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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Two Pretties

I have two pretty things to show you today.



This is my progress on my Britta Cowl, knit from a pattern by Johanne Landin. It is worked stranded and in the round using two different colors. I am using the yarn that the original was knit from, Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball 100, and in the original colors because I love the look of the original.

It is a very long cowl, so you can double it around your neck, and it starts with a provisional cast-on. The cast-on required perseverance on my part! Using waste yarn, I did a backwards loop cast-on and knit one row. Then using the working yarn I joined and started knitting in the round. I checked 5 or 6 times to ensure that I hadn’t twisted my work.

After you complete the “body,” you fold it in half and work a three-needle bind-off to secure the beginning stitches to the end stitches. Very clever — you have a lovely field of flowers showing at all times and the stranded wrong-side is hidden in the middle.

This is another “long haul” project, as there are well over 500 stitches on the needle. But it is great fun to knit. The pattern is simple enough that I don’t have to keep looking at the chart, and the subtle color changes in the yarn make me want to keep knitting to see the knitted fabric emerge.



This is a skein of Wayfarer fingering weight wool, a new offering from Made in America Yarns.

This yarn has been designed with a solid palette especially for Fair Isle knitters. (It would be great to see it combined with a hand-dyed yarn too.) They kept it 100% wool instead of superwash to minimize the environmental impact and keep all of the good qualities of wool.

I have a colorcard:


You can also see all the colors on their website. The specs:

Content: 100% wool
Weight: 100 g | 3.5 oz
Length: 349 m | 382 yds
Care: Dry clean or hand wash in cold water. No bleach. Dry flat, do not iron.

MSRP is $14 per skein — a really great price! Check out the list of retailers to find out where to buy this great yarn, or ask your LYS to carry it — you won’t be disappointed!

I knit a swatch:


The yarn is made up of many plies, and in the skein has an almost cotton look to it, much like a very popular German yarn I know and love. Knit it up and wow! It is lovely and springy and makes nicely uniform stitches. I can see how this yarn will be great for both colorwork and texture. I haven’t quite decided what my yarn will become, but I’m thinking possibly a cowl or a hat.

Who else would like to try it? Made in America Yarns has kindly offered to send a skein to one of my blog readers since I am too greedy to give mine up. 🙂

Leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00 AM eastern time this Sunday, December 15, 2013, to be entered in a drawing to win a skein of this lovely Wayfarer fingering weight wo0l, in the color of your choice. When the random number generator picks the winner, I’ll email said winner with color options. 🙂

Wait — I have a third pretty thing to show you!



  1. Shirley Gallagher says:

    That cowl is amazing. Never saw a field of flowers look so pretty in a knitted piece. I also love the yarn, and hope to win it. Finally, Loki looks so content, you know he’s happy.

  2. The yarn looks lovely! I’d love to win. And I love your new cowl! 🙂

  3. That cowl is gorgeous! I hope the RNG pick me. The Made in America yarn looks great and it is even local for me. If I don’t win this time, I’ll definitely have to check them out soon!

  4. Donna Swanson says:

    Love the cowl… It’s been added to my favorites in Ravely. Loki is such a doll! Hope to win the yarn!

  5. I love the colorwork of your cowl. That yarn looks great, I’ll have to look into it. Loki looks soooo sleepy! 😉
    Cleo´s last blog post ..Lifelines

  6. Love the look of the yarn. I’ll have to contact them and see what I need to do to carry it in my new little yarn shop.

  7. Ooh! Both are very pretty.
    sprite´s last blog post ..firetruck, afternoon out, and steampunkish

  8. Your cowl is so pretty, I wish I had the nerve to try that. And Loki is so handsome!

  9. Elaine in NYC says:

    Who ever has enough sock yarn? Lovely cowl; Mr. Floofy continues to make me purr.

  10. Denise in Ohio says:

    Please pick my number! Lovely yarn, and free too.

  11. That yarn looks lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to win a skein. 🙂 Your cowl is gorgeous, and Loki looks like a little white lion!

  12. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    Gorgeous looking yarn! Thanks for the chance to win a skein! Will Loki deliver the prize? vbg

  13. I love the colors you’re using in that cowl. That yarn is looks awesome, and my LYS does carry it. And Loki is a looker as usual.

  14. Margaret M says:

    Great yarn! And the cowl pattern would look great in a hat as well.

  15. That is a pretty wool! Particularly in that purple.

  16. That third pretty thing is so adorable! Loki captured my heart at first glance.

    Wayfarer looks like a luscious yarn and I’d love to try it.

    Don’t you love the loooooong color changes in Zauberball? And it’s the warmest stuff ever! Love your cowl.

  17. Would love, love, love, love the yarn!

  18. I love that purple and would LOVE to win some lovely yarn 😀
    Lilie´s last blog post ..Laura’s Gloves – DONE!

  19. I love the German yarn with the almost cotton look and would love to try this out, especially if it feels similar. Loki is adorable!

  20. I think a fine cabled hat and mitts would be in store for that yarn at my house….

  21. Ian just getting brave enough to try colorwork and would love to have some new yarn to practice with.

  22. I hadn’t heard of that yarn – gotta go check it out. And Loki is very handsome indeed!

  23. The yarn sounds yummy and the cowl is gorgeous!

  24. Wow, what pretty yarn!

  25. Ooo, I hate finding out I twisted 2 or 3 rows down the line. Lovely yarn and cowl!

  26. Thanks for offering up the yarn!

  27. Always interested in a new 100% wool on the market. Sign me up for the drawing!
    DPUTiger´s last blog post ..WiP Wednesday

  28. Trying a new yarn described as lovely and springy – sure, count me in!

  29. Lisa-Marie says:

    I would love to try this new yarn!!!

  30. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    If you hadn’t put the purple skein up, I might have resisted, but, alas, I can’t. It’s gorgeous and we love Beck at Made In America yarns, so it’s a win-win. Loki is getting more handsome by the post. Beautiful cowl!!!

  31. Barb Rickman says:

    Went to the website to try and order something that is still made in America and could not find an order button. There was a shopping cart but no way to put anything into the cart. How sad! I will try to get hold of the Co and let them know that I want there product but can’t place an order.

  32. Love that it’s all wool. Thanks for the offer to have some!

  33. Loving that cowl! It reminds me of something I’d think of seeing in Hawaii. The yarn looks delicious!

  34. What a gorgeous cowl…500 sts? Yikes! I’m sure it will be soooo worth the effort! Loki is such a handsome boy, and knows it…I love following your “Loki Tales”.

    I’d really like to try the new yarn…sounds delish! I can see a pair of purple socks from it.

  35. I adore colourwork, yours is so lovely and bright!
    Rachelle – Warming Crafts´s last blog post ..1776 skirt

  36. Love trying new yarn!

  37. Ooooooooe! $14 for yarn that resembles that German yarn you know and love — what a deal! I’d love to give it a try.

  38. The cowl has lovely colors. Lovely with a plain black dress or draped around handsome Loki.

  39. I hope I get a chance to try a new yarn! Does crossing your fingers and toes help? Thanks!

  40. Who could resist a lovely skein with so much potential.

  41. I would love to win the yarn. Loki is a real looker!

  42. I see three pretties!

    And I love the colour of the Wayfarer yarn.

    On a final note, I have to say that every photo I see of Loki, he looks very content. He obviously loves his new home.

  43. Love the cowl especially those colors! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  44. I love the cowl, tis definitely the weather for it. And the yarn is quite pretty as well. 🙂

  45. That is a beautiful cowl! I’m currently looking for it on Ravelry. And Loki looks handsome as always!

  46. I love that cowl-beautiful pattern and I’d like to try the yarn.s

  47. Would love to try this yarn in the Hot Spring colorway! The cowl is absolutely beautiful and I just love your sweet boy.

  48. I would love to try this yarn!!!! :))

  49. I would love to try the yarn and love the swatch color. The cowl is gorgeous – I’ll have to add it to my long list. Thanks, Wendy

  50. Just took a class on stranded colorwork and I was looking for a yarn to make a new vest. Would love to try this new yarn.

  51. Carol77584 says:

    Loki is such a pretty boy, and so is the yarn.

  52. Lovely cowl and lovely yarn. Always good to see “made in America” on any product but especially yarn.

  53. Oh wow! So pretty, indeed- although his royal floofiness might be the prettiest of all. That is a lot of cat.

    I would love to have the other pretty I could knit with.

  54. What a pretty cowl and cat! I would love to try a new yarn 🙂

  55. The cowl is a beauty! Would be too warm for my climate, I think, but I can appreciate it nonetheless.

  56. I know the perfect person for this purple. I hope I get the chance to use it!

  57. Ooh that yarn looks squishy & wonderful! And also the skein you picture is thisclose to being Radiant Orchid (Pantone’s color of the year for 2014). Love it! And love the look of the tonal yarns in the cowl. Quite pretty, and not at all boring.
    Karla´s last blog post ..Better late…

  58. I love Fair Isle knitting. I just finished a cardigan for myself for a change in Fair Isle and love it. I would love to win that gorgeous yarn.
    Your new Britta Cowl is beautiful! I love it. The colors are spectacular!
    Love the new photo of Loki too!

  59. I love his little gray nose

  60. Your cowl is knitting up gorgeously!

  61. mary mcmahon says:

    FI is my favorite knitting…would love to give this yarn a try. thanks, Mary in Cincinnati

  62. Your cowl is lovely. I am about to embark on my maiden voyage in stranded knitting, and am somewhat apprehensive, but will definitely take the plunge.
    Glad to see new yarn and a domestic product at that. I am amazed at all the yarn that is available. The purple shown is fabulous–I look forward to seeing other colors and would love to have a skein of this to “check out” so to speak.
    Thanks for the kitty photos–Loki looks like King of All He Surveys, and I’ll bet that’s exactly what he is!

  63. The yarn is gorgeous!

    I think I may need to add that cowl to my queue.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Holiday Knitting ALREADY???!!!

  64. Have a lot of Zauberball . . need to look in stash. Would love to try the Made in America too!

  65. linda-kaye says:

    Wendy, your cowl is gorgeous, and I love the fact that pattern shows on either side. And I’d love to win a skein of that Made in America yarn. Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. the britta cowl is stunning!! As is Loki but that goes w/out saying, ‘eh?

  67. Peggy aka PickleSoup says:

    Ooooh! I would love to try some new yarn! And sproingy, too?! Nothing better! Thanks for the invite!

  68. I really like your cowl! I would also like to try the Made in America yarn!

  69. The cowl is gorgeous – I’ve been in a cowl mood lately and might make this one soon! I’d love to win the yarn! Thanks for always hosting such nice giveaways.

  70. Your cowl looks great! I would love to win some yarn.

  71. Pat Sywenky says:

    You will have a fantastic cowl to enjoy when you are done. I would love to win the new yarn.

  72. Love the look and description of the yarn, and am always looking for a new American sourced yarn for fair isle patterns! Would love to win!

  73. Betsy Pratt says:

    Wow! I love your colorwork cowl! That is so pretty. And the new yarn looks great knit up. I’d love to win a skein!
    Betsy in the really chilly Seattle suburbs

  74. I love faire isle !!! There’s nothing like a good solid color wool!

  75. Hmm, is it possible to have a sponsor send us a free Loki, since you would doubtfully give up yours ;-P

  76. That cowl is so beautiful will be checking that pattern out. I would love to win a skein of that yarn the Colorado choices look amazing. Your Kitty is solo cute. 🙂

  77. Gorgeous cowl, beautiful yarn, and such a handsome boy! 🙂

  78. Loki is very pretty and so is that yarn! 🙂

  79. Yes, Please, I would love to have a skein of this beautiful yarn!!!!
    Michele´s last blog post ..STILL The Best D*** Band In The Land!

  80. would love me a skein of Wayfarer fingering weight wool..

    Loki is so PRETTY! Can I win him too??? 🙂
    Sandra´s last blog post ..Music to my ears!

  81. Natalie Doyle-Hennin says:

    Beautiful yarn and great value.

    Loki is looking fluffier all the time. He’s gorgeous and seems most at home and very happy.

  82. I would love to win some pretty yarn! Thanks

  83. I would love to win! What a pretty color….I love purple:-)

  84. The cowl is yummy….but OMG! That is the cutest darned cat I have ever seen! I envy you….I am seriously allergic, sigh.
    Patricia´s last blog post ..On Another Note

  85. Kathy Guenther says:

    I would to have that skein of yarn! I love your cowl too!

  86. Pretty Pretty , both the cowl and the yarn.
    Anita Reynolds´s last blog post ..Winter is here

  87. That purple actually looks like a lovely color. Mom would love it.

  88. It is always exciting to try a different kind of yarn. Thank you.

  89. Ruth Porter says:

    Would love to try Made in America. Hello to fluffy, sleepy Loki.

  90. Stephanie H. says:

    What a nice treat a brand spanking new skein of yarn would be after all my Christmas gift knitting! I am in love with your cowl.

  91. Please, please add to my stash. Thanks for sharing.
    I, too, love the cowl, tho I haven’t yet the intestinal fortitude to try color knitting (stranded or not.) Someday, perhaps . . .

  92. Count me in!

  93. His Floofiness looks very content!

  94. I love all three of your pretty things!

  95. Please add me to the list of adopters who would love to give that yarn a new home.

  96. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    That yarn looks wonderful and I would like to try. I really love the third pretty though ah Loki you have stolen my heart

  97. Martina Norelli says:

    What gorgeous rich colors and super stitch definition. I would have a lot of fun knitting with this yarn.

  98. Of course, the cowl is outstanding & gorgeous! Thanks for chance to win the pretty yarn!
    How exciting! 🙂

  99. count me in! I completed my first stranded knitting project last spring.

    Loki looks like an old, wise cat in that pic!

  100. Anne Marie B says:

    Gorgeous cowl! Love your third pretty!