My current work in progress:

Summit by Sloane Rosenthal, knit from Rowan SoftYak DK in shade 254 Canopy.

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It Was a Dark and Rainy Sunday

It’s been dark and rainy for the past few days, actually. Perfect weather for a lot of knitting progress!


I have the body of my Agata done — all that remains are the sleeves.

As I mentioned, I knitted the wide ribbed front band/collar onto the body as an applied edging — knitting the last stitch of every other row together with one stitch from the body. To add a little bit of interest, I did a little stitch-wrap thingie at the juncture of band/body as I worked back across to the outside edge on alternate rows:



I think it adds a little something!

The bottom edge of the garment is a combination of grater stitch panels and stockinette worked sideways. The sideways stockinette, of course, was rolling a bit, so I put a little edging along the bottom of the stockinette sections.



It was just a matter of picking up and knitting stitches and binding them off in the same row. It gives the bottom edge some stability and makes a neat finish.

I am making this cardigan quite oversized so I can use it as a winter jacket. I tried it on and love it — it is going to be a perfect chilly weather topper!



I made 4 buttonholes (instead of the called-for three) so I need to sew the buttons on, and then on to the sleeves.

But first, there is someone here who is ready to play!



My new work in progress is Agata, a sweater in the latest edition of Knitty.

The original was made from Freia Handpaints, but I am making mine from Noro Kureyon, colorway 332, which is predominantly shades of green. This is the prettiest Kureyon colorway, in my opinion.

The originalwas knit with two different yarns from Freia Handpaints, both of which are sportweight, and I am making mine from one shade of Kureyon, which is a heavy worsted. How can this work?

The stated gauge in the pattern works well for worsted weight:

16 sts/24 rows = 4 inches in stockinette st with larger needles (size 9), after blocking
18 sts/34 rows= 4 inches in garter st with middle needles (size 8), after blocking (gently stretched)

I have knit with Freia sportweight yarn and it did seem to be a true sportweight to me, so I am unclear how it would look knitted at such a large gauge. I did take the time to knit gauge swatches with my Kureyon and attained perfect gauge with both the size 8 and size 9 needle, in garter and stockinette stitch respectively.

Here is my progress so far:



Kind of hard to figure out, isn’t it? 😉

The center back panel is worked in garter stitch, back and forth. That’s the horizontal striped section. Then you pick up and knit along each long side to continue the back. Bind off partway down when you reach the side of the back to make an armhole, and on the next row cast on the same number of the bound-off stitches and continue on to knit a side front. If you look at the pattern schematic at the link given above, it makes sense.

I have finished the left side and am working on the right side. I went ahead and sewed the left shoulder seam, so I could put it on the mannequin to model:



The pattern has you knit the front band/collar piece separately and sew it to the body, but I left the front left stitches live 9and will do s on the front right as well). Then I’ll pick up stitches along the back neck. This way I can attach the garter band to the body as I knit it, but working the last stitch of every right-side row together with a stitch from the body. It’s the same way you would knit an applied edging onto a lace shawl. I know that 2 garter rows equal one stockinette stitch, because that’s the rate of pick-up I did along the side back:



I think it’ll look much neater this way. I will knit the sleeves separately but I might pick up stitches around the armhole and attach the sleeves using a three-needle bind-off.  I plan to do just a “regular” ribbed cuff on the sleeve instead of the elbow-high ribbing.

The government shutdown has been very helpful in my knitting progress. I’ve gotten a great deal of extra knitting time each day. I’m also doing more cooking, some cleaning, and of course spending a lot of quality time with this little guy:



Loki sez:


“Thank you for buying my momma’s patterns. They are still 50% off the regular price.”

Tales From the Unemployed

I’m starting to get used to the government shutdown situation. I’ve gotten into a groove of tidying up, playing with Loki, knitting, and actually making meals from scratch.

Loki, always ready for a game:



He is not sure why all of a sudden Momma is home all the time, but he seems to enjoy it!

I’ve gotten a fair amount of knitting done. I completed a stealth project, and I started knitting a cowl:



This is being knit from Shalimar Missy bulky yarn, and it is just a simple yo, ssk lace pattern worked every other row, knit in the round (on alternate rows, I just knit around).

And I started this:



Can anyone guess what this will become? Hint: it is not a scarf.

It is fortunate that I have a yarn stash of epic proportion: I have no need to buy yarn for a very long time. Good thing, because right now I am limiting my expenditures to things like mortgage, utility bills, food, etc. Essentials for survival! Not that yarn isn’t an essential for survival, but I am a yarn survivalist — I stocked up in better times!

Government Shutdown Pattern Sale

Thank you to everyone who has taken advantage of my Government Shutdown Pattern Sale. (I have marked down all my patterns in my Ravelry store 50% off for the duration of the shutdown. You don’t need a coupon — just add a pattern to your cart and the discount will be reflected there.)

I appreciate the infusion of cash to help with my peace of mind. Loki will not go without catnip!

Loki sez:



“Thank you for helping to support me in the style to which I have become accustomed!”


We are on Day Two of the government shutdown.

Yesterday I had to go in to the office to perform my “orderly shutdown” of business, but today I have been home, unpaid, all day.

I kept busy, though — I write up my pattern for my poncho, which I finished on Monday.



A shot of the shoulder strap:



And the whole poncho laid flat:


In “celebration” of the government shutdown and because I’d like to be bringing in a little cash, I have marked down all my patterns in my Ravelry store 50% off for the duration of the shutdown. You don’t need a coupon — just add a pattern to your cart and the discount will be reflected there.

And this new poncho pattern is there as well — 50% off, so you can get it for $2.50.

Loki sez:


“Buy my Momma’s patterns — she needs to keep buying me the good catnip!”