My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It Was a Dark and Rainy Sunday

It’s been dark and rainy for the past few days, actually. Perfect weather for a lot of knitting progress!


I have the body of my Agata done — all that remains are the sleeves.

As I mentioned, I knitted the wide ribbed front band/collar onto the body as an applied edging — knitting the last stitch of every other row together with one stitch from the body. To add a little bit of interest, I did a little stitch-wrap thingie at the juncture of band/body as I worked back across to the outside edge on alternate rows:



I think it adds a little something!

The bottom edge of the garment is a combination of grater stitch panels and stockinette worked sideways. The sideways stockinette, of course, was rolling a bit, so I put a little edging along the bottom of the stockinette sections.



It was just a matter of picking up and knitting stitches and binding them off in the same row. It gives the bottom edge some stability and makes a neat finish.

I am making this cardigan quite oversized so I can use it as a winter jacket. I tried it on and love it — it is going to be a perfect chilly weather topper!



I made 4 buttonholes (instead of the called-for three) so I need to sew the buttons on, and then on to the sleeves.

But first, there is someone here who is ready to play!



  1. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I love your sweater. The greens in the yarn really bring out the pattern. Loki is looking wonderful too.

  2. Oh, I like it! A really handsome sweater. And a magnificently handsome cat!

  3. These colors are gorgeous!!

  4. Beautiful and such vibrant colors for these rainy days!
    Give Loki a hug from me!

  5. Beautiful Wendy! Jewel colors! Loki is adorable – as usual!

  6. It’s coming along beautifully, Wendy, and Loki is a love!

  7. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    Beautiful Jacket, beautiful kity.

  8. The cardigan is really pretty! Great style and color. Love Loki’s little gray nose! He’s perfect;O))

  9. OMG, the color is very fierce and gorgeous. You are really such a talented person.
    Shirley´s last blog post ..How Custom Made Neckties be Beneficial in the Workplace?

  10. Has the flavor of a “coat of many colors.”

  11. Midnite Baker says:

    Yummy! Yummy! Love how the “striping” came together. It really attracts the eye to each “stripe” and carries the eye across, instead of up and down. Wish I lived closer to you so you could teach me how to do the bottom edge and applied edging for the collar. And, yes, that little twisty thingy you did on the collar edge is very attractive.
    later, M

  12. It is beautiful. Looks comfy too.

  13. Catherine S. says:

    Nice work, Wendy. The little details you’ve added give the whole project definition. Brava! I’m looking forward to seeing the buttons you’ve chosen. Every person who sees you in this jacket will ask you a) if you knit it, b) where did you find the pattern, c) what would you charge to custom-knit one for them. I guarantee it. xo

  14. Hi Wendy and Loki,

    The jacket is really a knock out the colors are beautiful and will go wo well with your hair coloring. I wish there were a way you could do a tutorial on the various special touches you added. Of course playing with lover boy is a top priority.

  15. Hester from Atlanta says:

    Wow, you sure have been knitting and finishing a lot of garments for the cold weather. Ponchos, sweaters, wraps galore. You will be one warm person while navigating the DC transit system this winter!

  16. Flo Frazier says:

    Beautiful! The colors are some of my favs.

  17. Now that is a face you want to plant a BIG smooch on!! Love, love the colors, will make a terrific jacket.
    Angela´s last blog post ..VideoCast Episode 67

  18. I’m still working on the second front and beginning to look anxiously at the yarn that remains. Do you think the pattern yarn requirement is correct?

  19. When you started this sweater, I didn’t really like it / couldn’t see what it might become. But, it is now absolutely gorgeous!! Love it!

  20. Kathode Ray Tube says:

    That is gorgeous, Wendy. Looks so warm. Hope you are glad to be back at your day job.

  21. So beautiful jacket..I love the fact that you made it over sized…both nice and practical…
    Karen´s last blog post ..Jaden Knitted Baby Boots Pattern