My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Two Thirds

I am almost at the two-thirds point in my Leftovers Cowl.


It doesn’t look like much all smooshed up, but check this out:


It is approximately 56″ long at this point.

I am starting to re-use yarns now. I still have a few un-used ones, and I am mixing them in with colors already used. And still trying to get a nice mix of light and dark and good contrast. It’s such fun to knit because I am finished with a set of colors before I get bored.


Loki wanted you to see how pretty he looks right after being brushed:


As you can see, he has a lot of fur! Way more than Lucy had — I could get away with brushing her once a week. I brush Loki every day and get a fair amount of loose fur out of him each time. If I didn’t brush him so often he’d get mats in his little armpits. Lucky for me, he loves being brushed and combed.


  1. Love the kitty and the cowl, both are gorgeous!

  2. Wendy, this cowl is absolutely stunning! And Loki is such a handsome cat.

  3. Gorgeous cowl! Incredibly gorgeous cat! And yeah, I hate when I get mats in my armpits. (Totally kidding.)

  4. now that’s impressive! i can’t wait to see this finally finished.
    Britney´s last blog post ..powis castle, wales

  5. Shirley Gallagher says:

    I love your cowl. The colors and the various designs are so beautiful, and Loki is gorgeous.

  6. If that’s 2/3 I cannot imagine how long it will end up being! It is coming out really pretty.

    Loki continues to captivate me with his fluffiness. He should be called, His Royal Fluffiness!

  7. Repeating what others have said, both cowl and cat are lovely! I have a Persian. She was a rescue, she used to have skimpy fur, but she is really fluffed out these days!
    Lee Cockrum´s last blog post ..Stop all the clocks…

  8. It looks wonderful all smooshed up, and even more impressive stretched out.

  9. Lovely cowl! The colors are stunning. Loki is a beautiful boy. I have to brush my Samson too or he gets matted.

  10. Rae Gommel says:

    I love the cowl! I really should learn fair-isle but I’ve never been happy even with my samples. Just curious, what is the different pace between fair isle and stranding work?
    And how do you get Loki to agree to brushing? I have 2 Persians. One loves to be brushed. The other hisses the second she sees the brush. I have tried hiding the comb and combing her while petting, she hisses. She gets so matted, I have to have her shaved every summer.

  11. it’s just beautiful. i’m a knitter but haven’t done much in patterns. you’re making me want to try something like this. i enjoy your blog.
    deanna7trees´s last blog post ..a wonderful week…

  12. Lulynn Foster says:

    Love this cowl! Love all of your beautiful knitting! Loki is amazing! He is really fitting in nicely. So glad you gave him a good home!

  13. GerryART´s last blog post ..Look What I Won !

  14. Yikes,
    What happened to my comment?

    Wendy, your work is gorgeous, just gorgeous!

    Loki is regal.

    GerryART´s last blog post ..Look What I Won !

  15. The cowl and Loki are amazing! No matter how long I have been reading your blog and have seen firsthand how fast and skilled a knitter you are, you continue to amaze me. I hope you publish a pattern for your cowl since I would love to knit one. Changing colors often like that is very appealing. It is gorgeous.
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..Adventures with Fair Isle, Part III

  16. gorgeous cowl, gorgeous cat – he’s probably just about to blow his coat (within the next month or so, methinks?)

  17. You are lucky–sounds like Loki just plain loves attention. The cowl is stunning!

  18. Rosemary Johnson says:

    The cowl is amazing! There are people who save their pet hair and send it out to be cleaned and spun into yarn when they have enough…just saying……

  19. Mary Bayer says:

    I have enjoyed watch the cowl grow. It is beautiful. So many possible color and motif combinations. Congratulations! Keep up the inspiration!

  20. I love the look. It will be some cowl and great for someone with a L.o.n.g neck too.

  21. Your leftovers cowl is gorgeous! I love it. You inspire me so much. Loki looks so beautiful with all that white fur. Seems like she fits in perfectly in your home.

  22. Oh my goodness, that cowl! You must knit in your sleep to get so much done, so quickly as I am pretty sure that you have only 24 hours in your day.
    Thinking about Loki’s little armpits absolutely cracks me up and I have no idea why but am enjoying the laugh. He’s a lucky boy to have such a good Mama. I am very glad my 3 cats have SHORT hair!

  23. Midnite Baker says:

    Well, Sunday was Sparky’s day to get groomed too. She even asked for it. I vacuumed and she walked right up and asked for it. She loves being vacuumed. Go figure. Maybe, its the soft brush bristles she likes. Anyway….. I’m also, envious of that lovely scarf. Take Care. M

  24. Loki, your coat is simply magnifique!

  25. Love the cowl! What a great way to use up leftovers. Of couse I love the kitty. He is such a handsome prince!

  26. As Jo said, it’s the attention Loki craves! My Hinky loves the brush and her Furminator; I just wave either at her & call her once to have her running to me full-tilt. She’s a little ticklish in a few spots, but I can still brush those spots if I go slow & gentle. If I ever get all the socks I’ve planned knitted, I’ll have a nice assortment of fingering weight “scraps” for cowl — yours is absollutely inspiring!
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Dinner time!

  27. I absolutely Love that cowl. It’s gorgeous! But I keep wondering, are you at all worried about it being too warm to wear? Or maybe I’m just having a hot flash. 🙂
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..Valentine’s Cowl

  28. I love the cowl. The colors are so pretty. And have you thought about spinning Loki’s hair? After you’ve brushed him, that is.

  29. The cowl is lovely! You have way more patience with the pattern knitting than I do. 🙂

    And Loki, oh my stars he is handsome.

  30. Why are you making the cowl so long? I thought cowls were worn around the neck and this one looks like it would fit a giraffe with a sore throat.
    Charlotte Thomas´s last blog post ..Odds and Ends

  31. The cowl is even more gorgeous – how satisfying to be using up all those sock yarn ends.
    Yes, you are lucky Loki likes being brushed! I had a cat with long hair who could not tolerate it but for a few minutes. It was a constant struggle for 15 years! 🙂
    Lizy Tish´s last blog post ..The Olympics Make Me Cry

  32. the cowl is fantastic. I love watching it being knit!

    Loki is gorgeous- and he looks like he knows it!

  33. Very impressive. Makes me wish I saved more of my scraps.