My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Celtic Cabled Cape



Thursday evening I finished my cape!


This was knit from 10 skeins of Elsa Wool woolen spun worsted weight Cormo wool (medium grey) on U.S. size 7 needles. So it took just under 2400 yards. From neck to hem it is 36″ long, and the circumference around the bottom is approximately 114″.


The pattern will be available in a few days.

So . . . what’s next? This:


This is the start of the Hitofude Cardigan, being knit from Dragonfly Fibers Dance Rustic Silk on U.S. size 4 needles.

As soon as I saw this pattern on Ravelry, I fell in love with it and I purchased it as soon as it was offered for sale. The patterns costs 200 yen, just over two U.S. dollars, so that’s a great deal.

Then the hunt for the perfect yarn began. I did not want to make mine from wool because I knew that would make it too warm for me to wear comfortably indoors. Silk seemed like a good idea. My first thought was Sea Silk, but I really hesitated at the cost. Sea Silk retails for around $40 per 440-yard skein. Then I remembered Dragonfly Fibers Dance Rustic Silk, which I had used once before. Imagine my delight when I went to check it out on the Dragonfly Fibers website and saw the price was $15.00 for a 450-yard skein. That is a bargain. The yarn is lovely 100% silk noil and it has a sort of linen-y feel to it as you knit. I know from experience that once washed it softens up and drapes beautifully. It took me a while to decide on a colorway — I love Dragonfly Fiber’s dyeing! I ended up buying the Spanish Moss colorway and I was not disappointed.


This is such a clever design. The pattern is extremely well-written and the construction of the cardi is genius. And fun to knit!

Loki Fun Fact

Loki has no interest whatsoever in people food or in between-meal treats. He happily eats his food twice a day and never begs for anything more.


Here is an overhead shot of Loki so you can see how floofy he is getting!



  1. I’ve been admiring Hitofude ever since someone mentioned knitting it on the NaKniSweMo forum. Unblocked, the fabric is beautiful on both sides.

    How long is this sweater (I’m thinking back length since it seems to be shorter in front)? I’m on the tall side and since sweaters are often only 22 – 24″ long, I generally buy yarn for the next size up. I have yarn in mind in my stash, but not enough for the next size up.

    Your cape is lovely and looks like it might work over a warm coat.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..The Many Ways That Stash Multiplies

  2. I love the cape, it’s beautiful. Will have to work on cables soon! The pattern of the sweater looks lovely can’t wait to see it finished. I need to take a photo of my Samson so you can see how fluffy he is. My eldest says he has on fluffy pants when she looks at him from the back. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Sea Silk is $0 for 440 yard skein? Can’t get a better deal than that! Seriously, the cape is gorgeous. So is Loki.

  4. Oops! That’s $40 per skein for sea silk!
    Wendy´s last blog post ..Celtic Cabled Cape

  5. Wow! Loki’s tail has really floofed out! He looks so luxurious!

    My cat Pepper has been such the chow hound lately- wants that layer of winter fat.

  6. My 24 year old will look amazing in Hitofude. Thanks for the link!

  7. Loki is one gorgeous cat.

    Does the cape have sleeves, or is that just how it drapes on your dress form?

    Molly : )
    deepbluerenegade´s last blog post ..Episode 18: My Vice is Wollmeise

  8. Wow! That is gorgeous!!! I would LOVE to see that on you…

    A bit in love with Loki. 🙂

  9. Lovely- the cape will keep you stylishly warm this winter.
    Kristen´s last blog post ..Golden

  10. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    Your cape is gorgeous. And Loki is adorable. He is so light in colour. I wondered if he got mats in his under coat? He so adorable.

  11. The cape is stunning! I love it.

  12. Wow! The cape is amazing! I’m in the process of spinning some fibre to make a sweater, but my kitty is all curled up on the second half of the braid and I don’t want to take away her bed. I hope she decides to move soon or maybe I can just give her a different braid.

  13. I’m with you on Hitofude – up to 13 repeats of the 16 that I need (went with Tosh Merino Lite since I had 4 skeins of Silver Fox on hand … cannot WAIT until the next step!

    oh yeah – the cape is exquisite, of course (and so is Mr. Loki ;-D)

  14. Judy Comfort says:

    Your cape is stunning! I have enjoyed watching it come to life. Loki is looking so healthy and beautiful. He has a good mother.

  15. Loki is beautiful! The cape is gorgeous! I absolutely love the cardigan you are working on. So much, I bought the pattern!

  16. Your cape is a stunning work of art. bravo to you!

  17. This cape is oh so beautiful…!

  18. Gorgeous cape. I especially like the variation in the cables from top to bottom.

  19. The cape is amazing! Now you will have to go to the Scottish Highlands, atop a hill overlooking the sea, with the wind blowing in your hair, for a pic 😀

    Floofy is the perfect word LOL

  20. Lovely cape, lovely Loki. Or should I say Handsome??? Are you sure you didn’t rub him with a ballon for the static electricity effect? Maybe just his tail?? haha! Thanks for the post. (and show and tell, looking forward to seeing your current work of art!

  21. Shades of Sherlock, what a gorgeous cape. I love capes, they can be unassuming or very dramatic, depending on the wearer. Sorry you were not modeling the cape. Are you doing a hat too? beret or watch cap with the same fiber… waiting for this pattern kudos .
    And you started something else right away. You did not take time to stand back and receive accolades on such an amazing piece.

  22. I think we need before and after shots of Loki to compare the floof!

  23. I really like this cape. I designed and knit one of my own and you put me to shame! I also would like to see this modeled on you.

  24. Wow; the cape is beautiful. I wish my male cat Willie was not interested in people food. I yell dinner is ready and he is the first one sitting in a chair at the table waiting for a plate.

  25. Did you give any thought to lengthening the sleeves?

  26. Liz in Missouri says:

    Oh Gosh – The cape is BEAUTIFUL! I love the length of it. So often I see patterns that I really love, but then have to buy extra yarn to add additional length – but your designs are always “just right”. Excited for the pattern!

  27. Love the cape! I’ve been thinking of making one; this would be a good wardrobe stretcher since whatever else being worn would just fade into the background–a stunner fer shure!
    Oh, the floof….I had a white Persian kitty, never weighed more than 5 lbs her entire life, but such Floof! Everything I owned had a light dusting of white cat hair, ‘coz she always wanted to share. They are so thoughtful that way.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Thanks

  28. The cape is just beautiful. I love the idea of capes – easier to keep on than shawls, and probably cooler than a cardigan because there are no sleeves on your arms. I think I’ll make one soon.

  29. Oh you enabler, you!! I had seen that pattern and turned it aside. But you made me go look at it again. And I just happened to remember some yarn in my stash. Something more to the queue and all I seem capable of knitting right now is dishcloths

    What do you feed Loki? Tux needs to watch his diet and it’s hard to do with a husband who feels there needs to always be something in Tux’s dish.

  30. jane braverman says:

    Jane in kansas
    Wendy, that is stunning! Wow! Wear it in good health, I hope it brings you much pleasure.
    I just love it!
    Loki is looking so regal-glad he found you

  31. The Hitofude Cardigan is absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see your finished garment. I love the elegant simplicity of the Japenese designs.

  32. Your cape looks great. And the weather is cooperating in enabling your ability to wear it soon. Enjoy.

  33. Yes, I love the knitting, but I really get a pleasure out of seeing that cutey fluffy little Doll!!

  34. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  35. Your cape is lovely and should be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. The Hitofude sweater is gorgeous! I had to add it to my library….wouldn’t it be lovely in handspun Cormo?

  36. Wow! That cape is gorgeous.

    I have been admiring Hitofude on Ravelry . . . looking forward to seeing YOUR version.

    Loki is a very lucky kitty. He is thriving in your home and looks content and healthy!

  37. The cape is just gorgeous! But I really wanted to comment on how much I love Loki’s “dirty nose!” It just makes me smile because he looks like he has gotten his nose into some kind of mischief!

  38. I purchased Hitofude several days ago..the clever construction intrigues me….I’ll have to go stash-diving to see if I have a suitable yarn on hand.
    Your cape is to die for! Well done, Wendy, well done!

  39. The cape turned out spectacular! You are so lucky that Loki wants only cat food! I have a chubby cat that begs for bacon, ham, hamburger, kitty treats and more;O((