My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Honk If you Love Sanquhar

I love Sanquhar knitting patterns. Don’t know what Sanquhar knitting is? This site has lots of good information and great photos.

I decided to knit a Sanquhar style cowl. Because I loved the Woolfolk Tynd yarn that I used for my Ashburn wrap so much, I wanted to use it again. I ordered more, in black and white.

Then I charted a bunch of Sanquhar patterns from old photos found online. I do have some Sanquhar charts, but thought it would be fun to re-create charts solely from photos.

I have my charts, I have my yarn. Here is my progress so far:


I did a couple of closeups, too:




My charts are alternating “background” motifs and the traditional 11-stitch squares that characterize Sanquhar knitting. I charted seven of each, so I have a total of fourteen charts. After I work through all fourteen, I’ll start over and repeat all charts. That will give me a cowl of the same dimensions as my Leftovers Cowl. (I started with a provisional cast-on so when done I will graft the beginning to the end to form a tube — this is knit in the round. Same construction as the Leftovers Cowl.)

I do love black and white designs and I love how this is turning out. Stay tuned for more charts!

To close, a bowl full of Loki!



  1. That is absolutely stunning!!

  2. Love!

  3. WOW! Amazing. . .

  4. Honk honk honk, that is beautiful I am going to have to make this one!!

  5. I agree! Both amazing and beautiful! And little Loki certainly is a soft & cuddly bowlful! Have a wonderful rest of your week, Bess
    Bess´s last blog post ..Evening Chatter

  6. Love the progress. How beautiful.

  7. Kate Davies wrote a great and informative post about Sanquhar knitting a couple of weeks ago. As for me I like its graphic pattern, but it seems quite time consuming.

  8. Love! Must spin some soft natural dark and light yarn for this!

  9. Pam Beeching says:

    This is going to be a gloriously warm and striking thing! I’ve collected a few of the traditional patterns over the years and am the proud owner of a pair of gloves knitted with titchie needles in really skinny yarn that cramped my fingers and made my eyes go funny every time I picked them up to do another row. They are my tribute to Perseverance and Knitterly Stubbornness and I cheer myself every time I pull them on! It’s lovely to see your modern take on the patterns and I really look forward to seeing your finished creation.

  10. WOW! This is absolutely stunning! Loki looks so sweet as always.

  11. PLEASE put your pattern up on Ravelry! I am drooling on my keyboard!

  12. All I can say am in complete awe of your talent. The resulting fabric looks amazing. Does it effect your eyes at all using the black yarn with such intricate pattern work? Loki say the colors will be good for his wardrobe and I’m sure he would like to model it for you:) I would like to try the pattern but I am an advanced intermediary knitter so I don’t know if I could master it. Will look forward to seeing your progress.

  13. That’s really pretty! I love Sanquhar gloves and once started knitting myself a pair. The first one came out approximately large enough for an adult man so I never knit the second one…
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Random rant about knitting patterns

  14. What a great job and good design

  15. We’re used to seeing the glove patterns and it always seemed like a lot of trouble for something that would make my hands look like Minnie Mouse – but – seen as a much larger sampler of patterns I have to say WOW! This is the way those patterns should be done. What a terrific idea!

  16. Lovely cowl. Another thing added to my long list of things I must try someday.
    And such a lovely bowl of fluffy goodness, too.

  17. Lynne in Florida says:

    I’m almost speechless! That cowl is going to be magnificent, and so unique. I second the request that you post the patterns over on Ravelry to save the rest of us poor souls peering myopically at those gloves on the site you tagged, trying to figure them out. Love the bowlful of Loki.

  18. Joyce in Alabama says:

    Just beautiful

  19. Very stunning! And very clever to put that all together. Can’t wait to see continuing progress.
    Connie´s last blog post ..Full Speed Ahead

  20. HONK! I’ve never heard of it before but I love it! Just gorgeous.
    Liz´s last blog post ..Not Quite Ready

  21. Amy Williams says:

    Truly stunning! I’ve never seen this technique before so , thanks for sharing.

  22. Honk. Honk. Looking forward to seeing your work – and trying your patterns. 🙂

  23. Honk! Beautiful, as we all expect from your hands. That’s some serious muffin-top on that bowl, just sayin’!
    CeltChick´s last blog post ..Eat to live