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All Loki All the Time

A number of you have requested more information about Loki. And as far as Loki is concerned, everything is all about Loki!


This little guy has been living with me almost a month now and has done a good job of making himself at right at home.

He is a smart kitty — he has quickly learned the meaning of the word “no.” From the start he has had the tendency to want to play-bite my fingers. I withdraw my hand, say “no” in a firm tone of voice, and then ignore him for a few minutes, and he has figured out that this is not acceptable behavior. He gets over-excited when he plays and forgets, of course, but at the first attempt at a play-bite, I just have to say no, and he puts himself in time-out for a few minutes, moving away from me and curling up a couple of feet away.

He is very good about keeping his claws in during play with me, and when I am petting him. That took him no time at all to figure out.

When he first came to live with me he did not like having his paws touched at all, so clipping his claws was out of the question. He’d freak out if I pressed on his paw to extend the claw, so I had to take him to the vet for a claw clipping. He behaved himself beautifully there, so that gave me hope. Since them I have been making a point of playing with his paws as much as possible. He now lets me extend his claws, so I am hopeful that when the time comes for a kitty mani-pedi, he will let me and the King of All Remote Controls do it for him.

We are doing well with the knitting. He is, of course, entranced by the working yarn, but I am very careful to keep it out of his reach, and to always have a toy (like this one) nearby. If he starts eyeing my yarn, I pick up the toy and initiate some playtime.

He loves toys that have feathers, so I have an assortment for him — kitty fishing poles and “stand-alone” toys.

At first he would only sit next to me. He wanted to be touching me all the time but was not interested in getting in my lap. Lately he has wanted lap time. He climbs into my lap several times each evening. He doesn’t stay long, just long enough for some kisses and snuggles.


And he is getting much better about letting me sleep through most of the night . . . or I’m getting better at sleeping through his play requests at 2:00am!

The thing that totally cracks me up — he must have memorized the part in the Ragdoll manual where it ways that Ragdoll kitties like to flop down on their backs. Because he is pretty darn good at it.



I’m not kidding.


It is so darn cute!


He is the definition of a Ragdoll.


And he is a very good kitty — completely non-destructive, he focuses his claw sharpening activities  on one of his several scratching posts/pads. I have not wanted to tempt him by leaving yarn out where he can get at it, but he seems to “get” which things are his toys and leaves everything else alone. He is tidy and fastidious with regards to the litter box, and the only food he is interested in is his — no begging at table! He eats Life’s Abundance cat food and seems to like it. He free feeds: I put down half the recommended amount for a cat his size twice a day, in the morning and at night, and while he does not rush to his bowl as if he was starving, he does eat most of it by the next time I refill his bowl.

He has knocked his bowl over twice, but he did that by accident during Thunder Kitty runs.

Just to give this post a little bit of knitting content, a sneak peek at my current work in progress:



  1. Cathie Jones says:

    Loki is definitely a special boy. He stole my heart at first glance. Thanks for the extra photos.

    And how about those cables? You are the Cable Queen!!

  2. Loved his “Sleep” photos! Clip the fur shorter and that would be Sushi sleeping. Until Sushi, and now Loki, I had thought that sleeping on the back was primarily a kitten thing. New fashion in cat naps?

  3. I love the photos of him on his back!
    Lee Cockrum´s last blog post ..Getting back on the horse! (And a rant about the poor writing I find on various blogs!)

  4. Love him!

  5. Thanks for the update. Somehow I just can’t get enough of that cute kitteh

  6. He is so gorgeous! He looks like the kind of kitty you just want to snuggle all the time! Have you ever thought about keeping any of your longer furred kitty’s fur and spinning it? I know some people do that with their dogs.

    I love the cables, they’re so crisp in the fabric, what yarn are you using?
    Jessie´s last blog post ..Multicraftual

  7. Loki is a real cutie! I love to read about him!

  8. Wendy he is beautiful! I hope he brings me lots of joy!

  9. I love Loki! Thanks for the update!

  10. I’m totally lovin’ Loki! Too too precious a kitteh! luv.m.

  11. Your post is timely
    Over the long weekend Hubby and I spent an afternoon flipping through the new magazines

    I happened to pick up a cat/kitten magazine. An article about Ragdolls caught my eye – Loki came to mind, so I took a few minutes to read it. Now you’ve dedicated a post to Loki
    Timely indeed.

    BTW, he is adorable. In fact, down right outstanding.

    And extra treat or two for Mr Cutie

  12. He has obviously mastered the fine art of “Kitty Flop”! He’s absolutely gorgeous.

  13. What a beautiful kitty and that’s coming from a dog person. I watched my daughters cat for three weeks and I think one thing that gave me the most entertainment was thunder kitty around 6:30 am. Who knew such a small animal can make so much noise! I truly missed her when she went home. I love thunder kitty!

  14. He is sooooo cute….I am envious. We had a cat for 18 years even tho my husband and most of my kids were allergic. The cat, of course, loved my husband! 🙂

  15. Loki is adorable. But isn’t Loki some kind of Nordic mischief maker?

    I don’t know if part of your “play” is massaging his paws. My cats really like that, and of course if Loki does, then it might help when it comes time to clip claws.

  16. Oh Loki is so precious! The dear guy has settled in beautifully and…. your new project has ‘really’ peaked my curiosity! 😀

  17. Amy Schulze says:

    Not really a cat person, but I really enjoy hearing about Loki. He is beautiful!

  18. Thanks for all the info on Loki. I am such a fan of that fluffy white kitty.

  19. Thanks for sharing more on Loki! He is a very handsome boy! Love the belly shots…

  20. What a sweetie! I have a fondness for large white cats. Thanks for telling us more about Loki.

  21. Loki is just lovely! You are both lucky to have found each other.

  22. How precious! Our new Ragdoll kitten has kitten-fits of running the length of the house, so we have nicknamed him “the white tornado”, because he streaks by at full speed. I like your name of Thunder Kitty runs. Ragdolls are the best and the sweetest! I can’t get enough of Loki!
    Donna´s last blog post ..Knitting Quote

  23. paisleyapron says:

    I LOVE his face. Beautiful cat and beautiful knitting.

  24. Kitkatknitter says:

    Of course it’s all about the kitty, all of the time! He’s truly adorable, and named after my favorite Thor movie character, so double win!

  25. Thanks so much for sharing Loki. I would love to hear more about his antics. We forget how active a younger cat can be and what fun they are to watch. So great that he respects your knitting.


  26. I’m so happy for you, Wendy.. he’s a special boy to fill his Mommy’s heart. I would be lost without my two females, and I would not take a million dollars for either. My girls came from the Tulsa Pound from different litters, different personalities and are on different sleeping schedules. Bella is the music lover and she runs to the piano and stretches out to listen to Mommy play. Her favorite composer is Claude DeBussy and music from ” Phantom Cat of the Opera”. (imagine us singing Music of the Night using only Meow words. Yeah, we’re ate up with it.

  27. He is adorable. I have been off line for over a month, and just learned about your dear Lucy. I am so sorry, but adopting Loki is just the best thing.

    What a good home Lucy had, and what a great friend to you. We all loved hearing what Lucy had to say. Loki is the perfect way to honor her. Gosh, I remember Izzy….long time, huh?

  28. dorothy in kentucky says:

    Oh that face!!! Was Lucy from the same place. I love that Loki boys face. You can tell he ia an alpha. That look he gives you is like Hey Mama I am the man. Does he get on quite well with his dad?. Lucy was so adorable too. She had that flop over onto back down pat too
    Loki’s face as he looks into the camera is delihtful.. I have a Siamese that was used for breeding and dropped at the local shelter. The first six months I would find her curled up in the ferret cage. I took almost a year of taking her out of the cage to keep her from the cage andcwith me. Truffles my kitty loves a lap to snuggle in. It ws like she had to learn to be a loved kitty.

  29. dorothy in kentucky says:

    rgot to mention how plush his coatcoais. Looks luscious.

  30. I’m looking for the ‘love’ button. Loki is beautiful!

  31. GeniaKnitz says:

    Looks like Loki is doing a super job filling the cat-sized place in your household, and I can certainly see why. I congratulate you both on finding each other. He sounds like a loving little boy, and you a wonderful human companion. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is so ridiculously beautiful and deliciously silly!
    I wish you both many happy years together.

  32. Great update on Loki… love your new project…a throw?

  33. What a wonderful boy !
    Dorothée´s last blog post ..Vive la rentrée !

  34. Awwww… What nice boy! I’m so glad you have found each other.
    And LOVE the cabled enticement……

  35. I crack up at “Thunder Kitty”, every time. Love those blue eyes!
    More cables — they sure are fun, and look great too.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Two idiots & a van

  36. I very much enjoyed reading about Loki. He is such a BOY! I have a female Birman (which I believe is one of the breeds that contributes to the Ragdoll) and she is such a girl. It’s funny to see the differences. What big paws you have, Mr. Loki! I’m really happy for you that you found another kitty companion so quickly, and such a great one.

  37. What a delightful post! Looks like Loki has quite a fan-club already!

  38. I. Love. Ragdolls. Especially Loki! He is soooo cute!
    Lolly´s last blog post ..I miss the blog!!!!

  39. I love how you can get all the sleeping kitty shots. I would take pictures of my parents’ cat, but her head would always pop up as soon as she heard the shutter click on the camera.

  40. Elaine Larsen says:

    Loki is gorgeous!
    How is his hearing? You know, the white cat/blue eyes thing.

  41. Christienne L Stewen says:

    I do not need another kitty. I do not need another kitty. I do not need another kitty.
    BUT LOKI IS SO CUTE! 🙂 Adorable belly shots too btw. Thanks for sharing him with us virtually. He looks very completely at ease in your home – what a lucky boy!

    The sneaky knitting shot you included at the end has me intrigued – it looks gorgeous already but I’m curious to see what the finished product will be … Keep up the great work.

  42. Beautiful kitty! And I have one – Gomez (not a Ragdoll) that throws himself down on his back all the time with his legs spread. Must be a male kitty thing! It also means that they feel safe and content. Congrats on the adjustment period going so smoothly! Lucy would have approved.

  43. Kristine M. says:

    Such a sweetie! And he knows it!

    Does he talk much or is he the strong silent type?

  44. Rosemary Johnson says:

    He is beautiful. What a lucky guy! Our cats like the same feather teaser too, but we have to reinforce the connection between the feather part and the stick with duct tape or it only lasts through few minutes of play.

  45. So is my Korat related to Ragdolls? I’ve never had another cat that did this in quite this way.

    I heard a guy on NPR talking about a book he’s written – Cat Sense – where he talks about how kittens learn to keep their claws in from their mothers, and kittens taken away from them too soon don’t (obviously) get that lesson. He was actually speaking against declawing, but I’ve never heard it put quite that way before.

  46. Heart! Those are wonderful photos. Loki is helping me miss Lucy a little less. It’s amazing how much I can miss a kitty I’ve never met. One of my knitting/cat friends feels exactly the same way. Thank you, Wendy for sharing your kitties with us.

  47. My late husband had
    very badly-behaved cats that put me off having a cat ever since, but I have to say that Loki may have stolen my heart! He is one beautiful kitty and how wonderful that he is so well mannered as well. Keep those photos coming!

  48. Sharen Warren says:

    So glad you & Loki found each other. He is a wonderful kitty!

  49. Catherine S. says:

    I’m so happy for Loki: he has definitely fallen in the clover. Thanks for the photos, Wendy. Loki is one happy cat! When he feels more comfortable having his paws touched and claws extended, try a regular old toenail clipper, which is what I use on my Raggies. When it’s turned sideways it conforms to the flat claw and *snip*! Even if you can only do one toe at a time it’s very easy. Plus! With the pale-colored kitties it’s easy to see where the vein is so to avoid it. I always have a styptic pencil ready anyway but have only had to use it once in 15 years.

  50. elaine in colorado says:

    Awwww…. what a cutie!

  51. Loki is wonderful. Oh for a pet that knew the word no and obeyed it. You don’t happen to do doggie interventions?
    maryanne´s last blog post ..Serenity, No Angel Wings, Migraine

  52. Thanks for the Loki update! He sounds like a very smart kitty (and I thought MY cat was the smartest! 🙂 ) It sounds like you are training him well. I am so glad you two found each other. Love the pictures of him sleeping.

  53. Loki, I love you!
    kmkat´s last blog post ..FO Friday.

  54. Thank you for telling us more about Loki. He sounds like a very special kitty. And thanks for the sneak peek – lovely and lovely. thanks for the post!

  55. He is a complete joy!!!

  56. Midnite Baker says:

    Loki sounds like a real cool cat!! So glad you found him. Hope you post some info soon on your latest knitting project. It looks very intriguing, as I have some fisherman’s wool just waiting to be played with. M

  57. It sounds like Loki is settling in very well. It’s obvious that he likes to have his picture taken – he’s the perfect model.

  58. Loki is beautiful! What a joy he is for you. He is so photogenic; seems to love your camera! Keep the pix coming!