My current work in progress:

Stornoway, designed by Alice Starmore from her book Fishermen’s Sweaters, knit in Frangipani 5-ply guernsey wool in the Aran colorway, on a 3.0mm needle.

In the Spring

In the Spring a knitter’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of small projects. (With apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson for butchering one of his lines.) Small projects, you say? How about footwear?

I was sent this new book for review:


This is Happy Feet by Cathy Carron, which has a publication date of April 1, 2014 — yesterday.

This is not just a book of sock patterns. Well, sock patterns it has, but it has all sorts of knitted items for your feet.

How about some legwarmers?


Or “yoga socks?”


Or slippers?


There are also plenty of socks in this book. They range from plain:


To crazy:


To amazing!


You can check out all 33 fun patterns on the book’s Ravelry page, here.

There is also a lot of great information on sock construction and step by step illustrated directions for techniques you need for some of the projects in the book. All in all a great book, with a little something for everyone.

The publisher, Sixth & Spring Books, has generously offered me a second copy to give away in a blog contest. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00 am eastern time on Sunday, April 6, 2014. We will select a winner via the Random Number Generator at that time.

Loki Sez


“Mo-o-o-o-o-o-om . . . aren’t you finished on the computer yet?


  1. The book looks fun and Loki is adorable.

  2. Anne Patton says:

    Pick meeeee.

  3. What fun sock designs! Thanks for the chance at winning this.
    Jamie´s last blog post ..I’ve Been Pinned!

  4. What cool socks!

  5. What an appropriate title! It makes me happy just to look at the socks.

  6. Denise Vitola says:

    I’d love to win the book! I just managed to get a problem fixed with my thumb that has kept me from knitting for a whole year. I’m ready to make some socks!

  7. Amy Schulze says:

    Cool book! Would love to own it!

  8. Lots of fun knitting, would love this book.

  9. Those look like some really fun socks+!

  10. Cindy Lynne says:

    I love to make any type of socks.

  11. Debbie H says:

    Looks like a great book. I would love to win! Thanks

  12. There are some tempting designs in that book!
    Faith´s last blog post ..A Letter to My Newest Daughter: Anticipating Your Arrival

  13. Love knitting socks! This book looks fantastic with some wonderful ideas for knitting. Love the leg warmers!

    Loki is so adorable!

  14. I just started knitting socks and this book of patterns looks amazing. Thank you for offering a chance to win this book.

  15. Rebecka says:

    Oh I really want that book!

  16. Marissa says:

    I can’t get over how adorable Loki looks! Those socks are pretty adorable too!

  17. GeniaKnitz says:

    Sounds like a fabulous book! I would love to win it.

    And thank you for the wonderful pictures of your beautiful Loki!

  18. Theresa says:

    Wow, I need this book! I always have socks on my needles and this is just the thing to bring some variety into my knitting. Please pick me!

  19. I love knitting socks for my whole family! That Loki gets more wonderful by the day!

  20. Wow! I love trying out new sock patterns and techniques. This looks great

  21. Deborah Keep says:

    Cathy Carron’s book looking REAL interesting would love to win a copy………..Loki looking Deliciously furry as always, such a bonnie lad.

  22. Those slippers look amazing 🙂

  23. Jacquie Kinman says:

    Loki is incredibly photogenic! Seeing him is overtaking looking at knitting stuff!

  24. thegeorg says:

    I like the legwarmers. 🙂

  25. Robin D says:

    I could really use the book. I am a novice sock knitter.

  26. Monica Cortada says:

    I love knitting socks and this looks like a really fun book.

  27. Susan Picciano says:

    Happy happy Spring!

  28. Melissa L. says:

    Love the idea of this book!! Those piano socks are awesome!!

  29. Teri Chambliss says:

    Looks like a great addition to any sock knitters library.

  30. That book looks great! Would love a chance to win.

  31. This is a particularly great shot of Loki. Oh, and I’d love to win this book!

  32. A girl can never have too many socks or sock patterns. The book looks like it would be the perfect printed companion to take on a cruise.

  33. Looks like a neat book! Love Loki’s pouty face’O))

  34. Cute book! Thanks for the offer.

  35. Looks like this book has some perfect patterns for my son’d girlfriend a yoga teacher

  36. Interesting socks!

  37. This book looks interesting. Thanks for the give away! I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time…and the kitty tidbits at the end of each post are like the cherry on top!
    Brenda´s last blog post ..Hello Spring?

  38. Socks are great spring/summer projects.

  39. Shirley Gallagher says:

    Love knitting socks. Love Loki’s sweet face.

  40. oooooo Yoga socks! I wouldn’t mind if you ended up sending that book to me!

    Tux waves hello to Loki and advises perching on the back of your chair while you type. He says it’s one way to get head butts and help clean Momma’s ears.

  41. I love knitting socks! A new book of patterns would be super fun!
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..Free Pattern: Newborn Bunny Butt

  42. Alice Moisen says:

    Love the slippers. Looks like a great book
    Alice in Portland

  43. Please add me! The fancy slippers caught my eye. And Loki is so handsome. Has he started to shed some of his winter coat yet? My vacuum is on overdrive down here in Florida.

  44. Stardancer says:

    I have yet to complete my first pair of adult socks. I’ll take all the advice I can get!

  45. I love small projects and socks top the list. Thanks for the give away.

  46. The very thing I am working on is a variety of socks and struggling…What an adorable pic of Loki, oh my!

  47. Anne U. says:

    Would love to have this! So many choices!! Thanks!!

  48. Would love a copy!! Thanks!
    Anne U.´s last blog post ..2012

  49. I’ve had only two sips of morning coffee, but those socks blew the “Morning Fog” right out of my head. Perhaps I need those crazy socks to super-charge my day?
    nance´s last blog post ..Behind the times

  50. Kamilla Mazanec says:

    Absolutely love the crazy socks.

  51. Count me in. My daughter would love the piano sox!

  52. those leg warmers look great!

  53. Jeri W. says:

    I haven’t knit socks yet, but would like to get started. Seems like this book would be pretty inspirational.

  54. Sarah Taylor says:

    Ooooo piano socks!

  55. That book looks wonderfully refreshing. Thanks for the chance to have it!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Anime Boston 2014

  56. Socks are the best things ever!

  57. Dorothy in Kentucky says:

    Loki is adorable as ever. How do get anything done with those BooBoo eyes watching you. The book looks very interesting.

  58. Love the kitty . . . and socks of course.

  59. SuthernGirl says:

    Socks are good!

  60. This looks like a very cute book filled with ideas that appeal to me. I’d love to win this one. =)

    Loki looks great. Reminds me that I need to brush my two cats. They are shedding a lot more that spring weather has decided to stay in my part of Virginia.

  61. Nice book. I like the slippers. You can never have too many sock books.

  62. These look like cute patterns!

  63. Kristine M. says:

    I love the crazy socks! They look like so much fun!

    And Hi Loki!!

  64. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area says:

    Wow – such an amazing variety of designs! Of course I would love this one in my library.

  65. Charlotte says:

    Cathy’s collection of sock patterns looks much better than a few of the recent sock books I’ve seen – I’m sure the four sock knitters in my knitting group will buy this one as soon as it’s on the shelves, unless I, by some remarkable chance, win one free for one of them!
    I knit two pair of socks to show myself I could, but then went back to knitting the occasional shawl & lots of toys & Christmas ornaments, while constantly envying your beautiful & outstanding colorwork.

  66. Kim Napier says:

    YAY!!! My favorite project! I would love this book.

  67. What fun socks! Rita agrees with Loki that grownups spend far too much time on the computer and not enough time playing.

  68. This book looks like a lot of fun!

  69. Katherine says:

    Nice patterns. Do you think you will publish a new sock book soon – wishing and hoping!!
    Happy Knitting!

  70. It must be spring . . . I’ve been thinking about socks for the last couple of weeks. This book has some great patterns and I’d love to win a copy — thanks for the chance!

  71. If it’s called “Happy Feet”, there must be a pair of penguin socks in there somewhere!!

  72. You had me at the legwarmers…but oh those socks! I’m intrigued. Pretty soon I’m gonna need another room built on for all my yarn & books, but I’d sure like to find a place for this one.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Fooler

  73. I’d love to have this book! It sounds like not only a wealth of great patterns, but also a great resource for techniques! Thanks for the chance!

  74. Savannagal says:

    I love those slippers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Thanks again for another great give-a-way.

  76. I’ve knit a lot of socks and this one looks fun. I’d love me some Happy Feet. Thanks for the chance.

  77. Heidi (LunaKitty) says:

    You’ve featured some really cool projects!

  78. The book looks great, but I love, love, love your cat!

  79. I have 3 pair of socks, each on 2 circulars, now. What’s not to love about socks?

  80. (Not That) Joan says:

    I would love to be entered in the book draw. Thanks, Wendy!

  81. Deena Marshall says:

    Thanks for the contest!

  82. Love knitting socks. Count me in!

  83. Thanks.

  84. Karen W M says:

    Very interesting!!! Would love to win the book.

  85. Just starting to develop an obsession with knitting socks . . . . that book would further my obsession!

  86. Susan D. Smith says:

    I’m doing a lot of commuting between Central NY and NYC right now for cancer treatment and sock/leg warmer/slipper knitting would be the ultimate in portable projects to knit while I’m Amtrakking it! Would love to have this book!

  87. Definitely need some yoga socks!
    Lauren´s last blog post ..Working It Out

  88. Most of what I knit are socks! Thank you for the opportunity.

  89. Riverknitter says:

    I just finished a pair of socks and need to start another pair. The book looks wonderful!

  90. sagerain says:

    I’ve just re-started knitting socks again so this would be a prefect acquisition. Thanks for the opportunity!

  91. Cute patterns . Thanks for sharing with us!

  92. So many fun options! I’d love to make a pair of legwarmers

  93. The cat pic is so cute today!! The book pales in comparison, but I’d still like it.
    Janell´s last blog post ..Un-Startitis

  94. Looks like my dog boo while I knit on the couch. That book looks amazing. Tones of techniques and fun patterns

  95. Veronica says:

    I’m on a sock knitting kick right now. Love the blog and love Loki!

  96. I would SO love to have the Happy Feet Book!

  97. Heather K says:

    Love socks, would love the book! I really need some new patterns to stretch my repetoire. Thanks for the chance, H

  98. Michele says:

    I love to knit socks. I would love that book. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  99. Lynne in Florida says:

    Ooooh, socks! Yes, please, RNG.

  100. Theresa says:

    Would love to win.