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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mystic Shawls

Last week I got a review copy of Mystic Shawls, a pattern collection by Anna Dalvi. right now it is available as an eBook only — hard copies will be shipping later this month.


Anna Dalvi is a prolific designer — if you look on Ravelry, you will find that she has 103 pattern posted there. This book is a collection of 14 lace shawls that were all originally part of knit-alongs (KALs). I pause to contemplate this: Anna Dalvo has hosted 14 shawl KALs.

These 14 shawls are Anna’s “Mystic” Collection — all have Mystic in their name. And they are all drool-worthy. I say this as someone who is extremely picky about lace patterns: one little thing that seems “off” to me can ruin a whole pattern and I won’t consider it. so this is amazing: a book with 14 patterns and not a dog in the bunch. (Apologies to all the dogs out there. I am a cat person.)

The shawls are in several shapes: triangle, rectangle, square, circle, semi-circle, and crescent, so there is something for everyone. Most of the patterns are knit from laceweight yarns, with a few written for fingering weight and one for sport weight. The lace motifs are all charted (I can’t even begin to imagine the proofreading nightmare that would ensue if they were written out line by line) and the charts are large and clear. The designs are beautifully photographed by Caro Sheridan and there are multiple views of each design so you can really see what each one looks like.

You can see all the patterns on Ravelry, here.

I’ve had a hard time picking my favorites. Mystic Embers jumped out at me immediately:


I love how the diamond-shaped motif is placed into the rectangular shawl — so different!

I also love Mystic Roses:


Such a lovely large shawl!

And Mystic Delight is . . . well . . . a delight!


I love the mixture of color and lace here.

Go see all the designs on Ravelry! Which are your favorites?

You can purchase the eBook via Ravelry from the above link. You can also purchase a copy from the publisher, Cooperative Press.

You can also enter my contest to try to win a copy of the eBook. 🙂

To enter the contest, please leave a comment on this post telling which of the 14 shawls from Mystic Shawls is your favorite. To be eligible for the draw, leave your comment by 11:00 am Eastern time on Sunday, June 22, 2014. At that time the Random Number Generator will choose a winner.

Must dash — Loki and I have lots to do today!



  1. Those are beautiful! I’ve never heard of her and now I feel bad. I absolutely love Mystic Star, the cover shawl. I have a weird attraction to pi/circular shawls so of course I was drawn to that one.
    Leigh´s last blog post ..Ahem… (Days 320-332)

  2. Mystic Earth is my favorite, but it is hard to choose. They are all beautiful.

  3. I can’t decide between Mystic Delight and Mystic Fire for my favorite – although they’re all beautiful!

  4. maureenC says:

    It is so difficult to choose, as I like them all. But I would pick the Mystic Star as my favorite shawl to knit first.

  5. They are all stunning…you’re right! I would start with Mystic Fire as my first favorite.

  6. Mystic Roses has been in my Rav queue for ages. And now thwt I’ve seen it, Mystic Delight is joining it there. Both are so lovely!

  7. Those shawls are incredible and agree with you on being discriminating with shawl patterns. When something is off balance it throws the whole look of the shawl off. Mystic desire caught my eye, but honestly I would be happy to knit any of them.

  8. Christine says:

    Oh my gosh…too hard to choose, but if I must my first “wows” were for Mystic Embers and Mystic Fire. Then there’s Mystic Light……..

  9. I like the Mystic Meadows.

  10. Michelle says:

    Such beautiful shawls! My sister just sent me some birthday yarn that would make a gorgeous Mystic Delight!

  11. Mystic Midsummer Wreath – so beautiful! A crescent shaped scarf that is all lace. I loved the story behind the shawl.

  12. Elaine F says:

    would love to win anything, anytime. Thanks

  13. Mystic Embers is intriguing me too! I would love to make this shawl, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. I’ve done one of the KALs – her designs are stunning. My favorite from the collection is Mystic Fire. The stocking stitch areas are accented by and also accent the lace designs. That would be my first choice. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Wow, they are all amazing! Mystic Waters in particular blew my mind.

  16. Awesome book – this is the kind of lace shawl knitting I like. My fav is the Mystic Meadows rectangular shawl. Hope I win…thanks for the contest.

  17. Patricia says:

    I have to say that the Mystic Star pattern is my favorite! Love Loki!

  18. Mystic delight!

  19. linda-kaye says:

    Wow, those are all beautiful shawls! I really liked Mystic Embers the most!

  20. I love the Mystic Star.

  21. Wendy TC says:

    Mystic Stars and Mystic Water…but they are all beautiful. Thanks for the give-away!

  22. I agree with you Wendy, all are very knit worthy! It was difficult to choose a favorite, but I thin it has to be the Mystic Star – I love the border (a good thing since that’s where one knits the most!), and the Mystic Delight is a close second, no matter what the color combination. Thanks for reviewing the book so that I could find out about it! Best to you, the KOARC, and Loki, the floofiest of all.

  23. Wow, all those patterns are beautiful! Mystic Fire reminds me of dragon wings, I’m a fantasy geek. Mystic Ice looks like Celtic knots or frost on a window, which I think are both pretty. Mystic Midsummer Wreath looks like something I’d use a lot.

  24. Mystic Waters is my favourite.

  25. Charlene says:

    Believe Mystic Waters would have to be first

  26. I’m not sure which is my favorite, but I could see myself casting on for Mystic Midsummer Wreath! Beautiful shawls!

  27. Frankie says:

    They’re all really beautiful but Mystic Star is my favorite. That one is calling to me and I think I have the yarn for it already stashed.
    Thanks for mentioning this book (and the chance to win a copy!) because now I know I need it. 😀

  28. Diane Ogle says:

    I love all of them, but my favorite is Mystic Earth. I love the lace pattern as well as the rectangular shape.

  29. I don’t even have to look at the rest of the patterns to know that mystic waters is my favorite!! Such beauty!!

  30. Mystic Embers is my favorite. I love how she worked one shape into another.
    Lars´s last blog post ..Welcome

  31. How have i missed these designs? Gorgeous. I like Mystic Earth. Some nice combinations of motifs.

  32. kathleen in wisconsin says:

    I’m with you; Mystic Embers.

  33. KMaldonado says:

    Mystic Delight is definitely my favorite

  34. Janet White says:

    Thank you for sharing these lovely patterns.

  35. I love the Mystic Desire shawl! Also Mystic Ice is really pretty. It would be hard to decide which I’d want to knit first! They’re ALL beautiful!
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..Craftsy Yarn, a review

  36. Gwendolyn says:

    I think Mystic Light is my favorite, though Mystic star is a close 2nd.

  37. Patti S says:

    I like all of them, but mystic star is my favorite. I love making shawls. They are so much fun

  38. Cecilia David says:

    Those patterns look wonderful.

  39. Charis W. says:

    So many pretty shawls, but Mystic Waters really stood out to me!

  40. I love Mystic Midsummer Wreath!

  41. Mystic Fire is just such an interesting pattern– it’s the one that jumps out at me. Which is saying something, because they are all gorgeous!!!

  42. Mystic Star..

  43. Elaine Pohl says:

    I love mystic embers and would love this book!

  44. Mystic Earth. But plenty of close seconds!
    Tee´s last blog post ..Brain Freeze

  45. Love Mystic Diamonds — but they are all quite beautifull!

  46. Elizabeth says:

    All the shawls are beautiful but I choose Mystic Delight.

  47. I’m voting for Mystic Earth. The pattern is great, and I’m a sucker for earth tones these days.

  48. Helen King says:

    It is so hard to choose because they are all so beautiful, but I would say Mystic Water is my favorite.

  49. Linda McNair-Felton says:

    A hard choice, but, if I must pick one, I would pick Mystic Roses.

  50. We’ll if I had to choose one that I would knit immediately, it would be Mystic Delight. But I can see myself wanting several of them!

  51. Mystic Air is gorgeous. But you are right, they all are very lovely!

  52. smonakey says:

    I’m smitten with both the Mystic Air & Mystic Embers designs, although every one of those shawls is just gorgeous!

  53. Mystic Star! It is glorious!

  54. lindaran says:

    Mystic Air is gorgeous. They are all stunning.

  55. kathleen says:

    I have knit 2 Mystic Fire shawls. They are both beautiful and knit up beautiful.

  56. Kerstin Rosen says:

    All are beautiful but my favorite is Mystic Star!

  57. Mandy B. says:

    Normally I’d go straight for Mystic Star (circular shawls are my favorite), but Mystic Desire really stands out to me as a must knit. This is a must have book for sure!

  58. Mystic earth. Such a nice variety of patterns, some I’ve never done before! Thanks for letting me know this book exists. If I don’t win it I’m certainly going to buy one!

  59. Love those designs ! Thanks for posting this. I will definitely be buying a pattern or two.

  60. B miller says:

    Mystic delight wins!

  61. Mary Beth says:

    So hard to choose! I love Mystic Delight and Mystic Light.

  62. PamelaR says:

    I love the Mystic Diamonds but I think it’s a bit beyond my skills at this time–soon, I hope.

  63. Mystic Embers ticks my boxes (as do all the others, but I’d knit Embers first)! I’ve got some lace weight silk in just the right color.

  64. Oh my, they are all so pretty. My favorite would me mystic star & mystic fire.
    Hev´s last blog post ..CAL Check In #2, #3, & #4

  65. Leslie in MA says:

    For me it’s got to be Mystic Delight just for the opportunity to use different colors! I can just see this being done in three different jewel tones and dancing around a gypsy fire. Anything that appeals to my romantic side this strongly will probably get knit.

  66. My favorite is the Mystic Midsummer shawl. They are ALL beautiful though!

  67. Not an easy choice, but Mystic Embers would probably be the first on my needles.

  68. I have to say I really love Mystic Embers.

  69. sagerain says:

    Mystic Fire!! Thanks for showcasing such a lovely book.

  70. Mujercita says:

    It’s extremely hard to pick just one but I think I’d have to choose Mystic Fire.

  71. Lestersmama says:

    All are lovely, but Mystic Fire really caught my eye.

  72. Mystic Star is my favorite, but they’re all lovely.

  73. My favorite is Mystic Star! 🙂

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  75. Jennifer says:

    Air, Water and Embers but they are all so lovely. Thanks for a (random) chance to win 🙂
    Johnston4kids on rav

  76. Mystic Midsummer Wreath! Beautiful.

  77. Wow! Those are amazing choices. Mystic Air is ethereally beautiful. I also love Mystic Waters.

  78. Ruth Porter says:

    My desire is Mystic Desire. Your little fuzzball Loki is so cute.

  79. I think I like Mystic Embers best, too.

  80. They are all so beautiful that it is hard to pick a favorite, but I think that Mystic Ice just barely edges out the others for me.

  81. All the shawls are stunning but I think I have to choose Mystic Desire as my favorite.
    Julie´s last blog post ..A Few EDM Challenges and a New Online Watercolor Class

  82. DebrafromMD says:

    How to choose? I would probably knit Mystic Roses first.

  83. Mystic Light for me!

  84. Christel says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous designs! Thanks for sharing. I think I would choose first Mystic Fire, though they are all worthy of knitting!

  85. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    I’m gonna go with Mystic Meadows because it’s a rectangle and purple. Just gorgeous!!!

  86. Mystic Delight is my favorite.

  87. Elizabeth S. says:

    I’m ready to kick-up my shawl knitting – this looks like just the ticket!

  88. Virginia Curtis says:

    Mystic Roses because I really enjoyed my roses this spring.

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  90. margaret says:

    would truly love an e-copy 😉 I’ve got SO MUCH laceweight/fingering/shawl yarns laying around the stash …

  91. Ann Madison says:

    What a difficult choice this is. I have finally narrowed it down to Mystic Air and Mystic Star. So my absolutely favorite shawl is Mystic Star! Thank-you so much for giving us a chance to win this beautiful book!

  92. I quite like the design of Mystic Fire – it reminds me of art deco textiles.
    Good luck to everyone – this books looks fabulous and if I don’t win it I will buy it as it is a must have for my knitting book library.

  93. I was first a crocheter because I love making lace, but since I have become a follower of yours and worked a couple of lace shawls, I have fallen in love with knitting lace. Please count me in on this drawing. I sure hope I win.

  94. Heidi (LunaKitty) says:

    Looks like a great collection of patterns. Sure wish I enjoyed knitting from charts…..but I just don’t. It’s work every step of the way.

  95. Kathy N says:

    I could and would be very interested in receiving this book.

  96. Kathy in Alaska says:

    Wendy, I already had most of the new Mystic shawls Favorited in Ravelry, as I just love Anna’s designs! They are all truly beautiful, but I think the Mystic Star on the cover is the most impressive (full circle shawls are always impressive to me!). Thank you for the chance to win, and best to you and Loki from me and Rocky. 🙂

  97. monica B says:

    mystic delight! Love the color

  98. I think I would choose Mystic Roses as my favorite.

  99. I love them all! I can’t imagine picking just one. I do love Mystic Waters, though. I knit this one several years ago.
    Becky´s last blog post ..Rainy Season

  100. Mary Beth says:

    Mystic delight was my favorite!

    Thank you for the chance.