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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Sanquhar Cowl, Completed


I finished my cowl on Friday night.


I started by googling images of Sanquhar knitting, and then charting out individual patterns based on the old photos I found.


I ended up with 7 “background” patterns and 7 “squares” pattern.


My cowl is knit in the round, using Woolfolk Tynd yarn and a U.S. size 3 needle. I started with a provisional cast-on and upon completion I grafted the live stitches at each end together to make a big tube.

I worked each of my pattern charts twice so there is a total of 28 pattern panels.

The pattern will be available for sale on Ravelry soon.

Meanwhile, Loki reminds us that it is important to remain hydrated.


More and More Sanquhar

The winners of my giveaway copies of DIY Holiday: the Crafting Life are David, Kaye, and Robin, who have all been emailed. Thanks to everyone who left a comment!

I continue knitting along on my Sanquhar Cowl.


I’m between two-thirds and three-quarters done at this point. Still lots of knitting left! And I am thoroughly enjoying it.


For those of you who are interested in Sanquhar knitting and its history, Tom of Holland posted a lot of great information about it in his blog last week.

Loki has been helping me with chores today. He is particularly good at helping changing the bed linens. So he is taking a well-deserved rest now!




DIY Holiday

I have in my greedy little paws a review copy of DIY Holiday: the Crafting Life, a magazine with 25+ holiday projects, including quilting, sewing, beading, knitting, crochet, weaving and mixed media. This magazine is available now from the link above, in either hardcopy or as an electronic download.


There are complete step-by-step instructions for each project shown. With the gift-giving season fast approaching, this would be a very useful magazine to have — most of the projects in it are pretty quick, so you could whip out some lovely handmade gifts for family and friends in no time.

As I flipped through the magazine, the first project that caught my eye was this:


Mug cosies! Aren’t they cute? They are knit with worsted weight yarn (They used Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted) and a U.S. size 7 needle, so you know you could whip one or two out in no time at all. Buy a set of plain coffee mugs, spend an afternoon or evening knitting, and you’ll have some really nice gifts in no time.

Another favorite:


Shisha Ornaments! If you are a woman of a certain age (cough, cough) you may remember wearing flowing garments embellished with mirror embroider from India or Pakistan. These little hearts have embroidery worked on cotton fabric and are sewn together and stuffed. There are lots of illustrations in the pattern detailing the different stitches. I did a google search for “shisha mirrors” and found that they are readily available for sale, including from some etsy sellers, and are very inexpensive.

I also loved these:


Star Earrings! These are made from beads and beading thread, using circular peyote stitch and netting techniques. I love how delicate they are.

And there are lots more fun and pretty projects —  accessories, jewelry, home items.

I mentioned that I had a review copy. I also have three copies to give away!

To be entered in a drawing to win one of my copies of DIY Holiday: the Crafting Life, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00 a.m. Eastern time Sunday, November 23, 2014. I’ll choose three lucky winners at random at that time.

Obligatory Knitting Content

I am happily knitting along on my Sanquhar Cowl and am past the halfway point:


I worked my initials and the year in one of the “background” patterns just for fun. A lot of Sanquhar gloves were knitted with initials and dates in the cuffs so it seemed appropriate.


Obligatory Loki Content


Here he is, completely exhausted after a round of vigorous play!

Sanquhar Update

I am at the start of Chart #13 of my Sanquhar Cowl.


I have 14 charts total, and I am doing each one twice, so I hope to be halfway done by the end of the day.

I will make the pattern available for sale, once it is done and tested.

I may need to re-think my plans for the day. Here’s what’s in my lap right now:


Honk If you Love Sanquhar

I love Sanquhar knitting patterns. Don’t know what Sanquhar knitting is? This site has lots of good information and great photos.

I decided to knit a Sanquhar style cowl. Because I loved the Woolfolk Tynd yarn that I used for my Ashburn wrap so much, I wanted to use it again. I ordered more, in black and white.

Then I charted a bunch of Sanquhar patterns from old photos found online. I do have some Sanquhar charts, but thought it would be fun to re-create charts solely from photos.

I have my charts, I have my yarn. Here is my progress so far:


I did a couple of closeups, too:




My charts are alternating “background” motifs and the traditional 11-stitch squares that characterize Sanquhar knitting. I charted seven of each, so I have a total of fourteen charts. After I work through all fourteen, I’ll start over and repeat all charts. That will give me a cowl of the same dimensions as my Leftovers Cowl. (I started with a provisional cast-on so when done I will graft the beginning to the end to form a tube — this is knit in the round. Same construction as the Leftovers Cowl.)

I do love black and white designs and I love how this is turning out. Stay tuned for more charts!

To close, a bowl full of Loki!