My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Nymphalidea Completed

I actually finished Nymphalidea on Sunday afternoon.


My mods:

Once I got to 18 repeats of Wedge D, I started decreasing at the top edge to dramatically slow down the rate of increase.

I worked until I had 36 repeats of Wedge D, then I worked two rows of the solid color so that I was back at the top edge, then picked up and knit stitches long the top edge. When I had 2 stitches remaining, I slipped those 2, picked up 1 at the beginning of the top edge, and passed the 2 slipped stitches over — decreasing 2 stitches. This was to lessen the “corner” at the junction of the top edge and the live stitches on the needle. Then I continued picking up stitches along the top edge until I had picked up all the way back to the start.

I then turned and worked a 3-stitch applied i-cord along the top edge, attaching to the shawl by working the third stitch together with a live stitch from the stitches picked up along the top edge.

Important tip: Miles of applied i-cord goes much faster when you have a little helper.


When I got to the junction of top edge and lives stitches, I once again decreased 2 stitches in the same manner as above, as I continued to work the applied i-cord. This pretty much gave me a straight edge, no corner at all!

To block I steamed the piece carefully with my steam iron, opening up the lace wedges as I worked. The finished shawl is about 88” along the top edge — nice and long!


Loki Sez:


“After helping Momma with all that i-cord, I am exhausted!”


  1. Laurie Heeren says:

    WOW Beautiful. I just love Loki’s cute little paws as he is snuggled up against your Nymphalidea

  2. Appreciate the detailed description of what you did, applied I-cord is such a wonderful finishing detail for so many projects. The combination of this yarn with its subtle variations and the strong architectural lines of the pattern allows both shine. Perfect.
    Barbara at Knitting | Work in Progress´s last blog post ..FO | Almost Neutral Fluted Ridge Afghan

  3. That’s gorgeous! And if I’m understanding correctly, wow! You are Super Woman for knitting 88 inches of i-cord. Not sure I’d have been able to stick with that.
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..TBT – Childhood BFFs

  4. Wow, that shawl is pretty! So textured.

  5. I think its stunning. Your color choices are amazing.
    Connie´s last blog post ..Foots

  6. Wendy, you are amazing! Your Nymphalidea is GORGEOUS! Loved reading about how you did what and where including all the I-cord. Thanks for sharing. Loki is adorable.

  7. patricia says:

    Loki looks as long as the shawl!

  8. I am amazed at how fast you knit this. I love the pictures of Loki.

  9. Lovely! I admire your tenacity with all of that i-cord! Of course, the little helper made it not seem so bad;O))

  10. Oh drat. I am also knitting Nymphadelia (ahem, since October, obviously not as quick as you are) and have reached the 36 repeat mark. I was hoping to use your modifications, but now I see that I should have done something halfway back (like in February), so I will have to wing it for the slog to the finish line. I think the icord is a great idea and I have lots of yarn left, so maybe I’ll get this done by October. Your shawl looks great!

  11. Deborah Keep says:

    That is stunning thank you for the detailed modifications, I have it in my queue on Ravelry not a good enough knitter yet to attempt it but soon, same with your Array by Shibui Knits have that queued too. Love your taste Sweetie Pie

  12. That’s amazing! Gorgeous work and Loki is so scrumptious! I just wanna curl up with him, what a beautiful kitty!

  13. Wow. That is just gorgeous! And Loki is an adorable helper.
    Lizy Tish´s last blog post ..Forever and Non-stop

  14. Love it, thanks for the mod details!
    Hattie´s last blog post ..A new addition

  15. JudyAnn says:

    That’s lovely. Thanks so much for sharing all your mods. I’m queuing one up right now!