My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Fashion Crochet

No, I am not abandoning my knitting to take up crochet full time! While I am able to work some rudimentary crochet, I am very much an amateur and likely to remain that way.

But when I was offered a copy of this book for review, I snapped it up:


This is Fashion Crochet by Claire Montgomerie, a new book due out next week. It was the subtitle that had me intrigued: “30 Crochet Projects Inspired by the Runway.”

This book features 30 patterns and each one is accompanied by a photo of the haute couture piece that inspired it. A very cool idea, I think!

The patterns include skirts, tops, shawls, scarves, accessories, and bags. Each section opens with a nice spread that includes photos and sketches:


Here is a design for a fun necklace:



And here is the photo of the runway piece that inspired it:



In some cases, I like the patterns created here better than the original. Like this cute top:



Here is its inspiration:



I don’t know beans about crochet, but it looks like there is a little bit of everything here, and the patterns are very cute.

I am happy to pass this book along to one of you crocheters. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing to win this book, leave a comment on this post by noon on Sunday, September 1, 2013. The Random Number Generator will then select a winner.

Current Knitting

Since I finished my last Camp Loopy project, Pomme de Pin, I have returned to knitting on Maidenhair, and that is close to completion. I am on the last piece — a side front — and as you can see, I do not much have much left to do on it.


I’ve got just a few inches remaining to knit, then I’ll need to put it together and knit the collar. I’d be done by now, but a certain little someone has been distracting me.


When Loki climbs into my lap and wants to be petted or to play, I am putty in his paws. Knitting is cast aside and the kitty toys come out!

Loki sez:


“I’ve done a good job of training my new momma!”



  1. Oh, look at Loki’s fluffy feet and that sweet little nose! He is adorable.

  2. That looks like a fun crochet book. Good ones are hard to find!

  3. oh my, you always have such interesting books, and this one I would really love to check out.
    best wishes from Iceland
    Fríða´s last blog post ..FO nr 59/2013

  4. amy mason says:

    Loki is so cute!

  5. Looks like an interesting book, thank you for sharing.

  6. It is nice to see crochet that looks fresh and modern. Would love to explore this book.

  7. Eileen Bunn says:

    Please enter my name in the drawing. Loki is a lucky one….YOU are a good woman!!!

  8. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I would love a crochet book that shows modern fashions. Please enter me into the drawing. Your Loki is so sweet looking.

  9. The book looks interesting. I hope I win the drawing. Loki is soooo cute.

  10. That kitty has some fluffy feet! And as a crocheter, I would love to have that book.

  11. I would love that book. Loki is simply adorable.

  12. What a nice looking book!

  13. Loki’s adorable! I’d love that crochet book. Pick me. 🙂

  14. Peggy aka PickleSoup says:

    Love those ice blue eyes!! And I’d love to enter for the crochet book. Looks like fun, wearable patterns. 🙂 Thanks!

  15. I do a bit of both….knitting and crocheting. Thanks for putting your book in a draw.

  16. Katy Sullivan says:

    Wow! Beautiful book! I love to crochet and would really enjoy this book. Please enterme in the drawing.

  17. I knit and crochet, so I would love to win this book. Loki is a very lucky kittie and you are a lucky momma!

  18. Jennifer Murphy says:

    Oh! Pick me, kind gods of random numbers!

  19. I’m not really a crocheter, but considering the size of my stash and the fact that crochet is supposed to be faster I think I’d better learn. I can do basic stuff, but not a whole garment yet.
    Rachelle – Warming Crafts´s last blog post ..Stays

  20. Rhonda B. says:

    I’m like you and like the new designs better, too, they’re so much
    smore wearable. The kitty is so photogenic!

  21. So glad to see Loki adjusting so well.

  22. dorothy in kentucky says:

    Your swearer is gorgeous. Loki is so adorable I can see how you would have to give in to whims. I know Lucy is instructing him on you soft spots for kitties. He looks so comfy.

  23. Way to go Loki, keep training your mama.

  24. Oh count me in, I love crochet as well as knitting, the book looks fantastic.
    Thank you,

  25. TooTwisted Donna says:

    I am just flexing my crochet muscles. And this book
    Could have me lifting the heavy weights in no time!!

  26. Loki is so handsome, I bet he’d look stunning in something from that book.

  27. I don’t want the crochet book because I’d never use it but just had to commend Loki on establishing himself as alpha of the family in such an expeditious manner. Tux seconds my commendation.

  28. OH, would I LOVE to win the Fashion Crochet book! I taught myself to crochet using You Tube and would be so thankful to win this! Loki is quite a big and lovable boy!

  29. Crochet rocks too! Count me in. Loki appears to be settling in well.
    Cat comfort is a big deal. LOL

  30. Me! Me! I like crochet and randomness!

  31. I am learning how to crochet. My daughter’s grandmother-in-law is teaching me. We are both pleased, I am being taught by family, and she is able to pass along her skills. I do hope I win this book. She and I would enjoy the patterns. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Experienced knitter- newbie crocheter. Interesting book. Loki is just beautiful!

  33. Oh dear, Mr. Loki, ya gotta let momma knit!! Or crochet??? Thanks for the opportunity

  34. I knit and crochet. Id like to have this book.

  35. I love crochet for some things. That necklace is wonderful!
    Jeanie´s last blog post ..Musings on Christmas Eve

  36. Would love the crochet book!

  37. This looks like a great book with interesting patterns!

  38. Somehow “crochet” and “fashion garments” don’t click in my mind. Having said that, crocheted lace has been one of my guilty pleasures since I was a young bride 45 years ago. Perhaps it’s time to learn some new techniques. And, I love hearing more about Loki. Thanks.

  39. Melissa Vink says:

    Wow your knitting looks so nice!! I’m a lover of both crafts 🙂 and cats 😉 My little miss (Lucy) has been on a weight loss plan and is at her goal weight!! She definitely has more energy…she’s 10 yrs old now. I would love a chance to win that book! Thank you for offering the giveaway and giving us a chance to win that awesome book! It looks fantastic!

  40. I started with crochet and am learning successfully to knit…I love the new color project and pattern!!

  41. GeniaKnitz says:

    No interest in crochet, here, but I am entranced with Loki’s fluffy feet! I have a little white male cat with the same kind of “feathers” on his feet, and I love them! (And him, of course!)

  42. I’d love to have the book, I think I actually crochet better than I knit…
    Chris Reeske´s last blog post ..How to make the stretched star

  43. Mekhetling says:

    My cats always “help” 😛 That book looks awesome! Keen to be in the draw!

  44. Looks like a lovely book.

    Can’t wait to see how Maidenhair turns out. That’s a great shade of green.

    I’m the same way with my cats too. They get in my lap and there goes the knitting!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Inspiration

  45. Some of these patterns are really cute. I do not crochet often since I love the knitting so much but I could take a break from knitting! I would be delighted to have the book if I am the lucky winner.

    My cats would probably love the crochet as there is more motion with the hook and yarn. LOL

  46. My knitting distractor is my husband, who puts his head in my lap to be petted. Just like Loki!

  47. The laptop pic is great. Our guy likes to lay on keyboards, at least in part because they’re generally pretty warm. Hubby rarely closes the lid on his, or locks the device, so he sometimes comes back to rows and rows of garbage.

    Crochet has some advantages over knitting for various craft projects, but for clothing, my preference is still knitting.

  48. Oh, and you can leave me out for the book.

  49. I would love to win that book. Loki is so adorable; I love his fluffy paws.

  50. Paw fluff! Cute!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Travel to Germany Tall Mia Bag – Limited Edition by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  51. I love to knit and crochet.

  52. I love reading your posts and keeping up with your furry friend Loki. Sorry about Lucy passing though. Would love the crochet book.

  53. I love to knit & crochet, the cover is very pretty. I would love to be selected.
    Thank you

  54. Loki is lucky to have you for a mom. I’ve always loved to crochet, though I spend more time knitting. I’d love to win this book.

  55. Loki is becoming very photogenic. He’s a handsome boy!

  56. Am learning to crochet and have been impressed that the craft is finally getting current with the fashions – would love the book. Thank you

  57. i’ve just started hooking again after a decades long hiatus, so i’d love a book that helps me stretch those long lost muscles! also? loki is such a sweetheart of a kitty in all his pictures — he makes me want another cat

  58. Loki is a handsome boy!

  59. Seeing Loki makes me want a cat – too bad my allergies don’t allow it. The crochet book looks interesting. Some of those items would be cute on my 19 year old daughter!

  60. Loki is one lucky kitty! Cute and interesting book!

  61. I learned how to crochet long before I learned to knit, and I’ve always been glad to know both sides of the sticks and string theory! And the book looks like it would be a nice edition to my library! That Loki sure is a handsome dude!

  62. Awwwww, lucky Loki. He has a mommy who understands. Apparently, Loki understands how not to get into your knitting.

  63. Loki is sooooo cute! I would love to cuddle with him while reading a good book!

  64. Interesting book. Since I can knit & crochet its been wonderful to see crochet patterns becoming more modern.

    Missing Lucy but Loki is growing on me fast :0

  65. Wow thanks for the giveaway! This book looks great. Loki is completely adorable btw!

  66. I crochet too! Loki is photogenic!

  67. Looks like a really fun book!

    Loki is so cute! His fur looks so soft and cuddly.
    Lee Cockrum´s last blog post ..Getting back on the horse! (And a rant about the poor writing I find on various blogs!)

  68. Stephanie H. says:

    I would love to try my hand at some of these patterns. Thanks for the giveaway Wendy!

  69. That book makes me think about my Gramaw. She taught me to crochet & was expert at lace doilies. I never got any guidance about how to do anything else though I would’ve liked to. I think she would’ve enjoyed the wide world of yarn arts opened up by the internet.

  70. DeseratI' says:

    I’ll try for the book!!! Cat is cute…

  71. I’d love the book! Loki looks like a total sweetheart. An I-get-momma’s-attention-whenever-I-want-it kind of sweetheart!

  72. Please put me in for the book, and give a pat to Loki. What a little face!

  73. It’s great to see fashionable crochet projects. Too often people view crochet as the way to make bathroom tissue cozies. LOL
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  74. Loki is a techie kitty! I noticed how he took possession of your lap top!

  75. Thanks for the chance! I am so inspired to knit but often less so to crochet. This looks like something I could use! Loki has taught you well. Enjoy the long weekend.

  76. The only part of that book I’d be interested in, would be the necklaxce! I used to crochet quite a lot, but find knitting easier on my hands.
    Love the shot of Loki holding the laptop closed ; “Stop petting the machine & pet ME, Mom!” I am so torn — one of the ferals living under our house is a long-haired orange tabby, only about 8 months old, so maybe not too old to get used to indoor living. But we already have two cats, and a seriously tiny house. I guess I could catch him and take him to the shelter (the others will go to the pound if I catch them, too old to change their ways!)– I think little Tabby would have a fair chance of finding a forever home.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Two idiots & a van

  77. Christienne L Stewen says:

    Dear Wendy
    I’m not even trying to win the crochet book – I just had to comment on Loki’s foot fur !!! It’s so long – I can’t even believe it. He’s an adorable addition and we’re so thrilled you’re sharing him with us.
    Back to the book for a minute – I’m also an amateur crocheter but I try to keep my hands pliable for either knitting or crocheting. 🙂 Here’s to learning new things!

  78. Loki looks so pleased with himself at picking the right momma at the shelter.

  79. I have been crocheting…most of my life…mostly lace doilies and the like. It would be interesting to try my hand at some fashion crochet. I usually turn to knitting for that kind of work.

    Your kitty is beautiful…looks pretty spoiled already…and what the heck!!! What are pets for anyway if you can’t enjoy them:).

  80. Nice to see a modern crochet book – so many patterns look outdated! Count me in and thanks!

  81. Loki is one smart young man, first choosing you to be his momma and then learning so quickly how to get you to do exactly what he wants. 🙂 So glad you found each other.

  82. Catherine S. says:

    Good boy, Loki. If you work your magic just right your Momma may give up knitting altogether, wrap both of you in her dozens of beautiful shawls, and lounge the cold months away. You still have a few weeks to do it! xo

  83. Susan Picciano says:

    Love the idea around this book!

  84. I love to crochet! Looks like a good book.

  85. Mary Cline-Buso says:

    Crochet was my first love. Won’t win, as I have no luck, but thanks for turning me on to the book.

  86. I started as a crocheter. Loki is beautiful!

  87. zombie tomato says:

    Mr Loki’s ToeFloof is to die for.

  88. Thanks for the book offer. I would love it. Loki appears so soft. Take care.