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Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

As the Heel Turns

I have here in front of me a new sock book: As the Heel Turns: Taking the drama out of knitting socks by Hilary Latimer.


The blurb:

The creator of Criminal Knits is back again, this time with a book for those who have tried and failed to knit the perfect sock. “As the Heel Turns” tackles such thorny issues as corns, bunions, high and low arches, cankles, and a host of other problems that waylay the unsuspecting sock knitter! Twelve easy-to-adjust patterns ranging from simple garter to more complex lace ones allow the reader to test things out.

That sounds promising, doesn’t it? I turned past the title page:


Very cute artwork!

As the blurb promised, there are twelve pretty patterns, shown in a thumbnail index here:



Apart from the patterns, the book has lots of great advice on resizing socks for real feet. You know, feet that are not model perfect and in the exact proportions that are considered the norm. Have pointier than usual toes? Bunions? Cankles? All of these are covered.

A new-to-me heel is used on these socks: the Criminally Mindless Heel.


I have not tried knitting it yet, but reading how to do it, it does look pretty darn easy!

The patterns are all toe up, and you can of course sub a different heel in them. One of the things I really like about this book is that every pattern includes its own tips for altering to fit your feet.

Hilary has generously offered a second copy of the book for my giveaway. Who’d like it?

To be entered in a drawing to win a copy of As the Heel Turns: Taking the drama out of knitting socks by Hilary Latimer, leave a comment on this blog post by noon Eastern time Wednesday, October 29, 2014. I’ll choose a lucky winner at random at that time.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

Loki is hanging out in his play house.


Sometimes, after a big kill (check out the fuzzy rats!) he’ll lie outside his house!



  1. Heather K says:

    Love socks, love Criminal Knits, love you for sharing with us.

  2. Ooh, I love knitting socks but not the typical top-down gusset construction. I’d love to check out the new ideas in this book!

  3. Anything to make sock knitting easier….though I have yet to try toe-up socks. Hmmmmm…..perhaps it’s because I’ve perfected cuff-down for my feet?
    Renee Anne´s last blog post ..Y3: Self-Imposed Year of Projects – Update #42

  4. Love the look of that heel pictured! And all toe up!!

  5. How I love how you love Loki -and who wouldn’t! Would love the sock book.

  6. Natalie Doyle-Hennin says:

    A new-to-Wendy way to to turn heels?!

    Gotta check out this book. It would be nice to win it…

    Cheers, all.

  7. Love it! Would love to have the book. Thanks!

  8. Me and my paddle-shaped size 10’s, please!

  9. I would love to add this to my library.

  10. I would love to be challenged by some new heels….and just what is a crankle??

  11. Barb Edison says:

    Love love socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Fuego Azul says:

    Woohoo!! Another giveaway! Thank you for another fun one! 🙂

  13. I would really like a copy of this book.

  14. Pam Connor says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I love socks!

  15. A book with all toe up socks! I really prefer toe up and hate spending money on sock books that only have 1-2 patterns for toe up. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  16. No bunions, hammertoes or cankles but sure do need this book for my wider than normal foot with shorter than average toes ( family inheritance!!) Would love to own this book. Thank you for the giveaway.

    deblyn153 on RAV

  17. what is as good as knitting ?Reading about knitting , m mm fingers crossed

  18. Wow! That looks like an interesting book. It must be good if it could show you something new!

  19. I’ve never knit a sock before. Perhaps now is the time! Thank you.

  20. Barb Hicks says:

    love socks and criminal knits- would really enjoy this book

  21. Me! Pick me please. I really enjoy knitting socks, and would like to try this new heel.

  22. i would love to receive a copy. My sister has bunions and I have incredibly high arches. It would be nice to see new techniques to accommodate our needs.

  23. This looks like a really fun sock book.

  24. As I age… I see bunions etc in my future…I should learn to knit around them!! This looks like an excellent resource!

  25. Can never have to many socks

  26. I would love a copy. Thank you.

  27. Rebecca Evers says:

    I am always interested in a new heel and only knit toe-up socks. I have a short fat foot and this heel looks like it would be very good for my foot.

  28. Sounds like just about everything different from ‘perfect’ for feet is covered in this book. Thanks to you and the author for a chance to win!

    Loki’s personality has really changed since he came to live with such nice personal servants! He is such a great looking cat! u-hm prince!

  29. Loki 2, Rats 0


  30. Lora Welt says:

    Someone who addresses food problems in socks ? Fantastic !

  31. Love your review, can’t think of many more qualified than you are!
    Mo´s last blog post ..Rhinebeck 2014

  32. Looks like a very clever book!

  33. Mindless heel….that sounds pretty good to me!

  34. Wendy, this has to be one of the most popular books on knitting heels ever!
    I would absolutely love to win this book as most of my knitting is socks and shawls. Thanks so much, Deb

  35. Looks great, I’m always interested in discovering new heel turns.

  36. Looks very interesting. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. :o)

  37. Custom socks are a great luxury! Thanks for offering this book!

  38. Barbara H says:

    Interesting looking heel, I’d love to give it a try. 🙂

  39. I’d love to win the book, even though my feet are normal!

  40. Haha! The person who said… just give me the cat.
    My youngest daughter loves cute socks. She has patiently waited while mama progressed thru scarves, hats and mittens. Socks are due to happen.

  41. Ooh…new sock heels! I would love this book!

  42. That looks like a great sock book! Since I never win anything, I will be looking for it in the bookstore.

  43. As usual, reading about the books here as gotten me into trouble. Loved the description and went out and bought the book. I am so curious about what the author has to say!

  44. Looks lovely! Thank you for the chance to win: Johnston4kids on rav

  45. Jeanette Belle says:

    Socks! Socks! Socks! I must knot more socks!

  46. whoops, nearly forgot to enter – my knitting group would want this for their library, as 3 of them knit socks – at least one pair a week for 1 – and always a scarf to match

  47. I’ve been looking for the perfect heel for years. Is this the one?

  48. Cankles???

  49. Love the artwork also!! Would love the book too.
    Kathy Schemine´s last blog post ..September Gone

  50. Have another one of Hillary’s books. She is a wonderful designer. Would love to add this one to my collection!

  51. I have been playing around with customizing sock shapes and not doing half bad.. This would probably be rather useful!

  52. Wow I would love this book!

  53. Socks are why I started knitting again! They are so much fun!

  54. I have very oddly shaped feet so this book sounds like a winner! Loki always keeps me smiling!

  55. Have made a few pair of socks over the years but had an “ah ha” moment after the last pair this summer, so I’m now ready to put my mitten knitting aside for some socks!

  56. Book sounds great

  57. This looks like it would be a fun book!

  58. Ooh! This book looks really helpful! I also love Loki’s little house–I may have to get one for my cats. 🙂

  59. Sandra Kerr says:

    The book looks cool. And Loki is adorable as always!

  60. What a great book! Can Loki come visit?
    Kris´s last blog post ..Rare Things

  61. A perfect companion to your great toe-up sock books!

  62. Love to knit socks and would really love to turn a mindless heel!

  63. The book looks great. I love how she dealt with Second Sock Syndrome. Knit it out of something else. I’ve got at least one pair like that…different colors different patterns. New trend???
    Loki= low key?

  64. This book sounds like it would be perfect for knitting socks for my very wierd feet.

  65. Would be fun!

  66. Always up to learn new heel treatments. Current fav is the garter st heel (because that is what I wear out first). Loki pix appreciated. Do you save extra fur to spin up into yarn?

  67. Loki is so adorable!

  68. Such imagination and sock fun you are sharing! Thanks.
    I have recently discovered my sock addiction.

  69. I would love to win! My feet are narrow so I usually have to customize my sock patterns.

  70. Hello,

    I realy love to knit socks. Last year i have done a “chausseton” that consists in doing a pair of socks (chaussettes) for every body in the family. In France whe always knit socks leg to toes all my attemps to do toes up did not work. So i hope that book to do more socks

  71. I like knitting socks but have short, wide feet. This would be the perfect book for me!

  72. Kamilla Mazanec says:

    All I ever knit are socks so I really need this book.

  73. Count me in. Sounds like an interesting book.

  74. Loki is truly adorable — thank you for sharing photos of him. I really look forward to seeing what he’s up to next!

  75. wow! what a great gift! I’ve never knitted toe-up socks and this would be a great beginning!
    thanks for the ip give away.
    with love,

  76. Wpuld love to win this book!

  77. oooh I love making socks and my DH has flat feet, my DIL has cankles, myDSis has very high arches as does one son, another son has EEEE wide feet. I totally have to alter everything.

  78. I’m a serial sock knitter – if not for me then for gifts.
    Ellen´s last blog post ..Exciting New Additions

  79. This book looks very interesting. Would sure love a copy.

  80. I would love to win this book! One can never have enough sock books 🙂
    Kristen´s last blog post ..In Excess!

  81. Sharen Warren says:

    I love knitting socks & I hope I win this book!

  82. That looks like a wonderful book, and who can’t use a really simple heel???
    Leslie McS´s last blog post ..She said I could play…

  83. I love the idea of this book since I have lumpy feet! I can’t wait to see it.

  84. I’d love a new sock book. Thanks!

  85. Gillian V says:

    I always do toe-up socks. They’re great.

  86. Suzie Creamcheeze says:

    Pick me, pick me !!!
    Pick me, pick me !!!
    Pick me, pick me !!!
    Pick me, pick me !!!

  87. This looks like a great book! Thanks for sharing!!

  88. Carol Brookover says:

    Looks like a great book… I’d love to have a copy!

  89. I love sock books but am still looking for the perfect pattern and I am a toe up gal. I have to say I love all animals but Loki is so adorable he has created such a high standard for future possible cat ownership. I need a Loki clone,,,,.

  90. Linda Swenson says:

    I’m always looking for another heel option!

    Loki is adorable, a real king of his world.

  91. MissGKnits says:

    I’ve made a few criminally mindless socks… love them! This book is on my wishlist.

  92. Oh please, sign me up for the drawing. High insteps in every family member pretty much restricts me to top down heel flaps. I’d love to learn theory on other adjustments.

  93. Jenn Dirocco says:

    I’m always trying to catch sock fever, maybe this would help?

  94. I have “difficult” feet and would love to win this!

  95. How much fun! Love your blog, the book, knitting socks, and of course Loki!

  96. OMG, this could be the book that finally gets me knitting socks for my big high-arched bunioned feet – fingers crossed!

  97. Ooh I have to get this book if I don’t win it. My sweetie has hard-to-fit feet.

  98. Margaret Welch says:

    I enjoy books that give ‘variations on a theme’ and provide information on how to tweak patterns to suit a variety of body (or in this case, foot) types. Thank you for offering this to your readers.

  99. Nice book, great for my high arches! Would love to win!

  100. Would love to try the patterns in this book!