My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Pomme de Pin

This morning I steam-pressed the last sleeve of Pomme de Pin (which I finished on Wednesday) and sewed it into the body. I am done!


I am more or less pleased with the sweater. I used five skeins of Madelinetosh Pashmina in the Stovepipe colorway and made my sweater oversized. I completely re-engineered the sleeves and the armholes and they turned out the way I wanted: like normal sleeves rather than skinny tubes. In retrospect, I wish I had worked the back of the neck like a normal sweater. As written, there is an odd extension of the body that rides up the back of the neck and does nothing for me, apart from wrinkle in an unattractive manner. I suppose if you had a swan-like neck, this would look better.

Still, the yarn is lovely and soft so I don’t mind it too much. I’ll still wear the sweater in cold weather and will likely be pleased to have extra fabric in the back of the neck. But hopefully I’ve learned my lesson: stick with traditional-looking cardigans.

Loki was a big help in the finishing of this piece. See how pleased he looks?


He has headed off into his little tent to rest after all his hard work!



  1. Cathie Jones says:

    Love the Pomme de Pin. Bet the color is gorgeous on you!

    I am so pleased that you were able to pick the kitty who is able to help with knitting. My dogs are curious about fibers and fabrics, but only Peaches offers to help. If a quilt has to be on the floor for any reason, she will hold it down for me.

  2. Ellen Richardson says:

    Oh my, isn’t Loki handsome. If I were a female cat, I’d want to have his kittens too.

    I love the cardigan too, but am in two minds about knitting one of my own after your comments on the pattern.

  3. Carole N. says:

    Wendy, the sweater is just lovely! I know you are so much more accomplished than I, but, I consider each work when finished a lesson for me in knitting. This is what keeps me going back for more projects! LOL…. Loki is just so huggable! That face is just too cute! He has the expression….. OK, lets get this photo shoot over with! hehehe…

  4. Martina Norelli says:

    Lovely sweater and a very very handsome new cat!

  5. dorothy in kentucky says:

    Loki absolutely adores you. I have had that problem with a coupleof cardigans and also a sweater two also . On the sweater it did that in front and back. I do like the design and by looking at yours no one would know. I really dislike those tube sleeves myself also. I cannot stand anything tight in my armholes or around my arms.

  6. Isn’t Loki the sweetheart. I could never expect such help from the Yarn Rascal. Destroying yarn seems embedded in his DNA. I have never had a dog who reacted this way to yarn. Loki is a real sweetie.
    maryanne´s last blog post ..Yarn Rascal, Afghan Blocking, Baby Sweater Tips

  7. Mary Tole says:

    I think you did yourself proud on the cardi and will enjoy the warmth this winter or should you have to sit under an air conditioning vent at work. Loki has that “royal look” of bow down all ye withing my presnece. Didn’t take him long to realize he is king. He is truly a beautiful guy….if I can if can say that about a guy.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  8. Deborah Keep says:

    Congratulations you make it all look so easy, Love the colour.

  9. Regina Edmiston says:

    You take wonderful photos of your animals. Very professional.

  10. Wendy, there is an article in the latest post on the blog of that I think you will find an interesting read, though I am sure you have way more than 10,000 hours worth of knitting under your belt! The cardi is lovely, as always, amazed at the way you adjust patterns!! I am sure that has something to do with the 10,000+!! Hi Loki, you are such a handsome boy!

  11. I love button down cardigans, especially when they’re a bit loose and cuddly. Yours looks perfect! I have yet to be brave enough to alter a pattern but each time I read that you’ve done that with a pattern I get a bit closer. Thanks for your blog and keeping us up to date on your “La Vie en Chat” (I think that’s what I’m trying to say) 🙂

  12. Charlotte says:

    Your cardigan sweater looks beautiful, but everything you do is outstanding, especially compared to my pitiful results.
    Why does it seem like there so few of us in the world left that like our clothes to actually fit? Instead, the norm is to wear things that look like they either shrank or you borrowed them from a younger sibling or child. I’ve noticed even the knitting magazines & books are following this terrible trend.

  13. Pomme de pin so lovely…as well as Loki.

  14. Cecilia David says:

    Sleeves are hard work and supervision is even harder. cd

  15. Loki: the Prince Of Knitting!
    kmkat´s last blog post ..If it is Sunday, I must be muttering. And stuff.

  16. Loki’s eyes go very well with the sweater….

  17. Lovely sweater……Hindsight is always better than foresight! Loki looks settled in; that’s great.

  18. Hi Wendy – I’m glad you have adopted another kitty – are you familiar with the Floppycats website? ( It is for ragdoll kitty owners, lots of ragdoll info, thought you might like to look at it if you don’t already know about it. (I’m not affiliated with the website, neither of my two kitties are ragdolls but I follow kitty websites in general.) Hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend! Tricia