My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Off the Cuff

My commuter project does not get much attention as I find I have very little time for knitting during the day. But I have made it past the cuff:


I have just a wee bit of the hand completed. You really can’t tell what it is going to be at this point so I’ll tell you: it’s a dragon. Or it will be when finished.

The palm of the hand has an all-over pattern.


And I am of course still working on my Leftovers Cowl. It is getting long!


I want it good and long so I will be able to wrap it around my neck twice. There was a question in the comments about whether or not I’m afraid it will be too warm. I’m not — it will end up being approximately the same size and weight as my Britta Cowl and I think that’s possibly my favorite item of clothing I have ever knit. I’ve worn it a number of times and a lot of women in my office are lusting after it.

We are expecting a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow — one that will dump what for this area is a significant amount of snow. I am hoping for a knitting day at home tomorrow.

I think Loki is hoping for the same thing.

Speaking of Loki, here is a photo that shows you how incredibly floofy he is.


He looks rather portly, doesn’t he? He’s not — that’s a whole lot of fur! He is a stocky, sturdy little guy, but there’s not an ounce of fat on him. He currently weighs close to 13 pounds, and it is all muscle, fur, and purrs!


  1. Such lovely projects…and a handsome kitty too!
    Yes, we are in the midst of snow-mageddon here in NC as well – about 2″ on the ground and calling for 10″ which will totally shut things down around here. I am prepared with lots of knitting projects!

  2. I’m watching the snow fall out my window here in Western NC~Loki looks like some kinda snow cat with all that fur! He is a beautiful cat.

  3. I am very interested in dragon mittens! Can’t wait to see them! Loki looks amazing also!

  4. Beautiful cat! Enjoy the snow day

  5. He’s the kind of kitty you just want to fondle…and fondle… It’s a wonder you get any knitting done.

  6. Your knitting is, as always, fantastic and Loki is a most fluffah kittah! luv.m.

  7. That is the floofiest cat I have ever seen! Love the pics of Loki.

  8. Susan Picciano says:

    Love to see the Dragon mittens. I’m loving the floofies Between Loki’s toes.

  9. Amy Schulze says:

    Since it appears you are in color work phase of your art, I have some color questions that maybe some day you could respond to in a blog post. The first cowl was done in Zauberball, which is variegated. There are tons of beautiful fingering weight or sock weight yarns available. Most of us us have a boat load in our stashes. In the cowl the variegated yarn works beautifully. What are some other ways I can show off all my beautiful hand painted yarns? I’ve tried shawls but you lose the stitch patterns. I would love to hear your thoughts!

  10. Now I get what you are doing and so I take back my comment about needing a long neck. Loki looks so pretty…

  11. Deborah Griffis says:

    Your cowl is starting to remind me of Morticia AAdams’ sweater she is knitting for one of her cousins! It’s really gorgeous. I still miss Lucy but Loki looks like a living doll!

  12. I love the cowl. It is making me interested in knitting it. I have lots of leftover sock yarn. It appears you are patterning the colors and I do not have a lot of stranded two color experience. Loki is so fluffily. Beautiful. Very snowy looking.

  13. My Bella saw your Loki, and went “rowl, rowl”…

    We think it means “hubba, hubba…woof!!”

  14. Midnite Baker says:

    Love your fluff ball!! Hope you get your “snow day”. Here in north central IA, we are finally, climbing out of the deep freeze. Supposed to have temp’s in the 30’s starting Monday, Feb. 17.
    Yippee!! Take Care and enjoy the rest of your week. M

  15. I’d have never guessed he weighed that much. And how did you get him to pose with all his paw floof showing beautifully?

  16. Floofy he is!
    Kris´s last blog post ..Susan Rambo Is In The House!

  17. I can not wait to see the finished dragon mittens. Loki is so good looking; I love his fluff.

  18. Hope you got a snow day today! It’s snowing like crazy up here in upstate NY. Love the colors of your mitten.
    “floofy” is a perfect description for Loki! So sweet.
    Lizy Tish´s last blog post ..In the Weeds

  19. Denise in Ohio says:

    That is some really awesome floof! The knitting is not bad, either. 🙂

  20. Can’t wait to see more of the pattern on the mitt. May I just say holy fluffball, batman!

  21. You have a really great ‘color sense’. I love how your cowl is turning out. The mitts are so unique….. in a good way!
    I follow few knitting blogs. Yours is among the cream of the crop.
    BTW: your Loki brightens my day.

  22. I hope the dragon pattern will be available. I have a son who is nuts about dragons.

  23. Hi Wendy! Love your colorwork cowl – it’s going to be beautiful! As are the commuter gloves. Loki is a real cutie. I had a Ragdoll, and they are such sweet kitties. A great personality and so soft. Hope you enjoyed your snowy day! It’s been snowy and cold here in Colo, too – spring can’t to be here too soon!

  24. Love the mittens and the cowl! It has been so cold here this winter that I can’t imagine anything feeling too warm at this point!
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..Adventures with Fair Isle – Follow-up