My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Now Available

The pattern for the Nordic Cowl is now available for purchase online in my Ravelry store, here.


The price for the pattern is$3.00 through March 15, 2014, after which it will go up to the regular price of $5.00.

I think everything you need to know is on the pattern page — you can make it in three different sizes, and the largest size takes just two 400-yard skeins of fingering weight yarn in contrasting colors. So if you’ve got lots and lots of sock yanr lying around you can use up some of your stash and make a lot of very nice holiday gifts. It is a fairly quick project. I knit the largest size and had it done in less than a week.

I noticed here and there there were a couple of mentions about how the Nordic Cowl could be worked in double knitting. Technically yes, it could, but I think it would have driven me crazy to keep track and ensure I was knitting the right stitch in the right color.

If you’ve never used the yarn I used to make it — Sun Valley Fibers MCS Fingering — I recommend that if you have the opportunity to acquire some, snap it up! It is lovely, lovely yarn and a dream to knit.

Now On the Needles . . .



This is a scarf being knit from Shalimar Breathless fingering, in the “Bark” and “Peachy Keen” colorways. I’m knitting in the round in the same manner as my Leftovers Cowl, but when I am done I am not going to join the ends. I’ll be doing an “end treatment” at each end.

I really like these colors together. The brown (the Bark colorway) has a sort of peachy sheen to it so it really looks nice next to Peachy Keen.

I actuallly did start this scarf as a double knit, with a different yarn, but abandoned it after about 4″ of knitting. One problem was that the colors I chose did not have enough contrast so in places I had a hard time telling which stitch was in which color. I chose two handpaints that in the skein seemed to have good contrast, but they knitted up too similar to each other.

The other issue was that I just didn’t like the way it looked doubleknit. My gauge in double knitting is looser than in single knit colorwork and I was not happy with the results.

I ripped out and started the scarf again using those same two yarns, this time knitting in the round, hoping that the tighter gauge made the contrast between the two colors more obvious. It didn’t. I ripped it out again and restarted the scarf in black and rainbow Kauni. That looked great with very nice contrast, but for a scarf that I plan to wrap around my bare neck, I want a softer yarn. So I ripped it out again.

I think this fourth time I finally have it right.

Loki Sez:


“I love spending quality time with Momma!”

In Other News

When I came home today I was surprised to see the Batmobile parked in the space next to mine in the garage.



  1. Donna C. says:

    Love both of the them!!!

  2. Just amazing! I am deeply enjoying you are in a colorwork kick. What’s better than knitting colorwork? I think nothing else compares. I will soon be casting some fair isle project on my needles… you are definitely an enabler!

    Loki seems like a happy fluffy kitty when in your arms. My cat makes the same content look. 🙂

  3. I just got your pattern and have the yarn ready to cast on… Going on a trip very soon, so this will be my “plane” knitting. I love the way you compose your patterns and am looking forward to getting started.

  4. Got my cowl pattern! Now to decide on this one or the leftovers cowl first…. Gorgeous new scarf too! I can’t believe what a huge cozy fluffball Loki is. 🙂
    Lizy Tish´s last blog post ..Steeking (or Cutting – yes, Cutting!) Your Knitting

  5. Wendy. Your knitting skills are simply amazing. I’m in awe of you.

  6. Wendy, WOW, these last two (Nordic and the one in progress) are just amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing how you finish it.

    And the picture of Loki – I don’t know why – but he makes me think of a giant marshmallow.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, both pieces. Is the scarf your own pattern, and if so will you be writing it up for sale. I just purchased the latest cowl pattern, anxious to start it.

  8. Looks great! Is that your mini next to the batmobile?? I just got one this week!

  9. Barbara Fredrick says:

    Greetings to Loki! – he looks great.
    Can he hear?
    As a child I had a cat (George) that looked a lot like Loki, but he was deaf. I understood that that was not unusual in White cats. It was funny, though. Unlike most cats he did not make a swift departure when the vacuum appeared. He couldn’t hear it but he loved the vibration and he get right near it!