My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Progress Report

I have a bit more than two-thirds done on this piece:


However, knitting time is minimal. When I am given a choice of working on knitting  or having a happy purring kitty who wants to sit in my lap while I pet him . . . happy purring kitty wins out every time!

Still, I hope to have this piece done this weekend. Then all that remains are the shoulder strap pieces and the collar, so I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The past week or so it has been cool enough in the mornings that I have needed something. I have been wearing my Not-Viajante, which is a very handy, versatile garment. This differs from Viajante in that I increased on both sides to make it wider across the shoulders faster. My Viajante is a lot skinnier at the top so in bunches up more around the neck.

Anyway, I am hoping it won’t be too much longer before this poncho will be the perfect outwear for my morning commute. I do plan to write up the pattern. I am finding it an enjoyable knit, and some of you may as well. Besides, if the government shuts down next Tuesday and I am out of a job temporarily, I need to sell patterns to support myself, right? 😉



In a comment on my last blog post, Debbie asked how Loki was doing with letting me touch his floofy paws.

When I first got him, he would not allow me to touch his paws, much less clip his claws, so I had to take him to the vet for his mani-pedi. And I have been making a point of gently fondling his paws as much as possible since he came to live with me.

I am pleased to report that recently, with the help of the King of All Remote Controls, I was able to execute a partial claw clip! Loki got a little squirmy before we could finish so I thought it best to end on a high note and finish the job later.

The King of All Remote Controls held Loki gently on his side on a towel-covered table, grasping him by the scruff of the neck while I extended a paw and clipped the claws. This is how the vet techs did it when I took him in and I was amazed when I saw how quiet he was — no crying or struggling. So we replicated this at home. We had some initial fumbling while we got into position, and then it took me a while to find each transparent little claw in all that floof, so it’s no wonder Loki got squirmy before we were done. But other than that, it went very well. No crying (from either the cat or the humans) and no hard feelings when we released him.


  1. Will he let you brush him? I had one long-haired cat that couldn’t abide being brushed but who matted up something fierce. We had to shave her each spring. Why yes, I did knit her a sweater (which she wouldn’t wear).

  2. Glad to hear his foot play is helping. You were right to stop before he became stressed. I work as a dog groomer and that is what we try to do. Otherwise they become stressed and it can be worse on future nail trims. I also have 14 cats in my house that I trim nails on lol. Some are great and others I get one foot a day. They are each unique 😉
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Episode 42 – Lucky #13

  3. I1m happy to hear that he is becoming better with his paws.

  4. We are ready for our nail trimming. Each day goes by and I ask my Scarlett, “Why didn’t we get to your nails today?” Either she is (cough, cough) sleeping, or socializing, so we can’t ruin the mood. Our safety net, you ask? Our King of the Remote Control wears leather gloves and I rush through the trim before the ASPCA comes to the house. And before anyone asks; we’ve had to do this for 15 1/2 years. Scarlett came into our lives at age 5 weeks. She is WHO SHE IS, and there is no change on the horizon. I love her to bits!

  5. I have the biggest crush on Loki! I even went looking on the internets for some cat person like him.

  6. Good job.

  7. Midnite Baker says:

    I have found the front claws are more important to clip first, since they are the sharpest. The back ones get wore down from extending while climbing or running. Sparky is quite satisfied stretched out on her back in DH’s lap as he sits in his recliner and clips her claws. But she only gives him 5 minutes to do the job, just like her bath – only 15 minutes and you better be done or else. I won’t explain the “or else” or I would have to wash my mouth out with soap! You all get the drift.
    Glad you will be writing up a pattern for your poncho. Now, I have to find my yarn that I want to use and get it wound into balls. Later, M

  8. Loki is so very beautiful and looks totally content on ‘his’ lounge 🙂

  9. Ah, if only I would be ‘unemployed’ if the government shut down, but, alas, I am ‘essential’… I would do some serious something, I tell you – maybe even clip some nails!! Since I fly solo on the nail clipping, I try to start with the right paw, it’s the most awkward and, as we all know, they get fidgety FAST… Lovely knitting, as always, and Loki, what can I say that hasn’t already been said.

  10. We’ve only had one feline family member who was entirely happy to just sit plopped in my lap while I trimmed her claws. Alas, the current feline is not so acquiescent, and it takes two of us – hubby holding him by the scruff while I clip. But he actually purrs through the whole thing and isn’t really anxious to escape when we’re done. As with so much of his behavior, I just take it to be his “It’s a game” attitude.

    The most bizarre one was an ocicat that was rather a fruitcake. After we’d had her for a while we learned from a breeder (not the one we got her from) that she had not been handled enough as a kitten – her breeder/owner had just started dating the guy she later married and was – er – preoccupied. With her, if you trapped her in our bathroom – not an especially small one either – she pretty much went limp and you could trim her claws with no problem. Go figure. The rest of the time she was a lunatic. One time at the vet she escaped the tech and wound up standing on the top edge of an open upper wall cabinet door. Quite the acrobat.

  11. I have a silly question; what is a The King of All Remote Controls clipper??

  12. I have a foster right now who needs her claws clipped, does not like it, and HER CLAWS ARE BLACK which makes it scary. It is going to be a two person job for sure.
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Rhinebeck 2012

  13. The poncho matches Loki so nicely!!! He is gorgeous;O)) And your knitting is too, of course!

  14. Loki has certainly thrived under your loving care. I agree with you when the King (or Queens in my case) demands attention all else screeches to a halt. I love the look the kitties give us after claiming our attentions and filling our laps—its “Now isn’t this better, worship me!”
    nance´s last blog post ..Yarn Hoarding and Chocolate Pots

  15. should the government shut down and you are in need of a yarn fix, you can come to my house and shop. Only thing, I am more a worsted weight girl. By the way the government won’t shutdown, they are playing chicken. It happens the same time every year.


  16. I have been away from reading blogs for several months, and I only today learned about Lucy’s passing. You have my deepest sympathy. I still have a skein of Lucy yarn; it has never told me what it needs to be.

    Your new young man, Loki, is gorgeous and seems to have already figured out how very fortunate he is in his new home and new momma. Blessings to you both.

  17. Catherine S. says:

    You’re a good mum, Wendy. Loki is actually smiling.

  18. I have a knitting friend how also has a kitty named Loki, too, only her cat is pure chaos.

  19. Heidi (LunaKitty) says:

    I’ll have to try your scruff trick. LunaKitty goes ballistic when we try to trim her claws, even if hubs wraps her in a towel. Sad thing is, she was fine with me playing with her paws when she was a kitten, but as she grew older, she changed her mind!

  20. Doing my part to avert a shut down in Washington– I am staging an alternate shut down of my own. I turned my retirement papers in today! As of November 22, I will be a retired Louisiana school psychologist. Lots of knitting time just around the corner! Lots of Gypsy Rose (Yorkie) time just around the corner! A Washington shut down would be terrible for most folks, but I’ll bet Loki would love to have a stay at home mom! And my own personal King of All Remote Controls is looking forward to having a stay at home wife….maybe we will have a few more home cooked meals around here!

  21. I LOVE his fluffy paws! Does he have tuffs of fur coming through the other side? My girl has a bunch of furs on the pads of her paws – it’s my favorite!