My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Tales From the Unemployed

I’m starting to get used to the government shutdown situation. I’ve gotten into a groove of tidying up, playing with Loki, knitting, and actually making meals from scratch.

Loki, always ready for a game:



He is not sure why all of a sudden Momma is home all the time, but he seems to enjoy it!

I’ve gotten a fair amount of knitting done. I completed a stealth project, and I started knitting a cowl:



This is being knit from Shalimar Missy bulky yarn, and it is just a simple yo, ssk lace pattern worked every other row, knit in the round (on alternate rows, I just knit around).

And I started this:



Can anyone guess what this will become? Hint: it is not a scarf.

It is fortunate that I have a yarn stash of epic proportion: I have no need to buy yarn for a very long time. Good thing, because right now I am limiting my expenditures to things like mortgage, utility bills, food, etc. Essentials for survival! Not that yarn isn’t an essential for survival, but I am a yarn survivalist — I stocked up in better times!

Government Shutdown Pattern Sale

Thank you to everyone who has taken advantage of my Government Shutdown Pattern Sale. (I have marked down all my patterns in my Ravelry store 50% off for the duration of the shutdown. You don’t need a coupon — just add a pattern to your cart and the discount will be reflected there.)

I appreciate the infusion of cash to help with my peace of mind. Loki will not go without catnip!

Loki sez:



“Thank you for helping to support me in the style to which I have become accustomed!”


  1. I certainly hope this is over soon.
    Yarn is essential but so is catnip and a roof over your head as well as Loki’s.

  2. I have an adequate stash and a full freezer as well. I’ve got a list of chores- cleaning and minor fix-its- I’m working through. Though I want to get back to work, part of me thinks “I need a week off to get through this list of chores, then the shutdown can end.”

    My cat Pepper is not fond of catnip, but does like her Fancy Feast.

    Is the lovely green item another poncho?

  3. Who can help but to play with him, he’s a beautiful baby. I hope for your sake it is over soon. Enjoy the time off, I’m sure you need it.

  4. Heidi (LunaKitty) says:

    I really think Loki looks more poofy every time I see him! 🙂 He must be really soft.

  5. Thanks for the discount, Wendy! I just ordered two similar patterns. Couldn’t decide which one I wanted, LOL! Hope this helps you a bit. Enjoy the time off.

  6. Yarn IS an essential to survival, specially in such an ocasion!

  7. Thanks for the sale, Wendy. I can’t imagine this going on much longer. The work shutdown is a good excuse for a yarn stash, though. Loki won’t know what’s going on when you go back to work.

  8. I think loki is getting much bigger orgetting a lot more hair. You will have to us his hair for spinning!!!

  9. I hope it is another poncho. The yarn is gorgeous. What is the yarn? Since it is from your stash I hope it or something like it is still available.

  10. Thank you for the discounts – I just bought 8 new patterns! I hope the shutdown is back open soon – for now enjoy Loki and your stash!

  11. with each picture you post of Loki, he is becoming more and more handsome. Now I want a kitten too. My little black girl Jasmine is 10 years old and I don`t think she would want a playmate at her age. But her Momma does

  12. Barbara Runcie says:

    Loki is looking so beautiful/handsome! What a gorgeous kitty

  13. Loki is a pretty boy. Thanks for the sale on your patterns.

  14. I hope you enjoy your time off; last week was gorgeous. So sorry that our elected officials are using you and your compatriots as pawns in their squabble.

  15. We are to attend a Conference in Wash. at the end of the month. I so want to see all of the historic and memorial sights, have never been there. Hope we can!
    Loki is so-o-o very handsome. I am thinking that you are knitting a feline article! Pretty greens! Have a great week to come! :o)

  16. It is very kind of you to discount the patterns–for all the creativity and entertainment you provide, how could I not buy more of your clever patterns!

  17. I’m guessing this for the green knitting that looks like Noro.

    I don’t have an epic stash, and I was still able to knit from my stash while my hubby was unemployed for 15 months. I’m hoping that your situation is resolved much quicker!

  18. Mary Tole says:

    Thanks for the sale Wendy. I live on a very fixed budget so I appreciate the discount. Hope your situation is resolved soon and the government can get back to work. Love Loki, he is so handsome.

  19. The government situation is nuts. I hope you enjoy your extra knitting time and time with your beautiful kitty, but I do hope it ends soon;O)) Anxious to see what the green piece will become! And so glad your big stash is coming in handy!!! There’s a reason we stock up – lol!

  20. GeniaKnitz says:

    I don’t have any idea what the knitted object will be, but it is gorgeous! Those greens just fill up my eyes.
    (As, of course, does Master Loki!)

  21. Midnite Baker says:

    Love your title “Tales From the Unemployed”. Very appropriate for the times. Also, since you have a new kitty, having lots of time to bond is very important for you two right now. Maybe, you need to dust off the old crock pot and find some really good “from scratch” recipes for it, so when you do go back to work, it can cook for you.
    Made a mobius scarf from a worsted weight wool in spring, now maybe I’ll get to wear it soon. Your new project is probably a sweater jacket – possibly with drop shoulders. Take a picture of your cowl when done, it looks quite soft. You know the routine, give Loki an ear rub from me & Sparky. M

  22. Charlotte says:

    I’d buy some of your patterns, but I’ve already bought all your books in the past & right now am only doing “quick” shawls to give away right now so I can knit other presents for Christmas – eg afghan, gloves, socks, toys, plus ornaments – lots of ornaments.

  23. I bought a couple of patterns, thanks! Don’t know when I’ll get to knit them, as I’ve the niece’s sweater (due the 15th!!) in work, then holiday knitting needs to go into high gear. But I’m very glad to have the patterns, and to contribute even a bit to keeping Master Loki well supplied with the NIP.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Once more, with feeling

  24. Thank you for offering a discount on your patterns–I’m going to take a look at lunch. I hope this shutdown business is resolved soon.
    Loki is one very handsome boy. I can see how cuddling and scritching would trump knitting in his case.

  25. Jen in MN says:

    is the green knitting going to be an Einstein jacket?

  26. Linda Hasley says:

    Oh dear, I took shameless advantage of this markdown – you make so many lovely patterns that I’ve longed to buy for ages and now I got twice as many! I hope things settle down and let you get back to work soon, but I’m still going to revel in my pattern stash!

  27. oh how I love Loki’s nose.
    Carol´s last blog post ..Giveaway & Book Review: The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet vol II, by Hunter Hammersen

  28. I am in a near-panic just because so many people I know are furloughed (or are DoD civilians, back at work but still not being paid). The longer this continues, the harder it will be on all of you, and it will trickle down – my job relies heavily on NIH. So, I was happy to help you and Loki by buying a few patterns. Loki really is a gorgeous boy! (And I have no idea what it is, but the green thing is very pretty!)
    janna´s last blog post ..Blogger Fail

  29. Anything that gives you a chance to knit to your heart’s content is a good thing in disguise:).

    Sanja´s last blog post ..Single cable hat

  30. Remember please…the GOOD catnip for Loki! LOL Oh I can relate. My two Golden Retrievers are loving having me home. I told them food rations might begin soon…then they won’t love my furlough. I think that green knitted piece is Noro and part of a jacket of some sort? Just a guess. Hope all is well today.
    Kim B´s last blog post ..Lily — April 2, 1999 to September 29, 2013