My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Crochet with One Sheepish Girl

I’m a day late with my blog. I have been having a Very Special Week at work and after a workday that did not end until 9:00pm on Tuesday (that started before 6:00am), well, by halfway through Wednesday I was seeing double and in no fit state to blog.

In my fatigue-induced delirium I might have accidentally offered Loki up in a blog giveaway and then where would I be?

But I have a winner for Chunky Knits by Ashley Little, and that is Maggie, who has been emailed, has responded, and has her book on its way to her.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment!

And guess what? I’ve got another really cute book to review:


This is Crochet with One Sheepish Girl by Meredith Crawford and it has 24 really adorable creative crochet projects. My favorites:


Tea cup coasters. Seriously, how squee-worthy are those?


Sweater makeover. What a great way to jazz up a plain pullover.


Crochet needle organizer: cute and functional.

You can view all the projects on Ravelry here.

The book contains how-tos for crochet stitches you need to know with nice clear photos and the patterns themselves are clear and well-written.

This is another gem that can really help you out with holiday gift-giving. some of these projects would go very quickly, I think.

The publisher is giving away a second copy of this great book to one of my readers. Who’d like it?

To be entered in a drawing to win my review copy of Crochet with One Sheepish Girl by Meredith Crawford, leave a comment on this blog post by noon Eastern time Wednesday, October 15, 2014. I’ll choose a lucky winner at random at that time.

Meanwhile at home, I am making progress on my Drachenfels wrap, even though my knitting time has been cut short by the pesky day job:


I am hoping to finish it over the weekend. I took tomorrow off from work and monday is a federal holiday, so that would be a four-day weekend!

Loki plans to do this:


In between bouts of frantic energetic play, of course!


  1. Yay for 4 day weekends!

  2. Ooh, thanks for the chance to win this.
    Hev´s last blog post ..Kansas City Vacation 2014

  3. Bridget Richards says:

    Happy Thursday Wendy! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  4. Cathie Jones says:

    Ohhhh … the Drachenfels! It’s gorgeous. Love the color combo!

    Please don’t enter me to win the book … I have too many books. I don’t have any cats, however, so when you have the Loki give-away ………..

  5. Looks like a cute book that could help me learn to crochet!

  6. I don’t crochet, but I’ll accept Loki as a consolation prize.

  7. I’m relearning to crochet and enjoy making quick cute things. This book would be a great additional to my library.

  8. I have a friend that I would love to share this book with!

  9. Cute book and kitty!

  10. Wendy your Drachenfels wrap is lovely. Loki looks well rested and will be ready to play.

  11. Thanks Wendy for share.

  12. Would love a copy of the book. Don’t you just hate it when your day job interferes with your knitting? Retirement is an amazing thing!!! 😀

  13. Thank you for a nice easy giveaway.

  14. Dcalaneknits on rav says:

    My daughter would steal this book from me regularly. Or vive versa. Some cute things in there.

  15. I love her blog! Enjoy your long weekend!

  16. What a cute book full of fun patterns. Thank you.

  17. I love the tea cup cozies. Very cute, not as cute as Loki. Would love the book of course. Who wouldn’t?
    Suzann Welker´s last blog post ..Like a Hobbit

  18. Alicia Grayson says:

    Love the organizer pattern.
    alikat2004 on

  19. 6 am-9 pm? Oh how I remember those days!

  20. Awesome book! I would love to win it!
    Kristen´s last blog post ..In Excess!

  21. This would be great for a friend who us in the fence about learning to crochet. Thanks for sharing, and I hope the rest of the week is a little less Special.

  22. Thanks Wendy for a chance to win. I taught my niece to crochet and we’d love to do the fun projects in this book together.

  23. I’m not much of a crocheted, yet, but this looks like a nice book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Cindy Lynne says:

    Great book to be able to win! Thanks for the opportunity Wendy!

  25. I’d like to win this book-I just crocheted my first full project recently! It would be great to expand my skills and this book looks like it has lots of fun projects.

    Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

  26. Teresa Muscara says:

    My daughter introduced me to Meredith a few years ago…I think she is so clever!
    I squeen from page to post!
    Congrats on the publication of her 1st book!

  27. My favorite is the tea cup coasters. Thank you for the chance to win the book.

  28. What a fun book! I, too, would be happy to win Loki.

  29. I really want to learn to crochet, this would inspire me!!!!

  30. Meee!! I recently learned to crochet and I’d love to bump up my skills 🙂

  31. Heidi Nielsen says:

    what a cute book, I would love to win it. and I love to read about Loki 🙂

  32. I just learning to crochet after all these years because a knit project had a crocheted border. I pulled thru. Thus looks like a great place to find some neat projects to learn more with.

  33. Looks like a great book to practice your crochet. I recently decided to try to improve my crochet.
    I am a basic learner at the present. Thanks . I just love your patterns I have several of your knitting books.Loki certainly has flourish.

  34. Love the tea cup coasters. Please add me to the list of potential winners.

  35. Jillsusan says:

    Crocheting is fast and fun

  36. And a good morning to you! I really do like your new project. It looks like it will be warm and cozy. This new crochet book looks interesting. I sometimes need something quick to do. I am getting too many UFO’s:).

  37. Thanks for finally talking about >Crochet with One
    Sheepish Girl <Loved it!
    Platinum Cleanser´s last blog post ..Platinum Cleanser

  38. Stardancer says:

    Those are amazing! I prefer knitting for wearables and crochet for fun things. I adore those teacup coasters! I know at least half a dozen people in my life who would see those as amazing gifts.

  39. Thanks as always for another sweet give away.

  40. Love those tea cup coasters also. Looks like a cute book of patterns.

  41. Just learned to crochet after a few years knitting and would enjoy this book. while Loki is adorable I already am just 1 cat away from crazy cat lady so I would have to say no

  42. I love those coasters! The wrap is stunning! And Loki is gorgeous as always. Enjoy your long weekend.

  43. loooove the coasters. I really like the apron too. This is a really unique crochet book, and it’s got some awesome looking ideas. very inspirational!

  44. The wrap call sto me with its geometric, yet elegant color intermingling. My daughter and I love the freedom of crochet and how flexible the craft is with regards to gauge. We’re hoping to get lucky! Thanks for always being so kind!

  45. I would enter the drawing for Loki without a second thought, but I doubt very much he’d leave you without a fuss.

  46. Those teacup coasters are super adorable! Have a great 4 day weekend 🙂
    Tanya´s last blog post ..5 Ways For Employees to Trust One Another

  47. Love this book, so many cute projects! Thank you for the chance!

  48. Those crocheted projects make me actually want to crochet for the first time in years! I would love to win this book!

  49. I agree with Loki on how to spend the holiday!! Looks like a great book. Thank you for the giveaway!

  50. The book looks terrific! I started to crochet last year and want to continue on with it. I will always be a knitter first, though.

  51. Cute designs … there should be more crochet in the world.

    ☺️ Jackie
    J. L. Fleckenstein´s last blog post ..Lace shawl knitting patterns and peach pie

  52. I love those coasters! So creative!

  53. I hope you’re enjoying your 4 day weekend! I haven’t crocheted in years and this would be the perfect inspiration for some quick projects to help me ease back into it.

  54. I crochet and would love this book. Cute stuff it seems!

  55. Rosemary Johnson says:

    Teacup coaster? How ridiculously cute are those???:-) Thanks.

  56. Fuego Azul says:

    Oh my gosh…those teacup coasters are too cute! But Loki’s still cuter. 😉

  57. Love the coasters, perfect for an afternoon cuppa :>)

  58. I’d love to win, thanks. Enjoy your blog so much.

  59. Thank you for putting this up for winning, Wendy! Also, the Drachenfels is fantastic, I bought the pattern yesterday and it’ll be the next thing on my needles, too!

  60. Would love a copy of the book. I am so into crocheting at the moment!
    Marta´s last blog post ..Riflessioni in treno

  61. Thanks for the chance to win this book! I’m having fun learning to crochet correctly after all these years. Makes reading patterns easierrrrr, too!

  62. The tea cup coasters are adorable, and I have thought of trying to crochet an organizer for my crochet hooks. I’m more prolific as a crocheter than as a knitter.

    I hope your work days will soon be getting back to normal.

  63. Just started crocheting after a couple decades of hiatus and the book looks like fun.

    Absolutely love your current project great color selection bet it feels wonderful on!

    Give Loki a kiss for me