My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Life is a Mystery

This summer, my life will be a mystery. As I have announced in the past couple of blog posts, my Summer Mystery Shawl KAL starts in a few days, on July 12. If you are thinking about joining in but haven’t bought the pattern yet, I encourage you to do so before the start date of July 12 — the pattern is now available for the reduced price of $3.00. On July 12 the price goes up to $5.00.

There is a lot of fun discussion in my Ravelry group right now about this project — everyone is introducing themselves, talking about yarn selection, asking and giving advice, etc. Come join in on the fun!

My Mystery Shawl project will run through the rest of the month of July (see the pattern page for details).

The mystery doesn’t end there! I will embark on another mystery on August 1:


My very first project in collaboration with Craftsy: I designed and will host Craftsy’s August Mystery KAL! I am very excited to be working with Craftsy on this project. If you are a member of Craftsy and get emails from them, you were likely notified about this KAL via email today. Here is the email message:

I’m author and knitwear designer Wendy Johnson ofWendyKnits, and I’m so excited to be hosting Craftsy’s August Knit–Along! I’m saving the pattern details until the reveal, but I can tell you we’ll be making two projects for the first time in Knit–Along history! The first is a stylish accessory that will teach you useful techniques, and the second is a cute surprise that makes a great gift!

We’ll be using two soft skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash, the perfect pick for vibrant, easy–care projects! You can choose from five radiant colors: Como Blue, Aran, Turtle, Silver Grey or Charcoal.

These designs are the perfect way to practice increases, decreases and I–cord edging. Bring your basic knit and purl skills, and I’ll walk you step–by–step through both projects for fabulous results!

The cool thing about this KAL is that you will learn techniques with the first project, and then use those newly-learned skills as you knit the second project. You will learn an easy provisional cast-on, how to knit in the round on two circular needles, and how to create a decorative i-cord edging.

Right now Craftsy is offering the class (which includes two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash) at a reduced price: $24.99. Hop on over to sign up — I think we are going to have a lot of fun!

Meanwhile at Camp

I am making great progress on my Camp Loopy project — the Endless Rainbow wrap.


I am currently on the 33rd repeat and I joined in my second skein of the main color a couple of repeats ago. I think I will go ahead and make this a bit bigger than he pattern directs since I have plenty of yarn.


Loki is waiting for me to get off the computer and spend some time with him. Who am I to argue?




  1. Cathie Jones says:

    You talked me into it. Instead of the Ravelry Summer Mystery (I have soooooo many shawls), I’ll do the Craftsy project. Another surprise … I would normally have chosen a muted color, but have chosen the blue for this one. Hope Loki makes a guest appearance!

  2. Perfect gift for me for my milestone birthday! Awesome!! I would have chosen the blue but it appears to be gone already so charcoal it is!

  3. Deborah says:

    Sadly as I live in the UK the postage is dearer than the class/Yarn so not for me. Have a good time everybody

  4. Mary Tole says:

    I would love to be part of your Craftsy KAL however, I do not care for the remaining choices of yarn color. The only one I cared for was the Como Blue and apparently it is sold out. If Craftsy offers some other color choices I will participate. It’s a shame that Craftsy did not provide for ample supplies of each color. To me it sort of gives the appearance of their perhaps wanting to get rid of some over stock colors. I will also write to them but I felt you should be aware the some of your fans may not get to join due to yarn choices.

  5. I’d love to join in on your Craftsy KAL but last I checked, Craftsy won’t ship to Europe/shipping is horrendously expensive. Is it possible to get the yarn myself and still follow along?

  6. Mujercita says:

    I so wanted to do this one but I really don’t want to knit it in any of the remaining blah colors. When I first clicked the link when I was checking my email on my phone, I saw a gorgeous blue, but figured I’d wait to do the ordering process until I was in front of a computer. Alas, the blue is now gone.

    Any chance Craftsy might restock/add different colors? I often stay away from their MKALs because I don’t always know/like the designers, but I LOVE your designs and know I’d be thrilled with anything from you!

  7. Barbara says:

    Loki is just beautiful. I am thinking about doing your shawl knit along. I just had hand surgery and have not been able to knit for over six months. I could use the shawl as therapy since I have to use my hand now..

  8. Leslie in MA says:

    I’m doing both your KAL’s, Wendy, in an effort to get my knitting mojo from just peeking around the corner and back into the room. I’m sure you remember the term “BadAss Knitter” (I think you coined it, didn’t you?) so I must say
    Rav Shawl is being done in a worsted weight from stash
    Craftsy Project was purchased and I chose the gray. I don’t quite see that being a radiant color but I love gray lately so got that. The project will be made in some 220 Superwash I have in stash that’s a Spring (PeaPod) Green! I see a couple of your commenters above saying they won’t do it due to the colors offered. I respectfully suggest they buy the least offensive color and then do the project in stash yarn.
    There are NO Knitting Police 😀
    Please give Tux’s best regards to Loki.