My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Almost Halfway

First things first, the winner of my review copy of The Go-To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs by Kathryn White is “Sheeptricks” Denise, who has been emailed. Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment to be entered in the giveaway.

The Britta Cowl continues, and at this point I am just 9 rounds shy of the halfway point.


I keep meaning to show this:


This is a double ball yarn keeper, made by Chic-a. I have a number of their single ball yarn keepers and find them extremely useful. It’s a great way to keep your ball of yarn safe and clean, and out of the paws of inquisitive felines. And the double ball keeper is fantastic for 2-color projects, like my Britta Cowl.


There were a number of comments about the photo of Loki I posted in my last blog entry, re-posted here:



Loki is lying on the coffee table in my living room. He loves to snuggle up next to one or both of his humans on the couch, but he invariably gets up after a few minutes and moves to the coffee table. I think he gets too warm sitting next to a human.

The red “stick” that he is half lying on is one of his fishing pole toys that he had been playing with shortly before his impromptu nap.

The coaster is one of a set of four that was given to me as a gift. They are commercial coasters with pictures of cats on them and I have no idea who makes them — they are cork-backed so no information printing on the flip side.

Loki would like you to know that he also enjoys lying on end tables. The lighting in the photo is odd because the sun is going down and I did not use a flash.



  1. I don’t know where you (and others) get the patience to knit things like Britta and sweaters and other things that take time. I must have ADHD or something. I can’t concentrate on anything long enough to finish a project like that. I’m happy that others can do it and I can see the gorgeous projects!

  2. I hate to be one of those cat people who comments on the cat first and then the project, but wow, Loki is a handsome fellow! I love his regally-relaxed pose. Do you have any action shots? It’d be fun to see him playing with that fishing rod 😉

    The cowl is a stunner too! Thanks so much for sharing – I’m wishing I had some of the Zauberball in my stash right now.

  3. Loki is just so flooofy! Nothing like a good book or knitting project, and a warm kitty on a winter day. Can’t wait to see the cowl finished – looking great.

  4. That cowl is STUNNING! But I agree with another poster, I just don’t have the patience to knit it and I’m an extremely slow knitter too.

    Loki is a most beautiful fluffah kittah! Too wonderful! luv.m.

  5. The Britta cowl is gorgeous. It looks pretty complicated to me.

  6. Catherine E. says:

    That cowl is beautiful, but it would be a lot of work to find similar yarn that doesn’t have wool in it.

    You’re going to need a bigger end table to accommodate growing fluff balls.

  7. Cleaned out my yarn stash (No one should ever look at all of their yarn on the same day!) and knitting supplies yesterday and wound up with your “Toe-Up Socks In a Box” in front of me. I’m thinking of tackling the to-up method again and I have two questions. In reading through some of the techniques, I see the description, “length of the foot from the tip of the longest toe to the point where the ankle starts to join the foot”. Are we talking about the point directly below where my shin begins? And I didn’t see a reference to how to accomodate a high instep… that’s always been my bugaboo with to-up socks, and I’d like to solve it once and for all. Thanks for any help! And my Ragdoll Lucy says, “Hey”, to Loki.

  8. My Tortie, Ella, has a penchant for end tables too!
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  9. Shirley Gallagher says:

    Your cowl is beautiful, the colors and the design really rock. Love seeing Loki, he’s just gorgeous.

  10. Beautiful, fun colors!

  11. Loki is really becoming a fluffy cat. He seems to love living with you. Merry Christmas.

  12. He is such an ornamental boy!
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  13. The Britta Cowl is amazing. I also do not have the patience for that kind of work. Thank you for the link to Chic-a! I just ordered a case for my double-pointed needles.

  14. I was scoping out the yarn for the Britta Cowl yesterday because of you. Darn you and your gorgeous fluffy little cat.


  15. Loki is the purrrfect size for your endtables!

  16. Loki probably gets too hot because of all that hair!! What a fluffy kitty.
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  17. The cowl is wonderful. Loki is totally awesome.
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  18. LaVelle Nott says:

    Loki is such a fluff. I would love to run my fingers through fur like that. You are a lucky lady.

  19. I love it when my babies snuggle but like Loki, they don’t stay long, unless it’s cold… That last shot shows him for what he really it, the Golden Boy!! haha. The cowl is fantastic and I, like you, love the colors of the ‘original’, however, didn’t see in the Ravelry link or your post the colorway names or numbers. I haven’t purchased the pattern yet, is it on that? Of course, once you start something, everything involved sells out ’round the world!! Thanks for all the joy and knowledge you share, have a great holiday season!

  20. Okay, just got the pattern and the colorways are ID’d, thanks!!