My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mythic Mitts and a Book Review

The pattern for my dragon mitts is now available for sale on Ravelry, here.


As I did for the Leftovers Cowl, I’m kicking it off with a sale: it is 40% off the regular price of $5.00, which makes it $3.00, through the end of February.

The patterns calls for fingering weight wool — approximately 125 yards each of two colors. My mitts are knit from Shibui Sock in the Abyss and Roppongi colorways on a U.S. size 3 needle. I knit the size medium, and I am betting that I could also manage to knit a pair in size small with what yarn I have left over. It would be close, but I think it is safe to say that I could definitely have gotten 2 pairs of size small out of those 2 skeins.

So I’ve rounded up a bit on the yardage requirements. I always do to account for yardage differences in skeins of yarn — sometimes I have a skein that is definitely over the yardage reported on the label. Also, everyone knits a little differently, so yarn usage will vary from person to person. Bottom line: Your mileage may vary!

Lovely Knitted Lace

I have here a review copy of a new book: Lovely Knitted Lace: A Geometric Approach to Gorgeous Wearables by Brooke Nico.


The book contains 16 designs created from four basic shapes (triangle, circle, square, and rectangle). The book’s publication date is not until next week, but the patterns are listed on Ravelry here, complete with photos.

One of the things I like about this book is that the patterns are not just for shawls — there are some shawls, but there is also a cute beret, a couple of jackets with very clever shaping, an easy shirt made from two rectangles, a bolero and a shrug, a lovely tunic that I may have to knit, a gorgeous cape with dolman sleeves (the cover design), and a button-front cape that can also be worn as a skirt.

There is a detailed section in the front of the book with a lot of useful information about knitting lace, as well as step-by-step illustrated instructions for some techniques used.

The projects use a wide variety of yarns, from laceweight to worsted.

The Triangle Tulip Shawl is knit from worsted weight yarn, making it a great choice for new lace knitters:


If you are new to lace, you will find it much easier to knit with heavier yarn and bigger needles.

I really love the Floral Tunic, knit from fingering weight yarn:


The pattern calls for Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply, which is a wool/silk blend but I think it would be great for Spring/Summer in a 100% silk yarn.

For a more immediate gratification project, how about this lovely beret, knit in a heavy lacewieght 100% mink yarn?


The publisher has generously offered to, once again, give a copy to one of my readers. Who’d like to win it?

To be entered in the drawing to win a copy of this lovely book, please leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00 am Eastern Time, Sunday, March 2, 2014. At that time a comment will be chosen at random.

Loki Sez:


“Please close the drapes — I’m trying to sleep here!”


  1. I’m not interested in the book. I just wanted to say that those mitts are exquisite!! And, Loki is too funny!

  2. Love the mitts & Loki.

    The book is one I have been eyeing since I first saw it. Thanks for the chance.
    Hev´s last blog post ..Private Posts

  3. I’ve been eyeing this book too. Really lovely designs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like a lovely book.

  5. Thanks for the chance to win the new book Wendy. The pic of Loki – the best!

  6. Already bought the mitt pattern! Not really in the running for a new book either but LOVE the mitts! Thanks for another great (discounted!) pattern!

  7. Catherine S. says:

    Me! Me! Pick me, Loki! xo

  8. Janet White says:

    The mitts look great. Thanks for another chance at a new book.

  9. I’d like to be entered for the book. And I’m excited to knit the mitts. I can think of a number of people who’d love these for Christmas!
    sprite´s last blog post ..swap of discontent package

  10. It looks like a GREAT book! Thanks for offering it in a drawing!

  11. I absolutely just love lace! I usually knit just socks, but want to knit a shawl and hat this year.

  12. Oh look, the mitts hopped into my cart! Also, I’ve been eyeballing that book, it looks great!
    Abigail´s last blog post ..Candidates and Puddles

  13. Would love to win – I mainly knit lace. Loki looks so cute. The mitts are as lovely as the cowl – I guess you’re in colorwork mode :).

  14. Bought the mitt pattern! The lace book looks wonderful! Oh. And I love that cat.

  15. Adorable and clever mitts! And I’d love to win the book – Brooke owns an LYS in my town!

  16. Great mitts! I agree, the tunic is nice. Love when the kitties sleep like Loki is. It’s so cute.

  17. Great looking mitts. Great looking book.

  18. I just added the mits to my rav queue. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  19. Ruth Porter says:

    Love the mitts. The lace book looks like a keeper.

  20. Love those patterns! Please enter me in the drawing.

  21. Thanks for the chance. The projects in the book look lovely.

  22. Beautiful patterns! Love Loki, he’s such a pretty boy.

  23. Had to get the mitts…now just waiting for the yarn to come…Thanks for the chance!

  24. Love those dragon mitts. And I’m excited about a new lace book to add to my small collection–I’m a huge lace fan!

  25. Count me in! Thanks for the drawing.

    I’m about ready to join Loki- stayed up too late, sat in meetings all day, and am pooped!

  26. Love lace; always looking for new ideas. I would love to win!

  27. Amy Schulze says:

    My turn to win!?!

  28. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this book for months — Brooke is an amazing designer! Thanks for offering the book in this drawing, and please give Loki an extra snuggle from me. 🙂

  29. Love the mitts. I wish that I could knit as quickly and beautifully as you.
    Thank you for the chance to win this book. All of the designs are lovely. I love lace!!!

  30. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    I want to knit everything I see in your post. If I don’t win it, I’m definitely buying it. I learned how to knit lace at your SSK class, so I’m raring to do some more.

    So many captions run through my mind with the fabulous picture of Loki. What a delight!

    Thanks so much.


  31. Jackie Wilson says:

    Love the mitts.

  32. Paulette Schirmer says:

    Love lace work and so pleased to see so much of your color work. I have not been brave enough to try but your examples are stirring my curiosity. The lace book would be a boon to my collection!

  33. Wow, what a cool book! I’m sure both my sister and I would love it.

  34. Love the mitts. This books looks like one I would make a lot of items from. That is one cute cat.

  35. Jenny Hubbard says:

    Love the dragons, love the cowl, would love to have the book. Now I am off to Ravelry to purchase both patterns.

  36. The mitts look great – I love your choice of colours.

    And Loki, as always, is adorable. The paw over the face is too cute for words.

  37. Beautiful mitts. Drooling over the book.

  38. Your mitts are adorable! Especially like the colors.

    I have not knit much lace knitting but this book would sure talk me into it. Thanks for offering it.

    Loki looks so cute!

  39. Melissa Barbour says:

    Book looks intriguing. Took a class from author at Stitches West, and really liked her.

  40. Love the mitts, and the book looks really interesting too. What is it about fluffy cats that makes them so cute? My short haired ladies are cute too, but Loki takes it to the next level.
    Rachelle – Warming Crafts´s last blog post ..An Anniversary

  41. I agree – that tunic is really nice. And so are your mitts. And so is Loki. How’s my friend Teddy?

  42. Looks like some lovely designs! Thanks for offering the drawing.

  43. I am teaching someone to knit and I thinks she may be a happy lace knitter, She should have this book.

  44. Those patterns looks amazing! I’d love that book. 🙂

  45. Debbie Smith says:

    I’d love to win this book

  46. love all the things posted above…your mitts, the book, and Mr Loki!

  47. I LOVE the Dragon Mitts and know just what stash yarn to use!

    The lace book looks wonderful. The designs are much more varied than I expected.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..I’ve Been Pinned!

  48. I love the dragon mitts!

  49. The book is lovely, but not as lovely as floofy Loki.

  50. Would love to knit some of the patterns in this book.

  51. Those projects look like fun and the dragons are lovely!

  52. Love the mitts. The patterns in the book are beautiful. I love knitting lace. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.

  53. Wow, that beret is awesome!

  54. Thanks for the give away! I love lace knitting, despite the frustrations that can come with it. Your dragon mitts are lovely.

  55. Love the mitts, love the patterns in the book. Thank you!

  56. Susan Picciano says:

    New to the color changing. But will have to try the dragon mitts. Ohhh, I so love to knitt the fine lace.

  57. Book looks great but I am now on my way to buying the pattern for those mitts. Love.

  58. This is such a win-win post! Gorgeous mitts (and a great deal on the pattern which is now in my library) that are on my “must knit now” list. A delightful book with some very pretty patterns that look like they would be enjoyable knits. The best part of the post is, as always, Loki. Such a handsome boy!

  59. Loki is the cutest and you are the best ever! I would love the book – those are great patterns and thank you again for the give-away.

  60. The book looks wonderful, especially the cover!

  61. Midnite Baker says:

    Love the Mitts. Thanks for publishing the pattern – just bought it. And tell Loki to just roll over so she doesn’t get the sun in her eyes. That what Sparky does. Take Care. M

  62. I love knitting lace, and those patterns look lovely! I would treasure the book,

  63. In love with the lace…!

  64. Looks ideal book for me to do more lace knitting.

  65. Love knitting lace and learning more with each project. Would love to win this book!

  66. I love new lace looks!

  67. I just got back from Stitches West — took a class with Brooke and she showed us the book . . . I’d love to have it!! Thanks for always sharing.

  68. The book looks wonderful. I’d love to win it. Thanks!

  69. That mink beret certainly caught my eye!
    Thanks for still posting a blog, I so enjoy all your projects and keeping up with the ‘doings’ of Loki!

  70. Martina Norelli says:

    What wondrous patterns. I see 4 that my daughter would love to have and some for myself as well. Thanks to the author for making one available….

  71. Love the beret pattern…but I don’t think I’ll be making it in mink!

  72. Sandra Kerr says:

    Love the mitts. And I love lace, so I would love the book!

  73. I’d be so happy to win this book … I’ve been successful at bobbin lace, crochet lace, and tatted lace, but still learning to knit lace.

  74. Deborah Gajee says:

    Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

  75. Natalie Doyle-Hennin says:

    Saw your mitts on Ravelry this morning and snatched the pattern up. They’re gorgeous (as you’ve knitted them); for me, it’s going to be a new experience in colorwork.

    Would love to be entered in the drawing.

    Thanks, as always!

  76. Julie Beaver says:

    i’M addicted to knitting lace, I want to try making a square shawl next. I’m another fan of Loki.

  77. Kristen Machowski says:

    I would love to win the book. It’s very kind of you both to give it away.
    I love your mitts and someday when I’m brave enought to try color work I’ll give them a try.

  78. Elizabeth H. says:

    I love kniting lace, and I’d love a copy of Lovely Knitted Lace.

  79. Pat Harper says:

    I would love to win the book. I was lucky enough to take a workshop with the author through my local Knitting Guild several years ago and would love to have this book to try all of her new designs.

  80. So, have you closed those curtains so fluff-meister Loki can get some much needed sleep after a hard day of looking cute?

  81. Hopefully l will have good luck and win this lovely book.

  82. Dawne Kennedy says:

    Thank you for the generous discount on your new pattern and for the chance to win the book! The shawl and beret highlighted from the book are very cute!

  83. Love the lace tunic, love the cute Loki pcs more!!

  84. You had me at Floral Tunic.

  85. CaroleP (ohio says:

    The mitts are so creative, really pretty.
    I love to knit lace, like the looks of the lace book, esp the other lace items. Thanks for offering us the chance to win it.
    Also, love pics of Loki (as well as your gorgeous knits). I believe he’s become quite the cat under your direction. He sure is a cutie! Love cats, also!

  86. Love the patterns you chose to highlight from the book.

  87. Suzanne Shattuck says:

    I love the lace tunic!

  88. I love brook nico’s designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win her new book.

  89. Loved the cowl and now the mitts! Like the new book. Fun patterns.

  90. I really love the Floral Tunic too. And I always have a ton of fingering weight!

  91. Cecilia David says:

    Those mitts are very nice and this winter we need to knit.
    Loki is so photogenic!

  92. Thank you Wendy, the book looks great! I had already bought you mitt pattern, even before your blog post! I also bought you Leftover Cowl pattern and I am joined the KAL on Ravelry. You are just so incredibly talented, keep up the wonderful patterns for us! Loki looks very content. Have a great day!!!

  93. I love the lace book and I’ve been looking for a new book. I’m feeling motivated to wear some new lace pieces after lots of comments after my shawl wearing today.

  94. Looks like a nice book. Thanks for the chance to win it 🙂

  95. I was lucky enough to take a class last year from Brooke Nico – she is a lace genius! Would love this book!

  96. Thank you for the book review and the link to it’s Ravelry page, where I can see pictures of all the patterns. I am very pleased it contains more than shawls, which I did not expect.

    Give my regards to Loki.


  97. Wendy, thanks for the book give away. Some good-looking lace patterns. I’ve made a few of your lace patterns over the years which has gotten me hooked on lace!

    Loki is looking grand!


  98. Julie (O-kami) says:

    Lovely lace!

  99. Janet Easter says:

    I met Brooke at VogueKnitting Live NY 2013 when I took her origins of lace class. I would love to win this book!

  100. I can always be tempted by books on lace.