My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Rainy Sunday

The rain is really coming down here today but I’m just happy that it isn’t snow. A dreary day like today is a good day to do one’s taxes, so that’s what I did.

Loki helped by lurking nearby in case I needed him.


Next up on the agenda, knitting.


I am going to take some time away from this project because I need to knit a T. Rex. 🙂 I went into the stash room and chose this for the T. Rex:


Some vintage Socks That Rock in a colorway called Lucky. I will be using this pattern.

And now it’s time for a Loki-break!



  1. Tux had absolutely no interest at all in helping me do the taxes. His feeling is that the Government owes him money for deigning to live here and making me pay one cent more is akin to a cat burglar coming into the house at night.

    And why, pray tell, must you knit a T-Rex? Terence is a lovely T-Rex but inquiring minds want to know 😀

  2. It was snowing here this morning. Whaaaaa!

  3. I was wondering as well why one “needs” to knit a T-rex?!?
    Lee Cockrum´s last blog post ..For the record friday

  4. Ooooo. What is that gorgeous brown and cream (those are the colours on my screen, anyway) item shown under the portrait of Loki? It’s gorgeous!

  5. Egads! You spoke too soon! It’s all snow over here in Fairfax County, even sticking!

  6. We had rain too thank goodness! And oh! That cat!!

  7. We sure got snow here in Falls Church!

  8. Oregon…huge down pours! I read you were making socks, then I saw the pattern! Great pics of Loki.

  9. judy exline says:

    I am wondering also about the T-Rex. At first I thought it was a shawl or socks, or sweater. Cute T-Rex though.

    We got about 2 inches over night Saturday but by the time we got home from church it was all gone.

  10. You must have written this before the snow started, unless it stayed only on our side of the Potomac.
    sprite´s last blog post ..clump-free, knotty, and colored

  11. Alice in Richmond says:

    Rain Rain Rain my spinning wheel went out with a raincoat on Saturday.

    I know what it’s like to need a T-Rex. I need a fancy knitted baby alpaca bunny with cotton/cashmere knitted clothes. Um yeah I do. And no I am not knitting it for anyone but me.

    Hi Loki!

  12. Mary E Osborne says:

    Please send some rain to SoCal. We are in desparate need of it!

    Oh that kitteh! Loki, U R adorable!

    Our katzez are not sure what “taxes’ are, but if they can’t eat it or smell it, they’re not interested! luv.m.

  13. Okay, first, I’ve been wanting a pair of black and white socks, and I love the “tassel” ones. Second, T Rex? What T Rex?

  14. I love to knit socks. Just started a pair, something to work on while we get 10-16″ of snow. I am sick of winter!