired stud and he was just neutered a couple of months ago. Apparently when Ragdoll kitties are intact, they tend to lose their plush coats seasonally due to their hormones. So I’m looking forward to his beautiful fur filling out as colder weather approaches.


Because he was a breeder, Loki’s focus used to be romancing the girl kitties, so human interaction is less familiar to him. I’m told that retired male breeders can be hard to place as pets because of this. But Loki is adjusting beautifully to his new situation. When I first brought him home, he stayed in “his” room for three days and rarely ventured out. Then there were a few days when I would come home from work and he’d be under the couch, but I could coax him out pretty easily just by talking to him. Now he is waiting by the door for me when I come home from work and is my constant shadow. So much so that every single time I take a shower he sits on the edge of the tub in between the shower curtain and the shower curtain liner and meows at me the whole time. And the last thing I see as I leave home for work in the morning is his desperate little face as I close the front door. But he is getting better about that too — he has learned that I will always come back!


He is still behaving beautifully around my knitting. He always wants to sit next to me instead of in my lap, so that helps. I am careful about not dangling yarn where he will notice it. But I don’t think I can block lace around him. Lucy had been declawed before I adopted her so I had no worries about her clawing my lace. Loki has all his claws and he is very playful. Every night he performs a routine I call “Thunder Kitty” — where he dashes around like a crazed being for fifteen minutes or so. (I’ve experienced this with other kitties so I am sure other pet parents are aware of this phenomenon.) While he is very gentle and does not extend claws when I’m petting or playing with him, all claws are extended and fully functional during Thunder Kitty. I can envision him dashing across a pinned out piece of lace and (unintentionally) ripping it to shreds.

As I mentioned, I have no place with a surface large enough for blocking that I can shut away from an inquisitive kitty. I live in a high-rise condo and while I have a garage, it is a communal garage for the whole building, so garage blocking is out. Someone suggested blocking in the back seat of my car — interesting idea! But I have a Mini Cooper and I have back issues so I’m afraid that is out of the question. So . . . no lace that requires blocking for a while, I think.



  1. Our cat Jiji (male) loves to do the “Thunder Kitty” thing too. Sometimes he likes to do it after he eats which occasionally means he throws up his breakfast. Our cat LOVES to lay in front of you and show belly. He also love to walk around with a toy mouse and meows at us.

    Would blocking on a wall work?
    Lilie´s last blog post ..O’s Pink Cat Socks – WIP

  2. Thunder Kitty is what we called “Pre-bedtime Frantics” in my son. There’s about 15-20 minutes of bouncing off the wall before bedtime collapse. Getting rid of excess energy from the day?

    RE: blocking: Do you have blocking boards for your lace or just towels? If you have blocking boards or interlocking foam tiles, you could block flat, then stand the whole shebang up vertically against a wall out of the way of kitty claws. Maybe in the tub or behind a door?

  3. Rosemary Johnson says:

    We have high energy siamese cats and go through high activity periods after each meal, once in the afternoon and after we get into bed. Our cats tuck us into bed and then take off to tear through the house moving rugs, leaving trail of toys, etc. Maybe a good friend would loan you blocking space?

  4. Awe…Loki is so adorable…you two were meant to be owned by each other.
    dobarah´s last blog post ..July HPKCHC

  5. Thanks for all the news on Loki. You know we live vicariously through your kitties, right? lol…
    And the book offer is sweet. count me in.

  6. Neat book – if my number comes up all the better

    I’ve always wondered what happened to pet studs and momma’s after their prime (although his prime is past after 2 years???). I guess you found him by looking on a ragdoll site you frequent or did you contact a rescue organization? At any rate, he’s a cute little bugger.

    Even dsh Tuxedo cats have the “scrambles” in the evening. He thunders up and down the stairs, looks at us frantically, almost like he’s asking us to run with him, and then does it again and again… .

  7. I know you’re going to say “Only L-B…” at this, but I blocked a shawl vertically on a cubicle wall at work. It’s a thick soundproof one that was perfect!
    Waving wildly to Loki! Missing you both!

  8. Lol on the meowing at you in the shower. I can just imagine the thoughts running through Loki’s head – “Mom! You know it’s WET in there! What are you DOING?!” And we definitely have thunder kitty at my house. Fortunately usually it’s limited to 2 of the 3 cats at a time; can’t imagine trying to block lace with that going on!

  9. Looks like a book I’d use. please enter me in the giveaway.

    Loki looks like another love. Lucky him to have found his way to you. Congratulations.

  10. We need a close-up of loki’s toe beans to check out those lavendar pink toes- sounds cool! sometimes i’ll join pepper when she gets the ‘zooms’- we chase each other, play hide and seek- all good fun.

    I like that belt too!

  11. Rocksolana (ukimom on Ravelry) says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for many years and think it’s great that you have so many give-aways. I’ve had my eye on Iris’s book for a while now, so this is a wonderful prize. Your kitty is beautiful. Hope his Thunder-Kitty phase is short-lived. Thanks for doing this.

  12. That belt looks really nice.

    I know about the evening hunting time. It sounds like Loki doesn’t believe in morning hunting time, which is good.
    laymusic´s last blog post ..News of the week of July 16, 2013

  13. Wendy, what about a shetland wooden frame stretcher? I have one that is on a stand so it is vertical. I keep it by my bed and stretch shawls on that.
    Denise Vitola´s last blog post ..Quitting. Why It Works!

  14. I d sacrifice I lace knitting for Loki any day. He s beautiful, wendy

  15. Loki is a beautiful cat. I can relate to Thunder Time – when I had two young kitties back in the late 90s, I referred to 11pm every night as Terror Time. They would chase each other in laps around my house. Literally laps – the house I lived in at the time had a hallway going back from the living room that had a door at the rear of the house connecting to the breakfast area. They’d race down the hallway, turn into the breakfast area, and tear back to the front of the house thru the kitchen and dining room. The couch in the living room was perfectly positioned for a swimmer-style kickturn off the armrest, and off they’d go for another lap.

  16. 1horsetown says:

    My cat likes to bury her nose in my knitting and knead. She hasn’t damaged anything, but she’s given me a couple of heart attacks.

  17. Loki is beautiful! Such a lucky kittie he is to have you! I hope I’m lucky enough to win the book!

  18. Shirley Gallagher says:

    Loki is so beautiful. I just got a 4 month old male seal point Ragdoll. My first kitty in years, and I’m finding it a blast. He’s making me feel 40 years younger. And those blue eyes, they see into my soul.

  19. Mary Nagle says:

    This book would come in handy as I just started knitting a double sided scarf in two colors for the first time. I ripped it back twice but am determined to get it right.
    Thanks for the posts about Loki. I am watching my cat fail in health and know she will only be with me for a little while longer. Rescue cats hold a place dear in my heart. Perhaps I can move on with another cat as you have done. I agree it is impossible to think of living without a feline in my home.

  20. He is such a beautiful cat!

  21. One thing to watch with males, especially those who have bred before, is territory marking. All male cats, even those who have been neutered, have a tendency to spray urine to mark their territory. (Even some females will spray.) Doesn’t mean we love ’em any less, just one more thing to watch for. We only have four cats now (down from six) … all rescues, of course.

    Your Loki is very photogenic!
    Jill´s last blog post ..Back again!

  22. I have the same issue with no where to block. I use foam insulation boards. You can pick them up at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. I got two boards (4ft by 8ft boards & I got the 1 inch thick ones). I cut one in half & then one half in half again. I left one board uncut for the big blocking. then I glued some golf tees into one side so that if I needed a really big board I could just slide two together. Then I block it out on the floor & then lean it against a wall for drying time. I have Thunder Paws (2 dogs) that do the same thing every night & the floor is my only option. This way I keep my precious knitting out of their reach & they can still go pounding through the house, lol.
    Hev´s last blog post ..What I have been doing?

  23. I’d love to win this book. Gift giving is just around the corner!

  24. Looks like a cool book. Patterns are beautiful and I’m
    always up for new techniques.

  25. Ruth Porter says:

    Nice book.

    At our house we call Thunder Kitty “The Rips.”

    We, too, have a retired female breeder, spayed at age 2. She stayed under the bed for about a month, then one morning just came out demanding attention.

  26. One thing I was surprised by the one time I blocked something was that my cats wouldn’t step on it while it was wet. One of them put his paw down on it for a second then recoiled. They’re both on the older side though and not quite as playful as they used to be.

    They still have their freak outs though. That’s what I call it because the look they turn on me seems to be saying “I’m freaking out” and I swear they’d be running around with their hands waving in the air above their heads if they could.

  27. Such a cutie! Very photogenic!
    Lee Cockrum´s last blog post ..Getting back on the horse! (And a rant about the poor writing I find on various blogs!)

  28. Melissa Vink says:

    Wow looks like an awesome book! Loki is so sweet! Thank you for the chance!

  29. Betty McG says:

    Thunder Kitty is known around our house as Herd of Cat and is always a morning thing with occasional evening reprises. I would have thought he was simply not used to you and having a different home with people who aren’t around as much as he grew up with. I would hope as he was used for breeding that he was also shown and is used to a lot of activity.

    I hang my blocked lace on a wall. I found several “Jobar’s Instant Screen Door” packages at a hardware store on sale. They twist/fold into an 18″ round for storage. And pop open as a white mesh large screen door. I put picture hangers close to the top along one wall and pin together screens if I need a larger area. Lift them up to hang by the top edge and block my lace projects. I bought one to actually use as a screen door but it was too large for the doorway and thought of using it for blocking. Went back the next day because there was also a single garage door size but all they had left were the entry door sizes. It is a ‘As Seen On TV’ item so it might still be available

  30. I would love that belt!

    My kitty was declawed before I got her. She also has her daily 15 minutes of madness. Although she loves to lie down on wet lace, she has yet to run across it during her mad minutes. I like the vertical blocking ideas. There are pictures online of Shetlanders vertically blocking lace. You would have to have a place to store whatever equipment you used.

  31. We call Thunder Kitty “Herd of Buffalo” because we have two 13-pounders. Also, their play sessions on my bed are referred to as WWIII because they really get into it.
    kmkat´s last blog post ..Sunday, mutterings, and stuff.

  32. in comments, Betty McG says:
    “I hang my blocked lace on a wall. I found several “Jobar’s Instant Screen Door” packages …. a white mesh large screen door. I put picture hangers close to the top along one wall and pin together screens if I need a larger area. Lift them up to hang by the top edge and block my lace projects.”

    I am envisioning a pair of them, offset by maybe one inch, bolted together with easily-removed wing nuts so that the cat can’t pry them apart but it’s easy for the human.

  33. The fun of a new kitty!!! I have a Tuxedo Ragdoll and he meows sat me when I come home from work and when its time for bed. He has this internal clock and seems to know when its that time and he meows when I’m in the shower, too. The vertical blocking is a great idea. I was going to suggest installing some hooks in the coming and blocking on a piece of foam board and hanging it flat from the hooks.

  34. Sandra Kerr says:

    My kitty does the same. He sounds like a great kitty. And the book sounds like a good one.

  35. Love your new cat, as I love your blog!

  36. I would love to have a chance to win your book giveaway. Loki is absolutely gorgeous. It sounds like he is adjusting quite well and I think he will be very happy living with you as his “person”. Best to you both and fond memories of Lovely Lucy! Take care.

  37. what a great book! and a beautiful kitty!

  38. my little boy Dove, overshot one morning and ended up in the shower with me. He casually continued on to the other end of the tub and exited it. He is only about 3 months old (Yes, a rescue, and yes, he is Dove grey). Every shower gets his attention and if I am lucky, the towel ends up on the floor, not in the shower with me! Thanks for letting us get to know Loki better. And as he is an only kitty, I would not worry about him spraying. I have had several male kitties, more often then not, multiple male kitties at the same time, over my 54 years and have only ever had one cat that sprayed.

  39. The book sounds cool. The thunder kitty reminds me of our dog who does the same thing every night in our living room. We say she in race mode and doing her laps around the living room track. Lol. She sure sleeps better when she does her laps. I bet Loki does too. Glad he is adjusting so well.

  40. Carol Lee says:

    Wendy, since you are an Art Deco jewelry fan you may enjoy a site I’ve found – Lang Antiques in San Francesco. They carry wonderful vintage, estate, Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian jewelry for men and women. . Check out the items under the “just added” option to see a diamond that is D/IF, old Ascher cut. Loki Is adorable!

  41. I wonder if Carl Sandberg had a cat, because cats aren’t always silent like the fog! At least Loki doesn’t do “Thunder Kitty” at 3 am

  42. The book looks wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. Loki is so beautiful. My cat love lives through your Kitty and by best friends Kitty. I have a Yorkie whom I love very much. I would love to have Iris’s book as I want to learn to do double knitting.

  44. Great designer. I love all Iris’s designs.
    Rusty Boyd´s last blog post ..My Mountain Hat Contest

  45. Reversible knitting… THAT sounds really interesting, and I am a fan of Iris Schrier.
    Thanks for all the information about Noki…..I am living vicariously through you.

  46. Thanks for the book offer!

  47. Miss Lucy but love your new sweet Kitty. Love to win the book!

  48. I love Thunder Kitty. Kind of reminds me of the cartoon Thundercats. It was one of my son’s favorite cartoons. So much so that he named our cat Tiger Cringer thundercat

  49. Kris Peters says:

    Sounds like Loki does the Zoomies. My dog gets them about 5 pm every day. Mealtime approaching?

  50. Your newest book looks very interesting – something new to add to my “repertoire”.
    Loki is so beautiful and you are indeed doing a lovely job of socializing him! Congratulations on this new addition to your family.
    By the way, your book “Socks from the Toe Up” was my introduction to the art – since then I’ve never knit another top down pair!

  51. Thanks for the description of Loki. I had a lilac point once. She was gorgeous but also nasty, very unlike my other Siamese It will be fun to watch Loki change and grow. I am very impressed about the shower lookout. I did love Lucy and was sad to see her go but I am told that the greatest compliment you can give a well loved departed pet is to get another right away.

  52. Sonds like a great book.

  53. The book would be fun. Thanks for the opportunity.

  54. Your Loki is beautiful! We have a lilac point Siamese who is almost six. His fur on the back and sides have darkened slightly to a greyish-fawn color. His paws are almost a lavender-grey. When he is making the mad dash up and down the cat tree, the hall or whatever, we refer to him as “Wild Kitty.”

  55. Thank you for sharing Loki’s life story. I’m glad he is relating so well to his human.

  56. Marsha C. says:

    It is such fun to hear about your new kitty! I have a Balinese/Snowshoe Siamese mix who takes a shower with me every morning (his choice, not mine!). He loves water! Maybe Loki would like it if he tried it. Sounds like he is adapting very well to his new life. I think he knows how lucky he is to have you!
    The new book sounds great too. Count me in! Thanks!

  57. Jennifer Murphy says:

    Aww!! I love that Loki is settling in with you!! I’m glad he is one of the lucky ones!

  58. Jennifer Murphy says:

    I also think the book is really nifty. I’d live to learn those techniques.

  59. I love hearing about your new kitty, Loki, who, actually looks full-grown! He’s gorgeous! My two cats, a Maine Coon and a Blue-Point Birman, have never bulleted, as I’ve seen in other cats. They’re teenagers and very mellow.

  60. Judith Smith says:

    Love your new kitty. And would love to win reversible knits

  61. I would love your copy of Reversible Knits. Looks like my kind of fun.

  62. Looks like an interesting book, thanks for letting us know what is out there! How about blocking at work? Just a thought!

  63. It sounds as if Loki is going to be a great companion. I’m glad for you both.Regarding the blocking, I was thinking about going vertical. With your blocking boards interlocked, you could use Command temporary adhesive to stick them to a wall, door, or window. Your blocking boards would be changeable modern art!
    auntiemichal´s last blog post ..How to Make Magic Jack Text You when You Get Voicemail

  64. celestine says:

    I would love to receive this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  65. I have been interested in knitting that looks good on both sides especially for scarves. Congratulations on Loki he is beautiful.

  66. I’ve never done anything reversible. Interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Loki is adorable. His coloring is amazing, it will be great when his fur fills out. Poofy boy!
    One of my knitter friends on G+ has dogs, she blocks her lace on the wall. Also, no back pain! Added bonus!
    Regina´s last blog post ..Still Crafty After All This Time!

  68. The book looks very interesting.
    Carol Durusau´s last blog post ..Chicks in the Coop

  69. “Thunder Kitty” – great name for this humorous activity in usually young cats. Loki is a lucky cat .

  70. cecilia david says:

    He is beautiful and he may be eventually trusted around lace. Fingers crossed. Cecilia

  71. He’s a beautiful boy, glad he’s not been de-clawed; it’s not even legal over here in NZ. Our two girls don’t do thunder kittie; but one does do “where’s my tail?” which is fun to watch
    Rachelle – Warming Crafts´s last blog post ..One Step at a Time

  72. Not only is Loki a beautiful kitty, but I think he is a pretty lucky kitty, too.

  73. The book sounds interesting!

    Blocking on a wall sounds interesting as well. Years ago, I had a kitten that would use his claws to climb up the screen door – so you’d still have to be cautious!
    Robin V´s last blog post ..Spindles and Yarn and Goats, Oh My!

  74. Mary Tole says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Loki’s story, He sure looks good and you can see he’s more relaxed. Since I no longer can take care of a pet I love seeing the pictures and hearing your descriptions of his activities. Please keep them coming. I also enjoyed the various comments and suggestions for blocking. People or so clever. Thanks for sharing the book with as, I want to try double knitting so maybe I’ll get lucky. Looking forward to the next post….


  75. I’ve been interested in reversible knitting for a couple of years but have been knitting from stash and not buying any new books since being unemployed. Would love to have a chance to try this out!

    At my house, we call the nightly cat-asthenics the Kitty Gran Prix – Muti tears from room to room at full speed bouncing off walls, tipping over her cat tree and generally causing havoc of all sorts. And then she takes a nap.

  76. Wendy: An excellent, skilled and generous knitter – (to share the chance to win a cool book!)
    Loki: Adorable, handsome and so talented to run cross country in a condo!
    Have a great week!! :o)

  77. Amy Schulze says:

    My dog does thunder kitty too. She just runs really fast in circles. Loki is beautiful!

  78. Lorraine J says:

    I love reversible knits and would love this book.

  79. As always-thanks for the book opportunity!
    So happy to meet Loki! He’s a handsome devil!
    You continue to amaze me with the number of large knitting projects you churn out-I bow to you.

  80. My first dog was a Norwegian Elkhound named Loki. He was babysitter to 2 cats and would play “thunder kitty” with them every evening! You can imagine the noise in our house…it was louder than a bunch of boys roughhousing! LOL But I loved it and would just sit and watch the show.

    Thanks for sharing more about your Loki…he is really beautiful and sounds like the perfect cat for you. Have you ever considered de-clawing him? He sure won’t be needing those claws for hunting and it may save your furniture, carpeting, and especially your knitting. Just a thought.

    Love the belt! So chic! I sure would be happy to receive this book…lots of patterns and techniques to try out or perfect.

  81. dorothy in kentucky says:

    You cardi is looking as always. Loki is a charmer. You are correct that LLoki colouring is a dilute chocolate. Actually he isca brown cat with an albino gene to give him his.points. yearsvago while studying the points on siamese I learned a lotvabout the genetics that developed the points and coat colour. Loki is so gorgeous. He is a retired stud, how do they hadle that. Just put him up for adoption? Well he had a great mama.

  82. Would love to have your review copy. Thanks, Wendy!
    Debbie M´s last blog post ..Miniature made during a busy, busy summer!

  83. I love the book and send me anything and I’d be happy to block it for you.
    Chris Reeske´s last blog post ..How to make the stretched star

  84. Thanks for the review. This looks like a book I would love to own.

  85. I love hearing about Loki and his stories–he is quite beautiful and I look forward to watching his colors change!

  86. I remember Carin of Round the Twist showing a large, tri-fold piece of foam insulation board that she uses for blocking. After pinning, you can lean it up against a wall. Maybe this could work for you. I’ve used the idea with my cutting board too. I tried to find Carin’s episode – it had to be a couple of years ago at least.

    Thanks for the offer of the book Wendy, but I’ll pass on this one 🙂

  87. Suzie Picciano says:

    Love your new kitty friend, wish we lived in a place we could have a kitty again!

  88. OK, I’m in for this book. (I hope!)

    I did think that the later pics of Loki showed his coat as better than the very first one. I’m glad to know that it wasn’t just imagination on my part.

    Our current kitty (nominally daughter’s but she’s in college) used to do the tub routine with her, when he was younger. And while she’s home he will make sure we’re in bed and then disappear to sleep either with her or in the loveseat outside her room. She’s just returned to school, and suddenly he’s back at my feet. And he also follows me to the door when I’m leaving, and does the best ‘abandoned’ face he can muster.

    And we use the term “Thunder Paws” when he does the crazed mad dash.

  89. I loved hearing about your wonderful kitty Loki! My mother has a cat, Pookie, that my son calls Pirate Pookie. He will steal anything that strikes his fancy. From Lego pieces, glasses and even car keys! Nothing is sacred and I think he finds perverse joy in watching his “humans” run through the house franticly searching for whatever he might have taken.

    The book seems wonderful and interesting. I’ve only done a little bit of double knitting and did enjoy it. I find it to be very cool that there are projects beyonds scarves that use double knitting.

  90. I have animals (and formerly toddlers) who couldn’t resist things left out to dry or block. I used a mesh screen, and another on top of it so that it was enclosed. THen I could stand it up out of the way. I’ve seen puzzle boards that fold in half the same way, that protect the puzzle in progess (which I also used). Perhaps this would keep your blocking safe during the Times of Thunder.

  91. Sweet. My 15 1/2 year old does ‘Monster Kitty’ in the morning. I’m the monster stalking her and she squeals in delight. Lots of scritches ensue.

  92. knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    Beautiful white cat. I would love to win this book. It looks like it has a lot of great patterns in it.

  93. Would love the book for trying new techniques.

    I like Melanie’s idea of a meshed screen for protecting blocked pieces . . . I’m going to try that for myself! I also have curious kitties.

  94. Oh my gosh. Loki is adorable! Love his expression while he plays with the dangling yarn, as in “oh my, bored…bored…bored..HA GOTCH U String!!

    LOVING the patterns in the book. Pretty on both sides is a beautiful thing. Isn’t it?

  95. Love your new kitty! They are so nice. I have two kitties myself. They are not Ragdolls in the strictest sense of the word, but kitties I adopted from shelters. One loves me and sleeps on my chest while I’m falling asleep, the other sits on my husband all day and purrs (we think she might be a ragdoll mix, because she’s got this short tail and a ton of hair, and just goes limp when you pick her up…).

    Would like to enter the drawing for the book too.
    Tenna Sutfin´s last blog post ..The Michigan Fiber Festival

  96. Although I’m a cat person at heart, my life is currently being supervised by a 10 lb. miniature poodle. No “Thunder Kitty” in my house these days but there are occasional and sudden outbursts of “Demeto Dog” – much running at high speed just for the fun of it.

  97. “Thunder Kitty” is a great way to describe that craziness; it make me giggle. I’m always astounded that the same critters that can come up behind me without making a sound, can also sound like a herd of ponies running down the hall. The book looks interesting.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Two idiots & a van

  98. What a nice book! I LOVE the afghan!

  99. Loki is such a handsome fella! I had to laugh when you described his Thunder Kitty routine. My Lexi does that also…..never thought to call it that though probably because the sister cats I had previous to Lexi, I named Thunder and Lightning……I received many a comment about their names. 🙂

  100. I use 4 of the 2′ x 2′ foam tiles for blocking. Once together and with the item pinned to them, I can stand the whole thing up. You could try that with the backs of the tiles out and the pinned lace towards the wall. Loki seems to be settling in quite nicely. You will have many happy years with him.
    Geri´s last blog post ..Ready to Steek