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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


As the Heel Turns

I have here in front of me a new sock book: As the Heel Turns: Taking the drama out of knitting socks by Hilary Latimer.


The blurb:

The creator of Criminal Knits is back again, this time with a book for those who have tried and failed to knit the perfect sock. “As the Heel Turns” tackles such thorny issues as corns, bunions, high and low arches, cankles, and a host of other problems that waylay the unsuspecting sock knitter! Twelve easy-to-adjust patterns ranging from simple garter to more complex lace ones allow the reader to test things out.

That sounds promising, doesn’t it? I turned past the title page:


Very cute artwork!

As the blurb promised, there are twelve pretty patterns, shown in a thumbnail index here:



Apart from the patterns, the book has lots of great advice on resizing socks for real feet. You know, feet that are not model perfect and in the exact proportions that are considered the norm. Have pointier than usual toes? Bunions? Cankles? All of these are covered.

A new-to-me heel is used on these socks: the Criminally Mindless Heel.


I have not tried knitting it yet, but reading how to do it, it does look pretty darn easy!

The patterns are all toe up, and you can of course sub a different heel in them. One of the things I really like about this book is that every pattern includes its own tips for altering to fit your feet.

Hilary has generously offered a second copy of the book for my giveaway. Who’d like it?

To be entered in a drawing to win a copy of As the Heel Turns: Taking the drama out of knitting socks by Hilary Latimer, leave a comment on this blog post by noon Eastern time Wednesday, October 29, 2014. I’ll choose a lucky winner at random at that time.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

Loki is hanging out in his play house.


Sometimes, after a big kill (check out the fuzzy rats!) he’ll lie outside his house!



  1. well, i do have a sock fetish…

  2. I LOVE toe up socks!

  3. MIchelle B. says:

    Looks so interesting. I’d put a copy to good use!

  4. Love socks, love mystery novels. Want this book 🙂

  5. Ooh this sounds like the perfect book for me and my family members, who all have demented feet. (Don’t tell them I said that!)

  6. Looks like a great book! I’m currently on a quest to knit better fitting socks for myself, so this would be a great help in that endeavor 🙂
    Tiffany´s last blog post ..“Tomorrow is always fresh …

  7. I would love a chance to win this book. 🙂
    Lilie´s last blog post ..Hubby’s Grey Slippers – WIP

  8. Thanks so much for the giveaway – I am a sock knitter and tend to get stuck in the “same old pattern” rut, so this would be very nice!

  9. I want to try toe up socks. I hope I win.

  10. Socks are my favorite things to knit … next to sweaters!
    mzundercover´s last blog post ..Wait a minute…

  11. I would love to read that book! I’m a recent sock convert.

  12. Junglewife says:

    Sounds like a great book!

  13. Sounds awesome, and Loki is adorable
    Lauren´s last blog post ..My Favorite Things: Cosmic Kids Yoga

  14. That book looks interesting.

    Loki looks tired out. Catching those fuzzy rats is hard work.

  15. That heel looks similar to your gusset heel, which is a favorite of mine as it’s easy to do and easy to adapt to my high instep.

    I would love to win a copy of this book!

  16. Always interested in learning new ways to make socks & help my knowledge of them. Thanks!
    Hev´s last blog post ..Stitch Markers

  17. Ooh, my my toe-up socks are less than perfectly fitting …
    Word Lily´s last blog post ..Books that have had the most impact on me

  18. As someone with cankles who loves to knit socks it sounds like I would enjoy this book!

  19. Looks like a great book!

  20. Working on a Cat Bordhi Personal Footprint sock right now. Love learning new techniques. This book sounds awesome!

  21. Robin May says:

    As a knitter with VERY high insteps. I would love to try some adjustments!

  22. Alice Collins-Thompson says:

    I’m knitting a pair of socks right now! But you can never have enough sock books. 😀

  23. Sounds interesting, I don’t do many toe up b/c I have a hard time finding ones that fit properly around the heel. I have a high arch and that makes it troublesome.

  24. that heel does look most interesting, and perhaps it’s time for me to learn a few new tricks?

  25. I’m a brand new sock knitter and have pointy, size 11, fat feet. I’m having trouble getting a sock to fit (and to look good on my foot.) This book sounds exactly like what I need. BTW what the heck are cankles? I even tried googling and I’m not getting a good answer.
    (Needling more instruction in Tucson)

  26. Sock knitting is the best! Very interesting book, thanks for the review!
    DelightedHands´s last blog post ..Pleasing Pursuits

  27. Add me to the drawing, please!

  28. Janet White says:

    Easier heels?? Sign me up. Thanks for the chance. MissJ

  29. Forget the book…I’d like the cat please! Just kidding, I would love to win this great giveaway. Thanks Wendy

  30. Oh, it sounds like I need this!

  31. Love Loki’s play house. My cats don’t go in the playhouse they have that often. Love the sock patterns, new heels can be fun.

  32. Looks like an interesting book. And how nice of Loki to keep you safe from fuzzy rats.

  33. Love the name of the book and very interested in the patterns!

  34. What a fantastic book. I always have lots of sock sizing issues, this book should help!
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  35. I need some new socks!

  36. The criminally mindless heel looks funky – like a combo short row and heel flap heel. I’d love to try it!

  37. That is a very catchy title and so appropriate. Laki adorable.

  38. Cute title! You can never have enough books about socks, right?

  39. Susan (sjanova) says:

    I think I need this book. My sister recently sent me another toe-up book to add to yours and a few others. I think she really wants me to frog and re-knit the Bob & Weave socks that don’t fit her right. Thicker ankles and higher instep. Sounds right for that book!

  40. As a sock knitter with wide feet, high arches and narrow heels, I would love a copy of this book. Thanks for offering it.
    Kathom´s last blog post ..Knitting Doldrums

  41. Jackie Wilson says:


  42. I continue to need sock help and have personal cankles.

  43. Ann Hedington says:

    I love toe-up socks! and it sounds like it’d be a great read along with lovely patterns.

  44. I just started knitting socks last weekend and I love it! It would be great to have a book to learn all the tricks to create great socks.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  45. I would love a new sock book to inspire me!

  46. It’d be great to learn more tricks to deal with knitting socks that fit abnormal feet!

  47. This book speaks to me. I’d love to win it.

  48. This sounds intriguing. My feet tend to be a little square and a little wide and my ankles are short and my instep is high, all of which makes knitting socks somewhat challenging. I also knit socks for my husband with narrow, pointy feet.

  49. This looks like an amazing book, a must-have for any sock knitter. I would be thrilled to win a copy!

  50. I’m so loving socks right now and exploring all the variations. The heel looks and sounds interesting.

  51. I can’t resist another sock book, although your Socks from the Toe Up is my go to book.

  52. I love all things socks!

  53. I would love to get this book! It looks to cover a ton of sock fitting issues that run in my family. I could use the help. 🙂

  54. I love toe up socks, but they don’t always fit right. I need this book!

  55. Oh, yes, high, high arches and pointy toes – I DO need this book!

  56. I love all things socks. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. I would love to win a copy of As the Heel Turns. I’m always interested in new sock (heel) techniques and ways to make things fit better.

  58. Wow that book looks so interesting, around here I am the sock lady, it would be great to see what is inside of this book.

  59. I have difficult feet to fit due to many years of dance classes. I have made a couple of top-down socks with mixed fit success. I would love to try toe-up socks and clearly see how to alter the base patterns for my mutant hooves!

  60. Ellen Perry says:

    Pick me please
    I have a sock on the needles at all times since they are so portable

  61. I love knitting socks and a new heel is always good to try
    Rachelle – Warming Crafts´s last blog post ..Better Late than Never

  62. I just threw away 2 pairs of socks away (not handmade), and am looking for more patterns that will work for me. A Criminally Mindless Heel sounds wonderful! And I love toe-up socks.

  63. Neat book and Loki is just beautiful.

  64. I would absolutely love this book. The patterns look fabulous not to mention I can always use help with knitting socks!

  65. I do not need another sock book; I do not need another sock book.

    Who am I kidding?

  66. Knittingquilter- Barb says:

    This looks like a great resource. I’m always on the lookout for new patterns and techniques. I would love a copy of this book. Thank you for offering it.

  67. Only toe-up!!!! Thanks for telling me about this. Hope I win it!

  68. exorientelux says:

    That book looks interesting, and I do need a new pair of socks.
    Btw, Loki is such a sweetie.

  69. My favorite type of sock! Toe-Up! Looks like a great book!

  70. This looks like an awesome sock book!

  71. I love making socks. I would love to have this book.

  72. Need this book!! I have yet to make a matching pair of socks!

  73. Sounds like a terrific book!

  74. I have abnormally wide feet for a woman. Like everyone else…I really need this book!!

  75. Love socks!

  76. Oh! I’m always excited to try out new ways to modify socks. Yes, please!

  77. Oh great number generator, please pick me!

  78. me me me me me PLEASE!

  79. Anne Marie B says:

    This book looks awesome! Thanks!

  80. Joyce Robinson says:

    OMG! Just what I have been wishing for so that my socks actually fit without my having to have a master’s degree.

  81. I ❤️ toe up socks! Would love to check out some new heels.

  82. Sounds like a great book. Winter’s coming and I need more socks!

  83. Bluetoespinner says:

    Loki, what a cute little boy! The sock book looks really fun.

  84. Socks? Me? Why, whatever makes you think I would love and use such a book? I can’t imagine.

    Actually, i could use toe-up guidance in a big way. I haven’t done a pair like that in so long.
    ccr in MA´s last blog post ..Of Books and Busyness

  85. Gina Zahra says:

    I keep promising myself I will knit more socks-i have walked through my last pair…maybe this book will be the inspiration I need 🙂

  86. Maybe this book will change my aversion to knitting socks. Thanks, Wendy and Hilary!

  87. Murray McKnight says:

    I would love to win this book. I have a bunion so this sounds like just the book I need. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Loki is adorable.

  88. I’d love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  89. I’d be very interested to see how that heel is constructed, so count me in and thanks!

  90. Always looking for the perfect heel and the better sock. Thanks for the opportunity to win what looks like a great book.

  91. Rae Gommel says:

    A new sock knitting book just in time for cold weather sock knitting!

  92. I would love to have the opportunity/encouragement to knit socks.

  93. Susan Watton Murphy says:

    Love to knit socks and find new patterns and ideas. Looks like a fun book!

  94. Love the look of those heels. Looks like an informative book.

  95. I’ve never knit a pair of socks and my granddaughters are begging me for a pair of handmade socks

  96. Deborah Gajee says:


  97. Being the owner of a pair of cankles this sounds like a book I need.
    Penny´s last blog post ..As the Heel Turns

  98. Barbara Boyle says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Loki agrees.

  99. Have many sock worthy friends with those issues, this sounds like what I’m looking for!

  100. I would love this book, thanks!