My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It Never Rains But It Pours

I have yet another book to review for you!

This is the latest in the “60 Quick Knits” collection from Sixth & Spring: 60 Quick Luxury Knits. All of the patterns (60 of them) in this book are knit from Cascade Yarn’s Venezia yarn, a 70/30 merino/silk blend that comes in both worsted and sport weights. While I have no personal experience with the Venezia yarn, I can see that it gets very good reviews on Ravelry. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is quite reasonably priced compared to other merino/silk blends.

You can view all the projests on Ravelry, here. There’s quite a nice range of items, including hats, collars, cowls, scarves, shawls, mitts, and more. There are patterns for colorwork, texture, cables, and lace. Definitely something for everyone.

A few of my favorite projects . . .

This adorable clutch:


A lovely fair isle beret:


And a cute cabled headband:


This book is a great source of patterns for gifts that will be quick to knit but will not fail to impress the recipient.

The publisher has kindly offered a second copy of the book for my giveaway. Who’d like it?

To be entered in the drawing for a copy of  60 Quick Luxury Knitsplease leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern Time on Sunday, July 27, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random then.

Speaking of choosing winners at random, the winner of  A Knitter’s Gallery of Mitered Squares – 45 Unique Designs in Color, Texture and Lace is Sue H., who has been emailed. Thanks to everyone who left a comment!


I needed a short-term project because I am still in-between Camp Loopy projects. So I am working on this:


This is a diagonal garter stitch scarf being knit from Freia Fine Handpaints Sport Ombre in the “Grapevine” colorway, on a U.S. size 6 needle.

I love this yarn. I am using two skeins of it, and where one skein ends, the second skein picks up in exactly the same spot so there is no break in the gradient.

I will likely make this pattern available as a freebie once I am done. While I am knitting mine in sportweight wool, you could use pretty much any weight, and make it as wide as you like as well.


This is what Loki is usually doing after I get home from work in the afternoon.


I have to wonder what he is up to all day while I am gone to get so tired?


  1. Kristine M. says:

    These projects look like a lot of fun!

  2. I adore that cat!

  3. PamelaR says:

    60 Quick Knits sounds like it would be perfect for Christmas gifts. How can you possibly walk by Loki looking like this without petting that cute tummy? I’m owned by a cat too. His fur gets into everything and I just explain it as a specialty fiber. 🙂
    Tucson, AZ

  4. So nice of you to do give-aways; thanks!

  5. Projects look like they’d make great gifts.

  6. Oh, I have that book on my Amazon wish list right now. 🙂
    Lilie´s last blog post ..White Diagonal Check Dishcloth – DONE!

  7. I love the “60 Quick Knits” books! Have been thinking about getting this one since I heard about it. I love the cabled headband you showed.
    Deb´s last blog post ..Latest Shawl: My Hope Brightens Rough Times

  8. Suzanne says:

    That beret is so cute, looks like a fun book. My cats look exhausted when I get home too and one loves her cardboard scratcher beds.

  9. “60 Quick Luxury Knits” looks like it has a lot of good projects. I’d love a copy.

    Love the colors in your scarf!
    Alexis´s last blog post ..WIP Wednesday – more Croeso, a knitting pain update, and Clapotis thoughts

  10. Janet White says:

    Thank you and the publisher for the chance at this book. missjanetlee

  11. Lynne in Florida says:

    That is a really neat clutch! I’d like to win the book that contains its’ pattern, along with the other 59, of course …

    Preoooww to Loki.

  12. That clutch is darling! I love it so!
    mesha´s last blog post ..Tiny People

  13. Kathie Mayo says:

    Love your cat! Love the book you are offering. Hope to be lucky enough to win it.

  14. Andrea F. says:

    Would love the book. Thanks for doing what you do!

  15. That book looks awesome! Hoping lady luck is on my side. 🙂
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  16. I love that yarn too and the colorway is SO pretty! I’d love to win the book as well. 🙂

  17. Carol m says:

    I love my 60 quick knits and would enjoy another. Plus, Sunday is my b-day and it would make a great gift.

  18. Venice Smith says:

    I’d love a copy of this book. Interestingly, I’m actually knitting the same scarf, only with Plymouth Revel, which is a fingering brushed alpaca/merino in long color sequences. I needed a simple knit while waiting for the next clue on your MKAL!

  19. The book would be a great addition to my library

  20. I’m always on the look out for quick projects. Looks like a nice book.

  21. Judith Smith says:

    Needs quick knits 🙂

  22. Beautiful items in lovely colors. My grand daughters would love the headband.

  23. Jean H. Byers says:

    Sure would enjoy the book…. never to early to think about gift giving!

  24. SuthernGirl says:

    That clutch and Fair Isle hat are adorable! Love to have this book join my library….

  25. I”ll take the cat please! Lol! He is adorable! Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Look like fun knits! Would love to have the book.

  27. Leslie in MA says:

    I made the husband a Morris Cardigan in Venezia when they had the bulky weight. The yarn is a dream – a sensory pleasure. Wouldn’t mind the book at all either 🙂

    As usual, Tux sends Loki his regards.

  28. Kris Peters says:

    I would love to win the book as it looks like it has some enjoyable projects in it.

  29. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    I love making quick gifts and especially ones that look so very chic. Here’s hopin’!

  30. Louise Perry says:

    I would love the book!!

  31. Monica Cortada says:

    60 Quick Knits sounds like a lot of fun. With the end of summer vacation looming large for this teacher, quick knits are about all I have time for.

  32. patricia says:

    count me in! I think I have some of the Venezia in my stash!

    Loki’s resting up for the evening with Momma.

  33. Do you mean Sunday, July 27? Please put me in the running for the book. I love the beret.

  34. Looks like a great book!

  35. Betti Felton says:

    I would love to receive this book. There are many projects in it that I could knit for Christmas presents and have fun at the same time.

  36. Paulette Schirmer says:

    Awesome cabled headband!

  37. Debbie H says:

    I would love to win the book. It looks wonderful! It really makes you wonder what cats are up to when we are not home doesn’t it?

  38. Amy Schulze says:

    I have the first book and I love it. This looks equally good. Would love to win it!

  39. Suzie Grate Picciano says:

    Just how fun!

  40. Donna C. says:

    I love the fair isle beret, would be a really neat book to have!

  41. Although it is not unusual to come across a book with ‘”Xty-four patterns for quick projects, etc'”, it is quite uncommon that the patterns show such a degree of style and sophistication. Thank the Goddess of Good Knitters for that. This is a book that just about any knitter would be pleased to receive and proud to give. What a treasure trove.
    Thanks for telling us about it.

  42. What a nice book!

  43. Lisa Smith says:

    Thanks Wendy for the chance to win what looks like a great book.

  44. Wow, I love them all and ready to do some colorwork…I hope I win!

  45. Alicia Grayson says:

    Oo this book is on my list! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Alikat2004 on Ravelry

  46. Would love to win this great book for gifts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. I would love this book., I am always looking for quick knits for little appreation gifts. What a wonderful give away. Thank you.
    KnitAweigh on Ravelry

  48. Carol Lee says:

    My knitting library is in need of a book just like this!! Thanks

  49. Carol Lee says:

    I love the clutch! Please add me to the list for the book. After Loki’s afternoon of TV watching a,while back, you never know what he might get up to while Momma’s working :>

  50. There are some beautiful patterns in the book. I would love to win it. Thank you and thank the publisher.

  51. I’ve several of this series and always enjoy them, thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  52. Loki has such a lovely furry tummy!
    Rachelle – Warming Crafts´s last blog post ..Tour de Fleece and Kitty Cats

  53. What a lovely book! I have knitted a sweater with Veneziz sport and is a great yarn. Hi Loki!

  54. What a luxury to have such a book!

  55. Martina N says:

    If Loki is like any of the cats I had in the past, he was doing the same thing as pictured, all day long. And luxurious accessories are always in good taste! Generous give away!

  56. Love the scarf and that book looks excellent

  57. Eileen Wiggins says:

    Would love a chance to win the book.

  58. I want it! Oh, I do so want the book… Play, play, play, play…. Oh, wait. Loki’s a cat. Sorry, dog moment. But I do want the book. 😉

  59. I think the “Sixty…”‘series of pattern books are great. This ha some nice looking mitts and hats. I really like the Two-color Cloche, and the Fair Isle Cowl is lovely!
    As is Loki, of course.
    Robin V´s last blog post ..Cattails

  60. Good evening…another beautiful book of gorgeous things. Count me in for the drawing.

  61. I like short projects. Looks like a good one. Thanks, Wendy!

  62. Sagerain says:

    Ohhh I have some Venezia and would love this book! Thanks for the opportunity Wendy!

  63. Jackie Bartlett says:

    This book has great patterns. Thanks for sharing!

  64. handmadebysue says:

    I have worked with the Cascade Venezia and really like the yarn. I’d really enjoying making the patterns from this book.

  65. Christine says:

    Love the other books in this series – my daughter already wants the headband from this one!

  66. The projects look like fun.
    f1bercat´s last blog post ..Bus AND Bike Commuter!

  67. The beret rally look adorable. I know just the person who would wear it (not me LOL). Poor Loki, it is very tiring to way for Mommy all day long.He is exhausted by the time you come home and need rest.

  68. Bluetoespinnerc says:

    They are really fun looking patterns. Thank you.

  69. This is a beautiful yarn. The projects look great. I’d love the book.

  70. Kathy in Alaska says:

    These look like terrific patterns…. fun and fast! Thanks for the chance to win, Wendy!

  71. Dorothy Bunch says:

    The book looks wonderful and is just well wonderful……….

  72. The ‘Quick Knits” books are great! Thanks for the chance to win! (Typing with one hand is very slow, but cat requires attention from other hand lol).

  73. These projects are adorable. .. The clutch and the headband.-VERY cute. Thanks for writing a review for us!

  74. Wendy who also knits but not as much as you! says:

    Thank you for sharing your helpful review of the Quick Knits book! I appreciate the opportunity to enter to win it and have added it to my wish list!
    Give Loki a belly rub for me!
    With a smile

  75. Lovely selection of quick projects. Great to have for an on growing stash.

  76. Jennifer B says:

    Those patterns look lovely. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  77. Great and timely give away ! Thank you ! LOVE the now clutch.
    Mariaeb on Rav
    Mariaeb´s last blog post ..Knitting Project Bag- Zippered The Sheep Collection by MariaElenaBliss

  78. Jeanette McKinney says:

    This book is part of a really good serues and would look great on my book shelf.

  79. Sarah M says:

    I love the 60 quick knits books! Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. That book looks awesome. I would like to win it if the random generator would be so kind. 🙂 Loki looks like he was getting into all sorts of mischief whist you were at work.
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Lightning Strikes Thrice

  81. Is that tired or is that “Scratch my belly! Scratch my belly!”

    And the book sounds like fun.

  82. Amanda O'Connor says:

    Looks like a good book 🙂 Hope I win haha

  83. Helena Dias says:

    These projects look like a lot of fun! I would love to win the extra copy. Thank you.

  84. Carolknitter says:

    Please enter me for this book. I have been checking the library shelves for it!

  85. Stardancer says:

    Oooh, lovely little things. I’d love a copy of this book!

  86. Mary Tole says:

    The picture of Loki is precious, he is such a beautiful boy. Does he ever wake you in the middle of the night because he’s all rested and ready to play. The pattern book has a very nice variety of patterns and I checked out the yarn, it is reasonable for sure, I will have to try it sometime.

  87. Yes please!

  88. Lee Long says:

    The beret looks cool. I’m always looking for quick projects. Loki probably has a hidden toy that he plays with while you are away. Hehehehehe. That what we think ours does.

  89. Love this series of books. My local library carries them and they are good!

  90. Looks lovely, maybe it would make a nice yarn for the next Wendy KAL.

  91. Quick projectss are always good to have on hand.

    It is tiring being a kitty.


  92. Fresh Air had an interesting/funny program on last night interviewing an animal behaviorist specializing in cats. He talked at length about giving cats (of all sizes) things to do, such as leaving “puzzle boxes” (cardboard boxes partially open containing a little kibble or catnip, a blanket, a toy), and hiding bits of food around the house for them to ‘hunt.’ The theory is it keeps them from developing ‘bad’ behaviors out of boredom (of course, this likely isn’t a problem with Loki, haha).
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Ele the Elephant on Red Knitting Valet by ThreeBagsFullStudio

  93. Elaine F says:

    Nice book. would like to win

  94. I have enjoyed many of the patterns from the previous Quick Knit books, and this looks like it has some nice ones too! Hope I get picked!

  95. Yeah, I like that headband too. I love small projects, and usually try to keep one or two going as “breaks” from bigger items. I’m sure I’d enjoy this book — thanks for offering!
    I like PamelaR’s comment about explaining away the cat fur, I’ll have to remember that one.
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Twice in one week

  96. Definitely want to make that clutch!

  97. Great collection! I would love to win/own it!

  98. I’ve already started my Christmas projects — hats, headbands, washcloths — but can always use new ideas. Only five months to go, LOL.

  99. I like the quality of the projects and the short time investment for gratification! Thanks for the giveaway!
    DelightedHands´s last blog post ..TDF 2014-Day 17

  100. That clutch is so cute!