My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Let’s Wrap

I am continuing to work on my Ashburn Wrap:


The middle section consists of a pretty texture stitch. While it looks good, it slows down the knitting progress!


At this point I have only 6 more rows of this section. After that, it is back to mostly garter stitch. I’m hoping to finish this before next weekend. We’ll see.

I have been making a lot of these types of wraps. I’ve discovered they are the most useful knits in my wardrobe, particularly at this time of year.

It is quite chilly in the morning, and I go into work with my hair wet, clipped up in a bun at the nape of the neck. I find as long as I keep my neck warm, I am perfectly comfortable outdoors. I did this all last winter.

Then in the afternoon, the wrap goes in my tote bag because my hair is dry and the weather has warmed up a lot. It’s fun to have a lot of cowls and wraps from which to choose!

Loki sez:




  1. Aw, Loki, such a handsome guy you are! Great shot! Love it when you photobomb the blog.

  2. Linda Broglan says:

    Love the wraps you’ve done, they look more practical than a shawl more versatile than a cowl, but in colder weather a cowl is probably warmer pulled up over the head.
    Do you use hair accessories that have a skewer thru a leather holder to put your hair up? Used to see them in the 70-80s then I lost track when I had shorter hair. However, I have hip length hair and need something other than bobby pins to secure it up, and haven’t found anything in the HBA hair products or the Accessories dept.(jewelry, scarves, hats etc).
    Just wondering if you have found an online site or store that carries hair accessories now, if you use them.

  3. Great idea.

  4. I love this wrap, is this a pattern you will be selling? I hope so, I like the simple patter that runs through it. The weather has turned bitterly cold this weekend in NH. BRR I’m not ready to let go of summer 🙁 !
    Loki is a handsome boy, I have 2 spoiled Siamese “babies” that will be 4 in December.

  5. Your wraps are very lovely and I’m glad you are getting lots of use out of them. It’s finally cold enough here in Florida to wear a shawl or two!