My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



After my post about my new motorized base for my ball winder, there were some questions/discussion in the comments about swifts.

I did a post about swifts a few years ago (wow, 7 years ago!), when I had just acquired a Beka swift.

And a Beka swift was recommended in one comment. But after using my Beka swift a few times, I became disenchanted with it. I found that often the skein of yarn being wound would ride up on the swift while in the process of winding, and as it rode up it had the tendency to tangle. Not cool. Of course your mileage may vary and it did not happen with every yarn, but it happened to me often enough to cause me to consider my Beka swift unusable.

My go-to swift, the best one I’ve ever used, is a Strauch floor swift. This swift also comes in a table model, and in a convertible model that you can switch between floor and table, but the only one I’ve used is the floor model.


(Bonus shot of Loki there.) I looked at the price tag of this swift. I’ve had mine for quite a long time and it was a lot cheaper back then!

I use this swift for all my yarn winding needs and it has never let me down. With the umbrella portion collapsed it takes up very little floor space.

Speaking of swifts . . .

Have any of you watched the new tv series Atlantis that recently aired on BBC America? In one episode the gang go to see Daedalus for help. Daedalus (played rather comically by Robert Lindsay) was characterized as being an odd, quirky inventor with all sorts of contraptions in his workshop. One of the contraptions in his workshop was a wooden swift, apparently supposed to be some mysterious device, as it was slowly turning on its own. Heh.

Still knitting along on the Nordic scarf:


Loki is still adorable:


And I am indeed collecting his loose fur acquired during our grooming sessions. It seems to be definitely spin-able!



  1. Loki fur looks very spin-able, bet it would be a lot like angora. My Sookie feels like angora, one of these days I hope to get to meet Loki. 😉

  2. I kept a lot of Chloe’s fur from grooming- my plan is to blend it with some wool and spin a memory yarn from it <3 Your Nordic scarf is lovely!

  3. I also have a Beka swift which I never use. My son who lives in St Paul gave it to me one Christmas.

    Loki’s fur looks so soft and spinnable. I had to give up spinning because of back problems but I really do miss doing it.

  4. I carded one of our fluffy cats hair with alpaca and merino and spun it for the hubby. It created a super cozy lofty yarn spun long draw. By itself the hair doesn’t have the best structure or elasticity but blended its lovely 🙂
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Episode 44 – Hail and Farewell

  5. Loki fluff looks very spinnable but would definitely blend with something like cormo or merino to add so bounce. Should bloom nicely but I don’t recommend wearing it to visit the dog park!

  6. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    The scarf is beautiful and Loki cute as can be. I have some questions about swifts. I have the same winder but just basic no name swift. Sometimes when I wind a ball no matter what I do it gets so tight I have to stop , cut and begin again. I have do not have the motor but this winder has driven me nuts. I have talk to the makers I have adjusted the ball winder. Could my problem be the swift? Thank you so much.

  7. Loki’s fur is beautiful…keep in in a rigid container, it will matt in the bag. I spun my cat into a scarf and fingerless mittens, she just passed 2 wks ago at 18. It is honorable to wear and appreciate her still. I did add just a little wool and cashmere (‘cuz I had it) for strength. Enjoy!

  8. Loki’s fur is beautiful! I am also collecting my long-haired cat’s fur in order to try spinning it. I have done a couple of test spins and it holds together beautifully – no idea how Loki’s compares to my Duke’s though. I do not think I will card it with anything because I am worried about breakage, but I will probably ply it with something a bit bouncier to give it some life. Cat hair tends to be kind of “dead” yarn unless there is something else in there with it.

  9. Loki, lovely as ever. even if you do blend it and that ‘it’ carries the majority of the weight of the project, it will always be made by Loki!! thanks for the info on Swifts. If I ever get to where I have enough knitting time to justify a Strauch floor swift, I will invest in one. I suspect it will be a whole lot more expensive then… is that justification to buy one now?? haha

  10. Heidi (LunaKitty) says:

    I LOVE my Strauch floor swift. I paid what seemed like a fortune for it at least 15 years ago and it has been worth double or even triple the price. The main reason I bought it is that I absolutely loathe tools that have to be clamped down.

  11. Hmmmm…cat angora…sounds beautiful.

  12. Marseille says:

    I absolutely noticed the swift in that episode of Atlantis! I was so excited, but had nobody to tell!

  13. Your swift looks much sturdier than my plastic/metal one made in China…. something to put on my wishlist. Off to check out Atlantis – need a new show to watch!
    Lizy Tish´s last blog post ..Random Friday